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Working in an iron ore mine in Australia

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Pre data (1 month ago)
when shes not at the gym? dont fucking lie
yesfrat b knowin (2 months ago)
gotta stretch before u sit down people
Mohammad Rafi (4 months ago)
Hello mem i from India i have 39 months damtarck experience in the mine I need to this job plz
Audi e-tron (4 months ago)
Women in ming are absolute cunts to work with. Wish they'd all just fuck off.
Health & safety (5 months ago)
wost thing they ever done let women in they bull shit to get there way. a guy I was working with got sacked all because of this women saying he said something sexs to her that was bull shit she didn't like most of the guys there. she got her way. kick them out and the Asians
Robbie kinsey (6 months ago)
.... that's a girl?
Kingi King (7 months ago)
Bludgers. Miners are breast feeding adults!!!
douchebag patrol (3 months ago)
Mersam Amama (7 months ago)
Hi maam im Sam from Philippines i would like and im interested to apply as a dump truck driver,how to apply maam if there a vacancies? I am a driver of HD-785-7 komatsu dump truck driver,have a morethan 3years experience,until now!
An Anatolian Guy (2 months ago)
@kris jackson lol
kris jackson (7 months ago)
Go away Sam
Shamza (8 months ago)
get down and get dirty
majji anjaneyaswamy (8 months ago)
Hi madam any vacancies in job iam interested iam studying in Bsc Geology
Intan Sari (8 months ago)
Hello madam,how to get job in there?as a welder? My husband as a welder,
An Anatolian Guy (2 months ago)
@Audi e-tron ROFL
Audi e-tron (4 months ago)
Fuck off, we don't your kind.
Mike B (11 months ago)
Hi can anyone help I live in uk and would love to work here I got all my operating tickets Age 47 You can contact me on 07894353313
Raju Pinninti (11 months ago)
Good morning Mem...my self upendra i would like work as processing engineer so kindly....help me if there are any vacancies...
Jason Marsh (1 year ago)
Bone heads
Robbo (1 year ago)
If u really wanna see what mining is like in australia watch mining boom.
Ramus Sumar (1 year ago)
Right, Fuck off Dan
Markson Andrew (1 year ago)
i wanna work here. plzz can you guys help me to get to work with you guys?
Mohsin Ali (4 months ago)
Audi e-tron (4 months ago)
No, fuck off we're full.
I love tuff women! My wifes a lumberjack! So tell importedmusic to put on a tampon and get to work with the ladies.
importedmusic (2 years ago)
Sick of hearing this women in mining bullshit. Simply put, it should be the best qualified for the job who get picked, not because of their gender. Good luck to this woman anyhow.
Smit Lord (7 months ago)
Some women like to (and are capable of) work in male dominated fields, but most simply aren't even interested regardless of their capability. Whether it be mining, engineering, high level business, plumbing, welding, medicine. Most women don't want these jobs. Choosing a family and kids instead of some high powered job is a perfectly fine choice for a woman to make. Why can't feminists understand this concept? The barriers have been removed, the women who want to mine iron ore can go and mine iron ore if they fucking want to now. But we don't need 50% women in the iron ore mines for fucks sake we just need iron ore! I don't care what genitals you have as long as we get the damn iron ore out of the ground efficiently.
INSANEFOX 82 (1 year ago)
importedmusic on top of that, fmg have a very "colourful" hiring/firing policy compared to other miners. I agree, best qualified for the job no matter the gender or race age etc
Good afternoon my name is Evgeny. I work as the drifter (the miner - miner), we conduct a driving on extraction of iron ore, we are also engaged in construction of underground objects (directly we build the mine, a driving of vertical trunks). English basic - school! Whether moving by profession with future employment is possible? If there are colleagues advise how to work!
Remmalyn Afante (2 years ago)
I feel ur story , same to my bf ...I didn't see him in cam , while he working ,he needs to wait 2weeks nd back home...god bless you all there....
raj kumar (2 years ago)
Remmalyn Afante helow dis is rajkumar from India completed my graduation in mining engineering with 72% with good academic skills wanna do job

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