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Jeffrey City, Wyoming
Travelling through Jeffrey City, Wyoming. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Why am I wearing a cast? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrZ1rVj_qoA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Wyoming prospecting with Lost Creek Mining near Jeffrey City WY.
Came across an old claim with green nephrite I was saying Jade but it's actually green nephrite. my apologies
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Jeffrey City - A modern day ghost town Pt. 1
Part 1 of our trip to the modern day ghost town of Jeffrey City Wyoming.
Jeffrey City - A Modern Ghost Town
Jeffrey City is a semi-ghost town in central Wyoming. Find out more about the town's short-lived uranium mining history. University of Wyoming Extension Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources http://www.uwyo.edu/ces/programs/ag-and-natural-resources.html Produced by: Ashley Garrelts - Extension Educator David Keto - Extension Media Producer
A Cold War Ghost Town -- Jeffrey City, Wyoming.  360° VR
A VR tour of the semi-ghost town of Jeffrey City in central Wyoming. Originally a small homestead with a post office named "Home on the Range," Wyoming, Jeffrey City boomed into a prosperous uranium mining town. From 1957 until the early 1980's Jeffrey City was a prosperous community with a supermarket, recreation center, new schools, churches and bars. But a series of negative national and global events brought uranium mining to a halt. Within a few years, Jeffrey City's population dropped from thousands, to less than a hundred. What you see here on this video are the remains of Jeffrey City preserved in Wyoming's cool, dry climate. P.S. There is good news. The core of the city is still here with a small population. I would love to see the town's name change back to Home on the Range.
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Exploring Wyoming: Jeffrey City Ghost Town
I thought it would be a good idea to drag my friend Payton out three and a half hours down the road to go check out this ghost town that is down in Jeffrey City, Wyoming. We checked the census and learned that 2010 was the last census done there and only 58 people lived there. And Atlas Obscura said it was one of the best places to visit in Wyoming, so here we are. Also, Rachel had to work otherwise she would have come with us. Also all music is by my brother in laws band: Endelouz. Buy their music here: https://endelouz.bandcamp.com/
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" The Discovery, Development, & Demise of Wyoming’s Atlantic City Iron Mine Presented by Chuck Dah
There is a large hole in the ground high atop South Pass, Wyoming – a hole which has an important and most interesting story; and Jackson is fortunate to have someone intimately involved with that “hole”, who is able to tell the story behind it. The story of Wyoming’s Atlantic City iron ore mine, atop South Pass, is one that grew out of the consequences of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. As a result of an immediate need for steel, the U.S. government built a fully integrated steel plant at Provo, Utah where all the needed raw materials were located within the state or nearby. The steel plant was operated as a government facility until June, 1946 when it was sold to U.S. Steel Corporation. By the early 1950’s the quality and quantity of the iron ore deposits in Utah were diminishing and there was a need to discover and develop a new iron ore source to supply the plant. In June, 1953, U.S. Steel hired Dr. Paul Procter (head of the geology department, Missouri School of Mines) and Chuck Dahl, who was his field assistant, to search for a deposit of taconite iron formation in southern Wyoming. By August of that year they had worked westward to the south end of the Wind River Mountains. Long time Jackson resident, Chuck Dahl, will tell the story of the discovery that he was intimately involved with, and the subsequent development and demise of the Atlantic City iron ore mine at South Pass, Wyoming.
Once The Largest Asbestos Mine in the World -  Canada - Open Pit
Watch in GLORIOUS 1080p @ 60Hz For a long time, the world's largest asbestos mine was the Jeffrey mine, located in Asbestos, Québec, Canada.
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City of Gold, South Pass City - Main Street, Wyoming
From the initial discovery of gold in the mid 1800's to the creation of a state historic site, South Pass City has witnessed much of Wyoming's history. In addition to being the site of Wyoming's first big gold strike, South Pass City was instrumental in Wyoming becoming a territory and ultimately a state. It was the birthplace of women's suffrage, the first territory to grant women the right to vote and hold public office. But South Pass City is perhaps best known as Wyoming's first boom and bust town, with hard working and hard drinking miners, loose women, gambling and the entrepreneurial businesses who profited from their dreams of instant wealth.
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Jeffrey City Wyoming
Real estate values await the discriminating buyer who wants a special getaway in the mountains far from the hectic life of home maintenance and yard work.
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Miners Delight Wyoming
An old gold town in ruins.
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Jeffrey City, Wyoming
An uranium mining ghost town
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7/10 Jeffrey City to Lander, WY
4K Video Diary #3: In this episode, I accidentally discover the zoom button and the importance of filters on microphones.
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Jeffrey City - Main Street, Wyoming
The history of Jeffrey City, Wyoming from its early days when it was called “Home on the Range” through its boom years to its bust days when the new high school that was built but never opened for classes, businesses shut down, and many of the buildings were auctioned off.
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Jeffrey City - A modern day ghost town Pt. 2
Part 2 of our trip to the modern day ghost town of Jeffrey City Wyoming.
Ultimate Rock Hunting 3 / Jade Quest 2017
Traveling to places that only God knows about. The Ultimate Rock Hunter takes you around Wyoming in search of fantastic Agates, Nephrite-Jade and other treasures found only here in the wild west.
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Uranium Mining...with Baking Soda?
Uranium mining in Wyoming has been another one of those boom and bust minerals as you can see from the rise and fall of Jeffrey City. But this time new technologies might make Wyoming more competitive on the global market. Find out how new uranium projects are using baking soda to extract the mineral in situ.
"South Pass City" Ghost Town - Historic Mining Town in Wyoming, USA.
"South Pass City" Ghost Town - Historic Mining Town in Wyoming, USA by American Ghost Towns. South Pass City is an unincorporated community in Fremont County, Wyoming, United States. It is located 2 miles (3 km) south of the intersection of highways 28 and 131. A former station on the Oregon Trail, it became a ghost town after later gold mines were closed. The entire community is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The closest town is Atlantic City, Wyoming. Some people have moved back in, the community has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. For a better Experience turn on Subtitles and translations. Silver City Ghost Town - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0TFUHleLv4&t=0s&list=PLOO0S6n6v01GENe1Z3RhLB60ojgfDH5vd&index=54 "American Ghost Towns" - OFFICIAL Channel Trailer - https://youtu.be/m6KpRBW16y0 All my Video's - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOO0S6n6v01GENe1Z3RhLB60ojgfDH5vd Follow American Ghost Towns on Twitter - https://twitter.com/USAGhostTowns South Pass City on Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Pass_City,_Wyoming About my Channel. Welcome to my channel, the OFFICIAL home of American Ghost Towns, I make video's about Ghost Towns in America and other parts of the world, with the HISTORY and FACTS about these towns. Also video's about Travel and People. Don't Forget to Like, Share and Subscribe here- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOFs9kGfVcPVMBILUokUt9g Thanks for visiting. #americanghosttowns #ghosttowns #abandoned #ghosttown #southpasscity #wyoming #usa #miningtown
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Historic South Pass City and Carissa Mine – A Wyoming Ghost Town – near Lander, Wyoming
Historic South Pass City and Carissa Mine – A Wyoming Ghost Town – near Lander, Wyoming. South Pass City sprang up when gold was discovered in the area in 1866. Up to three thousand people called this town home in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, approximately 35 miles south of Lander. Unfortunately, major gold deposits were never found and by the mid 1870’s the town dwindled to just 100 people. Over the next century the town declined further until the last pioneer family moved in 1949. The town fell into disrepair until the end of the 20th century when efforts were taken to renew the community. The Carissa Mine was the primary economic engine for South Pass City. In 1928 new money helped build a modern mill and support buildings but the precious metals were exhausted in a couple of decades. The gold mine and mill closed permanently in 1949. The Friends of South Pass is a non-profit committed to preserving the rich history of South Pass City. They preserved more than 30 structures and the town is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The Friends of South Pass volunteer, host events & support the historic site financially, making sure South Pass City’s future is bright. An informative website is only a click away: http://www.southpasscity.com/ This sequence was captured with a Canon Vixia HFS-100 camera and edited with Adobe Premier Pro. Music used: "Friday Morning", “Clean Soul” and “Halls of the Undead” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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The Spanish Diggings
Mining has a long and fascinating history in Wyoming.
Wyoming prospecting with Lost Creek Mining
Hunting for green F right after we just got some agates in Sweetwater
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Miner's Delight - Old Gold Mine Ghost Town Wyoming
Miner's Delight is an old gold mining ghost town in Wyoming. Originally named Hamilton City, the town's locals changed it's name to Miner's Delight because of the Miner's Delight mine that was found just about a mile from the where the remains of the town are today. The Miner's Delight was not as large as some towns back in it's time but it still had about 100 full time miners that worked the claims. Find out more: www.lostmines.net
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Jeweler looking for GOLD!!! (Wyoming)
I'm testing my luck in this video. We set out in Lander, Wyoming to pan for some gold. I've been gold panning for years. I'm not that great at it but it's something I really enjoy doing. I was also going to gold detect but someone stole mine. Let me know if any of you guys ever go looking for gold. Follow me on IG: @jacojefinejewelry Visit my website: http://www.jacoje.com
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The Sunrise Mine
Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, prospecting for various ores led to a culture in mining and the emergence of mining towns. This included an old copper mine located in Platte County, Wyoming. While mining for copper was relatively short-lived at the Sunrise Mine, from 1880 until 1887, iron was discovered at the same site and at a time when the price was high enough to warranted mining. Colorado Fuel and Iron Co. began mining at the Sunrise mine in 1898 after a 10-year period of prospecting and exploration. It was common for a mining company to develop a town for its workers and in close proximity of the mine. This was the case for the town of Sunrise, Wyoming. But often these company towns did not include places where miners could “let loose.” With copper mining and then iron, the town of Hartville emerged in 1884, the oldest incorporated town in Wyoming. By the 1900s, there were nine saloons in the town of Hartville (Sunrise was a “dry” town) as well as other establishments for entertainment. During the Old West period, Hartville was the scene of multiple shootings. Many of the victims were cowboys buried at the town’s Boot Hill.
Pot Shots at Monk King Bird Pottery.  Jeffrey City, WY
I spent the summer working in Jeffrey City, WY. This is how Byron "The Mad Potter" and I passed the time.
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Kirwin, Wyoming Abandoned Mining Town
Created on November 1, 2011 using FlipShare. Maureen and Celes' great adventures
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Atlantic City, Wyoming, United States
Atlantic City, Wyoming 2005 - ghost town Atlantic City is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fremont County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 37 at the 2010 census. The community is a small mining settlement in a gulch near South Pass in southwestern Wyoming. It was founded as a mining camp following the 1867 gold rush in the region. The town declined following the end of the placer gold rush in the early 1870s, but continued to exist as advances in mining technology allowed further extraction of gold. From the 1960s until 1983, it was the location of US Steel iron ore mine. The town is accessible by gravel roads from nearby Wyoming Highway 28. The town today has rustic flavor, with a small cluster of residences and the preserved Atlantic City Mercantile store and restaurant along the main road through town. It attracts a small number of tourists in the summer as well. https://youtu.be/idaKGxCmerI Atlantic City Wyoming
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Lander to Jeffrey City
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HD Driving across Wyoming Lander to Muddygap US 287
HD Driving across Wyoming Lander to Muddy gap US 287 - Travel through Jeffrey City, a former uranium mining boomtown, now a ghost town. End at lovely Muddy Gap. We travel along the Oregon Trail and see split rock. Split rock was used as a significant landmark to show the way west for pioneers. Good Teton buddy and associate Dr. Gary Smith has probably retired there now and is reading all of the many books he bought while we worked on the Space Shuttle software. Well he said he would retire there.
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Modern ghost town of Jeffery City, WY Sept 8
Video uploaded from my phone.
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Castle City - ghost town
http://www.skyworks.co.uk - Skyworks were privileged to be able to film over 60 hours of aerial footage from Montana and Wyoming in 2012. The ghost town of Castle City in Montana is a truly spectacular example of ghost towns - and filmed from the air, it looks quite eerie... we've given it a bit of a treatment to show how our aerial footage can be put to work. For more examples of our aerial video footage - all in full HD - go to http://www.skyworks.co.uk
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Another Day in the Life of Byron Seeley: The Mad Potter of Jeffrey City, Wyoming
Archery fun with Byron Seeley at Monk King Bird Pottery in Jeffrey City, Wyoming September, 2014
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Atlantic City, WY
Driving through the old gold mining town of Atlantic City, WY.
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The "Donut"
A unique Pitcher made by Byron Seeley in Jeffrey City, WY
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Exploring for gold. South Pass Wyoming
A quick trip to South Pass Wyoming. Lots of gold still being found there. Lets go look.
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Flythrough - Gold At Rattlesnake Hills Wyoming
Geological flythrough of the Rattlesnake Hills Wyoming Gold structures with Evolving Gold President and Chief Geologist, Dr. Quinton Hennigh.
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Ghost Towns, Wyoming
Roadtrip through Wyoming, passing the ghost town of Jeffrey City music: 16 horsepower
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Lisbon Fluorite/Uranium Mine - Wyoming - 2015
Website: https://www.goldrushexpeditions.com/ Mining Claims for Sale: https://www.goldrushexpeditions.com/s... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldRushExpe... National Bureau of Mines: http://www.nationalbureauofmines.org/ The Lisbon was one of the largest uranium mines in the Big Horn district, if not the largest in the county. The Lisbon was worked on a large, open lens of fluorite. As the fluorite was broken out and the miners worked deeper, they came across Uranium. There are very few claims like this that come up for sale. While uranium prices are low for the time being, it's tough to find a uranium mine that doesn't have an active claim on it, mostly filed by a large corporation. There is quite a bit of speculation from industry experts of increased demand for uranium in the future, and commodity prices almost always follow demand. There are thousands of fossils of all sorts along the veins and fissures including: shellfish, crabs and trilobites. Also, some very high-grade fluorite.
What's in a Name? Encampment - Our Wyoming
Small towns with storied histories dot the Wyoming landscape. In this episode we look at Encampment and how it’s past present and future help make Wyoming unique.
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Kirwin, The Impossible Journey
AdventureMyths.com's Frank Polievka and Jonathan Ness team up with Haunted Hotels of America and travel an extraordinary journey to a remote ghost town deep in the mountains of Wyoming. Clay Johnson and his brother Seth assist in investigating and documenting what was once a thriving mining town and now an eerie reminder of the past. Both teams document the tragic accounts that happened and investigate to determine if any spirits linger in the remaining buildings. Special footage of Amelia Earhart's original cabin, interiors of the mines and abandoned buildings and more.. Release date March 25th, 2014 on AMAZON
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3 gold mines BigHorn Mountain Wilderness
Created by Video Maker:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.videomaker.editor.slideshow
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South Pass City, Wyoming, United States
South Pass City Wyoming 2005 - ghost town South Pass City sprang into existence as a stage and telegraph station on the Oregon Trail during the 1850s. The site of the first settlement in the area was about 9 miles south of present-day South Pass City, at what is today known as Burnt Ranch. Burnt Ranch was located where the Emigrant Trails crossed the Sweetwater River for the last time and ascended toward the South Pass. In 1866, gold was discovered in the vicinity, and a year later prospecting began on what would become the Carissa mine. Prospectors and adventurers quickly arrived and founded South Pass City. Within a year, the community's population had swelled to about 2,000. One of those who arrived in 1869, was Esther Hobart Morris. In 1870 she became the first woman in the United States to serve as a Justice of the Peace.At her urging in 1869, William H. Bright, a saloon owner and representative to the Wyoming Territorial Constitutional Convention, introduced a women's suffrage clause into the territorial constitution. When the constitution was approved by Territorial Governor John A. Campbell in December 1869, Wyoming became the first jurisdiction in the United States to grant women the right to vote, a right which was not granted women nationally until 1920. Within a decade the city's population shrank dramatically, as the large gold deposits that had been hoped for failed to materialize. By the mid-1870s South Pass City's population was reduced to about 100 people. Over the next century the population of South Pass City declined even further, and many of the city's homes, mercantile stores, hotels and saloons fell into disrepair. A few businesses continued to operate in South Pass City, with the last of the pioneer families finally moving out in 1949. By the end of the 20th century steps were being taken to renew the community, and to turn it into an historic site. As a result, the community today consists of two areas: South Pass City, in which a handful of residents live, and South Pass City State Historic Site,[4] which preserves more than 30 historic structures dating from the city's heyday in the 1860s and 1870s. In 1970, the community was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and the town has been extensively documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) in drawings and in photographs, by HABS photographer Jack Boucher https://youtu.be/4EuCw69DTdw South Pass City Wyoming
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Dragline I-80 WY
We spotted this monster west of Rawlins WY. I think the mines name was Black Butte.
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CDR-WY-Aspen Alley
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Finding Ant Mound Garnets In Wyoming,Finding Gems
Nice spot along the Owl Creek mountains Wyoming,mounds full of super nice garnets.
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The empty town of Chugwater, WY
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Exploring Wyoming - Miner's Delight Ghost Town south of Lander
Miner's Delight is one of 3 ghost towns ( South Pass City, Atlantic City, & Miner's Delight ) located southwest of Lander. All three were gold mine boom towns in the mid 1800's. Miner's' Delight is the most remote, and has the best feel of an authentic ghost town. The town was relatively uninhabited from the period of 1870 to 1970, with the last remaining resident abandoning it in 1970. Neat place to visit, with lots of history!
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A Ghost Town - and a snowstorm 4 days after Summer ends...
http://rvacrossamerica.net/a-ghost-town-a-snowstorm-4-days-after-summers-end-and/ A visit to Meeteetse and Kirwin, Wy - A small town of today - and a ghost town of a century ago. A journey into small town America and our past.
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