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Near death experience in Old mine

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Had Nasty accident inside this mine
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Geoff Beepingmad (11 months ago)
Alan just a quick note, make sure your rib cage is ok. If you start getting short of breath you could be suffering from a hemothorax, collapsed lung. Keep Your arm and leg injury. But most importantly the chest injury. If increse in temperature, respiratory rate more than 20 breaths per minute or generally short of breath. That sort of thing. Get your self to hospital.
Geoff Beepingmad (11 months ago)
exploring mines of west wales and metal detecting ok mate I hope you feel better soon.
Geoff Beepingmad thanks Geoff it does hurt to breath on the right side but only in deep breaths
Geoff Beepingmad (11 months ago)
Hi hope you are ok, But good video . You were lucky to get out of there in one piece.
Geoff Beepingmad took a long time to get back up very sore today .

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