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How to Measure Wet Film Thickness using Elcometer Wet Film Wheels
The Elcometer 3230 Wet Film Wheel is a high precision, accurate and easy to use instrument which measures the wet film thickness of coatings. A wet film wheel has two circular outer wheels which rest on the substrate, and a smaller central wheel which is eccentric relative to the outer wheels. By rolling the gauge through a wet coating, the central wheel eventually touches the film. This point on the scale indicates the thickness. This Elcometer 3230 Coil Coating Wet Film Wheel is designed for use in the coil coating process. The outer wheels are knurled to allow measurements to be taken on slippery coatings or on fast moving substrates. Elcometer offer a wide range of wet film wheels to measure wet films of various thicknesses. For more information on Elcometer wet film wheels, please contact Elcometer at [email protected] or visit our website at www.elcometer.com ----- Click here to download the video script in English: http://elcometer.com/images/stories/PDFs/Video_Scripts/Wet_Film_Wheels_Script.pdf ----- STANDARDS (applicable to both standard and coil coating wet film wheels): ASTM D 1212-A, AS/NZS 1580.107.3, BS 3900-C5-7A, ISO 2808-1B, ISO 2808-7A, JIS K 5600-1-7, NF T30-125
The TQC Grindometers or Fineness of Grind Gauges are precision instruments to determine particle size and fineness of many materials like paints, lacquers, pigments, filler, chocolate etc.. Most TQC Grindometers have double grooves with graded slopes graduated in three different parameters: µm (microns), NS (Hegman) and PCU (North). Gauge and beveled scraper are made of hardened stainless steel and have an accuracy of 2 µm. Complies with: ASTM D 1210, ASTM D 1316, JIS K 5600-2-5, ISO 1524, DIN EN 21524, BS 3900-C6 Dimensions: The base: 175x60x12mm with 120mm groove length The scraper: 75x38x8mm shaped to be hold easily. VF2110 TQC Grindometer FM15/2 DIN-ISO Range: 0-15 µm (micron), 10-8.5 PCU (North), 8-6.8 NS (Hegman) Graduation: 1.5 µm (micron) Double groove VF2111 TQC Grindometer FM25/2 DIN-ISO Range: 0-25 µm (micron), 10-7.5 PCU (North), 8-6 NS (Hegman) Graduation: 2.5 µm (micron) Double groove VF2112 TQC Grindometer FM50/2 DIN-ISO Range: 0-50 µm (micron), 10-5 PCU (North), 8-4 NS (Hegman) Graduation: 5 µm (micron) Double groove VF2113 TQC Grindometer FM100/2 DIN-ISO Range: 0-100 µm (micron), 10-0 PCU (North), 8-0 NS (Hegman) Graduation: 10 µm (micron) Double groove VF2108 TQC Grindometer FM100/1 DIN-ISO Range: 0-100 µm (micron), 10-0 PCU (north), 8-0 NS (Hegman) Graduation: 10 µm (micron) Single groove
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