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How to Join Steam Trading Cards Beta

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This video will show you the easy steps to join the Steam Trading Cards Beta. Enjoy! Steam trading details: http://steamcommunity.com/tradingcards/ Steam trading cards sign up: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tradingcards/ Background link (as requested): http://bit.ly/12p1a7f
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Text Comments (27)
KippaJ (10 months ago)
Gamers Bone (11 months ago)
I WATCH your video. It was very nice. I learned something knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing.
Verdugo c: (2 years ago)
I BUY Steam Trading Card Beta Access Gift steamcommunity.com/id/kasturbia_2
Andres Molina (2 years ago)
РC Тips TTTHIS TOOОOL FОR FREEEEЕ STЕEEAM МONЕY IS THЕ BЕSТ ON THЕ ENТIREE WEBSТORE!!!<<<<<<<<<< https://twitter.com/b84edf1d88f188215/status/719079525670395904 >>>>>>>>>>> How to Jоin Stеam ТTТTrаding Cаrds Beta
Shakyor (2 years ago)
Jaratewagen (3 years ago)
+TrollILGamers u mad jew shit?
#Blană (3 years ago)
Can somewone give me one of this?
John Smith (5 years ago)
I have a beta access card, but it says that the games participating in the trading card beta are owned by the owner (What the fuck does that even mean?)
Brenden Ogden (4 years ago)
Steam free gift card codes you can take on this website!! this is the BEST site, tested and working. *SteamCodeGenerator .c om*.
offering coupons for any random 2 cards each
Brayan Mateus (3 years ago)
+CSZ- DayZ news And Squad-Play This is stupid
RIckenH (5 years ago)
fuck you. i did what you said. i joined group and did what you said and didnt got steam trading card. fuck you
Tales of Randoms (5 years ago)
I'll put the link in the description
GamingWx3 (5 years ago)
can i have it? :D
Tales of Randoms (5 years ago)
Yeh, I figured that would be the most fuzz from this. Anyways, it's open to everyone now so yah :D
MyTheDubstep (5 years ago)
Krzysztof (5 years ago)
Tales of Randoms (5 years ago)
I can send you the link if you want. Just send me contact request :D
batmanso5 (5 years ago)
where did u get that AWSOME BACKROUND
Michael G (5 years ago)
Winterchild (5 years ago)
people need a video for that? are you not able to just read the faQ? whats wrong with humanity?
Velchivz (6 years ago)
Once you receive the gift. Go to your inventory and use it. You'll be automatically in. Again, it doesn't show on your game library. You can go to your Steam profile and get into your badges, and, if you have any of the current accepted games, you should see the collections available there. I hope that helps!
Velchivz (6 years ago)
Also, I forgot, you will not find it on your games library (it won't show). Again, you only know because of the extra steam access beta cards.
Velchivz (6 years ago)
After you join the group, there's nothing you can do but wait to be accepted. There isn't really any notification as when you are "officially" in. However, you'll know you're in because you have the extra cards to give to your friends. After that, you'll get cards after playing Dota 2. It won't tell you "you got a card" like it does with achievements. You just go to your steam inventory and you'll see cards, if you get any. For instance, I have 4 cards from Portal 2. I hope that helps!
Drimkill (6 years ago)
I'll have done this, but i wanna know how do i receive the cards, and when bro, i mean when i search in my games(library) there's no beta trading cards or anything like that, help me I only play dota 2
Velchivz (6 years ago)
Your Welcome!
MrMik3y (6 years ago)
Alot of other people on youtube did not say or show how to receive the trading cards beta THX!

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