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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Episode 7 - Lydford Mining Company
The family-owned Lydford Mining Company produces limestone for various applications. Learn more about the operation on the Teller.
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JA meeting US limestone demand
Lydford Mining in St Ann boasts some of the purest limestone deposits in the world and is exporting to the United States...
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JMMC Rally 2007, Lydford Mines
Linford Minds, St.Ann Jamaica. JMMC stage 2.
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Jamaica no problem  mines St Ann Jamaica wi
Just making a difference in my country don't want no pay for that
Views: 63 Steve Mcfarlane
Raynor King Memorial Rally 2009 Report
The Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club staged the 2009 renewal of the Raynor King Memorial Rally at Lydford, St. Ann, on Sunday, August 16, on the old bauxite roads of the Jamaica Bauxite Mining Company. The first rally of the 2009 season after the two previously scheduled tarmac events did not materialize; this event was a must for the popular rally sport club, with fans braving the elements to see their stars in action. Video brought to you by http://RaceJamaica.com
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JMMC Rally 2007 All Stages
All stages from the opening at National Stadium Car Park to Lydford Mines St.Ann then on to Tru Juice, Bybrook and New Kingston. Enjoy
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Devon Autocyclists - Lydford Run
Video taken By Paul Sharrock on the Devon Autocyclists, Lydford Run in October 2012, many memories of the run as it had the biggest hill that we can remember. Run organized by Peter and Caroline of Lydford, Devon
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The Entrepreneurial Challenge
Vote Christiana Potato Growers for the Nation Wide/Scotia Bank Entrepreneurial Challenge
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Bodra at Lydford Gorge
While I was at my Yoga workshop, Bodra went for a cruise through Dartmoor Park & found himself at Lydford Gorge.
Views: 143 Jasmin Swift
Scotiabank, The Teller Series 2, Episode 3 - Scoliosis: A Surgeon's View
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ian Neil discusses the symptoms of Scoliosis and the surgical procedure to correct it.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series: Jamaica Plumbing
ScotiaBank, The Teller Series: Jamaica Plumbing Winston Neil describes himself as 'the proud plumber'. He is the Managing Director of Jamaica Plumbing Supplies and talked to The Teller about how he got started and made a success of his business with the help of Scotiabank.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series: Scotiabank Celebrates 120 Years in Jamaica
Scotiabank celebrates 120 years in Jamaica Series 12, 17.1.10 Category: Event Scotiabank on King Street in downtown Kingston celebrated 120 years in Jamaica with celebrated with a symbolic reopening of the branch complete with period dress, horse and buggy and a grand market. The celebrations culminated in a fashion show and fireworks in an effort to bring downtown alive.
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The Gold Mine Effect - Key Note
What is the reason that the worlds best middle distance runners grew up in the same village in Ethiopia? Why are 137 of the world's 500 best female golfers from South Korea? How did one athletic club in Kingston, Jamaica, succeed to produce most of the world's best sprinters? What is the secret behind Brazil's mass production of soccer super stars? For six intense months Rasmus Ankersen, a writer and performance specialist, travelled around the world to crack the secrets of those performance hotbeds. He ran with the Ethiopian Olympic champions in Bekoji, he discussed motivation with the coach of Usain Bolt, played football in the Brazilian favelas and much, much more. In The Gold Mine Effect he presents his surprising conclusions on how any business, organization or team can adopt the high performance secrets of the gold mines. No crap. No empty theories. Only real-life examples and result driven insights on how to grow world class performance.
Views: 1065 Rasmus Ankersen
Scotiabank, The Teller Series, 2011 Episode 1  - The Teller is back!
The Teller is almost 4 years old and we have told stories of many contributors and traveled across the parishes of Jamaica. As a way of showing you just how we have missed you, our audience; we have packaged a look back and what is to come just for you. The Teller now has new music, graphics, new montage and new look so stay tuned and keep watching the Teller...stories to tell
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Sprint #1 2009
followup eature on the JMC/Taboo Energy Drink/Kirdex Transportation Sprint #1 held in st. Ann in February 2009. Produced by Jamspeed Productions Camera: Uten + Alex
Views: 3418 Christopher McFarlane
Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Episode 5 Promo
Promo # 5: Coming up this week---The Teller highlights the pollution of the Kingston Harbour and the effects of this pollution on the Port Royal Community. With the help of Scotiabank and other environmentally aware companies a dent is made into the problem with a major coastal clean-up drive.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Episode 13- Cosmo's Seafood Restaurant
The Teller visits Cosmo's Seafood Restaurant.
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The Teller - Eps. 8 - Kingston City Run
We're extremely happy to be a part of the Kingston City Run since its inception as we help to improve the lives of Jamaicans across the island. See how the ScotiaFoundation contributed to the 5th staging of the event recently.
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Scotiabank, The Tellers Series: Reve Jewellery and Accessories
Scotiabank, The Tellers Series: Reve Jewellery and Accessories The Teller spends the day with brother and sister business partners Duane and Teasea Bennett, aka Reve Jewellery and Accessories.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, 2013 -Shades of Elegance
Growing a winning business...Shades of Elegance in Old Harbour
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Episode 17 - A second chance (The Salvation Army Story)
A deportee and ex-substance abuser, Ferron Boothe got a second chance through the Salvation Army's rehabilitation programme at the William Chamberlain Centre in Kingston. He explains why going to the Centre was one of the wisest decisions he has ever made.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, 2015 - Trench Town Spelling Bee
See children from the Trench Town community utilize spelling as an education tool.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Episode 11 - Pinkney's Farm
Errol Pinkney, owner of Pinkney's Farm, explains how he runs his operation on this episode of The Teller.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Favourite show - Carlington Silburn
Carlington Silburn -- Talking about his favourite episode (Marcia Campbell and Talking Cancer).
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, 2012, Series 1 - Breds Multipurpose Court
St. Elizabeth receives a multi-functional court through a partnership between ScotiaFoundation & Breds Treasure Beach Foundation.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Episode 8 - King Pepper
Dudley Eaton of King Pepper Products talks to the Teller about he got started in the food processing business.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Favourite show - Sheldon Turnball
Sheldon Turnball -- Talking about O&M Doors and King Pepper
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, Episode 15 - Where are they now? Part 1
This week's Teller features four outstanding Scotia Scholars and their efforts to succeed. Trench Town native Coleen Weise tells her story of hard work, dedication and resilience and how a Scotiabank Scholarship in 2003 helped her law career. Three other scholars also speak about their road to success.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, 2012 - Honey Bun
Scotiabank small business customers Honey Bun tells the story behind their tasty products.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series, 2012, Series 1 - Equipment handover to Kingston Public Hospital
KPH receives equipment through partnership between Scotiabank & Hope Charitable Services from the USA.
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Scotiabank, The Teller Series 2015 - Kingston City Run Promo
ScotiaVolunteers participate in the Kingston City Run.
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