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Steam Trading Cards Beta: Badges and New Profile

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Alright Alon and Alex.. alliteration aside, ask and ye shall receive!! Let me know if you guys have any question. I'm going to make a trading tip video on the cards because there is a huge demand on the marketplace and some Steam Wallet money to be made.
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XTime45 (5 years ago)
Wait how do u set the profile background? Edit profile?
Alan Schapira (5 years ago)
Kinda sucks that you have to pay for a good profile :-( But great video!
f50fan (5 years ago)
Only level 10? Catch up, Scott ;D
Julio Gomez (5 years ago)
I was able to "idle" for cards using the achievement manager without having to download the games, so :P. Its more useful for games that take too long to download.
Serious Samvich (5 years ago)
There it is.

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