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Mining, Engineering and Transport (MET) TAFE SA Regency Campus
TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Mining and Civil Services
TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Mining and Civil Services
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Underground Coal Mining - TAFE Illawarra
Ready to advance your career in underground coal mining? If your aim is to lead a team, TAFE Illawarra's Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations will give you the necessary qualifications and skills to sit for the Coal Competency Board written and aural exams and become a mine deputy. For current Mine Deputies, it's an ideal way to update or refresh your skills. It's also perfect if you want to work as a control room operator, or in a mine safety and training role. Delivered flexibly throughout Australia, the course has been developed by trainers who are highly-qualified and experienced in mine operations. Our trainers are passionate about maintaining the highest standards of safety in the underground coal mining industry. Complete your training anywhere, anytime, on any device. Access a wide range of online learning resources including videos, interactive activities and a comprehensive library of current reference materials. Attend face-to-face workshops and tutorials, facilitated field trips and learn from industry experts. For more information, or to enrol, call 1300 766 123 or visit www.illawarra.tafensw.edu.au.
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TAFE SA Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) training facility
The Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence (OPCE) training facility is located at Tonsley campus in Adelaide, South Australia where it is aligned to the Mining, Engineering & Transport faculty (MET).
2013 Hunter TAFE Underground Coal Mining Management Student - Jeff
Diploma Underground Coal Mining Management
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TAFE SA Mining Engineering and Transport Centre Time-lapse
http://www.tafesa.edu.au/mining-engineering-transport-centre TAFE SA Mining Engineering and Transport Centre Time-lapse
WIN News - New Courses, New Opportunities at TAFE
Aired on Win News on Thursday, 19 January 2012.
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Mining jobs of the future
Nathan Beresford moved from driving trucks in the Pilbara, to working at pit control in Perth. Through collaborating with South Metropolitan TAFE we’re looking to help other West Australians keep pace with rapid advances in the mining industry. Find out more about the new initiative ➡ http://bit.ly/RioTAFE
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Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships at TAFE SA
http://www.tafesa.edu.au/mining-engineering-transport-centre Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships at TAFE SA
Australian Civil and Mining Training
High Risk Work Licences, Earthmoving Machine Tickets, Verification of Competency. Contact us to arrange training. 08 8240 5523 www.acmt.net.au
TAFE Works for the Economy
The last thing the State Government should be doing as the mining boom winds down is making it harder for people who are losing their jobs to learn new skills. How is that good for the economy? Send an email to Premier Colin Barnett here http://www.tafeworks.com.au/#content-intro_email_the_premier
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Engineering Connections (BHP Billiton)
TAFE SA students at Roxby Downs gaining hands on experience and learning valuable skills in the mining industry with BHP Billiton. More info about our courses in Mining, Engineering and Transport: http://www.tafesa.edu.au/mining-engineering-transport-centre
TAFE Works for Students
The last thing the State Government should be doing as the mining boom winds down is making it harder for young people to learn new skills. Send an email to Training Minister Liza Harvey and Premier Colin Barnett to ask them to reverse their TAFE funding cuts here http://www.tafeworks.com.au/#content-intro_email_the_premier
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Perth Resume Writing Service for Oil Rig and Mining FIFO Jobs   Australia   FIFO STAFF
Perth Resume Service. FIFO STAFF Professional Resume Writing Service Perth. Curriculum vitae. Fast service. Perth Face 2 Face meeting or 100% online. LNG, Mining, Construction, Civil, Retail, Medical, Police, Transport, All Trades All Jobs, FIFO Jobs, FIFO STAFF. Only $95 includes Resume and BONUS Cover Letter supplied in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.
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TAFE & Anglicare Workforce Development (gap training)
A film documenting SWSIT TAFE workforce development activities with Anglicare Cabramatta.
Study Boat Building in Australia
If you like working with your hands and become qualified in an industry that will allow you to work all over the world, boat building could be for you. Australia is recognised for providing highly skilled and technologically sound boat builders. The Cert III in Marine Craft Construction course will provide students with the required skills to work in the boat building and repair industry in Australia and around the world. International students can study boat building courses in Australia. These courses will provide students with the required skills to work in the construction industry in Australia and all over the globe. This course may also lead to the opportunity to apply for graduate work visa upon completion. If you are interested in studying boat building in Australia, feel free to contact Pathway to Aus to find out some course options: W: pathwaytoaus.com E: [email protected] P: +61 7 55 265 900
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Mining and Petroleum Services - Centre of Excellence Compilation
Unlocking the full potential of South Australia’s resource, energy and renewable assets. The Centre of Excellence is helping to transform South Australia into a mining services hub for the Nation and beyond. A collaboration between the South Australian Government, Santos, Beach Energy, Senex Energy and TAFE SA to develop and train skilled workers for the expanding onshore petroleum industry.
Innovating in Australia - Anglo American
Our Moranbah North mine is the first coal mine to feed concrete straight from the surface to the point of use underground, without any extra equipment whatsoever. The result? Safer operations, better road maintenance, and smarter water management. You can find out more about Anglo American here: http://www.angloamerican.com http://www.facebook.com/angloamerican http://www.twitter.com/angloamerican http://www.flickr.com/photos/angloamerican http://www.slideshare.com/angloamerican http://www.linkedin.com/company/anglo-american
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Ep.#4 Chicks in FIFO with Kayla Part 1
Chicks in FIFO with Kayla Part 1 Subscribe to my channel for weekly videos on FIFO: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO-8XHWSZ-_Qwsewa7LW5EQ?sub_confirmation=1 Fit4FIFO is about life in the fly-in fly-out for mining industry professionals in Australia. Brought to you by the experienced Australian FIFO worker Jason Drynan. Connect with Fit4FIFO now: http://instagram.com/fit4fifoaustralia http://facebook.com/fit4fifoaustralia Transcript: Chicks in FIFO with Kayla Part 1 Subscribe to my channel for weekly videos on FIFO: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO-8XHWSZ-_Qwsewa7LW5EQ?sub_confirmation=1 Fit4FIFO is about life in the fly-in fly-out for mining industry professionals in Australia. Brought to you by the experienced Australian FIFO worker Jason Drynan. Connect with Fit4FIFO now: http://instagram.com/fit4fifoaustralia http://facebook.com/fit4fifoaustralia Transcript: - So that's the biggest thing. It was really funny when I first started, a lot of my supervisors would tell the boys. - Good day, and welcome to another episode of Fit4FIFO. - You got it out here to suffer-- - Louis, is that you? - You really need to stay focused. - Who, me? - If you're a little bit weak-minded you can be led astray, and there's a few things that guys can get a little bit led astray on. - Oh, right, in FIFO. Things like what? - It's the-- - Whoa, hang on a second Louis, your episode's already been released, mate, it's Kayla's turn. If our subscribers want to check your episode out they can find it on our channel, mate. So, as I was saying, on this week's episode we have the lovely Kayla, who'll be sharing with us her experience of working as a young lady in the industry. She'll also tell us about another option for those who want to work in the industry but don't want to live in the FIFO camp. So, let's get into it. Kayla, welcome to Fit4FIFO. - Thanks. - Our first girl on the show. - Okay, outside of work now I've just quit the FIFO life they call it. I'm two days in and I'm feeling a little lost because all of a sudden I have all of this time on my hands. And so work life, yeah I'm a jewel trade electrical and instrumentation tech. - So firstly actually, tell us, so, a lot of people in FIFO actually stay in a camp. - Yeah, so I live in Gladstone and APRNG, where I was working, is on Curtis Island, which is just off Gladstone, so I get to do the local roster but I do the four and one. So I have four weeks at work, as a FIFO would, and then have a week off. So it is different, I'm not quite the FIFO worker, but I get to come home every night, but that means I have to travel an hour there and back every day, so my 10 hour shift turns into a 12 hour shift including travel. So you kind of lose any kind of time to do anything around that, so yeah. I get to come home every night so that's the biggest thing, I get to see my family, I get to see Shane, still get to have somewhat of a social life. That's why I went for the four and one roster so I could have that one week off to kind of get things done. - It's quite typical for a lot of these big jobs to have the option of living in the nearest town or city or living in camp. - Yeah, Darwin has. Darwin is. So they do offer that to people and working with the guys they do struggle being away from their families. Everyone starts off positive and after that six months or so, you start seeing people deteriorate, and really starting to get to them that they're not seeing their families. So it is a really good option, and I'm glad I've been able to do it. - It is because we can come home, or now talking to him on the phone, and say "How was your day, what did you do?" and actually get to talk about it and get in-depth. And I understand what he does throughout his day and he knows what I do with mine. So it makes it easier because it gives a bit more of a conversation now that he is working away it's not just a "Oh, how was your day?" "Good." "What'd you do?" - Yeah you can actually understand, that's cool. So you're an instrumentation tech slash electrician. How would someone who's straight out of school, what would their best route be to get into your position? - What I would do first, when I was in school, I did three months worth of work experience. This isn't what I wanted to be originally, I wanted to do drafting and architecture. But when I did work experience and actually hated it, I hated just sitting there inside all day, and my mom actually said "Why don't you try this?" Tafe they offer a lot of courses to do, like the theory side, so I was doing that as well as doing work experience and that's how I found out I love the trade. So if you get onto Tafe they offer the external courses after school, and do some work experience and find you like it. So yeah that's a really good way to start and obviously just applying everywhere. Gladstone is a pretty, I'm pretty lucky, we've got six major industries here in Gladstone.
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Cultural link between British mining town and Aboriginal Australia
At first glance, people in a former mining town in the north-east of England might not have much in common with aboriginal Australians, but a British academic says they do. To prove it, he has brought the two cultures together. Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas reports.
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Study in Australia for university degree courses or TAFE diploma
For more courses : http://www.FastFound.com Study in Australia at an Australian University for the best bachelor degrees at a University in Australia Medicine medical doctor physician surgeon Nursing Midwifery Nurse midwife Law , Legal , LLB Bar lawyer barrister judge Accounting Accountancy accounts accountant Engineering Engineer Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Electronic Engineering Civil Structural Engineering Chemical Engineering Computer Engineering Software Engineering Computer Science Solar Engineering Renewable Energy sciences Mechatronics Engineering Robotics Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Aerospace Engineering Mining Mines Miner Engineering Environmental science Engineering Bio technology Biochemistry Finance Economics econ econs eco Marketing English TESOL IELTS Hospitality Tourism hotel management MBA Masters of Business Administration program Actuary Actuarial science actuarist Math Maths Mathematics Stats Statistics Physics Chemistry Biology Biological sciences Radiation X Ray X-ray radiography Nuclear medicine Aviation Geological science geology Geography Visual Arts Visual Communication Video Games Programming Computer Games Programming Safety Sciences: OHS: Occupational Health & Safety http://www.FastFound.com .
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"I chose my apprenticeship because it was what I enjoyed and what I love doing and was passionate about." Turn your passion into a career. Visit www.tafeqld.edu.au today.
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Mining supporting jobs in NSW
here are more than 40,000 people working in mining jobs across NSW. And there are thousands more working in businesses that supply our mines and benefit from mining too.
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Fitting and Machining
To purchase the complete version of this video go to https://shop.tafesa.edu.au/LOR/Browse.aspx?ItemID=916 To find out about engineering, electrotechnology and mining courses offered by TAFE SA go to http://www.tafesa.edu.au or call 1800 882 661.
Tafe South Australia, Automotive Technology
Tafe South Australia is the largest provider of automotive retail service and repair training in South Australia. Tafe South Australia offers high quality training across South Australia. Lecturers are qualified and ongoing training ensures their skills are up to date, and in line with industry needs. To learn more about the Automotive Technology course at Tafe South Australia go to: http://www.dreamaustralia.com.au/studyaustralia/tafesouthaustralia/automotivetechnology/
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TAFE SA Engineering Industry Connections (Cavpower)
TAFE SA Bakery
Ashmore Trade Training Centre Showcase - TAFE Queensland
Our trade training centre at Ashmore offers a number of trades and trade related study areas including automotive, cabinet making, carpentry, competitive systems, building and construction, electrotechnology, engineering and welding, horticulture, mining, plumbing, wet trades, and workplace health and safety. Learn more about study with us here: https://tafeqld.edu.au/courses/study-locations/gold-coast/ashmore.html
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TAFE SA Engineering Industry Connections (ASC)
The CUT Mine & Central Institute of Technology Identity Launch Oct 2009
Students can now get a feel for working underground without leaving Northbridge, thanks to a new mining training tunnel.
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Tracey, TAFE SA IT graduate
http://www.tafesa.edu.au/courses/information-technology/general-it-support.aspx TAFE SA graduate in IT and now Technology Support Officer at her local school
VOLTRA - the solution to emission free underground mines!
Today, the mining industry faces the industry-wide health & safety challenge of reducing workers’ exposure to carcinogenic diesel particulates. The Voltra eCruiser, a fully electric 4x4 now being trialled at BHP Olympic Dam, is the solution. Electric systems completely eliminate harmful diesel emissions, a low thermal profile reduces heat, and low density battery packs (and lack of fuel to burn) reduces the risk of underground fire. Additionally, if deployed across an entire fleet, Voltra lessens the need to store flammable fuel on site and install expensive ventilation systems, and maintenance is much simpler. Contact the VOLTRA team: [email protected] 1300 VOLTRA (865 872) www.voltra.net.au Credits Music: Prelude VIP the-arcadium.net Voiceover: Jon Hogan Some footage sourced from F.T.I, TGS, Workplace Safety North / Norcat
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What is going on with TAFE SA?
TAFE SA's Chairman has been sacked and students uncertain about their education. After an ASQA audit of 16 courses, 14 were suspended for being substandard. Peter Vaughan has been removed from his position as TAFE SA Chair and Pauline Denley has been appointed as his replacement. Vaughan's departure follows the Australian Skills Quality Authority audit which resulted in many students no longer able to enrol in the affected courses. Approximately 800 plumbing, hairdressing, building, cookery, construction and aged care students could also face potential reassessment. TAFE SA Tonsley students have been quoted as being a bit angry. The affected students potentially have to undertake an additional study before they achieve their certificates. The Australian Skills Quality Authority report released on Monday found three trainers and assessors from TAFE’S plumbing course did not have the knowledge or skills to teach various parts of the curriculum. As a result, TAFE SA has suspended new enrolments in the course — along with 13 other Certificate and Diploma courses. Dr Close said the review into TAFE SA, by Nous Group, “will be undertaken as quickly as possible” but it will “take as long as it needs to." It was unlikely to finish before classes start next year, she said. “It’s highly likely that more courses have problems,” Dr Close said. “That’s the evidence not only from the initial audit but, now having had the report on Tuesday, we need to act swiftly. Everything points to a wider problem." “A comprehensive audit of every course would take an extremely long time. If they (Nous) recommend that is necessary, then we can look at that.” tafe sa news, What is going on with Tafe SA, Tafe SA sacked Tafe SA problems, Tafe Courses, Tafe SA courses.
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Mine Explosion
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TAFE SA my career, my future
Apply now! Visit http://www.tafesa.edu.au or Freecall 1800 882 661
Laboratory Science Showcase
TAFE Queensland offers a range of courses in laboratory science, including sampling and measurement, laboratory technology and techniques, and pathology collection and assistance. There is a strong need for sample collection and laboratory skills across a variety of industries including mining, food manufacturing, construction, and pharmaceutical production.
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BCIT Mining Field Trip: Day 1
BCIT Mining student, Lewis, takes us with him on a Minerals Exploration field trip.
WV underground coal mining
Loading coal ( WV Eagle seam)
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Civil Construction Traineeships through TAFE SA and Maxima
TAFE SA and group training firm Maxima have partnered for nearly 25 years to provide trainees and graduates with education excellence. Students, working here with T&J Constructions, are gaining real-world experience in civil constructions projects as well as creating potential jobs pathways in the industry.
Engineering | International | TAFE Queensland
Develop the practical and technical skills to design and draft various engineering applications and drawings for transport systems, pipelines, dams, bridges, high-rise buildings and plant, mining and industrial water and waste management facilities. Our courses will teach you how to set up machinery to enable the manufacture of engineering products, repair and replacing components, design and manufacture modifications to existing component parts, maintain plant and equipment, and construct and commission work. Employers actively seek our students for cadetships due to our industry-relevant and practical training which is accredited by Engineers Australia, the peak body for engineering professionals in Australia. Visit www.tafeqld.edu.au/international to find out more.
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Mechanical Engineering Technical Interview Questions And Answers for Placement
Useful for SSC,CGL,GATE, IES, PSU, NET/SET/JRF,UPSC,ALL PSC & diploma. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrRk6Com1Lt9HBqRuSA9Veg My play list Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-k939nAjVs0ACkdoX2fB2N4 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-kpniZCO_IyCq1dFi4JbG8z TECHNICAL EXAM MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mi5biwUY7gcYs9bPRJG8Qy MECHANICAL ENGINEERING VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-kmeZ-B6u2My8LiQXour4t2 BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-knA0UbMkrTIZT_kgv4Bw2D INDIAN GEOGRAPHY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-maUm3I4kYBkD_ipvI61YB4 SSC CGL PSC https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-kvIwy_M3rQyiPJqesABYI1 INDIAN ECONOMY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-m6SAKflql4HnP9cDRcvp2i INDIAN HISTORY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-m9ytZ-Viy3LKzVbw9zWh58 INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mWANgIIACpdYeymxBvVMEY GENERAL STUDIES https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mkUfeDI2MvktaVCZ6GFSk5 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nzhI8f_MjJGpbJVLuNJwfW ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-niMSNi9hWwLRXEm4QMDkRM INDIAN ENGINEERING SERVICES OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-kF3qvvi32XxNjfxZWkV7DF INDIAN POLITY MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nAMK0pOt5VSPN3S9dZ0MDv GENERAL ENGINEERING VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nC8lBsL2z2CPJEJzO_O8dn Engineering Materials MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-lSyZPc3O4EB50tWHHFOSsy CCC MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nTz7K6A_oIUqyQDWtmSxuk COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-k3cHebaRxE4lvHjfmdr-X3 COMPUTER AWARENESS MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-m9VCsiPCJyb-ZEz2WWmPzC Industrial Engineering and Production Management MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-kfm2AIgS0ybG63FLGAqvqJ Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mbMkvtvBULbyF_RSc2Jc_C Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nja3hDdjs5eZxeBDQ6abFK Thermodynamics MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-kWI50HAIkXP8qxoBoyx1-2 IC Engines and Nuclear Power Plants MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nMSUu5Wh-wQmosX5dS00G3 Compressors, Gas Dynamics and Gas Turbines MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-n3uH_sOyrrimaBUjPtcpCU Strength of Materials MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mYwvnUCGCKjYY24Yxr_9Ii Hydraulic Machines MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-lhjy5cvIZm9X9Cl7kymSGC Machine Design MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mSk5BcGusQYL38oDnG-mqb Theory of machines MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-ntjp_2BWlbHqh0ZaHqiNFv Workshop Technology MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-kE9IaNmVqX5tmdzY_GrH5T Automobile Engineering MCQ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-m2EVGaNDKV6weGUWF8r_-- MECHANICAL TECHNICAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-lB0LPgeVCTr8OSAwDXS-HA CIVIL ENGINEERING VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nj4LL_qCh_-lGCHSTBjWwt ENGINEERING ANIMATION VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mt-qIsSBAe_C_VdKGIBiRL GREAT MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-nA7EMrL3tsAfp3e82HBrqH AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mcntAK-cQPrD1tEV_fmUof TECHNICAL PAPER SOLUTION https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-n5TDeOMd_2KjzKQnZ1GejY UPSC PAPER SOLUTION FROM 2000 TO 2016 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY9TLnmM2s-mT-AUbGhhWIXleQIPMFgVk SHIVAM ONLINE EDUCATION ACADEMY VIDEO CHANNEL LINK https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrRk6Com1Lt9HBqRuSA9Veg
What tickets & certs do you need to get your start?
Brad gives us the rundown on exactly what certificates, licences & tickets you need to get your start in the Australian Mining Industry.
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Illegal coal in Ukraine sold to state mines
Coal from illegal mines is being sold on the Ukranian black market, with up to ten million tons being produced a year. The illegal coal business in Ukraine is big business but it kills hundreds of miners every year. Now the coal is being sold to the state mines on the black market. Al Jazeera's David Chater reports from Donetsk.
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How South Africa's coal mines are contaminating groundwater | Global 3000
South Africa has a surfeit of fossil fuels and other natural resources but the country's demand for energy is growing fast. Supply problems have become commonplace in recent years. South Africa is faced with a dilemma: Should it invest in renewable energies or carry on exploiting its extensive reserves of fossil fuels? Find out more: www.dw.de/dw/episode/0,,16172088,00.html
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The Certificate Programme in Community Relations Practice in the Extractives Industry
Synergy Global Consulting, in partnership with the Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry (CSMI), is delivering a ground-breaking training programme tailored for professionals working in the extractive industries across Africa. The Programme is divided into 4 courses (each 5 days of residential training) taking place at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (South Africa) COURSE 1: An introduction on how to understand the local area of an extractive project, key influences and impacts When: 9-13 September 2013 Registration now open COURSE 2: A focus on achieving positive and constructive stakeholder relations When: 4-8 November 2013 Registration now open COURSE 3: Learn how to develop appropriate implementing management and monitoring interventions When: TBC COURSE 4: Understand capacity and socio-economic development for communities When: TBC ACCREDITATION The four short courses are accredited by the University of Witwatersrand and the Engineering Council of South Africa for Continued Professional Development (CPD) points: - Successful completion on any individual course results in a Certificate of Competence in that topic. - Successful completion of all four courses results in a Certificate of Competence in Community Relations Practice within the Extractive Industry.
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Be a supporter with Hunter Valley coal miner Ben - Voice for Mining 2017
On Sunday 2 July 2017, the NSW mining community is joining together with the Newcastle Knights to celebrate all the good things mining brings. From jobs, economic activity and mining royalties to help fund our NSW teachers, nurses and police to the coal that provides the power for most homes and businesses across the State. Ben will be there with his family and friends and he wants you to join him in bright orange or hi-vis to support two great local teams - the Newcastle Knights and our NSW miners! Sign up to be a supporter now at voiceformining.com.au
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Treatment Of Underground Mines And Construction Of High Bridges (2011)
The Hunter Expressway project presented many engineering challenges for Roads and Maritime Services, including underground mines. The treatment of these mine voids and the construction of high bridges minimised the projects impact on the the Hunter's natural and cultural environment.
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TafeSA International Student KAY
Kay was a student study diploma of interpreting and translation at Tafe SA. She was able to get employed straight away after she finished her course and very satisfied with her study experience at Tafe SA. She said " the course helped her to release her dream”.
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Make Great in Gaming with TAFE Queensland
WHY WAIT TO MAKE GREAT? ENROL NOW IN GAMING Training Partner Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games www.tafeqld.edu.au/enrolnow