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Crafting a Makeshift Shelter

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The Modern Rogue (1 month ago)
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Kevin Allen (6 days ago)
You have the best channel on YouTube as well as the king of random.Also plz do more collabs with the king of random.
Pokémon Go’ing (24 days ago)
You should do an episode on lashing because you can make any structure quickly by lashing. The reason it was loose for you was that you tied around all the logs so the act of spreading them automatically loosens them but that can be avoided if you wrap over and under back and forth around the logs then Frapping over the rope in the spaces between the logs and finish it off by starting and ending with clove hitches.
mark chryssanthou (1 month ago)
just to say, you start piling from the bottom to create overlapping layers to allow rail to roll from top to bottom
Shifting Pheonix (1 month ago)
9:03 except for snakes, you could have been standing on a potential snake nest, yet again, I'm new to Texas so I'm not sure really what kinds there are their. Love the work
The_Fonz_HD (1 month ago)
5:23 that's what she said
Medley Shift (11 hours ago)
When there is actually a lash for that....... https://www.animatedknots.com/tripod-lashing-knot
Davis Tuck (2 days ago)
How to make the worlds most flamable shelter
Gabriel Meyer (3 days ago)
Minecraft* shelter
aiden ensign (4 days ago)
Dear god what kind of variation of a shear knot is that
Robin Carril (4 days ago)
In tossing the mulch all over they inadvertently used proper survival techniques because alot of mulch went in which is good for insulating your body from the ground at night
Kevin Allen (6 days ago)
Plz do a 24hour challenge in a shelter made by to monkey who like injuring each other. Plz do this episode. I need that episode
dchall8 (7 days ago)
Just a little history: This type of structure appears in primitive cultures around the world. The North American version, of course, used bison skin as the outer cover, but they invented something that was not found in other cultures. They are the only ones where an inner lining was used. The outer skin reached almost all the way to the ground and left a gap for air to circulate in/out. The inner lining was used in the winter to keep the tipi warm. It was tied to the inside of the poles and reached from the ground up as high as necessary, but at the bottom it folded in to keep cold air from rushing through. The cold air had to move up between the skins. In the winter when a fire was built inside, the flow of air upward through the skins created a draft that carried smoke upwards and out instead of filling the tipi with smoke. If there was a strong wind, an external wind break was piled up on the windward side of the tipi. A structure like this with a high interior skin and a fire could be livable down to -30 degrees F. The general shape of the outer skin is a semicircle with the radius being the height of the poles up to the tied part of the poles. If you are thinking of making one using available tarps or plastic from the hardware store, a 10-ft wide piece of plastic needs to be 20 feet long to make the semicircle shape. You can use bamboo or PVC pipe for the poles. If you sleep in a plastic tent, rain sounds like continual drumming, but you will stay dry. The general construction was as you did it. Tripod first, poles leaned in second, and then covered with skin. The skin was pulled up to the top by a rope thrown over the top of the tripod. It went on loose, ends tied together at the door, and then the poles were kicked out to tighten the skin. After the US Army and buffalo hunters killed off all the bison, the Army provided canvas to be used as the skin. Another fun fact: before the Europeans arrived with horses, tipi shelters were disassembled to be hauled around by dogs. Dogs could not carry very long poles for very long, so the pole length was limited to around 10 feet. After horses arrived, the biggest tipi poles grew to 23 feet. Google images for travois to see the dog and the horse versions. Another fun fact: tipi assembly and teardown was women's work. The men did not know how tipis were made. Selecting poles, debarking, tapering/shaping the poles, skinning animals, tying, and anything else was done by the women.
D Hawthorne (11 days ago)
Seeing as you used mostly cedar, that should last a LONG time.
Maineiac fishing (13 days ago)
If I had an axe it would take not a long time If I had just my knife probably w long time I bet you could make one of these from just gathering
22 22 footers 4" base for tp
Hype Strain (14 days ago)
Lemonade stands are illegal in most States
Kīgankurisuchanmaiyā (15 days ago)
Imagine if you did a similar thing but dug a hole where the hut is to use as you you used the mulch.
Jaden Webb (15 days ago)
love the minecraft jokes!
paragon_76 (16 days ago)
Guys Against the Green
Emcipio (16 days ago)
Any chance we could get a link to that sweet jacket Brian?
Professor Voodoo (16 days ago)
The modern rogue contribute to climate change
Professor Voodoo (16 days ago)
“When I go off the grid, I intend to have gloves” When, Not if, When.
John Sanders (17 days ago)
People willfully interacting with mulch disturbs me.
John Sanders (17 days ago)
Oh no. Interacting with mulch while wet. I'm gonna itch for days after watching this episode.
Firestar (19 days ago)
When you still play minecraft in 2019
Landon Scott (19 days ago)
I would have used moss or sod as phase 3 it's a natural insulator
ali jaffrey1234 (19 days ago)
Your supposed to weave fleaxable branches and plants going al the way around to bring everything together
ali jaffrey1234 (19 days ago)
There is no measurements because it's supposed to be improvised survivalist living or camping
james ohara (19 days ago)
The Big Bad Wolf wouldn't be half a huff with that pile of kindlin.
HunterSama (20 days ago)
not gonna lie that's fucking awesome
Zach Herndon (21 days ago)
13:12, modern rogue explanation of trickle down economics?
eye in da sky (21 days ago)
I like to think no one knows they were doing this
Blake Blackstone (21 days ago)
You have to put bedding on the floor too. That's how you lose most of your body heat.
In a survival situation, there's no such thing as cheating. You just have to use what you have lying around!
James Horsley (22 days ago)
To tie the logs in the wild use a shoelace and as soon as you’ve piled enough logs around it’ll be so sturdy that you’ll be able to get it back
SrBoromir (23 days ago)
When I was taught to make tripods, we'd lay the middle leg pointing the opposite direction of the others, then you'd start with a clove hitch, weave over under around etc. End with a clove hitch, then flip the middle leg around
Kr8andrei (23 days ago)
Cover the door with a tarp
J Town (23 days ago)
Really would have been better to see you use the abundance of deadfall and brush around you to patch in those gaps rather than mutilating healthy living trees for your video... Gotta unsub for that on principle. Respect the outdoors
J Town (23 days ago)
@The Modern Rogue I get that, but getting too lazy to look at everything you can already use and killing more trees? All just to rush through an impractical amateur shelter? Stick with indoor activities, hack
The Modern Rogue (23 days ago)
This is my overgrown lawn, you doofus.
exohead1 (23 days ago)
Just as a point of advice for anyone wanting to sleep in one of these - Grab something smoldering but not actively burning, and get smoke through all of the debris. It will cause the bugs to leave :D Just give it time for the smoke to dissipate if you fill it all up with filler on the outside before you sleep in it.
Mikeology (24 days ago)
Guide to surviving out in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness Step 1: find a nearby construction site
warold cabinal (24 days ago)
Uses mulch for shelter. Recycling at its finest. Welcome to the Modern Rogue.
jacob mason (26 days ago)
17:00 17:10 Funny as hell
Kaden Spencer (26 days ago)
"It is cheating, and this is the modern rogue."
Alan Blair (26 days ago)
11:06 "That's the only way, right?" says the guy who doesn't want to get wet.
glados gaming (27 days ago)
The Canadian Jam Knot works really well
Anonymous Anonymous (27 days ago)
if you're using old dead stuff this would also make an excellent bonfire just do exactly the same like your own little modern rogue burning man
lone rose (27 days ago)
2:31 Brian: " very sneaky sis" Me : * bust out laughing*😂
DougJK (27 days ago)
You guys did so well on this, it looked great!
Jason, the C.H.U.D., would enter from below,,,,, Still not CHUD proof!
David Martin (27 days ago)
all that tall grass behind you at 11:24 would have been perfect for thatching. Almost no branches needed.
jairen wasylik (27 days ago)
Duke Quiroz (28 days ago)
Guys v. the world
thehystericalpancake (28 days ago)
hey Brian and Jason do an episode on carving since you have all that beautiful Russian olive wood
Logan Miller (28 days ago)
13:29 Brian covers Jason in mulch
jacob mason (28 days ago)
You guys should do a survival challenge.
Unlimitless Power (29 days ago)
They always make a joke about how someone is gonna cry and now it’s my turn to cry
red panda zoologic (28 days ago)
Unlimitless Power is your URL effectively limited power?
Ben cowles (29 days ago)
Not a bad shelter. There are easier ways but not bad. You guys should try out a wilderness survival course just for fun. Maybe put a modern rogue twist to survival.
Ben cowles (29 days ago)
Tree root can be used to make lashings.
Josh Bull (29 days ago)
You should have laid 2 side by side and one in the opposite direction then lash them together. When you raise them it tightens the lashing.
Sasha (29 days ago)
Should probably consult the local boyscouts for help.
mute8s (29 days ago)
10:07 (Let us have this) Ok I will refrain from adding any constructive criticism. Well I didn't really have any this time anyway but I won't try to find any. 👍😉
FMR (29 days ago)
the idea behind binding the poles together on the ground is when you set it up... the rope will tighten now you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA2K-srk1ns&ab_channel=NomadicsTipiMakers
japaneseflea (29 days ago)
"it's getting cold here... " Texas in June
Brandt Hughes (29 days ago)
recorded back in march though
I Like Turtles (29 days ago)
3:10 The boyscout in me is quaking
Tien (29 days ago)
I see the modern Rogue has taken some skills in Survival
T O' (1 month ago)
Could you do an episode on HEMA? or BUHURT?
Jason Murphy (23 days ago)
Like these? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMviV1kG2V2j_8FkztOk2LkWe7ScUNPtz
Garjon (1 month ago)
After watching hours of Primitive Technology... I feel comfortable saying Phase three should have been mud.
Brandon gotz powers (1 month ago)
I would dead make one for the winter with me wearing camouflage and a rifle 😂
NochSoEinKaddiFan (1 month ago)
"Still better than the verge" xD xD I don't even have to look at your video to know that you are right ^^
mass (1 month ago)
I'm sure there are precut wood piles everywhere in the bush. Couldn't get beyond that point.
Sandy 13 (1 month ago)
Guys, you should really make a video on how to use analog navigation devices, i.e., compass and maps.
corpralcobra (1 month ago)
Please, for the love of God, get Eli from ZNA Productions in there. He's sooo creative and talented at building weapons and armor, and he would totally mesh with you guys, and make awesome videos!
NoCultist (1 month ago)
Tipi is more cone/pyramid, while wigwam is more like half-sphere.
Joey Hahn (1 month ago)
So if I had a pile of sticks like that to make a teepee like structure out of, I'd line them all up next to each other on the ground and organize them by length. Prop up the first 3 or 4 just so it supports with medium ones, then start on one side with longs and wrap around to shorts. Am I crazy or wouldn't that work pretty well?
Paisley Rae (1 month ago)
playback at 0.75. you're welcome.
David B (1 month ago)
This episode brought to you by Lyme disease.
Siobhan Riley (1 month ago)
I thought Brian was wearing a Wisecrack shirt, I don't know why
anibal zapata (1 month ago)
You should watch this whit captions
Squoose (1 month ago)
will you guys do a unboxing of your fan mail
Andrew Zimba (1 month ago)
- abnic - (1 month ago)
It's the kind of videos like this that I ask myself; why did someone dislike this?
Ajay Malik (1 month ago)
Make a video about survive nuclear war
Stephen Reynolds (1 month ago)
Personally I use lean-to and always layer from the bottom up or as best as you can layer it like shingles, overlapping and set so the rain should flow down and over and not catch in and under and into your shelter, those little debris bit are gonna roll off over time and leak, Fir branches are the best where I am. Snugger in the colder Irish climate and less leaky at the top. There is a proper lashing knot though that would be worth learning guys :)
Ian Marubayashi (1 month ago)
I am an Eagle Scout and even beyond that, knots and lashings are a major specialty of mine... I really am crying on the inside that they did not use an actual tripod lashing...
dingus153 (1 month ago)
Primitive Technology: American Edition
The Gadway (1 month ago)
What a weird and laboursome way to make a huge bonfire.
Shock PC (1 month ago)
The music in this is awesome. good choice.
blank (1 month ago)
good job boys, homeless people are no more
Mint Gaming (1 month ago)
*Holding Stick* "Its STICKING very well", dropping a discrete pun on us how could you
That end credits bit showing it 2 months later was amazing. Seeing that it still was sturdy enough to be there for a while. Well done Modern Rogue Team.
MrHairyTeabag (1 month ago)
Worst. Shelter. Ever. (except ones I build when pissed as a fart when fishing...)
Dylan Butler (1 month ago)
All these edgy B O Y S C O U T S
Mr JellyFish (1 month ago)
Darn it I clicked on this thinking it said how to build a Minecraft shelter. I saw the dirt and grass and it only made sense. :(
Byron Jenkins (1 month ago)
You guys are awsome. You should do a zip gun or pipe gun build.
Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (1 month ago)
All the fellow Boy Scouts cringe as they try to lash them together
StrokeMahEgo (1 month ago)
Jason Murphy, branch manager. Brian Brushwood, assistant branch manager.
Jason Murphy (1 month ago)
StrokeMahEgo LOL
Tamahagane (1 month ago)
YouKnowMeG (1 month ago)
u need torches else mobs will spawn
wopwopkross (1 month ago)
16:03 we will see how wet you get. 16:06 Realizing what he said but not making a joke out of it.
wopwopkross (1 month ago)
Seems pretty cool!
Danul83 (1 month ago)
Putting brush in from bottom to top is best, as it helps with water shedding (means lower branches are under higher branches, stopping water from getting in. If higher branches are under lower branches, they essentially guide the water under the rest of the brush and into the shelter).
Danul83 (1 month ago)
To visualise with text: / / / / / (branches applied top to bottom) \ \ \ \ (branches laid bottom to top, so they overlap lower layers)
Bill Conant (1 month ago)
That shelter is reeeeeally big. If it were smaller, it would be faster to build, require less material, and would be much easier to keep warm with just body heat in colder weather. Build a small fire in front of the door with a reflector wall, and you're set.
Phy (1 month ago)
Survival Lilly has a lot of excellent survival videos for anyone who is interested in survivalist construction.
Water Gaming (1 month ago)
Was the body carrying episode a prequel to guys against the woods?
Stephen Eberly (1 month ago)
I'm-a let you finish, but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEUGOyjewD4

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