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How to configure Outlook Anywhere in Exchange 2010 - Part 1

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http://danscourses.com - Part 1 of a 2. In this tutorial. I cover the steps necessary to configure Outlook Anywhere for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Autodiscover, Outlook Anywhere, CA SSL certificates, RPC over HTTP, and the Remote Connectivity Tester tool are all covered.
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Tom H (1 year ago)
This is awfully stupid.
Syotos 00125 (4 years ago)
you say how to configure but then you skip most of it
MrShiftaltnumlock (4 years ago)
You want to generate the CSR directly from the Exchange EMC. Send off, get back and complete the pending cert request. Next, apply services to the cert. You're done!
MrShiftaltnumlock (4 years ago)
And yes, you need subject alternative names. You need minimum, a host name & autodiscover. If using pop and Imap, you will need to add those also. This leaves one for the root domain. 5 slot san uuc will do the trick.
Elnur Taghiyev (5 years ago)
u will need it unless you connect to exchange server with VPN
countys32 (5 years ago)
Having said that you are thorough and even a simpleton like me gets what your saying.
darklunar123 (6 years ago)
Thank you so much for the help! Really great. Just want to add after you have completed the certificate, you must bind it to your site.
DiscGolfDiver (6 years ago)
With 2010 you need an "SSL" and will want a UCC.
DiscGolfDiver (6 years ago)
You'll want a UCC cert which will allow up to 5 names on the same cert. mail. (whatever your owa address is called like mail.whatever.com). autodiscover. (this make phones and outlook anywhere easier to use). the full internal dns name of your server (mailserver.domain.local) short dns name (mailserver)
Felipe `FrZ` Friozi (6 years ago)
do i need two ssl certificates? to "exemple.com" and for "mail.exemple.com" ?
William Thackray (6 years ago)
Hi - Great Video!!! can i ask... Do you have to buy a SSL certificate! can you do it without

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