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Twin Ripple Wall GRC Concrete Water Feature
Our suite of Concrete GRC Modern Water Features will transform the decor of your backyard to something truly special. Soon you'll be noticing your friends and neighbours wanting to visit you more and more to enjoy the refreshing ambience this Infinity Concrete Modern Water Feature brings. Take a closer look at .
TerranScapes - Water Effect Application Tutorial
Intro/Outro music: Army of Darkness by Phoenix Music - http://www.youtube.com/user/PhoenixMusic10?feature=watch Time Lapse music by Kevin MacLeod - http://incompetech.com For more information visit- TerranScapes.com Visit the Newsletter for information on current TerranScapes developments - http://terranscapes.com/specials/newsletter.php Hear terrain tips from me on the Painting Tabled Podcast - http://www.paintingtabled.com/
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Ripple Wall Water Feature Charcoal - DIYMegaStore
This high quality concrete GRC water fountain includes everything you need to create an impressive, recirculating water feature. https://www.diymegastore.com.au/ripple-wall-water-feature-charcoal/
Views: 175 DIYMegaStore
Jaxie's Ripples | Pond Pro Shop
Jaxie's Ripples is a water feature in our display yard. The actual dimensions is 11' x 75' stream with a 3' waterfall rock. This pondfree stream features: 3' Waterfall Rock 6,500 GPH Pond Pump 100' of 2" PVC Tubing 12 Ecoblox 100' x 20' of 45 Mil Liner 100' x 15' Underlay Pondfree Stream Pump Vault You can get all of these pond supplies and more at Pond Pro Shop. For more information call (405) 273-8363 or visit us at 7901 N. Kickapoo, Shawnee, Oklahoma. Music: Kevin MacLeod
Views: 92 PondProShop
Water Ripples 6
Views: 1121 Mark White
Reflections Ponds Fountains.mpg
www.RefelctionsPonds.com beautiful water features from Santa Fe New Mexico built by master pond builder Paul A. Zeir
Views: 74 Ponds555
Triple Ripple GRC Concrete Water Feature
Our suite of Concrete GRC Modern Water Features will transform the decor of your backyard to something truly special. Soon you'll be noticing your friends and neighbours wanting to visit you more and more to enjoy the refreshing ambience this Infinity Concrete Modern Water Feature brings. Take a closer look at .
Miniature Terrain: Water & Waves
I go through the steps used to make the water in my spawning pool. Main materials used were a 2 part clear resin & acrylic gloss medium.
Views: 314685 Terrain Wench
Water feature for wall or pond
water feature
Views: 85 pds3000
Blue Tall Ripple Vase
Jaxie's Ripples | Pondliner.com
Turn your backyard into a private getaway with http://www.pondliner.com pond supplies and water features. Featured in this pondfree disappearing stream is an 11' x 75' stream with a 3' waterfall rock. The possibilities for a garden pond in your backyard are endless, and with a little inspiration, you can create the exact escape you've been wanting. At http://www.pondliner.com you can find the diverse selection you need to personalize your garden pond to fit your specific needs. Some of the other features of our pondfree stream include: -3' Waterfall Rock -6,500 GPH Pond Pump -100' of 2" PVC Tubing -12 Ecoblox -100' x 20' of 45 Mil Liner -100' x 15' Underlay -Pondfree Stream Pump Vault Visit http://www.pondliner.com to find all the water features and pond supplies you need to get started today! Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Designer patio & water feature
LED lit white walls and a fountain cascade with rill running through patio makes for a great haven when the sun goes down!
Views: 7781 New Gardens
Ripple Effect (Crystal Ball) Water Feature
Views: 101 ukwaterfeatures
Wordless raindrops making pond ripples
Need a minute of relaxation? Watch the light rain in the swamp making ripples in the water.
Views: 162 NOLACarla
MR scenery how-to: Create water with realistic waves for your model railroad
http://mrr.trains.com/ -- In this exclusive how-to scenery video from Model Railroader magazine, MR managing editor David Popp shows you a simple, proven technique for adding realistic waves to poured resin model water. David uses Woodland Scenics Water Effects to create his waves. The river is on the Model Railroader HO scale club layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy, but David's method would work on N, O, S, or even Z scale layouts as well. For more Expert Tips Videos, visit http://mrr.trains.com/en/Videos.aspx
Views: 305462 ModelRailroaderMag
BAMBOO WATER FOUNTAIN | Relax & Get Your Zen On | White Noise | Tinnitus Relief
Buy Bamboo Water MP3: https://goo.gl/NDAvmu Hey everyone! Have you ever walked through a Japanese garden and felt amazingly peaceful? I have many times, and I looked for simple ways to bring that peace into my own home. This bamboo water fountain video creates that peaceful atmosphere so you can relax, meditate or get some well-deserved shut-eye. Close your eyes and go to that happy place. If you need to study or concentrate at the office, see how the soothing fountain helps you focus and block out distractions. Also, many people suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) have commented that this video works well to lessen the ringing. Alright, it's Zen-time everyone! © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
Views: 13235245 Relaxing White Noise
Ripples in Reeds & The Pond
A couple little videos slowed down to capture intricacies of movement scored with fragments of two little original miniatures––one a woodwind quartet and the other a string quartet.
Views: 46 Paul Kelly
Water ripple effect
Koi Pond screensaver with realistic water ripple effect, made by 3planesoft.com
Views: 365 Ming Huang
Realistic Water & Water Effects - Model Scenery | Woodland Scenics
Learn more at http://WoodlandScenics.com - Modeling realistic water - Watch Matt and Trevor as they show you how to model realistic water features on your layout. Items Mentioned In This Video: Earth Undercoat (C1228, C1229) Realistic Water (C1211) Water Effects (C1212) Talus (C1270-C1285) Woodland Classics Trees (TR3501-TR3600) Earth Colors Liquid Pigments (C1215-C1223) Channel http://www.youtube.com/ModelSceneryExpert Facebook http://www.facebook.com/woodlandscenics
Views: 1079734 Woodland Scenics
Pondless Water Feature System from pond ESCAPES Inc.
Beautiful pondless water feature from pond ESCAPES in Reading, Massachusetts. Let us design and build you one!
Views: 3259 pondescapes
Smartpond's How to Build a Pond or Water Feature
Smartpond demonstrates how to build a pond or water feature in your home garden. Learn how to add pond liner, lighting, and pond pumps to make a healthy and beautiful water feature. Thinking about building a pond? Do you have a space that needs some attention? Or do you just want a calm and peaceful setting? A pond can do all of that. Choosing a pond is also crucial. For smaller areas a flexible liner or a small potted water feature would be ideal, however if you have a lot of space to work with, building and designing a pond with a water feature could also be beneficial. When choosing a pond, also make sure to choose the right landscaping and plants to set around it. As you begin installation, be sure to map out the area you want your pond to be in. For colder climates be sure to dig at least 2-2.5 feet deep to prevent the fish from freezing. Dig out different level tiers for added rocks and design. Line the hole with under-layment before installing the liner to prevent any damage to the liner. Install the liner and lay down with stone or rock. Incorporate a filter and a pump for healthy pond life. For more creative ideas and videos, visit http://www.Lowes.com/Videos Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lowes Or head to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/Lowes
Views: 563956 Lowe's Home Improvement
Mega-ripples of Camas Prairie Basin - Filling or Draining? Cosmography101-17.1 w/ Randall Carlson
Cosmography101 Class 17 part 1 with Randall Carlson (2008) Introduction to the features of one of the basins of the temporary Ice Age Lake Missoula in western Montana, USA, and alternative interpretations. Overview notes/topics: Scale Invariance in Geology “bed-loads”; Paleo-current indicators Small-scale current ripples on Peachtree Creek at Medlock Park after Hurricane Ivan (’04) Camas Prairie ripple field, Lower Flathead Basin, Montana Delta fans Relict features: Mississippi River delta Merging of three ‘flow-throughs’ Identifying features on topographic map of Camas Prairie: breach and drainage points Google Earth views and orientation Photos from overflight Sept. ’07: Markle, Duck Pond, Wills Creek Passes; Ripple field and delta Effects of “mega-scale water erosion” High-water level and drainage thru Rainbow Lake Pass Formation of the ripples Contrary interpretation to current ideas re: draining/filling of basin Depth of water-flow Composition of bed-forms Wreckage from global event Looking at salient features from catastrophic flood helps to recognize more subtle features How deep was the ice in Canada? Possibly 3 miles deep over Hudson Bay Rainbow “Dog” Lake and Pass; super turbulent flows; high-water marks Strandlines/shorelines around National Bison Range and Bitterroot Valley Record of all that ice over Canada melting away Clark Fork River Valley scoured and etched J.T. Pardee calculated flow estimates: 9.5 cubic miles per hour! Introducing the uneducated to Catastrophe
Views: 11484 GeoCosmic REX
Among Ripples :: Pond Ecosystem Simulator - Quick Look
An ecosystem simulator where you try to find the perfect balance for all the inhabitants in a small pond. Experimentation and observing consequences are the key elements to learn the game. You can find it on their website: http://eatcreatesleep.net/amongripples Swordfish around the web ------------------------------------- Twitter: http://twitter.com/SwordfishPlays Facebook: http://facebook.com/SwordfishPlays Twitch.tv: http://www.twitch.tv/SwordfishPlays If you can, please support me on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/SwordfishPlays ------------------------------------- If you enjoyed this video, please Like it above and Subscribe to my channel for more videos! Thanks for watching!
Views: 1366 Swordfish Plays
Jim Lampl's South Hills Water Feature
Jim Lampl of Lampl Landscape Service created this water feature at a South Hills home.
Views: 772 TribLIVE
Granite Triple Ripple Columns Water Feature
AQUA CREATIONS MODERN STONE AND GRANITE WATER FEATURE A simple to install, poly-resin fountain featuring a realistic stone effect column, cascading water and a large LED light crystal that gives this realistic looking feature an attractive, glowing effect. Ideal for enjoying your fountain day or night. The Aqua Creations brand is now in its 7th successful season. We offer Resin, Stainless Steel, Cerami and Tabletop self contained water features. http://www.gardenfurniture4u.co.uk/
Views: 360 gardenfurniture4u
How To Create an Easy Container Water Feature with Aquascape's Patio Pond
http://www.aquascapeinc.com - Join Scott Rhodes, The Product Guy, as he shows you how easy it is to install an Aquascape Patio Pond.
Views: 929775 AquascapePonds
Small "Ripples" Single-Bubbler Fountain
LiquidArt's ceramic fountains have a classy look and have the same ease of installation as our GFRC rock bubblers. All connections are done with PVC connectors, and installation only takes 2-4 hours! The ceramic "Ripples" combination includes: The fountain base: A 2'x2' fountain reservoir with 12+ gallon capacity, 400gph pump, hoses, ball valve assembly, grating, and mesh filtering screen. The smaller "Ripples" ceramic bubbler, which is approximately 25" tall. For more information, go to www.liquidartfountains.com, or call (800) 974-9586.
Views: 1696 LiquidArt Fountains
Pond, Stream and Water Fall Remodel, wet land filter, BioFall by KneeDeep Ponds, Inc.
Part 1: This 4000 gal pond was reduced in depth during the remodeling, Bio bead filters were replaced with a wetland filtering system. An Aquascape 6000 BioFall was placed at the head of the stream with two Tsurumi 9pls supplying water to the 45' stream.
Views: 785 leekneedeep12
Night effect of the Urban Water Features range
See the Urban Water Features range working at night for the light effect
Views: 1001 Urban Water Features
Dynamic waves in Blender 2.78. Easy
Learn how to use Blender dynamics, to make an interactive wave simulation. This is super easy and quick. hope you enjoy.
Views: 11808 PIXXO
Balmoral Bluestone Ripple
Balmoral Bluestone Ripple is an ideal finish for water features. It is available in 1000 x 500 x 25-30mm slabs. visit: http://cinajus.com/service/basalt-bluestone/balmoral-bluestone-ripple/ for more information.
Views: 274 cinajus
Fish Pond Water Fountain & Running Water Sounds - Relaxation, Meditation, Sleep - 4K
Relaxing fish pond & water fountain, with gentle running water sounds. Use this video for sleep, meditation, baby, study, relaxation, background scenery and other applications. Also watch for gold fish swimming in the pond water and enjoy the hypnotic water ripple reflections. If you enjoyed the video or find it useful then give it a like. Subscribe so you do not miss out on more videos in the future and add the video to your playlist for future reference. Visit channel home for more videos (4K UHD & HD) including nature scenery & sounds, meditation, sleep sounds, music, brain waves and more - https://www.youtube.com/HarmonyOfTheMind More 4K relaxing gentle water sound videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz6yvP4S3Ae9vx-KlJOVINSeOWYzsjoCW Over 10 hours long gentle water sounds videos for night long sleep https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz6yvP4S3Ae_qncdjhOSU_z1I3caJ-uKo Visit our website at - http://www.harmonyofthemind.org You can also find scenery photo's from these locations on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+HarmonyOfTheMind Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarmonyMindBody ©2017 Harmony Of The Mind & ScenicRelaxation
Views: 700 Harmony Of The Mind
How to build a waterfall/stream - pondless waterfall kits uk
Chances are you found this video because your looking for more information on the subject of garden waterfalls. In this video "how to build a waterfall and stream" Mark shows you how we do it. The water feature that Mark builds in this video is in advance build and shouldn't really be built as a first time. Build your way up slowly start with a 5 foot stream. A garden waterfall can be called many different names.  The most common names with in the trade are pondless waterfall, disappearing waterfall, never ending waterfall and of course others (that describe the look and feel).  You might also be looking for: how to build a small waterfall, building a water feature, how to build a waterfall with rocks, how to add a waterfall, garden waterfalls kits, garden waterfalls kits uk, garden waterfall ideas, waterfalls for sale, how to build a wall waterfall, garden waterfalls for sale, pondless waterfall design, backyard stream designs, waterfalls for gardens, garden pond waterfalls ideas, pondless waterfall kits uk, how to build a natural stream pond, how to stack rocks for waterfall, backyard waterfalls kits, how to build a pondless waterfall video,
Views: 1087 The Pond Advisor
Homemade  waterfeature with garden pots
how to make a water feature with garden pots, my first ever tutorial by Hadley age 9
Views: 97 Hadley Stringer
My Pond Has Changed My Life
California Waterscapes customers share how their ponds transformed their lives! California Waterscapes is one of the largest pond and waterfallbuilders in Southern California. We build custom waterfalls and streams that you can enjoy in the comfort of your backyard. Each pond, waterfall and pondless waterfall we design is made custom to its area and blends in naturally with its environment. We have installed hundreds of ponds over the years designed to look natural, because they are natural. Our ponds work as a chemical free mini-ecosystem and this sets us apart from our competitors. We also design and install beautiful, quality pools, including a variety of water features for them. Pond maintenance is relatively easy and affordable. You may also add Koi fish, turtles and aquatic plants to your pond, these too require minimal maintenance. California Waterscapes is a division of Pacific Outdoor Living. Transform your backyard into your own private home resort! http://www.pacificoutdoorliving.com
Water ceiling feature
As see Arena shopping mall, Torres Vedras, Portugal. The glass panels are bottom of the water pond on the terrace above. The water ripples with sun reflection a creates n interesting patterns.
Views: 54 Pav
Kelkay Spirit Fountain Garden Water Feature
A bubbling ploom of water in the centre of this feature lights up the inside with ripples and reflections bouncing of its surfaces. A stunning ornate feature by day and a beautiful water feature by night. Simple yet so effective! To make your life easier this feature comes complete in a box with very little assembly required. Just 5 minutes to set up, plug in, add water and you're ready to go. http://www.ukwaterfeatures.com/Shop/p-6027-Spirit-Fountain-Water-Feature.html
Views: 340 ukwaterfeatures
Joshua's Cascade | Pondliner.com
Create the ideal water garden for your yard with supplies from http://www.pondliner.com. Our selection of water features and pond supplies offer you the variety to create a completely unique garden pond. Featured here is a pondless waterfall. It measures 12' x 40' and is part of the Joshua's Cascade water feature in our display garden. Whatever kind of water garden you wish to create, visit http://www.pondliner.com to find the inspiration, pond suppies, water features, and pond accents you need. Also shown in our pond free waterfall and stream: -31" Filter Weir -2 - 5,000 GPH Waterfall Pumps -15' x 50' 45 Mil Liner -15' x 50' Underlay -100' of 2" PVC Tubing -Waterfall Well Get all of the pond supplies you need to create a beautiful backyard from http://www.pondliner.com today! Music: Kevin MacLeod
Views: 3457 PondlinerCom
Raining Pond
Pond in rain with ripple effect. After Effects CS4
Views: 145 Mack
This video is about foras water feature maintenance video
Views: 176 Kate Green
Sarai-Anna Millpond | Pondliner.com
With pond supplies from http://www.pondliner.com you can create the magical backyard pond you have always wanted. The highlights of the Sarai-Anna Millpond water garden featured in this video are the 5' x 9' waterfall, two 10' x 15' garden ponds, and a 25' flowing stream that runs between the two ponds. http://www.pondliner.com features a variety of unique water features and pond accents to help you create the exact garden pond that will fit your yard. Browse our entire selection of water features and pond supplies today! Some of the other water features used in this backyard pond include: -Waterfall Filter with a 38" Weir -9,000 GPH Pond Pump -4,200 GPH Pond pPump -1,800 GPH Pond Pump -15' x 30' 45 Mil Liner -40' x 15' 45 Mil Liner -20' x 20' 45 Mill Liner -15' x 30' Underlay -20' x 20' Underlay -25' - 1 1/2" Spiral Tubing -20' - 1 1/4" Spiral Tubing -15' - 1" Spiral Tubing -25' - 3/4" Spiral Tubing -Pond Skimmer with an 8.5" Faceplate Check out http://www.pondliner.com to find all the inspiration you need to start creating your dream water garden. Music: Kevin MacLeod
Views: 1743 PondlinerCom
Miranda's Falls | Pondliner.com
With help from http://www.pondliner.com you can create a similar look to the one featured in our Miranda's Falls water feature. The Miranda's Falls water feature is showcased in our display yard. The pondless stream featured here measures 3' H x 2.5' W x 20' L. No matter the size of your backyard, you will be surprised by all the choices we offer to help you create the garden pond of your dreams. The disappearing waterfall featured in our Miranda's Falls display also includes: -31" Filter Weir -6,500 GPH Pond pump -5 Ecoblox -15' x 30' 45 Mil Liner -15' x 30' Underlay -25' of 3" PVC Tubing -Pond Free Waterfall Well Visit http://www.pondliner.com today to get all the pond supplies and water features you need to complete your water garden or backyard pond.
Views: 7922 PondlinerCom

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