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How to find science articles online

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This video explains how to find the best online sources when researching science topics for essays or just general interest. Steve explains which magazines and journals are the best for non-scientists to use.
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Berkay YILDIRIM (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing 👏👏👏😘
Agate Auzāne (1 year ago)
You just basically listed my electronic morning newspaper xD I am following facebook pages of all of these journals. Its funny how you mention statistics as the scary stuff :D There is also such a terrifying thing as terminology that is not explained in the article (but which you are expected to know) and very unpalatable writing stile.
Tinn Cann (2 years ago)
Thank you. However my teacher doesn't want our school to use Scientific America because he says its article reviews not the the article itself. My teacher recommends Journal of Neuroinflammation. I also found Science News to be pretty good. Again thank you so much for the other article you suggested.
ryouko misato (3 years ago)
thank you

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