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Stress Analysis: Stiffness of Bolts & Members, External Tensile Loads on Bolted Joints (12 of 17)

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Text Comments (18)
Jaswinder Singh (7 days ago)
Please tell me what is the difference between bolt and screw.?
vikash technology (1 month ago)
Nice understanding sir
Bilek Gücü (8 months ago)
Süper anlatıyorsunuz hocam
Thanks dr. Hassan Rejali
Noman Aman Khan (9 months ago)
My professor says he has been teaching for 25 years (4 years more than my age), but when i attend his lecture, I with my other fellow student understand nothing. Useless 25 years. Thanks to this series of lecture and Dr Hassan. You made me love machine design.Thanks again
Owais Ghani (9 months ago)
Thank you Sir
santiago vallejo (1 year ago)
29:55 shouldn't the sumation on the left also be the inverse? Thank you very much for the video.
Craig Masson (2 months ago)
Yes, you are right.
Abdulkareem Qasem (1 year ago)
What a great and helpful lecture I've ever listened to. Thank u to u all.
Amro Higash (5 months ago)
Abdulkareem Qasem يا بش مهندس عبدالكريم، طلعت تتابع الدكتور حسان... 😙😙😙 الله يوفقك يا بش مهندس ويسهل دربك
CPPMechEngTutorials (1 year ago)
Happy to help.
Muqudis Khattak (1 year ago)
very very helpful thanks for everyone who make this beautiful video
Muqudis Khattak (1 year ago)
awesome very great sir
CPPMechEngTutorials (1 year ago)
abo_fahad (1 year ago)
thank you prof.hassan,it was worth lecture for me as student in ksu (ksa) . and I hopp to be one of your student soon 😘😘😘
CPPMechEngTutorials (1 year ago)
We're glad you liked the lecture.
abdul qadir (1 year ago)
what a nice lecture it is,,,I think it is one of the best lecture all over the youtube lecture on Machine design,,it is really helpfull for everyone,,THANK U SIR SO MUCH
CPPMechEngTutorials (1 year ago)
You're welcome!

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