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Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Trading Opportunity (doge/btc) Double Your Bitcoins!

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Subscribe == https://bit.ly/2MjhXFM == Dogecoin (doge/btc) is working its down to sweet support zones which have proven to be profitable over and over again since 2014. The market has pushed alts down to favorable buy areas and we are sharing this entry with you. Doge has made us a lot of returns, using the same strategy. This is a great coin to trade to double, or triple or sometimes even surpass 500% + on this trade. Do not miss out on profitable cryptocurrency trades. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for all the crypto opportunities we spot. Join Our Trading Tribe For More Opportunities: https://discord.gg/zSeAY6P Never Lose Any Bitcoins With This Unhackable Wallet: https://bitfi.info https://youtu.be/000al7ru3ms #doge #dogecoin #bitcointrade #btc #cryptotrade #cryptotrader #dogebtc #bitcoin #btc #blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto #trader
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Text Comments (28)
Jerrell Hill (6 days ago)
#DogecoinDiamondPattern Dogecoin's next moves are: 150%, 220% and then 450% (when Bitcoin hit its all time high of $20,000)
ajadi wale (8 days ago)
What a great, hacker_davis help me with my wallet at 4.5 dogecoin he is very real💯 on instagram
Newa05' Studio (25 days ago)
Dogecoin Miner Free 1 DH Lifetime https://www.minedoge.co/
aly 884 (26 days ago)
what chart software are you using?
Blockchain Academics (26 days ago)
aly 884 TradingView it’s free and awesome!
Blockchain Academics (27 days ago)
NEW Dogecoin Price Prediction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjpRanqK2Fs #dogecoin #doge
Christian Zayas (27 days ago)
i sold all my dogecoin and i got some XRP!!!!!
Blockchain Academics (27 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjpRanqK2Fs Check out the new dogecoin price prediction ^^
ismail hossain (28 days ago)
Please share some dogecoin for me D5ij5L2ZQnwQj7aMKoEQaaydYgDLDNbBLa
Shiva Siwczenko (1 month ago)
pleas drop 100 dge :D
Shiva Siwczenko (1 month ago)
YO YO YO :D DGHz1qHhCHr7b5PZUb2C5oWkQ3ZqmiqsZE
Mario Delva (1 month ago)
2 th 🌙!!!
Blockchain Academics (1 month ago)
Mario Delva hoping the price comes down, before we launch off #dogecoin #doge #bitcoin
Phillip Bone (1 month ago)
There are pictures of cryptocurrency. Can you actually get them.
Blockchain Academics (1 month ago)
Sorry, we do not get your question?
Power Dalord (1 month ago)
I own over 208k of doge
aly 884 (26 days ago)
where did you buy doge? gate.io?
Blockchain Academics (1 month ago)
@Phillip Bone you have to find a wallet that is compatible like exodus or possibly a hardware wallet. You probably will have better luck using BTC to buy instead of doge. You will have to google stores that accept crypto as a payment.
Phillip Bone (1 month ago)
I have like 10K. How do you send coins to your wallet so you can make purchases purchases in stores
Chris Beane (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me what the support levels are compared to USD and not Bitcoin?
Blockchain Academics (1 month ago)
Chris Beane hey so an easy way to check is just googling .00000038 btc to usd and it will show you the value in USD. Hope that helped if not I’ll show another method. I’ll actually make a quick video on it tomorrow!
AHMAD Taufik (1 month ago)
nice boy DBRLLWVts5b3bUUDw9B37QR3isioY5rxH6
THE STATION (1 month ago)
Dogecoin $4.20
Deogi Ramtahal (11 days ago)
THE STATION Do you believe Dogecoin will get to $4.20 soon?
Blockchain Academics (1 month ago)
@Phillip Bone Doge is a digital asset, when you buy them you are buying a crypto, they are not physical coins. If you check on Ebay you can buy physical coins, but they are not worth anything or exchangeable
Phillip Bone (1 month ago)
Are there actual coins you can get.

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