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Crafting Badges: Steam Trading Cards Beta

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This is what it looks like to craft badges after you collect a set of trading cards in steam.
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Text Comments (9)
Hollow (5 years ago)
For the song dislike.
Hollow (5 years ago)
+Trader huh?
Trader (5 years ago)
9/11 was an inside job
Trader (5 years ago)
First song is Excited (Sick Individuals Remix) Secong song is Thrift Shop - Conte Remix
Trader (5 years ago)
zOMG rlly? oh gee oh golly wiz!!!!
Trader (5 years ago)
Used a livestreaming program because fraps wouldn't work properly, Open Broadcaster Software I believe it's called.
Joric (5 years ago)
trdr ur so gai
SkelAnthro (5 years ago)
cool buy me an axe taunt
WalrusFlavoredBacon (5 years ago)
Sweet I always wanted to see what that looked like.

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