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Best Beach Mining Gold Setup
The ultimate setup for catching fine beach gold. Move black sand more efficient with this setup. 8.25 square feet of sluice for black sand. Next year we will be adding 1 more square feet to the sluice to get near the max of 10 square feet of sluice. Follow us on Instagram @ Washington Beach Mining You can purchase this black sand concentrates from us by by visiting our website @ www.washingtonbeachmining.com Sorry about the wind from the beach in the video.
OREGON beach mining Trip#1
First trip to this location on the Oregon coast prospecting for gold with just a pan, scoop, and bucket. Found some very fine gold after processing the concentrates at home with the Blue Bowl. Pic of the gold at end of video.
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5 Hours, 15 Buckets And How Much Gold?
Not our biggest clean out but our best clean up. Even this day surprised us, since we been coming out here so often. Follow us on Instagram @ Washington Beach Mining You can purchase the V Mat kit, the Motherload Mat for the bucket flare from our website @ www.washingtonbeachmining.com
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Oregon Beach Gold, Using Gold Cube
Just a quick video of some beach gold prospecting using a gold cube. Thought I would share it here. There is PLENTY of gold on specific beaches in Oregon for everyone to go have a little fun. Be respectful. Clean up your junk. Know the rules and laws. Enjoy. Song clip at beginning of video is Greg Graffin "Cold As The Clay". Please Stay tuned to this channel as MANY new videos will be posted this summer. Questions, feel free to ask.
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How to find Gold on Beach
My trip to Myrtle Beach with CTX3030 , I show the cuts in the beach where all the light top layer sand it’s washed up and where u Will find gold , My first trip with ctx3030 and I got 2 gold rings and gold bracelet, come with me on beautiful sunrise of this great beach ;) Special thanks to Roy for selling me ctx3030 , the best machine I ever used ;)
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kelly the gold digger , prospecting  benson beach wa coast
2 days at cape disappointment prospecting beach flower gold with homemade highbanker . gold cube says cube it or loose it . lets see if they are right . https://www.patreon.com/join/2128926?
Placer mining in the wind @ Gold Beach, Oregon
Doing a little prospecting on the north side of the Rogue River in Gold Beach Oregon. It was very windy, so sorry for the horrible sound.... but you get the idea of what I was doing. Walked the beach, found an area with an abundance of black sand and gravels (Basalt, Serpentine, Quartz, Granite, etc). Classified the material (while the classifiers tried to blow away), then panned it out (while the pan tried to blow away), found a little flour gold in every pan (which blew away but I got it back). The Safeway bag I used to carry the classifiers / pans sadly did blow away.... my buddy a half mile down the beach watched it blow by at about 30mph, and just laughed... the wind was insane down there, but we were cloud free the whole time. Gotta love high pressure coastal wind patterns, as it was around a hundred degrees inland from here!
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Oregon Beach mining Trip#2
I return to the beach with additional equipment (sluice, water hose to bring water to the sluice, bigger shovel, more buckets, etc.) I think I made a mistake by digging in a different spot that I thought would have better (larger) gold because it was where the water dropped out of the culvert. I ended up with gold but not anything heavier.
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Coastal Battle Brewing Over Country's Last Beach Sand Mining Operation
There's a battle brewing on the Monterey County coast over the country's last sand mining operation. Len Ramirez reports. (3/30/16)
LOTS OF GOLD (!!!!) recovered from sluice/placer black sand tailings left by miners
We had a customer bring down some black sand tailings from a placer operation he had access to. He said the miners had removed all the gold the could from the black sands and these were the tailings left over after they were finished. The 30 lbs of material he ran had between 1-2 grams of gold! I was amazing to see how much more gold was recovered by our shaker table from "tailings". This was some very rich material and unlike hardrock ore this stuff is just sitting there in piles ready to be dug up and put on a shaker table, no need to mine it or blast it or crush it. If you have black sand tailings from old placer operations please send us a sample and see if we can recover any more gold from your material. Please email or call: Email: [email protected] Phone: 360-595-4445 Website: http://www.mbmmllc.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MBMMLLC
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Mining Beach Sand for Titanium Dioxide 1954 National Lead Company
The initial discovery of the rare mineral deposit in India was on the western coast as placer deposits on beaches near Kollam, north of the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram in the coastal state of Kerala, India. Production of titanium dioxide commenced on these beaches in 1951. In the year 1909, the presence of the mineral monazite was observed in coir, a coconut fiber, shipped to Germany from India. He traced back to the place from where the coir was exported and this lead to the discovery of the deposits on the western coast of India, in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore. As thorium nitrate, a chemical produced from the mineral monazite was in good demand at that time for the production of mantles for gas lights, efforts started immediately for recovery of monazite from this deposit. Even though with the advent of electricity, the demand for gas lights and in turn that for thorium nitrate diminished, interest in these deposits continued since by that time technology developed for the production of titanium dioxide from the mineral Ilmenite. Titanium dioxide (TiO2), is a an insoluble white powder used extensively in many commercial products, including paint, cosmetics, plastics, paper and food, as an anticaking or whitening agent. This is clipped from the 1954 film, The Ninth Element, produced by the Titanium Pigment Corporation, a subsidiary of the National Lead Company. mining, factory, mill, spinning globe, laboratory, test labs, minerals Thanks to the Prelinger Archives for saving this film and making it available on the Internet Archive. Learn more on the wonderful Prelinger Archive at https://archive.org/details/prelinger.
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Maui sand mining on hold
KHON2 News
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State Police Interrupt a Gold Mining Operation in Oregon!
Our mining claim neighbors called the Cops! People living on the other side of the river where our mining claim is and not liking our mining, called the cops. It appears our neighbors just did not want their liberal utopia disturbed so they call the cops to harass us. The police were very cool as I knew one of them from checking our permits on another river couple months earlier and an Oregon DEQ meeting he showed up at. The rude lady yells to at from other side of river "you need a permit to do that"...we had them of course. She also told cops we were disrespecful and rude to her...which was totally false. She made up her own narrative about what was happening to justify her being annoyed. Liberal tactic # 3, change the narrative or just plain lie! This is the short version of the video, filmed on the Applegate River in Oregon while we were LEGALLY GOLD MINING! In the video, it is a continuous video, shot on my GoPro camera that I was wearing on my head. The video shows me mining and moving around with no editing to show what actually goes on while mining. Then my buddy is helping me move rocks while I'm using a sub-surface dredge...then the cops show up , and I tell him is where the action starts. UPDATE Jan 1st, 2015: In response to some of the comments saying we are uneducated, rednecks and other stuff...the guys in the video are as follows. One is a millionaire CPA, another a self employed business owner, two others are also self employed and owns a body shop and the other an internet marketer and freelance videographer, and lastly one is the son of the CPA guy and currently in college. Oregon Mining Law: Next time this happens, I will ask the State Police to cite the offending people who disrupt our mining operation based on this Oregon Mining Law: "ORS 517.133 Interfering with a mining operation. (1) As used in this section, "lawful mining operation" means any small scale mining operation that is in full compliance with state and federal laws. (2) A person commits the crime of interfering with a mining operation if the person intentionally: (a) Interferes with a lawful mining operation; or (b) Stops, or causes to be stopped, a lawful mining operation. (3) Interfering with a mining operation is a Class C misdemeanor. [1999 c.354 §6]" Here is the GoPro camera I was using: http://amzn.to/19yYus6
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Mining sand at Horsfall Beach
Jennifer mining for sand today at the coast, at Horsfall Beach in Coos Bay Oregon.
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Gold Prospecting Salmon River Beach Gold
Gold prospecting beach gold on Salmon river in Idaho. we were finding gold in the black sand right on the beach with a gold pan.
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gold Prospecting rapahoe beach barrytown beach
is ther gold just haveing a look
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Enjoying the multitude of cool visuals in Waldport, Central Oregon Coast
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Super Fine Flour Black Sand Gold at Long Beach Washington using the Gold Cube
Running my Gold Cube on the Long Beach peninsula pulling out the flour gold from the heavy black sands. A 4 hour run trying out my Gold Cube......it really lives up to the hype!
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Gold Prospecting In Beach
Gold prospecting is the act of searching for new gold deposits. Methods used vary with the type of deposit sought and the resources of the prospector. Although traditionally a commercial activity, in some developed countries placer gold prospecting has also become a popular outdoor recreation. Prospecting for placer gold is normally done with a gold pan or similar instrument to wash free gold particles from loose surface sediment. Once placer gold is discovered, the gold pan is usually replaced by sluices or mechanical devices to wash greater volumes of material. Discovery of placer gold has often resulted in discovery of hardrock gold deposits when the placers are traced to their sources. A placer deposit is a concentration of a natural material that has accumulated in unconsolidated sediments of a stream bed, beach, or residual deposit. Gold derived by weathering or other process from lode deposits is likely to accumulate in placer deposits because of its weight and resistance to corrosion. In addition, its characteristically sun-yellow color makes it easily and quickly recognizable even in very small quantities. See Our Info : http://miningeducation.blogspot.com/2015/11/find-gold-prospecting-in-beach-videos.html
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Oregon Metal Detecting for Gold with Alan Mash and Chris Handegard Sept.  2014
Alan and I are hiking up and down some steep and rugged terrain in search of a couple of gold mines on two different days in September 2014. Alan is using Garret's flagship detector the ATX while my AT Gold is a more economical option. They use radically different technology from each other but both are able to detect the presence of buried treasure and metal artifacts.
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GOLD MINING ALONG THE SHORE, this is a new thing in this place where people are looking for gold in the sand. they look for the blacker sand and put it in their tools and pour water on it.
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S4E4 Washington State Gold Mining  - Two Day Beach Trip with Pete
This is a return trip to Benson Beach for a two day mining trip. Beautiful weather, nice gold, and a deep hole. We had a good time with mining partners on the beach and working in the sand!
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Superior Beach Gold
September 2009 we took a trip to Lake Superior to mine some beach gold. This is our set-up. It was the toughest gold I have ever tried to prospect. It was all in black sand. Heavy heavy heavy. I'm open to suggestions on how to work more material. Mike
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Gold panning in Oregon
Gold panning Black sand and clay Clay and black sand separation
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Alaska Beach Prospecting - The Love of Gold Prospecting
Gold prospecting on the beaches of Alaska. Why we do it and why we love it. 2017
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S1E6 Washington State Gold Mining Ocean Beach Gold - Benson Beach with Pete
This video is a compilation of two beach mining trips. The video shows how we set up and ran the processing, found the black sand, and the final cleanup from the last trip. Not a lot of gold, but we only processed 18 gallons of black sand.
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Oregon Coast - Sandy Beach - Panning Shot - Sand - Waves - Stock Footage
Oregon Coast - Sandy Beach - Panning Shot - Sand - Waves - Stock Footage The Oregon Coast is a region of the U.S. state of Oregon. It runs generally north–south along the Pacific Ocean, forming the western border of the state; the region is bounded to the east by the Oregon Coast Range. The Oregon Coast stretches approximately 363 miles (584 km) from the Columbia River in the north to the California state border in the south. The Oregon Coast is not a specific geological, environmental, or political entity, but instead includes the entire coastline of Oregon, including the Columbia River Estuary. The Oregon Beach Bill of 1967 allows free beach access to everyone. This bill allows private beach landowners to retain certain beach land rights, but it removes the property tax obligation of the beach landowner. In exchange, the beach landowner grants an easement passage to pedestrians. The Beach Bill grants a public access easement on the beach that cannot be taken away by the landowner; nor can the landowner build on the beach.[1] Traditionally, the Oregon Coast is regarded as three distinct sub-regions,[2] each with its own local features and regional history. While there are no legal or objective boundaries, most Oregonians consider the three regions to be: The North Coast, which stretches from the Columbia River to Neskowin.[3] The Central Coast, which stretches from Lincoln City to Florence.[4] The South Coast, which stretches from Reedsport to the Oregon–California border.[5] The largest city along the Oregon Coast is Coos Bay—population 16,000[6]—in Coos County on the South Coast. U.S. Route 101 is the primary highway from Astoria to Brookings, and is known for its scenic overlooks of the Pacific Ocean. There are over 80 state parks and recreation areas along the Oregon Coast. However, there are only a few highways that cross the Coast Range from the interior to the coast: US 30, US 26, OR 6, US 20, OR 18, OR 34, OR 126, OR 38, and OR 42. OR 18 and US 20 are considered two of the most dangerous roads in the state.[7] The Oregon Coast includes Clatsop County, Tillamook County, Lincoln County, western Lane County, western Douglas County, Coos County, and Curry County. For more footage or info please feel free to contact us at [email protected] Or visit our web site at http://www.bestshotfootage.com/
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Oregon coast prospecting with Lost Creek Mining
On the Oregon coast on vacation. Near Strawberry Hill on the Oregon Coast
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Sluicing Washington Beach Gold With New Silicone Beach Mat
Trying a new silicone beach mat for sluicing Washington beach sand. This is the fist step for preparing for a trip to Washington to dig for beach gold. This sluice box mat should work great for fine gold recovery. Music poprockbed by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/
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Beach Mining fine gold with the Cleangold Highbanker
Fossicker demonstrates the Cleangold system for fine gold recovery on the beach.
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Beach Mining For Two Days, Awesome Clean Out
Finally got out to the beach for our first trip of 2018 season. Put in 2 days worth of work and it was worth every bucket. Added 1 more square feet of sluice to the newly named "Franken Cube" now sluicing 9.25 square feet. Many gram's of gold found.
Pounds and Pounds of Gold: I Mined Gold at Sterling Creek Mine | Glenn Wadstein
Glenn Wadstein mined Sterling Creek Mine from 1986-2001 and found pounds and pounds of gold. He built his own equipment and treated the job as a sand and gravel operation. Here's the equipment he built, the way he moved overburden to reveal the ore and how he processed the ore to filter out the gold. Wadstein took this video in 1986 at the outset of the mining operation, edited it into a clear and descriptive narrative and then converted the video to digital format in 2017. Wadstein narrated the video on October 22, 2017 at the Ashland Literary Arts Festival held Hannon Library, Southern Oregon University. Thank you National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage program http://www.neh.gov for funding this video series and the image collection found at http://soda.sou.edu
Oregon Gold
In this video, we clean the gold concentrates from my Dad's claim in Sumpter Oregon. We use a blue bowl to speed the process along and maximize the recovery of fine gold.
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The Squeaky Sand of the Oregon Coast
Sorry about the wind. It never stops on the coast. I assume the sand squeaks like this due to a higher silica content perhaps? I've never noticed this in Washington, but I've heard it up and down the Oregon coast, especially between Cannon Beach and Newport.
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Mining Gold in Oregon....10 Gold Pans On Brice Creek, Cottage Grove
Great day on the river. River is dropping nicely. Its almost time to get back into to the other dredging hole. Stay tuned!!!!
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Nome AK beach gold
Beach gold mining at GPAA's Cripple River camp.
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My Fine Gold Cleanup System NOW I'm Ready For Beach Mining
This is going to be my system for recovering the fine gold from beach sand concentrates when we return home from beach mining in Washington. Music poprockbed by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/
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Clacamas river oregon panning
Panning for gold at the river
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Alaskan beach sand gold!
My buddy Rayzer sent a vial of beach sands!
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New Zealand fine gold mining with Neffco bowl
Using the Neffco Centrifuge to mine fine gold on the black sand beaches of New Zealand. This video demonstrates the usefulness of the bowl when processing lots of raw materials.
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Proposed mining of red sand dunes in Xholobeni Wild Coast of SA
Digital story created by GIS students in the Spatial Analysis course.
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Concentrating Beach Cons With A Gold Cube From 8 Bucket Run
I have some concentrates of Washington beach gold and black sand to run trough a Gold Cube to concentrate the black sand and gold to a workable amount for a final clean out with a new Blue Bowl set up. Music poprockbed by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/
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Lake Superior Black Sand Beach
Mike Pung of Gold Cube show the rich gold bearing black sand on Lake Superior.
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Gold Dredging In Oregon - NUGGET FOUND! NEW HD CAMERA!
Dredging on my gold mining claim in Marion County, Oregon. Went with my buddy on the first trip and found a nugget - a rare find for this stream! The next trip I went with my friend and claim partner, as well as the same buddy I went with the previous trip. We had some fun and found decent gold. Not as much as Quartzville, but it was a great time. I purchased the new camera just before the first trip, and I tested the under water video quality. As you can see, it is pretty out of focus. I bought a new diving lens, and I will use it on my next trip and get sharp full HD video! This Summer has been very busy with gold mining, and I found some great stuff down in Southern Oregon. Look for more videos soon.
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john markham beach sand
Alaska Gold. Beach sand
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How To Pan Out Fine Black Sands From Gold Part 2
How to pan out gold from fine black beach sands, easily Part 2 We sell this gold bearing black sand concentrates on our website, WashingtonBeachMining.com
Alaska Beach Prospecting - LOTS of FINE Gold
Running GoldHog mats on the beaches in Alaska. Catching super fine gold from the black beach sands.
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One Epic Adventure Episode 13 Stuck in the Sand on the Oregon Coast Full Time Rving Family
In lucky episode 13, the Traveling Travaglinos push their luck, and a few tons of soft sand, on the coast of Oregon.
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Gold Nuggets In Every Pan! Ultimate Placer Deposit!
Another gold mining adventure! Ten pans all will good sized gold nuggets, picker and flakes! Good chunky placer gold is found in the creek and banks up to 3 meters out of the creek. The creek is in a canyon which is a 400 meter long hike and 200 meters in elevation hike. The area has minimal workings however there are several showings on the other side of the mountain which we have claims on. Could they be associated?? We are hoping to find the source maybe a huge gold quartz vein?? We believe the source of the gold is very close as most if the gold is in nugget form. Chunky gold can be seen in most pans along with black sand (magnetite and hematite). In the video we do ten pans only in this area. We will be exploring this area further and hope to eventually find a bedrock exposure or vein which is producing the gold. Hope everyone enjoys the video and stay tuned for more! This video was made possible by our silver, gold & platinum patrons support! Thank you to the following patrons: Chuck Preston, Brian Hollingshead, Cathy Speidel & Mi$fitrick-Ugly Thumb Prospecting, Donnie Young, Ian Mays, Rigo Tolentino & John Granholm Here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/911mining There is a silver, gold and platinum tier level with different prizes in each. So if you want to be a part of the fun and help us fund extra trips an prizes, as well as upload extra content head on over! Thank you all for your support on patreon and for watching our videos! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!! Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/911mining Email: [email protected] Thank you & Enjoy! 911 Mining & Prospecting Co
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