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Analysis of Stress | Strength of Materials | GATE Preparation | ME

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Click here for Free Demo Session: https://goo.gl/81ty4A Real Life Application: Breakage of mild steel (ductile) in tension occurs at a plane of 45° and of cast iron (brittle) in tension occurs at a plane of 0°. The answers for the above are in this chapter. Explanation: Analysis of stress aims in making sure the stress on any arbitrary plane to be less than the strength of the material. It is achieved by finding out the maximum values of normal and shear stresses and changing the values of the parameters like load, area etc. which effect those values and cause failure. This analysis of stress is different in 1D, 2D & 3D. THE GATE ACADEMY- Blogs https://goo.gl/CVplwv https://goo.gl/nWzNvk THE GATE ACADEMY provide comprehensive and rigorous coaching for the GATE exams. Our student-centred guidance focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of each student. This has enabled us to achieve a proven track record of GATE toppers from our institute. THE GATE ACADEMY appreciates diversity in requirements and hence have tailor-made digital & distance learning courses for addressing these different needs. For more information, please write back to us at [email protected] Call us at: 080- 61766222
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Great !
Parmal Chouriya (1 month ago)
Sir please a lecture on Mohr's circle
abhishek bajpai (3 months ago)
Sir please upload all lectures of strength of materials
Vishal Guggari (5 months ago)
Awesome ..........
Lord YasH (5 months ago)
Crystal Clear
Aadesh Shetty (5 months ago)
Sir, Thanks for the video, great work!! But I have a small doubt here, you told that the negative sign in shear stress is insignificant. So in the last question why did you take shear stress xy as -3? We get a sigma y as -10 if we take it as +3? So in this case the sign in shear stress has significance??
Ankit Burnwal (6 months ago)
thanks a lot sirji
Sagar Pingale (7 months ago)
awesome teaching
VINIT THAKRE (8 months ago)
Excellent ...............Amazing how he makes difficult subject look so easy....!!!!
rahul tiwari (9 months ago)
aal the doubt cleared in this single video .. he is wizard actually.. kudos
vishal singh (9 months ago)
Thanks sir
Tunde O (9 months ago)
This is taught extraordinary well, thanks man
Ozair Iqbal (10 months ago)
Nce video sir..... It was very helpful to me in clearing my confusions..... Thank you very much sir.
Sir upload mohrs circle and strains also
THE GATE ACADEMY (10 months ago)
Dear @Poorna chandar Chandupatla, Kindly stay tuned for more videos.
sumit mondal (11 months ago)
sir pls upload videos on 'theory of machine' by you...it will be much much better for us.
khushal sankhla (1 year ago)
#Great job sir.. Your teaching way is #extraordinary
Vikash Gowda R (1 year ago)
I'm great full to you sir
Anurag Sahu (1 year ago)
Well done sir👌👌👌👌👌👌 Thank you very very much,,🌷🌷🌷💐🌸🌸🌸🌸
rambabu bojinkula (1 year ago)
Hai... class is very very extraordinary....please upload deflection of beams like outer view of this lecture.... thanks for everything
shekar ganthi (1 year ago)
thank you sir
Sukhchain Singh (1 year ago)
thank u very much sir for this video
Manjeet Chauhan (1 year ago)
sir please upload fluid mechanics video by you
THE GATE ACADEMY (1 year ago)
Dear Manjeet Chauhan, Thanks for writing to us! Stay tuned for more videos.

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