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Levant Mine

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Levant Mine is a restored mine on the Tin Coast near Pendeen in Cornwall. The mine was used in the original series of Poldark and has also been used in the new series as Tressiders Rolling Mill. Like at Botallack Mine just down the coast, the mine workings at Levant stretched out for a mile under the sea. The Levant Mining Company was formed in 1820 but a mine was here as early as 1748. Just 1836, Levant Mine employed 320 men, 44 women and 186 children. Within the first twenty years, the mine made over £170,000 from Copper. In 1857 a man engine was installed which can still be seen. This carried the men and children down the shaft. In 1919, one of Cornwall's worst mining disasters took place at the mine when a link between the rod and the engine on the man engine snapped. 31 people died. The mine closed for good by 1930 and, ever since the disaster, the mine had experienced a decline. In more recent times, the National Trust have been criticised for being disrespectful for putting "ugly" looking fencing up and by making the car park a Pay and Display. On Facebook, a group called 'PAY AND DISPLAY AT LEVANT - NO THANKS' has been started which campaigns to make the car park free again, as well as to remove the unnecessary fencing. While the group remains focusing on Levant, they also want free parking across the Tin Coast as another mining accident happened at Wheal Owles, just down the coast from Levant Mine. Music by Adrian Von Ziegler - https://www.youtube.com/user/adrianvonziegler
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Text Comments (5)
Arthur J Dale (8 months ago)
Think I've been there some years ago...
Toby Roberts (8 months ago)
Very beautiful and relaxing. Thanks for uploading!
Lucas Nott (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching
Minelover2424 (8 months ago)
Beautiful place but it's a real shame what the National Trust have done to it. It should be taken away from them really. What they're doing isn't just disrespectful but is vandalism as well. I congratulate you for being able to film this mine without getting very much of the ugly fencing or those massive chains put across the windows of the mines for no reason.
Lucas Nott (8 months ago)
I agree with you, that's why I've been part of the Pay and Display at Levant - No Thanks group for a long time now

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