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DIY. Water Waves from Resin

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How to make Water Waves from Resin. DIY. Support/JOIN : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQRmy4Beww-riYiV44qjhg/join YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/2L7uU97 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Jedrek29t-1897668913893701/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jedrek29t/ Banggood: 1 Electric Grinder: https://goo.gl/Zr3kRP 2. Banggood Mechanical parts: https://goo.gl/j5uX2x 3. 10% Discount (Offer App): https://goo.gl/rihmRp Check these channels!!! KaMal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcoEVeiZjfizv7Y-mY8epoA Pawel c: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4U18ey-qAdKzF-I1XCGDg My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQRmy4Beww-riYiV44qjhg Kevin MacLeod: Inner Light – na licencji Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Źródło: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300021 Wykonawca: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (1287)
HauDraufWie NIXX (1 day ago)
Wie heißt das Zeug eigentlich??
Gabriel Avelino (3 days ago)
ASMR kkkkkkkk
Mon Bandola (4 days ago)
Dont get this the wrong idea... i do love your videos... very satifying to watch... but this is one of your worst.
jedrek29t (3 days ago)
@Mon Bandola 👍
Mon Bandola (3 days ago)
@jedrek29t i know i know but.. please do concider hat i love your videos ok
jedrek29t (3 days ago)
I agree with you. But why does it have so many views? I dont know
Kirk Ryan (6 days ago)
I'm curious about the brand of epoxy you use.
jedrek29t (6 days ago)
Lisa Thomas (8 days ago)
Pretty! Love the blue❤️
Lisa Thomas (7 days ago)
Blue is also my favorite color 😊
jedrek29t (8 days ago)
Thank You. This is my favorite color
Shofi Hakim (14 days ago)
Play botton
jedrek29t (14 days ago)
I have already done
Rachel Smith (15 days ago)
It's cool how you construct the container your pour the resin in. I'll bet you could construct a gingerbread house at Christmas time. 😁🎄 Cool resin art. I like the sea and maritime-themed art. I'm from the Midwest. 😄
jedrek29t (15 days ago)
It would be easier to use silicone molds. But I am building my transparent forms so that you can see what's going on inside. Things related to the sea will still appear on my channel 😉😉👍
Marynigma Mary (15 days ago)
From the thumbnail, I thought it was going to be better lol
Antoni Profic (16 days ago)
Jedrek, weź tą muzykę w tle zmienić bp juz w uszy kłuje 😣
Your resin arts are quite well,keep going
jedrek29t (19 days ago)
Thank You
What kind of glass is that? Planning on making a Diorama with my aircraft carrier sinking.
@jedrek29t okay, thanks
jedrek29t (21 days ago)
1mm plexiglass with anti frame
Ultama The Titan (22 days ago)
I was not expecting it to be soo small XD
Saurabh Baluni (1 month ago)
Its cool But. It should be bigger in size 😉
Saurabh Baluni (1 month ago)
@jedrek29t hahahaha
jedrek29t (1 month ago)
I like to do small things. Thanks
Parkour Kid (1 month ago)
Should have put some Vaseline on the inside it would allow the plastic to peal off way easier
فهد صالح (1 month ago)
Good Firs use vazlin on blastic epoxy no jamp Im arbic no rght english
Terrarium & Crafts (1 month ago)
salam, you are correct
jedrek29t (1 month ago)
Mithun (2 months ago)
Where to buy resin
jedrek29t (2 months ago)
Look for ebay
Matt Skiba (2 months ago)
I've been into woodworking and bamboo, but you have opened my eyes to resign. I'm pumped
jedrek29t (2 months ago)
Matt Skiba (2 months ago)
I hope this is your job my friend. You are too talented to be doing something else. Great job man.
jedrek29t (2 months ago)
I do what I like. It gives me pleasure. Thank you
FuLLeFFekT1 (2 months ago)
Super awesome tutorial! Well done!
jedrek29t (2 months ago)
Thank You
DJ Nexus (2 months ago)
Could I download this music from anywhere?
jedrek29t (2 months ago)
Kristen C. (2 months ago)
I pray for your nails tho... they must hurt after peeling the plastic
jedrek29t (2 months ago)
I have hard fingers. It does not hurt me 😉
Kristen C. (2 months ago)
This is so good Got a new sub
Kristen C. (2 months ago)
jedrek29t your welcome :)
jedrek29t (2 months ago)
Thank You Kristen 😉
ÇAKÎ ÇAKAR (3 months ago)
Mert benim orxba16
Adelene Choo (3 months ago)
Beautiful just beautiful
jedrek29t (3 months ago)
Thank You Adelene
jennifer bradshaw (3 months ago)
i want a pretty epoxy dildo so bad
Cheesy Puffs (3 months ago)
Przepiękne ☺
jedrek29t (3 months ago)
Dziękuję Oliwia 😉
Mike Builds (4 months ago)
Any advice or idea of you need to do this on a larger scale?
jedrek29t (4 months ago)
I like to do small things
po prostu jakub (4 months ago)
Ponad rok po oublikowaniu, ale dobra. Czy próbowałeś robić te fale pędzelkiem, kiedy żywica jeszcze nie zaschła?
jedrek29t (4 months ago)
Nie da się tak zrobić. Obojętnie co zrobisz na powierzchni żywicy ( nawet podczas wysychania) to i tak wróci do swojego pierwotnego kształtu.
Logan Lomeli (4 months ago)
Stop playing the same music
Saba Saba (4 months ago)
I adore your work
jedrek29t (4 months ago)
Thank You ;-)
Ceara Ivory (4 months ago)
If you’re going to do your videos in real time, it would help if you explained what you are doing and why.
Honey Pot (4 months ago)
i want my time back this was soooo under whelming ! it was just a blue block nothing special
Julio Polato (4 months ago)
Okk ...
goblin king (4 months ago)
I'm glad I found this channel
jedrek29t (4 months ago)
Thank You 😉
Derill Troy Tacang (5 months ago)
You can be a buzzfeed producer...
subs4sub (5 months ago)
Dry ice + resin= ?
subs4sub (5 months ago)
Try you mix dry ice with resin.
jedrek29t (5 months ago)
Szitsu (5 months ago)
Bardzo ładnie Ci to wyszło. Gratuluje ci talentu😃
jedrek29t (5 months ago)
Dziękuję Ci bardzo 😉
Dev Null (5 months ago)
Can you put a link to the resin you buy for all these projects?
jedrek29t (5 months ago)
Epoxy resin QR from allegro.pl
Dylan Estrella (5 months ago)
You can make resin look like water 💧 But can you make it look like fire 🔥?
jedrek29t (5 months ago)
I'm working on it. I wonder how to do it. I will definitely think about it
Króliczek Komputerek (5 months ago)
czy jesteś z polski
jedrek29t (5 months ago)
Jestem 😉
VENSTUS V (5 months ago)
Как-то он всё это стремительно делает, может спешить куда...?
Ava Oof (5 months ago)
Idk how these videos get on my recommended but I'm cool with it anyway.
jedrek29t (5 months ago)
Thanks ;-)
Debu Roy (5 months ago)
young freezy (5 months ago)
Has he ever showd his face
jedrek29t (5 months ago)
Mark Bunds (6 months ago)
Wonderful tip, this will be the method I will use for a whimsical birdhouse diorama that needs water in a small tin washtub for the bird’s “swimming pool”. Thanks for sharing this!!!
Mark Bunds (6 months ago)
@jedrek29t The trick is going to be applying your technique to an already-formed miniature (3") oval tin washtub. I'm thinking about filling the tub most of the way with resin with the "swimming" figures in place, leaving out a precise patch in which to lay a resin feature having concentric "ripples", (and then make the seam lines disappear). A tiny rubber duck gets glued to the center of the ripples. Wish me luck, and thanks again!
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
I'm glad I helped 👍
Ty Pryor (6 months ago)
I love your intro.
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
Thank You ;-)
DrGudigoodwey (6 months ago)
Обман снова
Jirka Kabelka (6 months ago)
Not god
Kat77072 (6 months ago)
What is the electric pocket scale and where can I get one
NO NAME (6 months ago)
your nails are so bad.
Kaptan18 Biswas (6 months ago)
What was that glass type material which was cutted by cutter in first scene
Cliff Carlo (6 months ago)
@jedrek29t What is ANTI FRAME?
Kaptan18 Biswas (6 months ago)
@jedrek29t thank you so much......
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
1mm plexiglass with anti frame
Bella the wolf 9 (6 months ago)
ชอบช่องนี้มาก ถ้ามีคนไทยก็ดี
Dariyus Kabraji (6 months ago)
You did it! Awesome
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
Thanks ;-)
alejandro ariza (6 months ago)
What dye is?
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
food coloring
Kriti Madheshiya (6 months ago)
Sir please liquid name
Kriti Madheshiya (6 months ago)
Sir please send pictures liquid
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
epoxy resin
D G (6 months ago)
What about an actual wave? 😱
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
In time, there will be a movie with a real wave 😉
Ehsaan Syed (6 months ago)
I love your all videos
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
Thanks ;-)
cere tomer (6 months ago)
That's it?
CraftyGirl 101 (6 months ago)
I think that if you use modpodge with a dabbing motion it will give it a lot more texture, but it looks pretty great 👍🏼
Uki Anzai (6 months ago)
Очень весьма прекрасно!))
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
sreejita Kundu (6 months ago)
l went to swming 😜🌊🌊
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
Red Dead Riot (6 months ago)
I like it but the waves could of had more definition
Red Dead Riot (6 months ago)
@jedrek29t ok cool you have a lot of talent for this
jedrek29t (6 months ago)
I will soon make a new movie with real waves
Red Dead Riot (7 months ago)
I mean its cool but the waves dont exactly look like waves.
Red Dead Riot (6 months ago)
Awesome 😊
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
I will make real waves soon 😊
Аква Нафт (7 months ago)
Что за члень я на данный момент поглядел?
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Эпоксидная смола
AnalyticAxis (7 months ago)
Where do you get these plastic sheets from ?
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
1mm plexiglass with anti frame
Bogi Setyabudi (7 months ago)
What tools and materials? Answer please guys
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
epoxy resin, food coloring
harikapri kolopita (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Zl-5SJ1XbGg Mhon bantuannya like and subscribe Trimakasih
GreyHexx (7 months ago)
It looks like shit, even if it's shit from an intergalactic space alien, it's still shit.
Wibbit Man (7 months ago)
You should use this technique to make an ocean scene.
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
So I will
uks coc (7 months ago)
It is a shit
uks coc (7 months ago)
@jedrek29t 😂
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
but from resin 👍
enes özdogan (7 months ago)
Cok sacma bir sey yapmissin be kardesim
• Shadow Cherry • (7 months ago)
Прото ВАХ!
Kelley Danielle (7 months ago)
The music is soooo soothing
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Vector PL (7 months ago)
Ale ty zajebiste filmy robisz nie wiem czemu 5,5 tyś. Dislajków 😎😃
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Nie wszyscy tak uważają. Dzięki bardzo 😉
Annah Marie Lofranco (7 months ago)
Wow!!Good job it was awesome!!🤩👏
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Thanks ;-)
Red Dead Riot (7 months ago)
U could of done better
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
It can always be better. Only instead of writing you have to do it
Digardu 1702 (7 months ago)
A haru le gusta esto :v
MANO Songs MASTER (7 months ago)
Great 🌊very had work 😥
Dinosaur build (7 months ago)
Cool video in komen out the Nederlands
Dinosaur build (7 months ago)
@jedrek29t cool !!!!! I want to do this self !!
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Greetings from Poland
mariusz5496 (7 months ago)
Hej super masz te projekty naprawde az mnie zacheciles zeby sprobowac samemu:) Mam kilka pytan jakiej zywicy/ utwardzacza uzywasz firma model itp? I drugie pytanie czy do tej zywicy jest jakas proporcja tego utwardzacza bo widze ze odmierzasz na wadze za kazdym razem? I jak zrobic zeby zywica byla krystalicznie przezroczysta tzn zadnych pecherzy powietrza itp?
mariusz5496 (7 months ago)
@jedrek29t Ok juz rozumiem :) A taie pytanie odnosnie tej tokarki to mozna jakis model fotke jaka ona jest duza itp?
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
@mariusz5496 Maszyna wysysa powietrze. Ta piana do bąbelki wydostające się na powierzchnię. Ty sposobem wydostajemy całe powietrze z żywicy na zewnątrz. Żywica pozostaje bez pęcherzy powietrza.
mariusz5496 (7 months ago)
@jedrek29t Widzialem tez na ktoryms filmiku maszyne do prozni o ile mozna to tak nazwac i przy jej uzyciu widzialem duzo takiej jakby piany co mialo na celu to dziłanie?
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
żywica epoksydowa QR z allegro. Do mierzenia proporcji trzeba mieć wagę. Proporcje każdy producent ma inne, podaje na opakowaniu. Ta akurat 100x27. Jest to waga jubilerska z allegro. Przed wymieszaniem pojemniki czasem wkładam do ciepłej wody żeby żywica była bardziej rzadka. Powstaje wtedy mniej pęcherzy powietrza.
mr. kot (7 months ago)
Ty z Polski daj serce jak tak
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Big daddy (7 months ago)
So small but so beautiful😮
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Thanks ;-)
Kuroko Kamenaga (7 months ago)
Is it so cool ! I love you !❤️❤️❤️
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Thanks ;-)
myles simmont (7 months ago)
What was the measurement for the scale
Ravi Agarwal (7 months ago)
I dont see any waves
Arsh Sandhu (7 months ago)
IcedaGamer (7 months ago)
can you link the music of this video.
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Kevin MacLeod: Inner Light
Knight of Rage (7 months ago)
what do you do if you have extra resin left in the cup?
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
It's wasting. I'm waiting for it to dry and I throw it out
TECHNICAL BEATS (7 months ago)
Great idea
TECHNICAL BEATS (7 months ago)
Welcome 😊
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Thanks ;-)
Bloxxed Out (7 months ago)
3:54 when you spell die wrong
Opee Bualteng (7 months ago)
We watch ur video from India and we like you so much... So I want to say 'Hi' especially for my sister.. She really like you... 👍👍👍
That is cool! I am from Wisconsin in the United States! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Thank you very much. Greet your sister
BushMan (7 months ago)
Ty to masz talent:)
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Ola,chomiczek i LPS (7 months ago)
Widzę ze polskadobze mówię xD
Ola,chomiczek i LPS (7 months ago)
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Dobrze mówisz ;-)
How do you earn?
Jas Hapke (7 months ago)
Też jestem polakiem
jedrek29t (7 months ago)
Jestem ;-)
Michał (7 months ago)
Nelson Baietti (7 months ago)
mold release
Zekilea (7 months ago)
Idk why resins looks so tasty

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