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How to configure Outlook Anywhere in Exchange 2010 - Part 2

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http://danscourses.com - Part 2 of a 2. In this tutorial. I cover the steps necessary to configure Outlook Anywhere for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Autodiscover, Outlook Anywhere, CA SSL certificates, RPC over HTTP, and the Remote Connectivity Tester tool are all covered.
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Puneet Verma (2 years ago)
Youri (3 years ago)
I keep getting this error: RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE (0x6ba) (in the connectivity analizer)
Hassan Salem (5 years ago)
every thing is done before !!!!!  where is the tutorial ?
Ron Redmond (5 years ago)
Hello Thanks for he Video. I did walk through the steps 1 by 1 and I am having problems I don't want to copy the tool results her if I could I would like to email you.
Julien Angelo (6 years ago)
can you explain how did you create the autodiscover in DNS?
Patel Sanjay (6 years ago)
Sir ,,i need to know after configure exchnage server ..for anti virus and spam which software and antivirus i need to use..
danscourses (6 years ago)
You need to have certain ports open or forwarded in order to run various server services correctly, i.e. web server, mail server, etc.. You definitely need to consider security by relegating those publically available servers to a DMZ.
Peter Batah (6 years ago)
Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with the rest of us. Your tutorial was clear and precise. I was always under the impression that opening port 80 was basically opening yourself up to a slew of possible attacks and/or intrusion(s). What is your thought on that seeing as you state that this port must be open in order for OWA to function properly.
danscourses (7 years ago)
@darzfamily Hello and thank you for the feedback, you can go to my website danscourses(dot)com and follow the class outline, my videos are embedded in the pages, or look for my playlists on my youtube channel. I will be making a CCNA3 and CCNA4 playlist shortly.
Noman Dar (7 years ago)
hi dan..thanks for the great videos u r loading .. i am a ccna student and getting great help from ur videos i found on youtube .. kindly tell who can i see only ccna videos as u have uploaded them randomly ... or can you start the name of each video with the topic ..for example .."CCNA..how to ..." or "Web Development. how to .." ... that will be a great help to everyone who is enjoying and learning from your wonderful videos .. thanks .. [email protected]

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