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Stress analysis with Inventor

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A quick intro into using the stress analysis feature of Autodesk Inventor
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along budiman (6 months ago)
Thank you Gary! Can you do tutorial video on moments, bearing and pressure? It will help too.
Kristo Vald (10 months ago)
Hey, Can you explain how Von Mises results should be interperted ? It gives values but nothing really to compare them to.
Kristo Vald (10 months ago)
nvm i figured it out, just compare the max Mises value to the Yield limit/strength
vodjoa (1 year ago)
Great video Gary. How do i get same Inventor startup "look"? It's so smooth.
Khaled Gad (1 year ago)
nice, very helpful
Doan Danny (1 year ago)
Please share with me the documents. I'm from VietNam. Thanks. Mail: [email protected]
along budiman (1 year ago)
thank you teacher!

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