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Vile - The New Age Of Chaos (Full Album) [2005]
First of all, I don't earn nothing with all the videos, to make it quite clear that ! If the band or the record label didn't like the video, please send me a message in particular that I'll delete the video. Subscribe at my channel and share the videos. Thanks ! Tracklist: 1. Devour (00:00 - 02:06) 2. Deafening Silence (02:07 - 06:51) 3. The New Age Of Chaos (06:52 - 10:13) 4. Suicide Warfare (10:14 - 13:46) 5. Sentenced To Live (13:47 - 17:27) 6. The Burning Shrines (17:28 - 21:35) 7. Ritual Decapitation (21:36 - 25:19) 8. Worldhunt (25:20 - 28:25) 9. Forlorn [Instrumental] (28:26 - 30:04) Band members: Juan Urteaga - Vocals Colin Davis - Guitars Jack Gibson - Bass Tyson Jupin - Drums Guest/Session Musicians: J.J. Hrubovcak - Guitars (lead) Marc Pattison - Guitars (lead) Steev Esquivel - Vocals (track 6) Vile (USA): www.metal-archives.com/bands/Vile/1001 Obs: All rights reserved to Vile.
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Sarcophagus - For We... Who Are Consumed by the Darkness (1996) full album
A direct link is provided below to purchase the album on CD. Links are also given for Sarcophagus, Pulverizer Records and Diehard Music. CD reissue by Blood Fire Death, 2002. CD purchase (Discogs) http://www.discogs.com/Sarcophagus-For-We-Who-Are-Consumed-By-The-Darkness/master/110675 Pulverizer Records CD pressing, 1996. 1. Godless 2. One Black Autumn 3. Die Totenmaske 4. Fuck Pig 5. Agony's Tale 6. Wrath 7. Damned Below Judas 8. Si Piangiamo or Dunque Uniti 9. Breath of Night Sarcophagus (Metal Archives) http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Sarcophagus/7206 Pulverizer Records (Metal Archives) http://www.metal-archives.com/labels/Pulverizer_Records/1469#label_tabs_albums Diehard Music (Official) http://www.diehardmusic.com Promotional and archival purposes only. All rights reserved: Sarcophagus and Pulverizer Records.
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Lunar Hypnosis Webzine's Interview with Peter Kubik of Abigor - February 4, 2003
This a text to video interview conducted with Peter Kubik of black metal legends, Abigor, from February 4, 2003. In the interview Peter mentions future releases, including a new album (they broke up shortly after this interview) and two 7" releases, one of which only happened. I'm planning on creating more videos like this from my old interview days. So, if you enjoy this video remember to like, comment and subscribe to the channel to show support.
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