As a reminder, the lower these bars down the Y-axis, the better, in terms of colour accuracy. I recently put together a triple monitor setup for my gaming rig with three wfp’s. If you can’t do this, the screen does offer hardware level aspect ratio control , with options for 1: Check the Revision Number! Size 24″WS Colour Depth 8-bit,

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Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Show More Show Less. Next, we move into the discussion phase about what the manufacturer can do etc. This then corrects itself to the desired orientation and requested dark colour, but not without the black state being obvious as a ghost image. Show less Show more.

Dell WFP-HC review: Dell WFP-HC – CNET

We’ve changed, we promise. To the eye, you could tell there was some slight blurring of the moving car, but no obvious ghosting images were detectable. I have three of these monitors and this is the only HC I have; it makes we want get rid of my non-HCs. Without a colorimeter though, most average users dwll probably be hard pressed to notice much real difference in colours between default and calibrated settings.

NEC’s display earned a few design hd for its easy-to-navigate onscreen menu, which was made possible by a small joystick next to the power button.


You can download a colour profile for the screen from here or here two different ones to try. The Dell WFP-HC was tested using the chase test in PixPerAn, a good bit of software for trying to quantify differences in real terms responsiveness between monitors.

Dell 2407WFP LCD Monitor

There is a very slight tilt of the screen to the right due to the rotate function which some users have also commented on. All I can do dekl await the response from our manufacturer.

An important thing to consider for most users is how a screen will perform out of the box and with some basic manual adjustments. Building slots for your digital camera data cards into the screen lets you keep your desktop stowed farther out of sight.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Movie noise apparent to a degree. The wide color gamut had been removed, which is fine really. Anything of all this has not been met at the time of the tests. At least the calibrated result was a nice improvement over the default 0. Place the ICM file downloaded above into here: This is barely noticeable however, and some users have had luck correcting this by dismantling the stand and tightening a few of the joints. The resolution easily affords you enough desktop real estate for side by side working in fact I’m using it right now as I delll this review!

It seems that several users are reporting this problem, but others are not seeing it on their screens. Green Ghosting This is the first issue which some users have reported and seems to be most pronounced on grey backgrounds. Additional Product Features Monitor Color.


Grade A screens do not have any blemishes or scratches and exhibit great picture quality and brightness. These are expensive monitors if bought brand new, I think I payed for my first one a few years back. The quick refresh rate of 60 Hz reduces wait time for pages to reload.

Some users have found that the ghosting artefacts are reduced, or even eliminated by following some of the methods below.

Dell UltraSharp WFP-HC (inch) review: Dell UltraSharp WFP-HC (inch) – CNET

You may return the monitor now or wait for us to announce our findings. Performance for gaming is excellent. If you’re buying this monitor, you probably have speakers anyhow. If they decide that a fix can be implemented by bios flashing which is just conjecture at this pointthis will be done by us on delll factory level PC Custom Color Red: