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Sherlock Is Garbage, And Here's Why

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Why is Sherlock so bad? Harris Bomberguy is on the case! This version of the video has been slightly edited to get around the BBC's automatic video-blocking stuff. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/hbomberguy My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Hbomb CREDITS: Written by Harris Bomberguy and Sara Ghaleb Voiced + Edited by Harris Bomberguy Music: The Usual Incompetech The Final Fantasy Mystic Quest OST (it's a good game, shut up, I will destroy you) Passions Hi-Fi
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Lioness (40 minutes ago)
This reminded me there was a Scooby Doo episode where Velma straight up gets annoyed because the villain winds up being someone they never even met.
Kurt Berliner (4 hours ago)
The funny thing is the Sherlock movies with Robert Downey JR are like 100 times better. Especially in the case of Moriarty or however you spell it. He has a valid plan, and is even seen as shelocks enemy, but not forever on him like this show
otopico (13 hours ago)
Liked for using the Evangelion music.
JeSSEbism (14 hours ago)
All the comments in this video stating that they now realise the show is bad blows my mind- how the fuck did you guys need a video pointing out an obviously shit show is shit for you to realise that it's a bad show? That being said, I'm glad this video at least covers some of the numerous points wrong with this show as I was getting genuinely bewildered at the amount of praise this trainwreck was getting. This show was always bad, Moriarty felt like an aspiring Tumblr fan-fic writers idea of a villian: edgy, angsty and utterly generic. All the shitty side stories and detective work implemented a fuck-tonne of utterly illogical and nonsensical strands of circumstantial "evidence" that shoe horns the plot into place. Even a lot of the acting was just as atrocious - e.g; whoever played the villain was doing his best to do some sort of shitty Joker impression and ended up being a cringey mess.
The PO From Hell (1 day ago)
The SCHLOCK YouTube Poop series is somehow better than Sherlock. I live in the correct universe.
timmy timmytimmy (1 day ago)
Ashley Madison Feminism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L_Wmeg7OTU
Henry Keller (1 day ago)
Hbomberguy: Sherlock is the worst adaptation of Sherlock & Holmes Will Ferrel & John C Reilly: My fucking beer, HOLD IT.
entertain7us14 (2 days ago)
i recently rewatched hounds of the baskerville because it used to be one of my favourite episodes. this time i truly noticed how it doesn't play out as a mystery story at all. all of the detective work sherlock does is picking up details on strangers that are irrelevant to the plot but the music swells as if its really important. the main mysteries of the case are unfolded by sherlock's trial and error and his 'mind palace' - when we get told something that was stuck in his memory rather than discover something through plot. it actually makes sherlock look kind of dumb, as the way he goes about solving the mystery is to just break into the facility and see what he can find. he never actually puts 2 and 2 together in a meaningful, organic way. it was really disappointing. plus, he's a parody of an asshole with zero empathy for the victims of the crimes he investigates, making Elementary another 500% better in my opinion.
Sallie McKenna (2 days ago)
34:15 while i agree with everything else you say in this video this point feels off, why would the man be worried about damaging his writing hand if his intent was to kill himself, i doubt he would care much about his hand in that scenario
Nikola Lozina (2 days ago)
Sherlock is really good why do you need to hate it, that’s not right.
Elaine Arrow (2 days ago)
Since I watched this the last eight times I finally got caught up on Elementary. It's crazy how much better Elementary is and it's all because of the lack of bullshit and the fact that bother Holmes and Watson are actual characters you care about who grow and develop.
Lindsey Alumbaugh (2 days ago)
This really makes me want to watch the Russel T. Davies Dr. Who episodes again and apologize to him and Christopher Eccleston in person.
LeatherHub (3 days ago)
RDJ was the best Sherlock
Andy Leggett (3 days ago)
This video proves that Psych is truly the best Sherlock Holmes show, without even having Sherlock Holmes
laith sababa (3 days ago)
Is it inaccurate? Yes, definitely Does it have a bunch of problems with plot and all the other shit? Yes, definitely Was it a fun watch though? Yes, definitely
Tia Aaron (1 day ago)
@President Kudsi It was too cringey for me.
President Kudsi (2 days ago)
True the secret sister episode is a blast if you turn your brain off. Like that Venom movie
Shaelyn Fritzler (4 days ago)
I think people thinking BBCs Sherlock is smart is like thinking Ben Shapiro is good at debating: no, they’re just assholes who talk fast
spacemantango (4 days ago)
it's really sad that we queers will accept almost ANYTHING as good representation. it really speaks to how awful representation still is.
Tia Aaron (1 day ago)
@spacemantango Yeah but when the fans show so much passion about a pairing,of he filmmakers will be encouraged to depict the queer couples similar to the popular pairing. That's not good at all. BBC Johnlock is the epitome of abuse.
spacemantango (1 day ago)
@Tia Aaron access is just as important. if you dont know about it, it doesnt get promoted or isn't talked about in your sphere, then you cant see it. I'm lucky to have the money and time to watch independent films and support indie games.
Tia Aaron (1 day ago)
@spacemantango There are way better gay representation pit there. Many good movies that focus on queer people get made but they get ignored.
spacemantango (1 day ago)
@Tia Aaron Desperation for representation. The lack of healthy queer relationships being shown in media. Glorification of abusive relationships in media. Take your pick.
Tia Aaron (1 day ago)
Why do people think BBC Sherlock and John being gay and in relationships is a good thing? Their dynamics have always been abusive. Just terrible.
Nikol Geier (4 days ago)
So wait is Sherlock S4 the Reverse Bloodborne of the Sherlock franchise?
Xi Chen (4 days ago)
Watching this made me so mad so i disliked sorry but still i don't like this that is because i watch it so much
Kiante Singleton (4 days ago)
Too long. When's the part he tells me why it's one of the most entertaining shows I've seen despite being bad?
Liam Smith (2 days ago)
That's not the point of the video
Fouad the hedgehog (4 days ago)
Remember that you alway can go watch Detective Conan instead cause we all know that it is the better Sherlock adaptation
Aaron Bowie (4 days ago)
Alexys K (5 days ago)
hboomerangguy is my favourite detective youtuber
Nomi (5 days ago)
"Johnlock is endgame." is an amazing phrase that for some unknown reason makes me lose my shit every time i hear it
Chaz Reynolds (6 days ago)
house is the only good interpretation of sherlock
Gavin Singh (6 days ago)
1:12:33 "Johnlock is endgame" Omg Doctor Strange predicted the secret Sherlock episode😱
WHITNEY GRAHAM (6 days ago)
just here for my monthly viewing of this video.
michaelkeha (6 days ago)
Turns out making the Doctor a woman was a horrible horrible idea and why SJWs should never be listened to about anything. Also stop obsessing about the fact Moriarty was gay no one fucking cares.
Katie Hay (6 days ago)
Why is this categorized as music now? I cant minimize it on my phone..
Reed Williams (6 days ago)
I don't give a shit about Sherlock I just clicked the video because there was The End of Evangelion in the thumbnail. Someone please tell me if and when he talks about Evangelion
Vincent Bullock (6 days ago)
Sorry mate, we can have a chat about Evangelion if you want. I used to not get what the hell was wrong with Gendo Ikari but frankly with time I realize that's just how relationships are sometimes. People treat you bad and you can either break your mind over it or move on with your life.
maya crafts (7 days ago)
There is an episode 0 in season 1 it's like ep 1 but better and shorter. I don't know if it is a pilot but it is better than the first one. I wrote about it before i heard you are talking about it
Jared Jams (7 days ago)
When I first watched the show I kept feeling like something was missing, and you explained it well here. Even when I liked the show I thought it was a bit overrated.
ChardBotham (7 days ago)
Oh boy time to watch my favorite documentary again
Jared Jams (7 days ago)
The Rache thing reminds me of the Manson murder
Jared Jams (7 days ago)
25:22 I got excited seeing Clara in that dress!
Panonymous Bloom (8 days ago)
1:12:28 Leave the poor thing alone, she's probably delusional. Seriously, Johnlock fans are batshit crazy. Worse than Destiel fans and that's saying something. They literally hated Mary's character with a passion because... She existed. They counted time to her death and screamed how bad the character was both on screenplay level (With by the way, is pretty funny since in my opinion she was a better character than John) and in-canon level. Because she *was* an assassin. It was downward sexist in worst cases - demonizing her and writing her as a Bad Whore cliche only because she *dared* to lie to John. Sherlock would never do that, right? And John would never wrong her in anyway, right? Since they are such good angels, the world doesn't deserve them. Not to mention production said that they're not doing Johnlock endgame (they were still majorly guilty of queerbaiting in the show itself, don't get me wrong) but they just kept screaming that it's surely a lie... For some reason? Like, why would they lie about that? Oh, and they kept harassing other smaller ships (mainly Jimlock/Sheriarty and Sherlolly from what I know and have been a victim to). Like seriously, they made me hate Johnlock and actively root against queer representation in media (of Johnlock specificialy, not as a whole), they were that fucking bad. (By the way I disagree to everything to the point 4 if I'm not wrong. I think seasons 1 and 2 were really entertaining and more or less good. Season 3 was overcompensating for Moriarty's death and going too tacky and season 4... Let's not talk about season 4.)
Gaia Marie (8 days ago)
This is longer than a full Sherlock ep, lol
Gaia Marie (8 days ago)
also, if you hated the series this much, why did u watch it all the way through?!
Gaia Marie (8 days ago)
Okay, to be completely honest, I did not watch the entire video, but I honestly do not want to. I don't know weather or not i'll think the rest is good points, or garbage but either way, i love that show, and i always will. I don't want to accidentally ruin it for myself.
Tia Aaron (7 days ago)
One day you may actually see the flaws and fall out of love with the series.
Gaia Marie (8 days ago)
somebody make a "video essay" on how this is garbage
Geraint Thomas (8 days ago)
So I'm one of the ones who'll quite enjoy watching the first 3 episodes, didn't mind series 2, was 'meh' on 3 and just couldn't be bothered watching past mary's death. My dissilusion in moffat came more via dr who and the mess made with the overarching stories there. Having said that there were some obvious clues in sherlock that there was a problem in s1e3 and s2e1, when a potential of 8 or 9 decent episodes worth of material get burned through in service of rushing a story to a climax that, as a result, doesn't feel earned. The montage immediately after they survive the bullshit cliffhanger reflects quite strongly what hbomber said about not caring about the pulpy episodic format - whete they just announce 6 or 7 cases solved so they can skip to the "interesting" story about holmes, but without getting the chance to have some low stakes episodes for developing a narrative attachment to the characters. With the budget they had it feels like they could have done some 6 episode series', pushed the first showdown with moriarty to the end of series 2 and sherlock's fake death to series 3 and there might have been a chance to pace it properly. This doesn't do more than scratch the surface of the problem though :/
LitCast (8 days ago)
According to Sherlock and Ben Shapiro: talking fast makes you smarter than any and all human beings
The Salt Merchant (7 days ago)
And a certain star of an uncle documentary
Madison Stoner (8 days ago)
My first (terrible) gf sat me down and forced me to watch this. I fell asleep twice and when I was made to stay awake, I had no words for why I found it so boring. Now I do. Thank you based HBG
Mune Yotsuki (8 days ago)
Peter (8 days ago)
You, an imbecile: Dropping the mic theatrically to punctuate “owning” me Me, a genius Mindwarrior: haha you idiot you haven’t won. For it is I who am so smart and to show you how rekt you are I will blow my fucking brains out.
Poly Peptoad (8 days ago)
Moffat just seems to love queer-coding villains. Did you see that Doctor Who charity special, Time Crash? It was written by Moffat, and featured the joke that the Master’s wife is a beard. What’s with that? The Master isn’t even implied gay in the actual episodes. Stephen Moffat just decided to make a gay joke.
Damian Reloaded (9 days ago)
_This shit. This. Shit. Like with the boomerang scene or the idea that a bunch of stuff you don't know about scene is a blatant disregard for the core appeal of crime/mistery stories (Stories!) it's so disgustingly wrong on almost every level and so hateful towards people for expecting things to make sense and try to form a theory out of what they were shown that is almost Avant-Garde_ 😂😂😂👍
Ugly German Truths (9 days ago)
No, you have got a lot more worthwhile "popculture" heritage in UK... just look at what Alan Moore all integrated into "League ofextraordinary gentlemen" (admittedly including some french influences like Nemo). As for "good writing"; no the Empty Child/The Doctor Dances is NOT good writing, it is INTERESTING writing, has a decent plot and a functional and well chosen setting but the dialogues are the most horror like part of the storytelling. And the characterisation of Eccleston's doctor often (not just with Moffat but throughout the season) requires us to fill in the gaps, to BELIEVE he is the continuation of that 8 previous doctors, he shares that backstory and is an amalgamum of their attributes (despite that not being a big deal in any previous incarnations story, usually they are consciously describes as dissimilar and contrasting) and what ends up being there we usually get presented through Rose's eyes. He is a superb actor and makes a lot out of that, but it's not a really deep and fascinating character that runs around in that one year. The reason you probably overlooked it is that they never got back to make that lack of actual character (growth) more blatantly obvious like with the following doctors later seasons giving him a big "motif" that was then ridden to death. Eccleston got the grace of limited time to show how little he had to act on. And Weirdly it got worse the more they PLANNED to go into these multiseason runs combined with very strict omnipresent arcs and bled off episodes froma full season's run... now they're at 10 plus the xmas special ... yeah that will totally work out in improving the storytelling... Pfffffft.
Ugly German Truths (9 days ago)
Also I think "the hound of the Baskervilles" shows where you failed to connect with the producer's intentions... they wanted to make it visually interesting and NOT doing the easy stuff like giving you the stuff every columbo episode or Monk or House or whatever the fuck other Holmes inspired detective did the last 100 years, not making Adler sympathetic (although i'm confused how you make the king out to be a villain, as i've read the story from CAD he was genuinely worried that a scandal would ruin his marriage and that was not just bad for the reasons of national importance but also would hurt his wife to be which he DID care about more than just remotely), not giving yoiu a dog when the subject of the episode is a dog. You are right that most of their approach did ultimately not work. But if they didn't have tried, if they just had made Elementary UK, this would not have been any more complimentary, would have endlessly hung up on how they never dare to tread outside of the long since troddenpaths that one has seen a zillion times. Seems like much else it's in the end a case of "the grass is always greener on the other side of the river"... and the TV Series is always better when it had never been made the way it ended up being made.
Ugly German Truths (9 days ago)
That was a scimitar you heathen, not a machete :P
Mason DeRoss (9 days ago)
This video was way too long. Would have been better with a tighter time constraint.
Koala Bear (9 days ago)
They can salvage it by making the last seasons a dream and it none it happened
fatty1040 (9 days ago)
*Sees beginning * Oh that's why
Pavel Bilkis (9 days ago)
It's a shame you didn't mention Soviet version of Sherlock Holmes. It's pretty cool and stylish and very close to the books, and even recognized in the Sherlock Holmes' museum in London. Check it out yourself.
The Salt Merchant (7 days ago)
Oh I'm going to
mRbaybay I (10 days ago)
Ur mum gae and you r gay and your future wife will be gey to pee pee head
Alias (10 days ago)
This guys a douche
Phi avir (11 days ago)
The first 2 seasons were some of the best TV around. Unfortunately it went downhill, so I can't call your video an absolute dumpster fire
Lily Miller (11 days ago)
Well, at least the doctor's a woman now.
Tank in Hungary (11 days ago)
I watched Sherlock recently, and when the last episode finished and the credits started rolling I reflexively clicked where the "next episode starts in 10 seconds" thumbnail is. I stared in confusion for a solid 10 seconds when it took me to another "suggested" show.
Cross Van Dust (11 days ago)
*B O O M E R A N G*
Ivan Sabljak (11 days ago)
How the hell did you make me watch a 1hr 49min long YouTube video?!
Anneliese (11 days ago)
Benedict Cumberbatch's face makes me upset
Hannah Abshire (12 days ago)
Just in the comment section for the Arcana music at 58:00
mermaidpotato (12 days ago)
The shine of Sherlock wore off on me early mostly because the queerbaiting was Too Much and the break between seasons 2 and 3 gave me enough time to realize it wasn't good and I didn't care, but boy oh boy was this blow-by-blow retelling of my seething hatred for Steven Moffat's bludgeoning of Doctor Who cathartic. He sure can't run a show, huh? Also apparently the scene of the ninth doctor saying "just this once, Rose, everybody lives" out of context is still apparently enough to make me tear up. Fuck you, Steven Moffat, for such an epic betrayal of trust with something I used to love.
zukriuchen (12 days ago)
"played by a lindybeige impersonator" lmao not a reference I was expecting
Caesar Speaks (12 days ago)
With the advent of binging, it’s better to have an overarching plot
captain910 (12 days ago)
51:31 did this guy really just say bestest
elhardo (12 days ago)
contents! i - the story of steven moffat, 3:06 ii - overarching plot, 7:17 iii - Sherlock: the all important übermensch, 27:18 iv - Moriarty, 39:29 v - aesthetics (how to waste license payer money), 47:10 vi - John Watson, 55:11 vii - Mary Watson, 56:58 viii - Irene Adler, 58:16 ix, kill me - *the scene* , 1:04:19 x - literally everything about series four, 1:08:58 brief interlude - secret good fourth episode of series four, 1:09:18 - 1:13:50 xi - contempt, 1:34:25 xii, conclusion - 1:45:59
ShieldAre (12 days ago)
This is better than all seasons of Sherlock combined, and very cathartic. Thank you.
Paul TheSkeptic (12 days ago)
2 English pop cultural icons? Uh, Robin Hood? King Arthur? Doctor Who is one and you're talking about him right now. James Bond, The works of Shakespeare, Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales. Allan Quatermain. It's hard to know exactly what you mean by pop cultural icon so I don't know if I should get all into Monty Python or what but it's more than 2 anyway.
Rimmah mh (13 days ago)
The reason that the original Sherlock worked in the first place was that society's rules were just that rigid that any deviation from it was telling. That just can't work in this day and age, not to THAT degree.
Arragonder (13 days ago)
to be fair the first episode with the "I'm me speech" is great if it was done exactly once
RedstoneEwok (13 days ago)
Sherlock by Moffat: the ultimate Mary Sue
Coffiiee (13 days ago)
ive literally watched this six times and here goes my seventh
Lance Rothchild (13 days ago)
Moriarty needs Billy Bauer on the fucking phone right now
mistaecco (13 days ago)
I disagree with 90% of this but I respect the amount of work you put into it, and I recognize that this is probably why many I know don't enjoy the show. That said, everything after season 2 is complete dog shit and I won't argue otherwise
Alex (13 days ago)
watching this and hearing the narrator lose it as the story gets more and more ridiculous is a form of catharsis
Cole Ballenger (13 days ago)
I actually don't "get it" regarding whatever the joke about Henry Jekyll having been a virgin is. Can someone please explain it to me like I'm four?
καμιά ψυχή (14 days ago)
Hey. HEY! C'MER What if they told the story with Moriarty getting behind everything without any clue and the last two episodes shows his associating and ultimately presents him as the main villain that season two would have resolved. I just mean don't be against over aching stories but against poorly done one's.
sa rry (14 days ago)
Dude, you're looking far too much into it. Literally all stories can have plotholes and dumb shit. Just enjoy what you do and respect the people that enjoy this show. I feel bad for the viewers of the show that watched this video. This is how you shit on someone's entertainment.
FlamingAtheist (14 days ago)
the show Sherlock isnt actually about Sherlock Holms. It turns out its about Dr. Strange and what he does in between movies. And with his magic and the time stone he can easily solve everything and make it seem like hes super duper crazy smart guy. And obviously his secret identity is "sherlock" because he has some haha humor. Thats why hes such a dick and solves everything with nonsense explanations
Monechetti (14 days ago)
Coming back now in a post Game of Thrones season 8 world, it's interesting how you can just completely ruin a show no matter how much money or glam you throw at it.
Austin Wolf (14 days ago)
I am so glad you articulated this. Honestly, the show kinda makes you feel dumb for not being able to figure it out as opposed to the books
DJShadesUK (14 days ago)
Why the fuck do you keep pronouncing Moffat, Mof-Fat? I've never heard a single (other) person say Moffat that way.
richard parker (14 days ago)
Almost 2hrs long with 3M views. How?
Giovanni Ballarin (14 days ago)
You Sir deserve a like and subscribe only for using “A Cruel Engel’s Thesis” as intro song. That’s it, nothing more to add.
Bromacia channel (15 days ago)
This simple video is better than the sherlock show.
Vinn M (15 days ago)
I think I rewatch this about every 3 months. It's honestly such a good breakdown on what makes good writing, and I always feel like I've come away with something new and great every time.
Jeff Adler (15 days ago)
This video was a green light for me to unsubscribe and block suggestions for future videos. Sad day :(
AlphaJman (15 days ago)
You know the part where Sherlock is flinging all the words and images around? That’s the white board from house MD. House typically needed the structure of putting things on a white board or similar surface to bring his ideas and teams ideas together. But they probably knew they’d get called out for it if it was a white board, so they did that dumb shit. Honestly it would be better if he bounced ideas off of Watson in the same way House did with his team. It would have strengthened his bond with Watson and not made Sherlock god king. Even house was wrong a lot, but eventually got to the right conclusion. Also I wanna add something about Sherlock to House comparison. House was an asshole, completely unadulterated asshat. But he had a reason, he was in an ungodly amount of pain and hopped up on opioids. So Sherlock being mean to Watson with little reason is annoying. He could have been really awkward, or emotionally distant, or had a disorder that kept him from connecting with people. Or some kind of trauma. Literally anything. And maybe Watson knows this and puts up with it because Watson is a good person and SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE EMOTIONAL CENTER AND PROTAGONIST OF THE SHOW! Or at least a bigger part where they’re a duo protagonists. Which I don’t think you see much anymore.
Drawing Sticks (1 day ago)
Also the show never cuts House any slack and actually justifies everyone who dumps him because he's a jerk. His (only) best friend is implied to be as messed up as House is, and that's why they love and adore each other.
they should makr a Moffat muppet
Katherine Currie (16 days ago)
I actually like Sherlock (aside from season 4), but overall I have agreed with all of your points, good video!
Sir Jaojao (6 days ago)
Yeah I feel the same way
hazed (16 days ago)
if y'all want a great show about observatory detective work, watch Psych
Pluveus (16 days ago)
On the subject of Anime adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, most of it is in fact rubbish, but Detective Conan is a staple if a bit trite, and Hyoka is actually pretty good. They even work in a nice juxtaposition of the MC and his elder sister with Sherlock and Mycroft. Nobody ever references Mycroft. Yeah, I think that Moriarty was too built up by his own hype. I think the only reason that "The Valley of Fear" had Moriarty in it was because they needed to show that Moriarty was good enough to be Sherlock's greatest foe. If it hadn't been for the person who went to Moriarty getting everything he needed to commit the crime, then being stopped in the end and Moriarty finishing it on a matter of principal, Moriarty would've been a very anti-climactic arch enemy.
Sir Jaojao (5 days ago)
@Pluveus huh, I had no idea, maybe I should watch Conan, when I was in Japan some people I got to know there showed me a trailer of it
Pluveus (5 days ago)
It depends on how you define adaptation really. In the first episode, the main character constantly talks about how he wants to be the next Sherlock Holmes, and he even does a Holmes analysis on someone, but the adaptation is more indirect. The show captures the spirit of Holmes by always showing the audience everything the detective sees, and even challenges the audience to figure out the trick by showing a key clue for the next mystery at the end of each episode. Don't get me wrong, it's not a direct adaptation, and everything is a murder so there's definitely some Poirot influence, but it captures the spirit of Holmes better than most adaptations, especially considering Detective Conan is designed for kids as the target audience.
Sir Jaojao (6 days ago)
Is Detective Conan considered a Sherlock Holmes adaptation?
Tia Aaron (15 days ago)
Gosick was excellent as well.
Jake Hudson (16 days ago)
7 mins in & woooo this is gonna be long
Unforgiven11 (16 days ago)
Now do Farscape
Unforgiven11 (16 days ago)
Bwaahaha okay using the Neon Genesis Evangelion intro theme got me. Congratulations.
KajiWyldfire (16 days ago)
I agree with everything you say and this is a very good analysis I'm just disliking the video because of what you said about benedict cumberbatch lmao
angel (16 days ago)
ok good i always felt like i was missing some sort of cultural gem
angel (16 days ago)
holy shit the length of this video 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
DarkRonnie (17 days ago)
i stopped watching after season 2, i binged it until the first episode of season 3, where Sherlock being an ass just became to much for me, havent looked back since
Aadit Doshi (17 days ago)
I feel a lot of your arguments are criticism for Sherlock holmes in general rather than the show. To my recollection, most of the sherlock stories had sherlock using inductive reasoning and off screen (off page) investigating to solve crimes. The books have always been about Watsons admiration of sherlock.

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