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Sublevel Stoping
Method of underground mining operation: Sublevel Stoping By courtesy of Tamrock - Sandvick Copyright http://www.sandvik.com/
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Sublevel Stoping Mining Method
Black Diamond Drilling Services Australia Database
Underground Mining Methods (3.1)
Mining Exploration Session 3. Professor Kazem Oraee
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shrinkage stoping
metodo de explotacion subterranea shrinkage stoping
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block caving mining method
block mining system
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VCR N°2 - Como medir un cráter invertido
Aprende el método práctico para medir el cráter invertido, en tus avances en el desarrollo de una chimenea en VCR.
Underground Mining Methods (10.2)
Mining Exploration Session 10. Professor Kazem Oraee
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Explicación paso a paso sobre el método con un diseño realizado en computadora. https://prezi.com/smwwvyfrc_cv/shrinkage-stoping/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
Sub Level Caving
desarrollo del método de extracción subterránea Sub Level Caving o hundimiento de subniveles
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To drill blast holes for ore pass development from the cross cut and from the bottom up. It is also used for drilling drain holes and cable holes.
Basic terminology of metal mining 2
Basic terminology of metal mining 2 please subscribe our channel
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Método de Abatimento por Subnível - Legendado
Vídeo de Sublevel Caving Mining Method by Atlas Copco
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JORA RAISE CLIMBER METHOD | Method of Raise Drivage | Metal Mining video Series | MINING GURUKUL
This video is 3rd video of Metal Mining video Series. In this video we will discuss Jora raise climber method of raising. There are following methods of Raise Drivage- 1.Jora Raise method 2.Alimake Climber method 3.Centre Stack Method 4.Two Compartment Method 5.Three Compartment method. *What is Raise and Winze https://youtu.be/iWRuHq-oOy4 *WCL mining sirdar exam 2018 solution https://youtu.be/TNvOq9jD3P0 *Most important questions for mining compition exam https://youtu.be/nfm7rutwzbo *Burden And Spacing calculation https://youtu.be/hN28znYjYFQ Like Mining Gurukul in fb https://m.facebook.com/Mining-Gurukul-2239455669710985/
Long Hole Drilling
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Sublevel stoping mining method
It is the best video for understanding how to do Sublevel stoping mining method. It is in slide presentation form.
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A task given by students to choose the best underground mining methods based on the situation given
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The VCR Stopped Working
This is a short little film that we made to demonstrate what happens when a household object when it stops working....we're not what you call "normal". Enjoy!!!
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ERG Easy Slot Master Video 3
Longitudinal longhole retreat is a branch of the generic mining method known as sublevel stoping and often requires the development of a rise or slot prior to production blasting. Easy Slot eliminates thee need for raise bore or burn cut blast to create the rise or slot. Easy Slot is less expensive quicker to install and provides a bigger slot thus a better production blast.
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BLASTOP -  Underground Blast Designer for Stope Blasting
Designs editable Ring Blast pattern for Stope based on geological and geotechnical conditions of the Stope. The designer has the ability to generate charging sheet and drilling sheet, import existing drilling sheet, predict fragmentation and ground vibration. It also allows the user to perform a comparative study of blast results with respect to the changes in geotechnical details in the field.
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Chimenea en  VCR   primeros Tips antes de cargar el  explosivo
Primeras importantes indicaciones antes de cargar el explosivo en una chimenea de minería subterránea con método de cráter vertical en retroceso.
DD Grout Plugs -  Stemming Plug Installation with captions
This animation shows the installation of the cement Stem Boss Plug, a method of stemming for underground hardrock mining that was developed by DD Grout Plugs. Testing on these plugs has shown a minimum resistance achieved of 9 Tonnes, unprecedented for stemming particularly in upholes and several orders of magnitude stronger than anything else available. This product is being updated with prototypes being made at present. Stemming Plugs can be used for slashing shots to protect mining infrastructure from rifling, VCR rising, and to improve fragmentation in longhole open stoping or sub-level stoping mining methods. These are available for 76mm to 102mm upholes, and will work equally well in downholes. For more information please go to www.ddgroutplugs.com.au or email us at [email protected] (Patent Application No.'s PCT/AU2013/000489 and Australia 2013903545)
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Capture card alternative - VCR method
This took me ages to figure out, and now it has been done. Expect more console gaming in the future.
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What is retreat mining?
Program version at 10.43.31 HEADLINE: What is retreat mining? CAPTION: An official at MSHA describes the mining process known as 'retreat mining' following concerns that the Utah miners were engaged in the often-dangerous form of mining. The CEO of the mine in Utah denies the trapped men were involved the process. (Aug. 8) You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/0ba0fdc8016b2e7e8e22bc5a52933572 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Underground narrow vein mining in Tasmania by Dave Wessely
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Aegis underground drill & blast software
Intelligently create editable drill and blast patterns for an entire stope in seconds with Aegis next generation underground drill & blast software - now available from Maptek.
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Mine portal app
Bench Fill In
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Horizen Statement on Mining Algorithm
The Horizen (ZEN) team carefully evaluated the pros and cons of changing from the existing Equihash Proof of Work mining algorithm. The major concern of the team, as well as much of the Horizen community, was maintaining the security of the project.  Horizen is a project that is sensitive to the concerns and desires of the community and worked to determine if there was a clear desire to change the mining algorithm. It was difficult to determine, but what was clear was that people did not want further 51% attacks.  Read our full statement here: https://blog.zencash.com/horizen-statemen…mining-algorithm/ ‎
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What is RAISE BORER? What does RAISE BORER mean? RAISE BORER meaning, definition & explanation
What is RAISE BORER? What does RAISE BORER mean? RAISE BORER meaning - RAISE BORER definition - RAISE BORER explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. A raise borer is a machine used in underground mining, to excavate a circular hole between two levels of a mine without the use of explosives. The raise borer is set up on the upper level of the two levels to be connected, on an evenly laid platform (typically a concrete pad). A small-diameter hole (pilot hole) is drilled to the level required; the diameter of this hole is typically 230mm - 445mm (9" - 17.5"), large enough to accommodate the drill string. Once the drill has broken into the opening on the target level, the bit is removed and a reamer head, of the required diameter of the excavation, is attached to the drill string and raised back towards the machine. The drill cuttings from the reamer head fall to the floor of the lower level. The finished raise has smooth walls and may not require rock bolting or other forms of ground support. The one of impressive use of raise boring is a 7.1 m diameter shafts for Sasol's Middelbult and Bosjesspruit Mines in South Africa. Masterdrilling is currently the world's biggest raise boring firm with operations throughout all 7 continents. The boxhole borer (or machine roger) is a variant of a raise borer that is used when there is not enough space on the higher of the two levels to be connected. The boxhole borer is set up on the lower level, drills a pilot hole as a guide, then drives the reamer bit along the pilot hole from the lower level to the upper. Precautions have to be taken to redirect falling drill cuttings away from the machine, and to reinforce the drill string.
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Homestake Gold Mine History - South Dakota Saga - 1940 - CharlieDeanArchives / Archival Footage
Gold mining and the life of gold miners in South Dakota, as seen by the Homestake Mining company. How ore is drilled and brought up to surface. The route of General George Custer in 1874 is shown. Mine shafts, logging, South Dakota gold mine machinery, draftsmen, lab technicians shown. . CharlieDeanArchives - Archive footage from the 20th century making history come alive!
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