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How To Get Into the Steam Trading Cards Beta and Information

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This is the future of gaming! Join this group to get the beta: http://steamcommunity.com/tradingcards/ (Bottom of page) Music by: www.youtube.com/user/Speomusic
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Text Comments (152)
Gamers Bone (11 months ago)
Wow! It is really amusing and wonderful video.keep sharing your valuable videos.
Hipijs1201 (5 years ago)
I make biggest booster pack opening video and if u can please send me some pack. My steam accaunt - steamcommunity(dot)com/id/Hipijs1201
dfune (5 years ago)
maybe his old profile pic or smthing ?
Julian Depaepe (5 years ago)
your dutch?
Knoxiegb (5 years ago)
how do you make the medals?
ImaGuest (5 years ago)
anyone willing to give me STALKER: Call of Pripyat for Alan Wake Franchise? add me as friend on steam if you want to trade: imaguestbro
Alejandro (5 years ago)
UllWarg (5 years ago)
so when you get card and trade them can you still get all card or do you need to trade/buy it back?
MrMankillerman (5 years ago)
Omg I seen you befor on steam
Pheonixnoob (5 years ago)
FrenchiestSpy (5 years ago)
And in the group
FrenchiestSpy (5 years ago)
I've played tf2 4 hrs no cards :(
Turtleleet (5 years ago)
Nope, it's because dota 2 is a free to play game, you have to spend money in the game to get the cards
Rocko DSS (5 years ago)
you have to spend money on the game to be able to get more, since it's free to play. what I do, exemple for TF2 which is free to play also, I sell other cards I have (I keep those worth 10 cents and sell those worth 25+) until I have .99$ then I buy a ticket for TF2 new coop mode vs robots. You play for loots so you might be lucky. each ticket = 1$ = 10 games for other cards I think.
Sean Stevenson (5 years ago)
I am really happy it isn't in beta anymore. I was able to get counter strike in a week after this. Trading cards, nice way to get games you want but can't buy.
TheRealRuskie (5 years ago)
AAAAAH!!! there's a spider on my screen
Small Fry (5 years ago)
Im not able to get trading cards anymore idk why could you help me?
KYLE90s (5 years ago)
Head here for free steam cards guys, works great steamcards{dot}tk
U cannot get cards for free games unless u buy some DLC or sth
Saeric (5 years ago)
How do we get these cards? do we need to do achievements or what?
Linus117 (5 years ago)
It's not in beta anymore.
Kuba Gabrek (5 years ago)
please send me a beta access email : [email protected]
KrychleInteractive (5 years ago)
7 euro you spend to buy ingame items from dota store = 1 card
SuperCoon88 (5 years ago)
really i said it wouldnt let me. well i guess its time to wait for a game sail and start playin Gmod like crazy
WickedyOne1 (5 years ago)
WTF is steam trading card used for?
SuperCoon88 (5 years ago)
no you can only 4 total once you gete 4 free cards you cant get any more even after you sell them
zack lanigan (5 years ago)
no its an arachnid
HugoTV (5 years ago)
You wanna trade a swat for a FBI? :-) (I got 2 FBI's)
TheGarrilha (5 years ago)
So for example Skyrim have 8 cards and i only get 4 for myself by playing the game. How do i get the rest of the cards?
SandBorn (5 years ago)
Marko Dragicevic (5 years ago)
give me a beta aces [email protected]
Vivi Orunita (5 years ago)
Imagine if Steam had their own version of magic the gathering!!!
FitinFroog (5 years ago)
you can idle on the game
ZerobeatNoiseTank (5 years ago)
How do i use the mystery trading card?
Yung Muiry (5 years ago)
A Fellow CreatureHub follower! :D
FabrykaFiranek7 (5 years ago)
I've waited about a week and no invite yet. Also i've played about 10 games of dota (30 mins +) and no card dropped... not a single one.
The Finder (5 years ago)
give me beta access send me through youtube
pdp0able (5 years ago)
you need to spend money on dota, then you have a deck left
Gamedoctor GR (5 years ago)
How can i get the bagde for participating in the beta steam trading cards ?
SexyDolphin (5 years ago)
lol why
Alex Chan (5 years ago)
I made 70 cents from the cards I got :P
Jaqen H'ghar (5 years ago)
Im eligible for a booster pack for dota 2 .. what does that mean ?
Keitel Harvey (5 years ago)
Easiest way to make money.Ever.
ProCounterStriker (5 years ago)
If anyone knows hot to idle in Tf2, do it, i left my house for 6 hours then came back and had many tf2 cards, no duplicates
nananina982 (5 years ago)
i got a scout card by playing tf2 wtf do i do with this card? what are cards for anyway?
Linus117 (5 years ago)
Wot, I'm pretty sure it's out publicly now.
Bryan Chiang (5 years ago)
why can u get that much dota 2 copies?
MushMushGamer (5 years ago)
can give me a beta access plz ([email protected]
BlackJoe23 (5 years ago)
:D youre dutch too!
AwesumCrapProduction (5 years ago)
Yeah, only just saw it says it's an emoticon. I feel so silly :l
HazardHD (5 years ago)
can I have the beta please? email is airsoftingisbeast @ gmail.com
AwesumCrapProduction (5 years ago)
I have somehow acquired a trading card called :tradingcard: It has no icon. What is it?
TruuePaiin (5 years ago)
Please sent me a beta aces email [email protected]
Rasmus Niller (5 years ago)
So can I trade if I have it?
Hjormel (5 years ago)
Dota 2 says i don't have any card drop left, i don't even have one..bug ?
Hjormel (5 years ago)
traded an balkan card (got 3) for 1euro, lol
kory yorke (5 years ago)
can u get tf2 cards
Linus117 (5 years ago)
sent :)
Steffann (5 years ago)
Give me a beta aces ( email [email protected]
Petar Randjelovic (5 years ago)
i got 60!!!! RLY!
COSMOS (5 years ago)
I got 50
RICHtech101 (5 years ago)
for f2p games its all based on spending. its like every 9$ you spend you get somthing
Sander Pettersen (5 years ago)
You are not alone
Lucas (5 years ago)
how do you directly get cards?
Nitro Turtle (5 years ago)
just invite them to a steam trade and then trade cards if you want to.
wkake kan (5 years ago)
How do you trade with your friends?
Jason Palmore (5 years ago)
i played tf2 for like 4 hours and got like 6 cards, but now i cant find any more D:
awesomebrosx1 (5 years ago)
how many hours D: i have been playing dota 2 for 100+ hours and only got 1 card, help D:
heins agbulos (5 years ago)
dude i bought many steam game's but i still don't have any card's
GoodGaming (5 years ago)
you have 2 wait ^^
Hussein Albayati (5 years ago)
how i can delete it ? plz ? and restor to prof change ?
Swedish GoldzyGoat (5 years ago)
i went on the group. And i wrote Invite me please. And I joined the group. But nothing happened with my profile. Do i need to play to this to activate? Or do i just need to wait?
Sloth King (5 years ago)
now you can get emoticons, icons, or coupons now
JawaKiller (5 years ago)
No; whichever badge you craft determines what kind of emoticons/backgrounds you get. The other alternative to getting these is buying them off the community market or trading.
Matthew Ruggiero (5 years ago)
how do you get a card
sneal (5 years ago)
dajokaman759 (5 years ago)
can you still get emotions and backgrounds after you run out of card drops?
J Puspo (5 years ago)
my friend have 31 copies
123 456 (5 years ago)
dota 2 is one of the best games ever made btw
DrunkenArsenal (5 years ago)
I love the card trading. I got around 3.50 US Dollars in around 15-30 min if ur smart.
James Flowers (5 years ago)
Don't worry, I have like 27 copies and I haven't touched them in a while.
DeSpIcAbLeME1910 (5 years ago)
How do you rank up?
jamyjet (5 years ago)
how long does it take for the group to accept a member?
Dave (5 years ago)
uhm do the card drops really stop forever!?
trentkoopman (6 years ago)
if u have any more can I have one?
pcpelizzaro (6 years ago)
You should trade some for cards in the market. There are a lot of people who want it.
CoolExcite (6 years ago)
you serious
MrMik3y (6 years ago)
how will you know when your part of the of the beta will it be by email or will it be in your steam inventory
Hachi20Cy (6 years ago)
hey linus can i get one copy of dota?
nvidiaMT (6 years ago)
You can get 3 of 5, the rest you must buy.
StudentYaoi (6 years ago)
great channel, one more subscriber! thanks for this video!
DontGetLemon (6 years ago)
Thanks for the vid
Linus117 (6 years ago)
This is true. It's an extremely small amount but they do get a cut.
Benn (6 years ago)
Yeah, but valve want to make money off you by getting you hooked on getting cards so you buy them on the market
dara006 (6 years ago)
I hate that "only one card drop remaining" i now cant get the rest of the cards.
Kinzuko (6 years ago)
i made $3 selling thees cards... got a robocrate and key....
The Reviews Channel (6 years ago)
can u give me one????steam-El Diablo
The Reviews Channel (6 years ago)
can u send me an invite please......my steam is El Diablo
Tylzie :) (6 years ago)
i'd like one if you have any left - my steam is ShadowMilk
Linus117 (6 years ago)
You don't have to do anything, you just get them by playing a game.

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