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EVERY NUMBER COUNTS - TODAY = 8 A musical scale consists of 8 notes. Why not seven ? Because a scale includes the octave of the first note. There are 7 natural notes (A, B; C, D, E, F and G) but a total of 12 notes if you count sharps and flats. ADY ZEHNPHENNIG German pianist, arranger, composer and orchestrator who worked for television - a.o. for Dieter Thomas Heck, a well known German showmaster and presentator. SOMETHING STUPID One of those songs that will always draw my attention. This great arrangement is a pleasure to listen to and very danceable as well. Ady Zehnpfennig succeeds in his mission, i.e. he makes his multi sounds organ sound like a complete orchestra. An enjoyable combination of a great melody and a superb beat, all brought together in one fabulous arrangement. BLOG NEWS - AMORE MUSICORUM Parts 1, 2 and 3 of our new Blog series "Bert Kaempfert : The man, the music and the magic" have been published and are there for you, ready to be enjoyed ! These 3 episodes focus on the "early Kaempfert years' and thus the words "Beatles", "Polydor" and "Wonderland" are never far away..... The articles include rare and original photographic material as well. If you consider yourself a "true" Bert Kaempfert fan then this new Blog series is something you just cannot ignore... Go to the channel home page, then focus on the banner and then click the Blogger icon (you can't miss it, the name Amore Musicorum is mentioned next to the button) .. You soon will be browsing "galore" and you will discover one "surprise" after another.... We wish you lots of reading pleasure on our blog. NEXT EPISODE IN THE KAEMPFERT SERIES (CFR OUR BLOG) = " The Kaempfert African Sound " (Episode 4 of 24). Stay tuned !
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Maziu y Berti comiendo literatura
Quién no se ha leído (aparte de Berti), Don Alvaro o la fuerza del Sino? La pregunta es.. ¿quién se lo ha comido? Espero que esta entrege os guste, es mi preferida Para ver nuestor blog: http://www.quetecomeshoy.blogspot.com/ Ignorar esto- Led Zeppelin Beatles Pink Floyd Jimi Hendrix Experience Van Halen Queen Eagles Metallica u2 Bob Marley Wailers Police Doors Stone Temple Pilots Rush Genesis Prince Revolution Yes Earth Wind Fire Bee Gees Rolling Stones Beach Boys Soundgarden Who Steely Dan James Brown JBs AC/DC Fleetwood Mac Crosby, Stills, Nash Young Allman Brothers ZZ Top Aerosmith Cream Bruce year years Springsteen E Street Band Grateful Dead Guns N Roses Pearl Jam Boston Dire Straits King Crimson Parliament Funkadelic Red Hot Chili Peppers Bon Jovi Dixie Chicks Foreigner David Bowie Talking Heads Jethro Tull Band Beastie Boys Nirvana Rage Against Chains Orbital Little Feat Duran Duran Living Colour Frank Zappa Mothers of Invention 5 Carpenters Audioslave Pretenders Primus Blondie Black Sabbath Lynyrd Skynyrd Sex Pistols Isaac Hayes Movement R.E.M. Traffic Buffalo Springfield Derek Dominos Jackson Five O'Jays 80. Harold Melvin Blue Notes Underworld 2 Thievery Corporation Motley Crue Janis Joplin Big Brother Holding Company Blind Faith Animals Roots Velvet Underground Kinks Radiohead Scorpions Kansas Iron Maiden Motorhead Judas Priest Orb Cure Coldplay Slayer Black Eyed Peas tom petty and the traveling wilburys bush theme music real myspace crazy lion sleep urban panic guitar soccer mortal kombat spiderman spider man 3 korean scary movie popsicle solo dance family guy cartoon network nickelodeon disney xbox 360 gamecube preview kitty computer harry potter series book movie hello charlie sikitur jake lee colorado united travel six flags water world john singer red vs blue smosh cody eric sam jake laptop kitty cute small funny again hax counter strike bleach manga anime dude weed fuck video shit boy girl women men kids children boobs cool fun sweet apple food fruit restaurant kill ninja ninjutsu sensei star dojo rap queer cole film sarah loc jake super tag movie guitarist asia lesbian hot jam music party body independent gay thong jt xxx hairy fetish guitar blowjob awards argento silverman sexy ear marilyn man dylan manson leroy naked acoustic olds choreography old macking dance sex strip go girl out ways make girls state hot striptis wet kissing argentina lesbos be million men kiss chick sexy lesbo lesbian wine man webcam ok tease nude cruel lesbians ohio model oral wow making heavy all ringtones video death music strapon tribute tribute m Dancing comedy clip dance song stupid crazy tasha songs crazy jimmy san dance haxx0r japan chair asian chinese makeout games xbox playstation xbox360 gameboy kill death best funny psychology dancing los music performance tribute rice redvsblue idol francisco sumo california effects clones world man myself sra gancing naruto manga anime book cartoon network scream cat dog animal hamster rogue ragnarok movie phone couch computer virus windows evolution pokemon ninja jay angeles billy rock fun kets auteurs bananas ted japanese actions college kermit death psychology dancing tv bixby legal music black recorder haines murder business luke child friends by box school reverse car drive master's customers video robinsolo duncan instrumental lead acoustic tapping guitarist guitar slide soundtrack live jam video performance music electronics blues dj bert sxsw ben halter ernie canter scratch lunging sample scordiac trot jason valentino people down usher mraz slow destiny legend you john keys alicia virginia guitar cater child ordinary tune groovy mayer bobby my us boo stopping acoustic jammin' legos lego love it egypt ritter hindustan video ambient reasons perfect douglas stuck music tune dance datsuns hollywood hundred war saarang possien songbeat days rock garage band acoustic solo guitariste awesome erwachen london home swedish lame paris guitarist fast percussion live music guitarist sim angelo good nitro guitar trivium tapping goods berk man instrumental fingerstyle metro band michael air micheal acoustic funny rave popsicle civic skills bâton de magical bubblegum boys cute mom crazy dumb candy lauren singing ray funny angela disney lollipops song bradbury john mellencamp nightmares fadhil lollipop land treats aqua dog licking cat stick sydney baby party sf folk teen affair boy sexi french zuzu movies strip sexy girl lick love seans clip gals japanese sex blowjobs chupa asian scandal girl pinoy grabia funny style porn hot latina cum doggy gives fellatio ganguro haha bj blowjob gal facial hardcore ramen gago shot dog dinner mastercard kantutan oral first goth gothic vamp dark korn bananna steve vai whatever arpeggios ass lollipop sexy webcam
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