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Join Steam Trading Cards Beta (TUTORIAL)

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Thanks for watching! Be sure to like, comment, fav and subscribe! ★Add me on Xbox - Furry Walls 101★ ★Add me on Steam - Furry Walls (Picture of Coach from L4D2)★ ★Facebook - http://goo.gl/5Qkyh ★ ★Twitter - http://goo.gl/0LEPQ ★ ★Subscribe - http://goo.gl/skDrH ★ ★Channel - http://goo.gl/YfMHi ★ ★Intro Creator - https://goo.gl/w6r7h3 ★ ★Intro Song - http://goo.gl/uyrMjQ (THANKS! :D)★ Music: Presenterator - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Note: If I failed to source your work such as music or some other performance, please leave a comment and pm my channel. Please do not flag the video, as it was most likely an honest mistake due to bulk updates of video descriptions. Thank you.
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Text Comments (7)
ilovebanannas (5 years ago)
Want a partnership? APPLY HERE - http://awe.sm/q3X6S Remember to rate, comment, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!
PHANTOM SLAYER (5 years ago)
can u give me a dota 2 invitation
Meep 737 (5 years ago)
its not instant
ilovebanannas (5 years ago)
yeah :)
Texcoco (5 years ago)
It's a good idea to sell your emoticons/cards. They're useless anyway.
ilovebanannas (5 years ago)
ok :)
ilovebanannas (5 years ago)
yes :)

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