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New Age Mining Equipment Reverse Helix Gold Trommel Model AU130 Shop Test Feb 2013
This video shows our shop testing on The Eliminator series Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, model #AU-130 before being shipped to one of our Customers in Colorado. On this unit, we installed "churners" or paddles inside the inner classifier screen to help break up the heavy clay soils. More to come; Thank you for watching! http://www.NewAgeMiningEquipment.us http://www.goldprospectors.org http://www.49erMiningSupplies.com http://ccmixter.org/files/admiralbob77/32338
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New Age Mining Equipment, The Eliminator Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, model AU-130
This is just a little "teaser" footage of field testing in progress on The Eliminator series Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, model #AU-130; conducted at the LDMA Stanton Camp, December 2012/ January 2013. Thank you for watching -- much, much more to come! We will be at the following Gold and Treasure Expo Shows: Mesa Convention Center - Mesa, Arizona- February 9 & 10, 2013 South Point Hotel & Casino- Las Vegas, Nevada- April 27 & 28, 2013 Our website: http://www.NewAgeMiningEquipment.us Gold Prospectors Association of America: http://www.goldprospectors.org http://joshwoodward.com
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Reverse Helix Gold Trommel by New Age Mining Equipment
New Age Mining Equipment field test for our new Eliminator Reverse Helix Gold Trommel/ Wash Plant This video is just one of several field tests conducted. Our trommel was developed specifically for the small scale miner and prospecting club use. The material is being processed slowly for demonstration purposes only. Our trommel is capable of processing approximately 60 buckets of un-classified material per hour or by continuous shovel-feeding, without overloading. In another field test at the LDMA/GPAA Stanton, Arizona camp, December 2011, we were running more material than the highbankers- with a lot less clean up! Recovering gold that was 100 mesh and finer!! During a shop test, we ran a 50 pound bag of sand from the local lumber yard and were able to retrieve several flakes of gold. We will be at the LDMA/GPAA, Stanton, Arizona outing April 6 - 8, 2012. If in the Wickenburg, Arizona area, contact our good friend Sundance (Sundance Mining & Gold Safari) for a demonstration. While our website is under development, contact us with any questions at: [email protected] Thank you for checking us out - much more to come!!!
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New Age Mining Equipment, Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, Model AU170-G
Running un-classified materials collected from a private claim in Arizona and 2 small bags of paydirt from 49er Mining Supplies. Pretty nice color showing at the end!
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New Age Mining Equipment - Testing & Sampling at a private claim in Arizona, July 2012
We processed (10) 5-gallon buckets of unclassified material using the Eliminator Reverse Helix Gold Trommel. The total amount of collected concentrates are shown before and after hand-panning. If you look closely at the still photos of the sluice, you can see gold in the matting even before the water stops running. Be watching for the GPAA Field Test on our trommel, to be published in the August/September issue of the GPAA Pick & Shovel Gazette. We've already received a lot of positive feed-back from seasoned miners who have commented on its efficient, effective gold recovery and ease of operation. Please visit our website: www.NewAgeMiningEquipment.us or follow us on Facebook. Thank you for watching - more to come!
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New Age Mining Equipment, LDMA Stanton camp New Year's outing
We volunteered the use of our Eliminator Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, model #AU-170, in the common dig operation at the LDMA Stanton Camp, December 2012/ January 2013. Since the outing staff pans the concentrates and divides the gold between the participants, we were not able to get very good shots of the gold. So we added a little extra footage of the delivery and set up for one of our Customers in Alabama. We "salted" some unclassified materials from a private claim in Arizona with paydirt from 49er Mining Supplies just for guaranteed color in the sluice. Thank you for watching; much, much more to come! www.NewAgeMiningEquipment.us www.goldprospectors.org http://49erminingsupplies.com http://joshwoodward.com
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Welding of Parts for Mining Equipment - New Age Robotics
Heavy Plate 2.5T Boom Arm Arc Welding System This system with two Motoman robots and two rotating axis automates the welding of machinery parts for the mining industry. www.robotics.ca
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Surface Mining Excavators Jump Into Digital Age
Despite the dusty, rugged exteriors, surface mining excavators in Western Australia are some of the most high-tech mining machines in service. | http://www.sciencechannel.com/ Catch DIRTY GREAT MACHINES Mondays at 10/9c on Science! Subscribe to Science Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sciencechannel Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Download the TestTube app: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Placer mining trommel test plant, J.Farmer Mining
Here we are set up to re-run 120 cubic yards of sluice box concentrates from a 5 year mining operation in Oregon. The clean up and finishing equipment that they started with wasn't of good design and substantial gold was lost. We have the belt feeder set up at 3.33 cubic yards per hour due to the large volumes of black sand. The gold showing from the first 5 yards proves that re-running it will be well worth while. Recovery is from a 6 foot long by 40" wide spreader flowing into a 4 foot long by 40" wide sluice with two types of low profile riffles (from 1/4" pickers down to ultra fine gold in a single pass even with the volumes of black sand) We are running 1 cubic yard and cleaning up the sluice. We will end up with approx. 10 buckets of mostly black sand. The con's will be run over the 4x8 shaker table and cleaned in a finishing sluice. I'll do a quick follow up video on the gold recovered from the operation (the shaker table should put on quite a show with this material!) - Thanks, Joel See products at: https://sites.google.com/site/simplicitygold/
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Introducing....Two new models of the " Black Gold Magnetic Separator". Based on the original magnetic separator that was featured on the TV Series "Gold Rush Alaska". Inventor, Bryon Tolle will discuss and demonstrate. http://www.americangoldminer.com/
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Gold Mining Solutions -  30-06 Trommel 100+ YPH - Custom Recovery
J.Farmer Mining - Creating custom gold mining equipment to match the conditions of nearly any deposit. - Direct sales world wide -
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Global Mining Equipment-GME14 Hammermill and ORO Demonstration
This was a short demo we did at the Elko Mining Expo in Elko, NV running our GME14 Gas Hammermill into a ORO-Reverse Helix Trommel Cleaner. To see the results go to this video https://youtu.be/s0q5ojz-CwQ . For more info or videos please visit www.globalminingequipment.com
Reverse Helix Trommel 56
Reverse Helix Trommel
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Placer Mining
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Our AGE Mini Trommel We Run - Custom Build For Moi
This is our custom machine we run when we go out prospecting in Alberta, Canada. These trommels are great for separating any material you put through it. The dirt is broken up by high pressure water jets before entering the trommel, which breaks up the dirt further and outputs the rocks and stones while depositing the gold fragments in the matting! You can also shovel as fast as you possibly can and not have to worry about clearing your rocks from the hopper. We also have a fluid bed system in between our extension to ensure NOTHING espcapes!! Hope you ENJOY!!
24 x 10 Trommel Wash Plant for Placer Mining
Trommels: http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/trommels-e41572 Placer Mining Equipment: http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/placer-mining-equipment-e53774 Gold Mining Sluice Box: http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/placer-mining-equipment/sluice-boxes-e41571 Gold Wash Plants: http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/placer-mining-equipment/gold-wash-plants-e41577 Derockers:http://www.savonaequipment.com/en/equipment/placer-mining-equipment/derockers-e41573 General Operating Instructions For 24" x 10' Trommel Wash Plant for Place Mining. All our mining equipment is supplied completely refurbished and in ready for your mining opperation to go into action. Need more trommel, a sluice box, or other new and used place mining equipment visit our website.
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Trommel wash plant 10 Yards Per Hour J.Farmer Mining
This is the new trailer model - very portable and quick set up. Designed and manufactured by Joel Farmer - Automatic shaking feeder for well regulated feed - long scrubbing section to liberate gold from agglomerate - most compact design - stablizing legs - comes with standard sluice - best value in a 10 YPH wash plant.
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Gold MiningTrommel Test Plant - J.Farmer Mining
J.Farmer Mining testing a low grade placer deposit @ Basin Creek Oregon - Using a 5 YPH test plant and sluice designed and manufactured for fine/flat gold by Joel Farmer.
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Homemade gold mining equipment
All of our homemade gold mining equipment we have so far. I will keep all of you posted with all of our finds and latest equipment.
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Gold Mining Equipment
Gold Mining Equipment - http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us California Gold Prospecting Show - Gold nugget prospecting equipment - gold mining hand tools, floating dredges, fine gold recovery, gold nuggets, gold nugget detectors, prospecting maps, metal detectors, California gold nuggets & Arizona gold nuggets. Gold Mining Equipment - For investment or just a very special unique gift visit: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us for a large selection of natural gold nuggets, silver nuggets, gold pin-pointers, gram scales & pro gold picks. Visit our gold prospecting blog at: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us/california-gold-rush-miner Gold Mining Equipment
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http://www.grumpyprospector.com/ UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment Available for purchase, many sizes and option designs, visit us at; www.grumpyprospector.com I'll show you here, how fast this system can get Gold (even the Microscopic) out of a bowl full of material. With absolutly no gold loss in mere seconds! Enjoy! Cause time is Money right?
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UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment NEW SLUICE IN TOWN!!!!  Gold and Platinum recovery system
http://www.grumpyprospector.com/ UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment SEE our Products at our website: www.grumpyprospector.com SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL to see Many More Videos of this Design capabilities. UnderFlow Sluice Design, A complete system for Placer Gold/Platinum mining. 99.99% Gold recovery. One Cleanline System, No Miners Moss, No Carpets, or Positive riffels to have to remove and clean for your Gold recovery. Simple easy straight forward design that can be used alone or in conjunction with any Commercial or non Commercial mining operation, with a Trommel, Shaker, D Rocker, Dredge, and more. Capable of collecting ALL forms of Placer Gold or Platinum. From large Nuggets to Micron Gold, without interference from Black Sands. Recover nothing but clean Gold, No Panning, or other equipment needed for even the finest Gold! From the grounds of Mother Earth Straight in your Pockets! SEE our Products at our website: www.grumpyprospector.com
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UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment 3 inch UnderFlow - New Sluice in Town video Part 1
http://www.grumpyprospector.com/ UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment Check out my other related Videos of this new reliable Sluice Design, Or subscribe to my Channel to view all Videos as I can post them
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http://www.grumpyprospector.com/ UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment Production built UnderFlow Sluices available at: www.grumpyprospector.com. If you want Gold, EASY mess free. From Large scale Gold/Platinum collecting all the way down to the smallest of Earths Gold I'LL TAKE GOLD FOR PRODUCT! : )
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Gold mining evaluation plant - J.Farmer Mining
Multiple zones with different screening sizes, riffle sizes, flow velocities/pressures. Developed by Joel Farmer to perform controlled tests on both tailings and head ore at placer mines. Plant has the ability to recover gold from 1+ ounce nuggets down to ultra fine gold in a single pass with the highest recovery rates. Shown here processing crushed [hard rock] ore to remove the free visible gold before tableing. [email protected]
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mobile gold mining equipment, gold separator
mobile gold mining equipment, gold separator, working in good condition. from Shandong Shuiwang, for more information, www.shuiwangchina.com
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Summit Mining & Equipment's Trommel on "Gold Rush"
Parker uses our 14" Pro Gold Trommel to do some testing.
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trommel washing gold Confederate Mining Company
trommel gold separation using water and gravity.Our web site is http://confederateminingco.weebly.com/index.html You can also get a lot of info at http://www.facebook.com/ConfederateMining Check us out.Thanks C.M.C.
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Gold Mining with the trommel
Some more winter fun. This video was taken in November 2009. I initially dowsed this spot and then we brought in the trommel to see if the gold was there. This is where I made my dowsing video and we did recover a bunch of gold from here. So the bottom line is that dowsing works :) So we came in with a backhoe and set the trommel in place. Then since they say you find gold in your own back yard we dug down. We found bedrock at 12 feet and it was covered with visible fine gold. I scraped some of the bottom material into a gold pan and gold covered the bottom of the test pan with 60 to 100 mesh gold. This sample hole assayed out at 1.6ozt per ton on bedrock. Definitely profitable. Lots of fun and it has been keeping us busy :)
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Gold Mining - Equipment And Tools
Start by using the best tools available! Most basic gold mining equipment, pans, picks, shovels, and other gear for outdoor expeditions hadn’t changed much until fairly recently. Today, the use of modern gold prospecting equipment such as gold pans and lightweight, durable dredges and sluices will help you recover gold more quickly, safely and efficiently than ever before. There are many basic tools required to find and work mineral claims. The low-budget prospector only needs the three basics: a shovel, a bucket, and a gold pan (and a source of water) to get started; people who have been seized by the gold prospecting fever can end up buying, and perhaps even needing, equipment to work a prospect and turn it into a producing mine. To recover enough gold to make the labor worth doing, the three basics (above) are not enough. Music: Chance, Luck, Errors in Nature, Fate, Destruction As a Finale by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/reappear/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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Modular Mining Equipment | Growth | APT
We are growing rapidly, but that does not mean we are becoming like every other company. Take a look at this video to see our new Head Office and what we envision for the future! ___________ Editors Info: Name: Bryn North YouTube Channel: Mr Bryn North ____________
Homemade reverse helix gold concentrator .mp4
Homemade reverse helix gold concentrator with trommel named Gold-Max With USB microscope we found gold down to 20 microns but not much. Built this machine and have been running it for over a year now. When connected to my home made Ball mill I run it at 1.5 tons per hour. Ball mill is a closed circuit-dredge to hydro cyclone. All home made. I now have a 2.5 x 0.7 meter Gold-Max running at 4 tons per hour.
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The Eliminator Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, model AU130, Dry Run
We have received several requests for a video of our trommels being run without water. So, on our last trip to Arizona we filmed the Eliminator series Reverse Helix Gold Trommel, model AU-130, being operated as a dry washer.
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Trommel for Sale
This trommel is for sale. It will run between 15 and 25 yards per hour.
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Reverse Helix Gold Trommel In Test
FINDING THE COLOR! Getting the reverse helix trommel ready for another season after making some changes, some of which were suggested by those of you out there in youtube. Improved waterbar, lengthened material chute, steeper feed angle and dumping that dumb sluice.
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
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FLAKE GOLD  Attachment for the UNDERFLOW SLUICE BOX Gold Mining Equipment
UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment Flake Gold Collection tray attachment for all UnderFlow Sluice Products. This will add extra insurance "No" Flake Gold can excape the system, if the force of water within actually has enough effect to move the flatter water unstable Gold Flakes. More than the flakes are readily caught by an UnderFlow Sluice, but this will catch any that is pushed out by the forces of the users water control.
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Gold Mining Equipment at Crisson Gold Mine
This is some of the Equipment running at the Crisson Gold Mine in Dahlonega, GA. We are open 7 days a week year round. 1-706-864-6363.
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UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment 3 inch UnderFlow Theres a New Sluice in Town Part 2
http://www.grumpyprospector.com/ UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment Watch Part one to this segment on the New, most efficient placer Gold collecting System. Along with all my other Videos on this UnderFlow Sluice topic for more shown possibilities of my Design.
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UnderFlow River Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment MUST SEE!  With Classifier Gold Collection System
http://www.grumpyprospector.com/ UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment http://www.grumpyprospector.com - ENJOYING the day in the Colorado Rockies. Demonstrating the "UnderFlow" River Sluice, This is pre production prototype I used for fine tuning the Production line. The Production lines will be the best, most efficient Gold Collection System available to the public to date! Many different sizes and System choices available. Check us out at: www.grumpyprospector.com
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Allan's Gold Mining - Trommel Drive Motor Update
This video is recommended for viewers constructing or operating my trommel design. Trommel drive motor modification / repair of motor mounts.
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Wash Trommel Field Test
Easy to carry, easy set up wash trommel. Very fast and good gold recovery. Feel free to let me know what you think.
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Mining Gold with a Gold Trommel in Arizona
Small Mining operation in Central Arizona using a Gold Trommel to recover gold dust, flakes and nuggets.
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Gold Mining Trommel #2
Home Built Trommel for Prospecting & Small Scale Mining Builder: Ron Bingham, North Pole Alaska
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gold mining trommel machine | gold panning sluice box | gold claim songs
http:// gold minng trommel gold panning sluice box gold claims gold mining trommel machine gold panning sluice box gold mining trommel machine gold panning gold claims gold claims machine gold panning sluice box gold claims mining trommel machine gold panning sluice box gold claims We build top quality gold prospecting trommels designed to provide maximum recover in gold panning. Our trommels come in a wide variety of sizes, from smaller recreational units handled by one man to bigger ones for commercial gold panning operations and other commercial uses. They also can be used for recirculation units for use in areas with smaller amounts of water. some types act generally-as a classifier with the revolving action being used to break up clay and separate any gold that might be caught in organic material or stuck to other rocks. Others are combined with a sluice or dredge to also separate the heavier items from the smaller materials. Email us for more information on gold prospecting trommels. They are used in mining to size, wash, and classify gold flakes and nuggets or other precious metals from larger sized waste materials. Gravel and sand are fed into the hopper and washed down into the trommel barrel, which rotates. As the barrel turns the material is washed with a steady stream of water from a spray bar and classified by screens or holes that are punched into the barrel. This causes the larger sized waste rock to be pushed out the end of the barrel and allows the gold to be circulated to a secondary recovery system such as a sluice or spiral wheel. These concentrates can be examined for gold at any time. . I hope this will be enough to give you an idea as to what our trommel are like. Right now with spring here we are running a bit behind and it would take 1 week to have a trommel ready as people are anxious to get out there and they leave things to the last moment which caused our back log Gold prospecting trommels
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beast trommel you tube 2.wmv
this stainless steel wash plant was designed and manufactured for the harshest environments with stainless steel hardware so rust and failure is minimized unit will run 30 yards a day with optional grizzly attachment and double sluice boxes the unit you are watching is our basic model super economical runs on 2 quarts of gas per 6 hrs of full production perfect for Alaska you can contact us at 626-782-4653 'gold'
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Gemstone Golden 15 Trommel
Gemstone Golden 15 Trommel
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