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Dogecoin Price Prediction (doge/btc) Doge Coin Cryptocurrency Trade Analysis

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Subscribe == https://bit.ly/2MjhXFM == Dogecoin (doge/btc) is falling into its support areas. Dogecoin has been playing out the cycles for years. 36-16 satoshis for doge coin is a great price. Dogecoin is in its accumulation phase and has the potential to show minimum returns off 100%. The whole cryptocurrency market is picking up, bitcoin is leading the crypto market and it is leaving alts in the dust. These are good times to accumulate alt coins like dogecoin and profit when they start to move. Dogecoin is super profitable. Make sure to subscribe to get daily trading opportunities Join Our Trading Tribe For More Opportunities: https://discord.gg/zSeAY6P Never Lose Any Bitcoins With This Unhackable Wallet: https://bitfi.info https://youtu.be/WjpRanqK2Fs https://youtu.be/fj7CCQrhEtw #doge #dogecoin #bitcoin #btc #cryptotrade #cryptotrader #dogebtc #btc #blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto #trader #litecoin #bitcoincash #dogecoinprediction #dogecoins #eth #dogebtc #dogeusd #eos #tron #ethereumcash #monero #
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Text Comments (21)
the exorcist (15 days ago)
Ill be happy with just 1 dollar
fipik com (15 days ago)
I have 29K doge. I hope it shoot above $25 mark 😋😋
Deogi Ramtahal (16 days ago)
I Ain’t too proud to beg D9y9nsbAh2oQcQePRFUrn6kAERdGmLZDQn
Joe Tirabassi (20 days ago)
If you take market cap and divide by the circulating supply you get the value of the coin or am I mistaken? I took a look at Doge and it should be heading to “pie” in the sky before the moon. 3.14 not the .0031 it is currently at.
DJO.K. Da General (24 days ago)
My question is when do you think Dogecoin will rise up to a dollar
JOLT (23 days ago)
@Blockchain Academics like I said if xrp can hit $5 doge can hit $1 even with its insain amount of coins circulated.
Blockchain Academics (23 days ago)
JOLT dogecoin has hit approx $0.01759 for its ATH - XRP is more likely to return to its ATH price before dogecoin breaks a dollar
JOLT (23 days ago)
@Blockchain Academics if xrp can hit 3-5 dogecoin can hit $1 period. Unless ur lifetime is next year.
Blockchain Academics (24 days ago)
DJO.K. Da General #dogecoin to a dollar? Probably not in our lifetimes! That would be insane
I need DogeECoin before EoY 2019 to be $25 a coin. Come on Elon make my dream come true.
Blockchain Academics (25 days ago)
$25 Now That Is a FARRR STRECH! We Deff Need Elon To Move The Price #elon #elonmusk #dogecoin #doge #bitcoin
Yusuf Eminoğlu (25 days ago)
24 saatte yatırımınıza %20 kar nasıl bence güzel. Üstelik 24 saat sonra otomatik doge hesabında. https://dogex.ltd/?ref=53806
$600 worth purchased on the robinhood app.
Jaktado (25 days ago)
@InfoVator yeah just got 644 doge coins for 2 dollars I hope it does blow up
Blockchain Academics (26 days ago)
InfoVator 29 satoshi? That’s a steal at that price? It will play out another cycle like the past!
InfoVator (26 days ago)
I bought $1500 worth on doge at .0029 a month ago. I really hope it BLOWSSSSSS up and makes us millionaires :p
Blockchain Academics (26 days ago)
Bitcoins And Blockchains robin hood just enabled a handful of cryptos! Love it! Be patient and enjoy the gains on #doge
Mike vuk (27 days ago)
I just dropped 1k just to see Wyh not .
Blockchain Academics (27 days ago)
Mike vuk your patience will pay off 🚀 #moon
Ayberk Düzenli (27 days ago)
I hope you are right , nice observation btw .
Blockchain Academics (27 days ago)
Ayberk Düzenli thanks for watching! #dogecoin to the moon!

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