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The Biggest Trucks In The World Compilation--Top list 10 Largest Mining Dump Trucks 2016
#10-Hitachi EH50000AC-3 Launched in 2012 at MINExpo International in Las Vegas, the EH5000AC-3 is the latest and largest rigid frame dump truck by Hitachi. The truck has a payload capacity of 326 tons and an overall length of 15.51 meters. The width and loading height are 8.6 meters and 7.41 meters. The Hitachi EH5000AC-3 utilizes the low emission Cummins QSKTTA60-CE diesel engine with 16 cylinders. In addition, the dump truck uses Hitachi’s IGBT AC electric drive system and runs at speeds of up to 56 mph. #9-Caterpillar 795F AC The Caterpillar 795F AC, with a payload capacity of 345t, features modular design and offers two body options including the popular MSD (mine specific design) and the gateless coal body. The truck's overall length is 15.14m, with an overall width of 8.97m and a loading height of 7.04m. The gross machine operating weight is about 628t. #8-Belaz 75600 The Belaz 75600 is currently one of the biggest mining dump trucks in the world. Manufactured by OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks”, the first generation model of Belaz's 7560 class mining trucks is designed for transporting rock-mass at deep open-pit mines under different climate conditions. The haul truck offers a payload capacity of 352t, with a maximum gross weight of 617t. The overall length, width and loading height are 14.9m, 9.6m and 7.47m respectively. #7-Terex MT 5500 AC The 360t payload capacity of the Terex MT 5500AC is used for high volume surface mining. The maximum gross vehicle weight of Terex MT 5500AC is 598t. The overall length is 14.87m, while the width and loading height are 9.05m and 7.67m respectively. The massive vehicle is powered by a four-stroke diesel engine rated at 3,000HP with 16 cylinders and utilizes AC electric drive system with a maximum speed of 64 mph. #6-Komatsu 960E-1K The 960E-1K is one of the latest rigid dump trucks by Komatsu. The loading height and the width are 7.14m and 9.19m with a payload capacity of 360t. The gross weight of the truck is 635 tons. The Komatsu 960E-1k is powered by a four cycle diesel engine with 18 V-type cylinders with a power output of 3,500HP. The dump truck has a max speed of 64 mph. #5-Belaz 75601 With a capacity to haul 396t of payload and a gross operating weight of 672.4t, the 75601 is the latest model of 7560 class of trucks from OJSC designed for carrying loosened rocks at deep open-pit mining sites under different climatic conditions. The truck measures 14.9m in length, 9.25m in width and 7.22m in height. #4-Liebherr T 284 The Liebherr T 284 is bad man. As the latest class of trucks from Liebherr, the T 284 has a 400 ton payload capacity with a gross weight of 661 ton. The overall length of the truck is 15.69m, with a width and loading height of 7.42m respectively. The enormous vehicle is equipped with a 20-cylinder diesel engine with a gross power output of up to 3,750HP. The T 284 also utilizes Liebherr’s insulated-gate biopolar transitor (IGBT) AC electric drive system and has a maximum speed of 64 mph. #3-Terex MT 6300AC Introduced in 2008 by Terex, the MT 6300AC was rebranded as Bucyrus MT6300AC and became a part of Caterpillar's Unit Rig line after Caterpillar's acquisition of Bucyrus in 2011. The body of the truck is 7.92m in height and 14.63m in length, with a gross operating weight of about 660t. The vehicle boasts a four-stroke diesel engine with 20-cylinders and has a rated power output engine of 3,750 HP. #2-Caterpillar 797F The latest models of 797 class dump trucks by Caterpillar are gigantic. So big in fact, it’s the second largest mining dump truck in the world. It has a gross operating weight of 687.5t and measures 14.8m in length, 6.52m in height and 9.75m in width. In service since 2009, the truck features a Cat C175-20 four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine and can carry 400t of payload. The single block 20-cylinder engine utilizes a hydraulic torque converter transmission and offers a maximum speed of 68 mph. #1 ---Belaz 75710 Lo and behold the Belaz 75710 – the largest mining dump truck in the world. The massive vehicle is 20.6m long, 8.16m high and 9.87m wide and provides a payload capacity of 496 tons. Launched in 2013, the ultra-heavy dump truck features two 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines with a power output of 2,300 HP. The 75710 uses electromechanical transmission powered by alternating current and has a top speed of 64 mph. thanks whit respect Tudosa Claudia Thanks for Suscribe at my channel Youtube Tudosa Claudia
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Volvo Trucks - The world's first self-driving truck in an underground mine
Our fully autonomous truck is the first in the world to be tested in operations deep underground in the Kristineberg Mine. The self-driving truck is part of a development project aimed at improving the transport flow and safety in the mine. The truck will cover a distance of 7 kilometres, reaching 1,320 metres underground in the narrow mine tunnels. Read more: http://www.volvotrucks.com/en-en/about-us/automation.html Visit Volvo Trucks website: http://www.volvotrucks.com Volvo Trucks on social media: https://facebook.com/VolvoTrucks https://instagram.com/volvotrucks https://linkedin.com/company/volvo-trucks https://youtube.com/VolvoTrucks https://twitter.com/volvotrucks
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World's Largest Truck in Action - Extreme Mining Dump Truck BelAZ-75710
World's Largest Truck in Action - Extreme Mining Dump Truck BelAZ-75710
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amazing accidents fails videos of heavy construction equipment compilation 2016
The best collection of heavy crane accidents around the world, heavy crane lifting fail, heavy equipment accidents videos, awesome crane accident, awesome crane lifting................
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Heavy Equipment Disasters
this is a PIcture Video only, sorry no film Music: German band called Eisbrecher :first song's called" Leid"... second "Adrenalin" and #3 "Vergissmeinnicht" All from there same album "Antikörper"
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MT65 truck trial Gawlia Australia
Byrnecut put our new MT65 Minetruck - the world's largest carrying capacity underground truck - through its paces over a 2000 hour performance trial at Gwalia in WA.
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Worst Heavy Equipment Accident You Need To See
Best videos collection, this is amazing to watch!! heavy equipment operator disaster scare to watch.... ======================== Thank you for watched! Don't for get Subscribe to get more! new update videos Do you like this video? Let me know it by leaving a comment! Thank you! ====================== DISCLAIMER: ====================== If you own any of the content in my video and you don't want it appear in my channel, please notify me via private message, email or Comment below videos. The content will be MOVED within 24 hours.
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Volvo Trucks - Extreme weight testing of the Volvo FMX
This extreme weight test features an ordinary Volvo FMX fitted with our heaviest gearbox, I-Shift with crawler gears. Two-tonne weights were dropped 26 times from various heights and positions to test the quality of the engine and gearbox mounting. The maximum g-force equals that of 214 tonnes at rest. First, the weights were dropped in the middle of the super structure and then right above the rear engine mounts. *This is a so-called misuse test that was carried out by professionals in a controlled, test environment. Volvo Trucks strongly advises against dropping heavy objects on a truck in any other setting. Visit Volvo Trucks website: http://www.volvotrucks.com Volvo Trucks on social media: https://facebook.com/VolvoTrucks https://instagram.com/volvotrucks https://linkedin.com/company/volvo-trucks https://youtube.com/VolvoTrucks https://twitter.com/volvotrucks
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Volvo FH Autonomous Self Driving Mining Truck
The solution for Brønnøy Kalk AS consists of limestone being transported by six autonomous Volvo FH trucks on a five kilometer stretch through tunnels between the mine itself and the crusher. Tests of this solution have been carried out successfully and will continue throughout 2018 to become fully operational by the end of 2019. The agreement follows recent successful automation projects involving mining, sugar cane harvesting and refuse collection. Yet this commercial solution represents an exciting first for Volvo Trucks. Rather than purchasing autonomous trucks, Brønnøy Kalk is buying a transport solution – specifically the transport of the limestone between the two hubs. “This is an important step for us,” says Raymond Langfjord, Managing Director of the mine. “The competition in the industry is tough. We are continuously looking to increase our efficiency and productivity long-term, and we have a clear vision of taking advantage of new opportunities in technology and digital solutions. We were searching for a reliable and innovative partner that shares our focus on sustainability and safety. Going autonomous will greatly increase our competitiveness in a tough global market.” “We are proud to be able to present an autonomous solution which will meet the challenges of our customers both in terms of safety, reliability and profitability,” says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks. The global transport needs are continuously changing at a very high pace and the industry is demanding new and advanced solutions to stay ahead. Our aim is to be the leader of the development of products and services to respond to these demands”, continues Claes Nilsson. “It is exciting to reach this point where we introduce autonomous solutions, says Sasko Cuklev, Director Autonomous Solutions at Volvo Trucks. By working in a confined area on a predetermined route, we can find out how to get the best out of the solution and tailor it according to specific customer needs. This is all about collaborating to develop new solutions, providing greater flexibility and efficiency as well as increased productivity.” The agreement involves a deal whereby the customer buys a total transport service and pays per tonne delivered. Facts: Volvo Trucks first autonomous commercial solution The deal covers an autonomous hub-to-hub solution transporting limestone at Brønnøy Kalk in Velfjord, Norway. Partners are Brønnøy Kalk AS and Volvo Trucks. The autonomous Volvo FH trucks are managed by the operator of a wheel loader. The route includes driving in both tunnels and outdoor environment. Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe: https://goo.gl/BSIaFc
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McDOWELL EQUIPMENT - Sandvik TH430 Underground Haulage Truck
www.bmcdowell.com/mcdowell-mining-division-underground-trucks/156-sandvik-underground-haulage-truck-th430-b30-608 Serial Number T330D081 2013 Model Volvo [email protected] 26.5R25 Tires 33580KG Operating weight no load 35' long X 9'8" wide X 8'7" high
Volvo Articulated Hauler (dump trucks) F-Series A25F, A30F, A35F, A40F walk-around video
Introductional video about Volvo Articulated Haulers F-Series (articulated dump trucks).
XWD Yantai Xingye XYWJ-1G Underground Mining Machine Exterior and Interior
2018 XWD Yantai Xingye XYWJ-1G Underground Mining Machine for tunnel drilling seen from outside and inside. Diesel LHD. Engine is Deutz 58 kW. Total weight 6.7 t. Bucket 1 cubic meter. Dimensions: 6000x1300x2000 mm. Manufactured by Yantai Xingye Machinery Co., LTD
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Machine weight: 88,000 Lb Trucking in a 2015 black Mack CXU-613 4-axle truck and pulling a 2014 RGN trailer.
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Coal mining jharkhand and loading for truck
Coal mining jharkhand dipo loading for truck
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Volvo Trucks - Our first commercial autonomous transport solution
In a landmark agreement between Volvo Trucks and Norwegian mining company Brønnøy Kalk AS, six autonomous Volvo FH trucks will transport limestone over a five-kilometre stretch in a mine. Tests of this solution have been carried out successfully and will continue throughout 2018 to become fully operational by the end of 2019. The deal represents Volvo Trucks’ first commercial autonomous transport solution that will run in a real operation. It is a new solution whereby the customer buys a transport service where Volvo Trucks takes full responsibility for the delivery of the limestone to the crusher. Visit Volvo Trucks website: https://www.volvotrucks.com Volvo Trucks on social media: https://facebook.com/VolvoTrucks https://youtube.com/VolvoTrucks https://linkedin.com/company/volvo-trucks https://instagram.com/volvotrucks https://twitter.com/volvotrucks
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Cat 793: The gold standard in cost per ton
The Cat 793 features a proven powertrain that delivers fast haulage on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions and on haul roads with high rolling resistance. Productivity is further enhanced thanks to its class-leading empty weight advantage and powerful engine. And the 793 can help you fully optimize your operation with the complete Cat MineStar technology suite — including fully autonomous hauling.
McDowell Equipment - Sandvik TH430 Underground Haulage Truck
Sandvik TH430 Underground Haulage Truck http://www.bmcdowell.com/mcdowell-mining-division-underground-trucks/156-sandvik-underground-haulage-truck-th430-b30-608 Serial Number T330D081 2013 Model Volvo [email protected] 26.5R25 Tires 33580KG Operating weight no load 35' long X 9'8" wide X 8'7" high
Tunnel Excavator
Tunnel Excavator http://www.ito-germany.com/used/excav... used for sale. We offer used Tunneling Equipment in good working condition from Germany and around the world. Tunneling Excavator used for underground construction and mining for special projects . This video shows an used Schaeff Terex ITC Tunnel Excavator 112 with electrical drive and diesel drive. Machine weight of this Schaeff ITC112 is approximately 10000 kg. Popular searches for Tunneling Excavators : Schaeff terex Tunnel excavator, Schaeff ITC 312, Schaeff ITC 120, Tunnelbagger, used underground Equipment, Liebherr Tunneling Machines, Tunnel Excavator Liebherr 924 compact, Liebherr 934, Liebherr 932, Caterpillar Tunnelexcavator, CAT 328 , Hyundai Tunneling Equipment. Tunnel Heading and Loading Machines, Rapid Balast Loading Machines, Transverse Cutters, Electric crawler excavators for compressed air heading, Liebherr tunnel excavators, Liebherr 944C, Heavy Equipment, Tunnel Heading and Loading Machines, ITC, Tunneltrade, Caterpillar CAT 325 CCR Tunnel Excavator, Used Tunneling Equipment, Tunnel excavator Suppliers and Tunnel excavator for sale http://www.ito-germany.com/used/excavator/special-excavator
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P&H Mining Equipment 4100 AC Mining Shovel Walkthrough
AC-drive P&H 4100-class mining shovels are helping the global mining industry achieve increasingly efficient and reliable productivity. More info at: http://www.phmining.com/en/PHMining/Mining-Equipment/Electric-Shovels/4100C.htm
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Heavy machinery accidents, mishaps and other interesting mining photos
Amazing pictures of super heavy machinery working in extreme conditions at the Stockton mine in New Zealand. Royalty free music from teknoaxe, visit the website here - http://teknoaxe.com/cgi-bin/home.pl
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Heavy Equipment Accidents caught on tape . Trucks Disasters - Trucks fails , skills #18
TOP Most heavy equipment accidents caught on tape, dangerous truck accidents,heavy crane accidents around the world,Most Amazing Crazy Dangerous Trucks Construction Equipment Accidents In The World , crazy heavy equipment accidents, heavy equipment accidents caught on tape, heavy equipment trucks accidents... ----------------------------------------­--------- This is the best Videos, can you comment below please! Please SUBCRIBE - LIKE - COMMENT / Here is a nice video of heavy equipment accidents caught on tape, excavator accident, truck fail, tractor gone wrong, crane collapse, bobcat accident...please subscribe for more videos...thanks
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Mini-Truck (SE02 EP05) Mini drives some mining caves. huge under ground tunnel system
Special guest star Jeff takes Mini underground into a mining cave system, so many roads cut in there one could easily get lost. Then we take a ride around the yard, check out the crystal clear water and get a nice piece of belting for the bed of the minitrucks! MotoCheez Website:https://goo.gl/JQLBvn MiniTruck playlist https://goo.gl/EztFd8 #WUMT Mug. Mini's Coffee mug shot! in 2 sizes. https://goo.gl/nH81qW #WUMT Unisex Tee Shirt. What's up MiniTruck?! https://goo.gl/y9mXpF MOTOCHEEZ VIDEOS YouTube Winter Beanie hat https://goo.gl/ZUtQQP MOTOCHEEZ PIT CREW Hooded Sweatshirt https://goo.gl/VzaWts Hijet mod links: Check www.Motocheez.com for most current links! Under Car Wash, 4000 PSI (13 Inch) https://amzn.to/2JsJDMt Alignment Toe in Toe out adjustment gauge tool: https://amzn.to/2W3bQe3 Camera on Glasses - 1080P Video Sunglasses with Camera | Wide Angle View https://amzn.to/2XIgtfk DAIHATSU HIJET S83P CLUTCH KIT: https://goo.gl/S43jaE Pair 2 Maxxis Ceros 23x8-12 https://goo.gl/ryL8gm Progressive front 350+ lbs springs, with air shocks available through Facebook group: https://goo.gl/Gd3sii CJ7 seat covers that fit Mini truck seats: https://amzn.to/2X4FWze 4x ITP 12" SD Single Beadlock Wheels Matte Black w/ Polished Ring https://goo.gl/fWJuxP 250 lb strut springs: https://goo.gl/9kPnDe Hijet S83P struts KYB Front Right Strut 633117; https://goo.gl/fuVXTr Left Strut 633118: https://goo.gl/Q5EywJ LED Rock lights https://amzn.to/2DTjJwm Power inverter https://goo.gl/CPWkyA Inclinometer Level Tilt Gauge https://amzn.to/2CJIVnv GlowShift 3 cylinder tachometer with shift light: https://amzn.to/2Wbcvew Smart Geiger smartphone radiation tester tester: https://amzn.to/2FR6wFP SunF mini-truck 24x8-12” tires (1 pair): https://goo.gl/jyC82s 50'x1/4" Synthetic Winch Rope Cable 6400lbs + Billet Aluminum Hawse Fairlead + Winch Cable Stoppers Line Saver https://amzn.to/2T70Efu Front bumper w, winch mount https://goo.gl/WcigRd Badlands wireless winch control https://goo.gl/ymnGmF Deko MZ232 auto darkening helmet https://goo.gl/31uEEe Harbor freight Battery Chainsaw https://goo.gl/UvaAGQ _____________________________________________________________________ Amir has about 60 units in stock, he was very helpful at Boeki USA, www.boekiusa.com has their updated inventory. Ask for Amir and tell them MOTOCHEEZ sent you! East coast 212-729-8293 West coast 360-990-7770 States legal https://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/laws/minitrucks Hijet Climber Mini-truck, this one is a 1992, 7th Gen, S83P, 660cc Minitruck. The “climber” means it has rear axle lock. Researching online I did find l lot of new information, but Amir explains a LOT more than I knew, he has been in the business for 15 years. Plus if Bubbles in Trailer Park Boys has one, it HAS to be cool! Don't forget you're buying a used vehicle, check it all out, they're over 25 years old! Some are in much better shape than others. Check for leaks, CV boots ripped, Loose suspension, Clutch slippage, clunks etc. Just like any used vehicle S83p specs: 660cc 6 vavle 3 cyl engine 48-53hp carburated weight: 1500 lbs length 10'8" (128"). width 4'6" (54") w/o mirrors. Height 5'10" (70") Load capacity 800 lbs Max Speed 55-60mph Valve lash cold: intake 0.18mm exhaust 0.25mm I know there may be other videos of this.. but this is my Cheezy style! Due to changing products, links, etc, If you want the most recent product links (if these are no good), go to www.motocheez.com and click the section you're looking for (upper right) and scroll down the page for the item. This keeps the links for all the parts more accurate. These I use and install on ALL my videos. I do not sell any of the items listed. (except T-shirts and key tags.. HURRY UP AND BUY!) Thanks you for watching, PLEASE subscribe! ▽ Follow MotoCheez on.... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motocheez Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotoCheez Web: http://www.MotoCheez.com Custom intro music and Voiceovers by HarpsCChord, Ryan Harper. Memes etc: Music clips: The Angels Weep by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Firebrand  by  Kevin MacLeod  is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution  license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source:  http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100830 Artist:  http://incompetech.com/ Artist: http://audionautix.com/. Coalminers daughter. Movie clips: The Descent. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Big mining truck
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Know Your Options - Load Haul Dump (LHD) & Truck Operator Present System
Operator Present System: * The "Safety Guardian" for the forgetful operator. * Inbuilt safety system that prevents machine movement when operator input is not present. * Prevents both machine runaways and implement operation if the machine is not operated in the correct manner.
Biggest Chinese Mining Truck: The Awesome WTW220E, Unbelievable and HUGE
Biggest Chinese Mining Truck - WTW220E . is a professional wtw 220e electric wheels Wuhan Sanjiang Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltdproduct mining dumper Suppliers. The series have the characteristics of strong loading capacity, wide road adaption, running smoothly, convenient maintenance. Drive Wheel:16x16 Capacity Load:220T Horsepower:1798kw Fuel Type:Diesel Engine Capacity:8L Gross Vehicle Weight:167000 Place of Origin:Hubei, China Mainland Dimensions L x W x H mm:15000x7200x6730 This biggest mining truck in the world is the Belaz 75710 http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/WTW220E-heavy-duty-mining-truck_742059389.html - You can order it here! https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/3a6we1/wtw220e_the_best_mining_truck_from_china/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BelAZ_75710 - others like it https://ourawesomeworldsite.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ourawesomeworld
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Eimco Jarvis Clark JS 220 Scooptram for Sale - Underground Mining Equipment for Sale
Mining Equipment: http://www.savonaequipment.com/ Scooptram: http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/scooptrams-e46268 Underground Wheel Loader:http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/scooptrams/scooptrams-e41619 Underground Mining Truck: http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/underground-trucks-e46305 Crushers: http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/crushers-e47925 This Eimco Jarvis Clark JS 220 is part of our Underground Mining Equipment Inventory. This 2 Yard Scooptram has been fully refurbished and is ready to work. We also sell Atlas Copco Scooptrams and Wagner Scooptrams. Our underground gold mining equipment is for sale and available worldwide Scooptrams for Sale. Our scooptrams, rock trucks, and other underground equipment is available for mining operations in Mexico, Peru, the USA, and worldwide.
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ESCO Mining Haul Truck Bodies
Custom engineered ESCO haul truck bodies continue the ESCO tradition of delivering innovative field-proven products that improve mine productivity and safety. ESCO truck bodies can be engineered to enhance material flow, reduce wear, carry back and unscheduled maintenance. The innovative shape offers optimal payloads and faster cycle times while reducing tire damage and load spillage. Upgrade your fleet to an ESCO truck body for improved performance and payload optimization. Learn more about ESCO at: http://www.escocorp.com/
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Gold Mine Dump Trucks
An up close view of some mine haul trucks passing at the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine.
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Most EXTREME Industrial Machines Ever!
Check out the most extreme industrial machines ever! This top 10 list of terrifying machines like car crushers and mega trucks are awesome and scary at the same time! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "Most AMAZING Military Vehicles!" video here: https://youtu.be/GI1pQS3fbgc Watch our "SCIFI Weapons That Actually EXIST!" video here: https://youtu.be/REi8y34Y8Bc Watch our "Most Bizarre Vehicles Ever!" video here: https://youtu.be/eHeptfJfLsM 13. Chain Trencher A chainsaw on wheels. That is the chain trencher. Its job is to dig trenches by, essentially, cutting the ground. This tool is often used for construction crews that want to lay pipe. One model of chain trencher, the Tesmec TRS 1675 can dig trenches up to 24 feet deep and twenty-six feet wide. With a tool like that, it shouldn’t be surprising that trench work can be dangerous. A man working on a construction crew in Guam fell into the trench and was struck by the trenching machine. 12. Shellfish-Shucking Machines In 2014 a man was caught in a shellfish-shucking machine. He was cleaning the machine and got caught in a rotary turbine engine. Police said it took the fire department nearly an hour to free the man’s body after partially dismantling the machine. He was pronounced on the scene. There are many inherent dangers in working with machines regardless of the years of experience you may have. Any little mistake or malfunction can cause injury or death, even when working with shellfish. 11. The Walking Tree Harvester This thing is unnecessarily scary looking. And if you are a tree it is truly terrifying. The idea behind this next machine is quite simple. Harvesters cut down trees and sometimes need to go places where wheels would be a very bad idea. To compensate for such terrain, the walking harvester was created as a kind of lumberjack. Developed in the 1990s, the machine is able to walk because of sensors in its legs. These sensors react automatically to soft, sloping, or uneven terrain. A computer control system distributes weight and supports all six legs equally. The machine walks over obstacles and the operator adjusts the ground clearance and height for each step. Walking harvesters also wreck less havoc on the environment than the traditional harvester on treads. Well, besides the fact that it was made to eat the forest. 10. The Feller Buncher It’s a machine with a giant claw that has a saw attachment. A logging harvester like the one discussed a moment ago the feller buncher can cut through trees, picks them up, rips off the branches, and sets them aside. It can take down two trees in six seconds. Imagine those are people and things start getting very scary. 9. The Forage Harvester This could come in handy for the zombie apocalypse. A forage harvester (also known as a silage harvester, forager or chopper) is a farm implement that harvests forage plants to make silage. Silage is grass, corn or other plant used for feeding livestock. This farming tool looks like a lawnmower on steroids. It can either be a dedicated machine or a tool that can be attached to a tractor. In 2008, twenty-nine year old Justin Jantzen, a farm hand, was run over by a forage harvester. The details are unclear but it’s enough to make you think twice before getting close to this machine. 8. Tunnel Boring Machine Also known as a "mole", tunnel boring machines excavate tunnels with a circular cross section through anything from hard rock to sand. The largest tunnel boring machine is Bertha, which has a boring width of 57 feet 3 inches and is currently burrowing underneath Seattle. As of March 2017, it’s only 1000 feet from completing its job but work has ceased because the machine appears to be several inches off course. Tunnel boring machines are an alternative to drilling and blasting methods in rock and conventional "hand mining" in soil. They don’t disturb the surrounding ground and they create a smooth tunnel wall, which reduces cost and makes them perfect to use in heavily urbanized areas. However, they are also incredibly expensive. Elon Musk has tweeted an image of a tunnel boring machine he hopes to use to create underground roads. It was an idea that came to him while being stuck in LA traffic. While these pieces of machinery are expensive but useful, accidents do happen. In 2013, a man in Ireland was killed while a tunnel boring machine was in use.
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Diecast Masters Cat 795F AC Mining Truck
This is the review of the Diecast Masters Caterpillar 795F AC Mining Truck in 1:50 scale. The model is impressive, just due to its shear size and weight. Diecast Masters has updated the casting with an operator behind the wheel and couple other small, but good improvements over the original Norscot one. The details and functions are good enough to place this mining mammoth with an 8/10 score on the Emporium Rating Matrix. **Places to purchase many of the models you see on Diecast Emporium**: constructionscalemodels.com theconstructiondiecaststore.com royfergusonsales.com http://jakestoyboxonline.com ccmodels.com
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AFEC Engineers assessing Boliden Tara Zinc Mines
AFEC are the fire safety consultants for New Boliden to develop and implement best practice fire safety fire engineering for their underground mining operations. Visit https://www.afec.ie/ for more information
Used Demoliton Excavator for sale , Brokk  Mining Equipment low profile Machine 330
For sale used Mining and Demolition Excavator http://www.ito-germany.de/kaufen/bergbaumaschine Brokk 330 with Atlas Copco Hydraulicbreaker ready to work. Machine can operated by remote control Technical Data Mining Tunneling Excavator Brokk http://www.ito-germany.com/for-sale/bergbaumaschine Weight: without attachments 4300 kg Motor: Electro engine performance 30 kW Dimensions: long without attachments 3920 mm height 1792 mm width out stabilizer feeds 1500 mm width with stabilizer 2450 mm ground clearance 200 mm track width 250 mm We buy and sell used and new tunneling Equipment around the world. We sell used Terex ITC 112 muck loader for Hydro Tunnel projects around the World. We buy used underground Mining machines in any condition and Brand . Schaeff ITC 120 , Terex Schaeff ITC 112 HRS , used muck loader, used Tunnel Excavator Low profile Mining Machines, Coal Mining Machines, Hydro tunnel Equipment , Used Tunnel Dumper
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Installing Cables Underground - Cable Pusher by MineMaster
The MineMaster Underground Cable Pusher Vehicle was designed specifically to install cables in underground mines. The front basket has cable pusher installed onto front basket and this basket is bolted onto the loader fork carrier. The lift capacity of the loader assembly is 5500 lbs. Rear Forklift mast is used to carry the cable reel assembly. A full spool will have the weight of 2,000 lbs. The cable reel with full cable will have a weight of 3,410 lbs. The lift capacity of the rear forklift is 5500 lbs. Visit our website for more information or to download a brochure www.minemaster.ca Tracks & Wheels Equipment Brokers Inc. P.O. Box 2592 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3A 4S9 1-705-566-5438 MineMaster® is a registered trademark to Tracks & Wheels Equipment Brokers Inc. of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
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RC Technic mining truck
My new MOC everything is in the vid.
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Coal & Allied fighting fatigue with the SmartCap
Coal & Allied's has introduced sweeping changes to the way it manages fatigue to ensure a safer workforce. It follows an incident between a haul truck and a grader at its Hunter valley Operations mine in 2011. One of the key changes has been the introduction of the SmartCaps to track and analyse fatigue, measuring alertness in real time. Coal & Allied says that the business has grown from 11 million tonnes a year to 14 million tonnes a year, proving that a focus on safety and reducing fatigue doesn't have to result in a less efficient workforce. This video features at the 2014 NSW Mining Health and Safety Conference where the theme is learning from the past for a safer future, with a focus on risk management and road and vehicle safety. Find out more about this event at www.nswmining.com.au/events and see why our NSW miners have one of the best safety records in the world at www.worldclassminers.com.au
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WA mining town goes from bust to boom
The West Australian mining town of Ravensthorpe has gone from boom to bust and back again in the two years since the global financial crisis.
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Paus Universa 50 Utility Vehicle / Personnel Carrier - Changing Cassettes Via Roll Off System
Universa 50 multipurpose mining utility vehicle switching from underground haul truck to agicar shotcrete cassette. Cassettes are available in rigid frame roll off type as shown here or hydraulic quick change type. The Universa 50 is also available in explosion proof versions. For more information about underground mining utility vehicles, please visit: https://www.npkmining.com/
The 992K and 777G - A Perfect Pair (lesser regulated countries)
Caterpillar is pleased to introduce the next generation of Cat 992K wheel loader and 777G off-highway truck. Perfectly matched in safety features, service convenience and operator comfort, this load and haul system from Caterpillar can conserve resources by burning less fuel, support our environment with reduced emissions and helps our customers manage their costs. For more information on these and other Cat mining products, visit us at https://mining.cat.com/wheel-loaders or https://mining.cat.com/off-highway-trucks
Coal Mining In Yorkshire, 1970s - Film 7517
Open cast coal mine in Yorkshire. Large machinery. Blowing up a section of quarry face. Bulldozer levelling old pit heap for reclamation. Old drift and old mine workings. Test drilling to see if there is coal below ground. Upper Cwmtwrch Post Office, People using measuring tape. Measuring depth of topsoil. heavy plant on road. Stripping topsoil. Quarrying the overburden. Tipping this waste. Spraying water from truck to keep dust down. Blasting. Monitoring noise and vibration levels. Very large machines. The largest earthmover built in Britain is "Little John". Christening the bucket. A primary school class sits in bucket of digger, boy smashes champagne on digger. Children applaud. Naming the digger and revealing plaque on the side. Old mining village. Little boy and woman turn hose on street water supply and fill blue bucket with water. Modern mining village community centre. Boys riding "chopper bikes". Diverting river temporarily. Newly dredged and widened river bank. Lifting buckets of coal by digger and loading them onto lorry. Digger driver's view of digger arm. Truck load of coal compressed by digger's arm. Truck washed. Sheeting load down. Lorry loads weighed on large platform (weighbridge?) Coal preparation plant - coal emptied from lorries. Recontoured reclaimed land. Replacing topsoil. Close up of tractors rolling and riddling land. Newly-laid hedge. Making a fence with aid of machine which pushes post into the ground. Lake created on old open-cast site. Mine working in the background. Pretty countryside.
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The Largest Walking Dragline Excavator in The World - Marion 8050 Dragline
Marion 8050 Walking Dragline weight :3100 Tons, Boom Lenght : 325 Feet, Bucket capacity : 62 cubic yards
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FLSmidth - Open-pit continuous mining equipment
Learn more at - http://bit.ly/2G9DykZ From the primary crushing point in the mine to all the way through the minerals processing plant and tailings handling, we have you covered. Reach out to one of our experts today to learn more about our mining solutions.
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Goldfields mining truck, the monsters that weigh as much as 400 tons fully loaded. No load they weigh 250ton. This particular truck was driven by a lady. This represents one single clip from our huge tourism database of video and photos, we've covered Kulin, Kondinin-Hyden, Narembeen, Bruce Rock, Merredin, Southern Cross, Coolgardie, Kambalda, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Menzies, Leonora, Laverton, Esperance, Kalbarri, Albany, Denmark, Walpole, Bremer Bay and Mt Barker so far. Over the next year or two we plan on collecting for every shire within Western Australia. Random Scenes.
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Volvo Trucks - Volvo Trucks provides autonomous limestone transport in Norway
For the first time, Volvo Trucks has made a commercial deal to deliver an autonomous transport solution. The assignment takes place in Norwegian limestone mine Brønnøy Kalk AS and will consist of six autonomous Volvo FH trucks transporting limestone on a five-kilometre stretch. Visit Volvo Trucks website: https://www.volvotrucks.com Volvo Trucks on social media: https://facebook.com/VolvoTrucks https://youtube.com/VolvoTrucks https://linkedin.com/company/volvo-trucks https://instagram.com/volvotrucks https://twitter.com/volvotrucks
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Coal Trucks Gone Wild
Coal trucks in Appalachia - the legal weight limit in KY and WV is 120,000 lbs. on designated state coal haul roads - however the legal weight limit for federal interstate highways is only 85,000 lbs. Coal truckers work very long hours - some even work 14 hours per day. Drivers are fatigued but they are paid by the ton, so there is an incentive to haul very heavy loads. The excess weight makes them top-heavy and slow. They also have increased stopping distance, and they are hard to control. I have seen coal trucks on US 119 between Williamson KY and Pikeville going up a grade as slow as 10 mph where the speed limit is 55. This can cause rear-end collisions. These factors, including unsafe behavior by cars around the trucks has caused many tragic deaths and serious injuries in KY, WV, PA etc. In the video, family members hold pictures of loved ones killed by coal trucks. Coal trucks are designed by the manufacturer to run at a maximum of 135,000 lbs. When overloaded, components fail and sometimes the wheels even fall off. There have been many accidents due to brake failures on steep mine roads. Everyone should be careful when driving around coal trucks. For more information, see the 30-min. Appalshop documentary film "Coal Bucket Outlaw."
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Hope you guys enjoyed the "drone" view! Anyways today Spencer and I got back mining and decided to purchase a Volvo excavator to most of the digging. We were not sure if it was going to work good or not but it did end up working good for us. We also bought some conveyor belts to load dirt but did not end up using them in the vid. I hope you enjoy and as always don't forget to turn on notifications. Thanks! INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/thesquad_youtube/ MODS: Volvo Excavator- https://farmingsimulator17mod.wordpress.com/2017/02/14/volvo-ec300e-v2-excavator/ Lambo mods- https://farmingsimulator17mod.wordpress.com/tag/mod/ Map- http://www.farming2017mod.com/mining-construction-economy-v-0-1-fs-17/ Water Trailer pack- http://www.farming2017mod.com/kotte-universal-pack-1-0-0-4-ls-17/ Peterbilt- http://www.farming2017mod.com/kotte-universal-pack-1-0-0-4-ls-17/ Volvo box- http://www.farming2017mod.com/itrunner-pack-v1-0-0-3-ls2017/ Volvo- http://www.fsmods17.com/a40-fs-itc-fs17/ Mud bone Trailer- http://www.farming2017mod.com/riverbend-gooseneck-trailers-v1-for-ls-17/ Volvo Loader- http://www.farming2017mod.com/volvo-220h-v2-fs17/ Wheel Loader Bucket- http://www.farming2017mod.com/universal-light-weight-bucket-volvo-220h-30-000l-fs-2017/ How to join the Dedicated Server- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPkF4eyaOfU Dedicated Server Map Link (FINALLY WORKS)- https://mega.nz/#!PlYTRBAR!3bD_MyS3KZszRAbkI3ySXd-DyIZ5w7nCLZofQuAbJR0 How to Install Mods- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf10P-25QTg&t=12s How to join my team speak server- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKfutWCQV5U Dedicated Server Name: The Squad Logging | International | Password: Squadgoals FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1. How do you get the game? You can buy Farming Simulator 2017 here (only for PC)- http://store.steampowered.com/app/447020/ 2. Can you get mods for Xbox One or PS4 (talking about FS17 not FS15)? Yes, I think you can get mods. I think you are only limited to the ones of Giants (Creator of the game) website though 3. Where do you get your mods? Most of my mods come from this website- http://www.farming2017mod.com/ Sometimes I get them from other YouTubers it just all depends on. Most of the time the link to the mods I used in that video will be in the description unless they are private 4. Why is it called the Squad if it is only one person? This channel started out as a couple of people as it moved to Farming simulator it just ended up being me (Grant). I now have my brother (Spencer) in some videos too so I thought I would keep the name "The Squad". 5. Can I play with you? I would love to play with you guys. I have a server that I play on about once a week. To get more info on the server you can look above in the description here and there should be links to videos showing how to join.
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Automatic Weight Adjusting Cargo Drop Pod! (Scrap Mechanic #347)
Hey everyone and welcome back to more Scrap Mechanic! Today we are looking at a new cargo drop pod! This cargo drop pod features a massive storage container that will automatically adjust for any weight! Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537930395 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/sCvA5SV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Scrap Mechanic: http://store.steampowered.com/app/387990/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Anikdote [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GgBRanQxf4 No Copyright Sounds Release Cold Funk, Funkorama, Funky One Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Cat® G Series Off-Highway Truck - 777G Service
In this video, learn about the new service features of the 775G off-highway truck from Caterpillar. Learn more at https://mining.cat.com/off-highway-trucks