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♪ "Level Up" - A Minecraft Original Music Video / Song ♪

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Buy "Level Up" on iTunes! → http://apple.co/2hxgJNl Buy "Level Up" on Google Play! → http://bit.ly/LevelUpGooglePlay Songs Playlist → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvpC-pXBIjo&list=PLR50dP3MW9ZU2hqyLIUW7HWQxrcFOj_9d Everyone Involved: Bootstrap Buckaroo - Animation, Assets & Director: http://youtube.com/BootstrapBuckaroo http://twitter.com/BootstrapBuck MusicByPedro - Composer & Producer: http://youtube.com/MusicByPedro http://twitter.com/MusicByPedro Katrina Lytnis - Additional Animation & Assets http://twitter.com/KatrinaLytnis Hannah Lomas - Vocals http://www.straylocal.com Justin Hoke - Guitar http://www.facebook.com/JustinHokeGuitar Big Rude Recording - Mixing & Mastering http://facebook.com/bigruderecording AntVenom - Story: http://youtube.com/AntVenom http://twitter.com/AntVenom Programs used: Maya Adobe After Effects Logic Studio X Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate Pro Tools Lyrics: VERSE 1: Awakened by the sun’s rays, up I rise for the new day. The same routine but I have changed, no longer will I stay the same. My doubts and weakness used to reign, but a new power I have now gained, to face the day with a new light. Worries fade away, and I’m ready to fight. PRE-CHORUS: Continue on this winding road, strengths within must start to show. I’ll leave behind my selfish ways, gonna power up and it starts today. CHORUS: A change is due, a different view, we must go on. I’ll find that key, inside of me, as we try to level up. A change is due, a different view, we must go on. I’ll find that key, inside of me, as we try to level up. VERSE 2: Beyond my home my journeys told, thats full of life and love to behold. The skills I’ve learned shape how I’ve grown, still so much of this world is unknown. Through storm and drought I’ll travel far, over mountain tops, to guide I’ll use the star. It lights the way through the darkest night, illuminating our path, the end is in sight. PRE-CHORUS CHORUS SICK GUITAR SOLO CHORUS x2
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AntVenom (1 year ago)
The iTunes Link is now live! First link in the description! This music video was rendered in 4K! It's upscaled from 1080p to get around some of YouTube's quality limitations so we could bring you the highest quality version of the Music Video!
Kylde Aguillon (2 months ago)
Nice music 😃😃😃
Dorota Bartz-Janiec (4 months ago)
Yolita Sully (4 months ago)
rute Cardoso (4 months ago)
Jrncitdj Vjfgyc Ghtfyduyr Ch fhcciz Hhjfjfhrkigjnrkgh Ryupfhfhtutudju
The Radical Boy (5 months ago)
AntVenom, my favorite songs of this series are starless night and level up.
Aiden King (10 hours ago)
wait so the 3 songs "level up" "through the night" and "starless night" are all connected? so the 3 main characters were the characters of through the night and starless night. the girl ended up in though the night. the blond haired boy became mr. purple hair who starred with green shirt in starless night? THIS IS CONFUSING
Aiden King (10 hours ago)
Marcelo jogos (18 hours ago)
In the Future ill try to make animations of Minecraft!
Joselia Oliveira Joselia (19 hours ago)
Você não faz a história do jogo no Minecraft o jogo
Leah Baumann (22 hours ago)
Guys I had I worst cirel a cockroach when in it
Litt (22 hours ago)
This is really good but did you use autotune? It doesnt sound like it...
Marcelo jogos (1 day ago)
Not bad i like It!
Landon White (1 day ago)
Nobody like my comment
PieFace 07 (1 day ago)
OMG!!! this makes so much sense if you have seen most of them!!!!!!!!!!!!
xXM.R. LIL TACOSXx (1 day ago)
I pretty sure if a kid fell off a bridge, nobody would put missing signs up.
Cauã Emanuel (2 days ago)
I Love music
I have one Question... WHY DO THE VILLAGERS HAVE HANDS!?
Angel Fernandez (2 days ago)
My wish I know what the tittle of this song
Mark's Islands (2 days ago)
I cried on it when I was young Now I'm crying too
Andikabrave (3 days ago)
R3diRedi (3 days ago)
Hermann Fegelein (3 days ago)
good old times
Minh Bùi (4 days ago)
do you see someone at 2:53?
Minh Bùi (4 days ago)
at the fortress
Minh Bùi (4 days ago)
2:16 hmmm
manual daniel (4 days ago)
The story is not clear who that guy and why is he mad and trying to kill them
SaviourValentinesDay (4 days ago)
Wow this video was posted in my birthday. Nice..
jordyn (4 days ago)
well it's better than Stal
finalism2 (4 days ago)
Quackify (4 days ago)
2:18 so he threw an ender-pearl an- *wait thats not what an ender pearl does*
LoLCaptian last live (4 days ago)
I saw the guy from throught the night 2:51 in the bottom right
quem é aquele que tá dando lá naquele vermelhão o vermelhão
MaloneZ (4 days ago)
did they create the world as adults or grow up in one why is she running away if they know each other bruh
ErGenKarga (9 hours ago)
MaloneZ ikr
Andrew Nichols (5 days ago)
Jeez ant venom didn’t know you used to do this kinda stuff I dig it
Eclipse Gaming (1 day ago)
2:03 when i see a person from my school at summer break
Crazy Kitty Girl (6 days ago)
These connected don’t make any sense at all.
Metal Pug (6 days ago)
USe ThE PEarl DUmbAsS
Cheyenne (6 days ago)
WarThunderPlayer (6 days ago)
For some reason, now I want a big ravine that leads to the void in a minecraft world.
Aysanew Kifle (6 days ago)
The beat drop dropped so hard that it didn't dropщ(゜ロ゜щ)
WinerSix 585 (7 days ago)
2:26 I swear I only did one block Minecraft beta-
GDD316 (7 days ago)
She straight up ditched that horse
Adam Fakher (7 days ago)
[REDACTED] (7 days ago)
good job hank
XxEmil1xX : 0 (7 days ago)
Did you do it? Yes What did it cost? ...64 diamonds
Jasmine Mann (7 days ago)
AntVenom I never knew you made this song it's AMAZING!!!
RPGamer (8 days ago)
I mean where did the missing kid go tho>
Tom Cain (8 days ago)
RPGamer The missing kid is the villain
You Can Do It Bacon (8 days ago)
One of the founding fathers are still here
ZakkBrielle Hickox (8 days ago)
nice animation ant
Unicorn Puff998 (8 days ago)
If he took the Pearl out of an ender chest It must be his
Matthew G (8 days ago)
What did he do? He leveled up. Like if got reference
manual daniel (4 days ago)
But that's how mafia works
Matthew G (4 days ago)
@manual daniel that's so old
manual daniel (4 days ago)
Thats how mafia works
The M North (8 days ago)
2:08 bruh so much time has passed and they still didn’t fix the damn bridge
John TG (9 days ago)
Im a noob to this channel so forgive me if im wrong...but could that blond kid who went missing be that enderpearl dark caped myster person ?
John TG (9 days ago)
@Ellipsis 49 thx
Ellipsis 49 (9 days ago)
yeah it is (I’m pretty sure)
Pagan Dupuis (9 days ago)
i love this song and that more than one
Pant_ Thers_TTV (9 days ago)
Watching this at 3:00 am
Erick Santos (10 days ago)
Mind blown
Edan Layz (10 days ago)
Just realized that guy on the bottom right is the guy from through the night that's where they met on 2:54
Do you see player wear diamond helmet and use diamond sword fight with monster at nether?
Windows 1 - 10 (10 days ago)
*gravel falls into lava when walked on* wait that's illegal
Blue Ant (11 days ago)
I have a suggestion please make another song where the guy who got cursed by the enderman comes back but he is not evil please
gia phú phạm (11 days ago)
2:52 Players wear diamond armor that is fighting
Nicole Watson (11 days ago)
GrenTriz (12 days ago)
Wait, this isn't Stal
BattlNerd (Unlaunched) (12 days ago)
Ant? What happened
Kimberlyn Harvey (12 days ago)
Brings me back to my early childhood 😿😭😭
Luke Seifried (12 days ago)
2019 Anyone? Its also very right minecraft song its good for 2017
Yell (13 days ago)
Wait wait this was ant venom wtf?
Binary Byte (13 days ago)
if he saves the guy instead of the girl, would he have married his friend? the boy not the girl
Superman squid (15 days ago)
what happens to the blonde kid
Tom Cain (15 days ago)
He is the purple hair Guy
Dennis Lazuli (15 days ago)
Wait a sec is that purple guy the missing kid??
Dennis Lazuli (10 days ago)
Oww Thanks that u tell me that
Tom Cain (15 days ago)
yes and he's so mad because he feels betrayed
Totally a nerd (15 days ago)
Great video but how did he steal from an ender chest?
Dude for fucking sake i watch the previous one like a year ago and never heard of this new video
MeilyaAS (16 days ago)
I can hear to this song all day
MeilyaAS (16 days ago)
You just earned a new subcriber
Kainewall12098 (16 days ago)
Every eles talks about lore Me: he wore the same green striped shirt for years
SnowPulse (18 days ago)
Minecraft is more than a game ... its a lifestyle
JaggedShowz (18 days ago)
STNOWTA (19 days ago)
Hmmm, Players don't go instantly through portals, endermans don't give a crap about you owning an ender pearl, pigmans don't attack you if you bump into them, its literally impossible to recognise that purple haired dude as his/her son, you can't explode leafs if you run onto them, with all those years passed the parents should have forgotten about their son and thought he was dead,you can't ride a horse without taming it and/or using a saddle, there is no reason for a nether portal to be there... as there is no association with enderman/ender pearls and nether portals.
oof boi (20 days ago)
is nobody gonna talk about how somebody in the credits name was bootstrap buckaroo
1:48 that text looks like the language used in enchanting tables. Have anyone tried deciphering them?
Arlenegomes Gomea (21 days ago)
How are you
Arlenegomes Gomea (21 days ago)
Hi friends
Use code WILDCAT (21 days ago)
its_apple Head (21 days ago)
How could she find and similarities to him
Flipmation Live (21 days ago)
Hopefully Minecraft looks like this in the future
Alice Articles (16 days ago)
3:14 that how i run when it's Friday and scream FREEDOM Edit:Image if it actually happens to u
Jabier Lopez (21 days ago)
I mean this song made me cry
Jabier Lopez (21 days ago)
This don't made me cry
Jabier Lopez (21 days ago)
I did
Beau C (22 days ago)
Ummm fortnite stole the cowboy skin from ant 😂
Aa Bb (22 days ago)
This brings back so many memories
Pajamallamas 17 (23 days ago)
3:44 me when I I accidentally break a vase (girl)
Momo (24 days ago)
How to Level up Get Enderpearl
Jaxon Seargent (24 days ago)
You know your cool beans when you steal something from another persons ender chest
Notmine 1 (24 days ago)
Who’s getting nostalgia from this?
Xenon (24 days ago)
but thats not how ender chests work
Kaito Kid-MC (24 days ago)
There are a lot of animation that broke the rules of minecraft
EnderDragonS Eye (24 days ago)
*Runs across gravel* Wait thats illegal
Ashley Chaney (25 days ago)
GamerStrice (25 days ago)
I just noticed that she escaped nether and traveled to his house before he could kill 2 blazes,1 wither skeleton and 1 ghasr.Thats some speed of light travel right there
Carolina Orjuela (26 days ago)
This is a really great song
Stepan Durci (26 days ago)
Als' (26 days ago)
Then he banged her
Fortnite Trash (27 days ago)
I bet while the blond kid was falling he was like : _WTF MAN BROS BEFORE HOEEeeeees_ *teleports*
DIEGO NUNES (28 days ago)
Ado ado ado quem leu é otario

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