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Primal Fire Farming | WoW Gold Guide | 5-10k
Today's WoW Gold Guide is all about how to farm Primal Fire. We'll be testing 3 different areas although you can also get Primal Fire farming through mining nodes and alchemy transmutes. These are useful for the Tome of Illusions: Outland, which has drastically increased the price of old world mats in the past month. I completely failed at the first spot in Nagrand. I'd heard of this spot for Primals but never tried it. You want to kill the Raging Fire Souls. For spot number 2, we're in Shadowmoon Valley. You have some rares and more mining nodes here, so there's something to say for it, but you get less primal fire than the next spot and have a chance to die because the fel flames actually do % hp based damage. The best is the Throne of Kil'Jaeden You can also farm Vile Fire-Souls in Blades Edge mountain, but I hate that place. Even though the quests there are pretty cool, it's ugly and boring, so screw that. Even the dragons hate it....but probably for different reasons. :( Add me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanaeckles G+: https://plus.google.com/+WtbgoldBlogspot My Blog: http://wtbgold.blogspot.com Support the Channel Here: https://www.patreon.com/WTBGold
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How to get to Ironforge from Stormwind
This is how to get to the portal that takes you from Stormwind to Ironforge.
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Thorium Brotherhood Reputation Guide | Faction Rewards and Related Info
The following are items required to gain reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood: - Dark Iron Ore x10 = 300 rep - Fiery Core x1 = 2000 rep - Lava Core x1 = 2000 rep - Core Leather x2 = 1400 rep - Blood of the Mountain x1 = 2000 rep Generally, the easiest way to gain rep is to turn in Lava or Fiery Cores since they generate the most rep and are usually the cheapest to purchase on the Auction House. All items can be found in Molten core (Dark Iron Ore is mined by Miners from Dark Iron Veins, and Core Leather is skinning from Core Hounds by those with the Skinning Profession). The rest of the items are drops off of trash. It is best to sell the Blood of the Mountain on the Auction House as they are the most rare and worth the highest value. Lokhtos Darkbargainer is the main Faction representative for Thorium Brotherhood - he sells all faction rewards which can be found by clicking the link below: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=12944/lokhtos-darkbargainer Looking to get to the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths where Lokhtos is? Head to Blackrock Mountain (in the Burning Steppes) and follow the giant chain down by the lava. This will take you to a blood elf who can transport you to Molten Core, or you can take a right and head through the passage to Blackrock Depths. Generally, the easiest way to Blackrock Mountain is from Stormwind for Alliance or from Blasted Lands as Horde. Kudos to tavernscrubs.com for the image of Ragnaros' Legendary 2-handed mace. Want to be kept in the loop as I post more videos? Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/PhilTheVidiot
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How to Make Gold with Disenchanting in World of Warcraft
In today's video, we'll look at how to make gold with disenchanting in World of Warcraft. Method #1: 0:15 You can download tradeskillmaster at http://tradeskillmaster.com or on curse. The desktop app, which allows you to automatically have the server data available without scanning the auction house, is only available through their website. I primarily use this method to restock my miscellaneous enchanting dust on a weekly basis, although you could just flip it or use it to build up a nest egg on a new server. It would also be very useful if you were building up materials for selling profession packs. #2 : 1:46 Google Docs Spreadsheet to figure prices for your realm: http://bit.ly/1B1tdfL Props to Robert Jager for helping me figure out this one. You can disenchant any rare armor that is craftable from when you first learn Draenor professions. However, the ilvl 585 armor pieces disenchant into more Luminous Shards and Draenic Dust than the 540 or 550 ilvl pieces. I didn't put it in the video but you can also craft Tarot cards from Enchanting. Explore your professions and see what you can make. With the spreadsheet, this was interesting for me. It actually explains a little more in depth what we talked about last video where the amount of ore sold across each server had increased 5-10x. Sure factions and servers had merged but this also helps explain that increase in demand. If not only Jewelcrafting is buying ore for disenchanting arbitrage, but now blacksmiths are too, then we can expect a large increase in the quantity of blackrock ore and true iron ore demanded. #3: 4:10 The White Bandit Masks are an absolute staple in the enchanting world. Learn them. Love them. Praise them. Cuddle them. Or hell, disenchant them and sell what they give you. That's probably a better idea. This is an old technique. Oh, on that note. This was recently popularized again by Sterling's "How to Make Gold with Enchanting" post in the consortium. In that post, Sterling mentioned buying and disenchanting Furbolg Medicine Totem from a vendor in Felwood. Those aren't viable at the moment but keep an eye out on your server. It's one of the simplest methods when it works. #4: 5:39 A while back I spent a month creating a web app that would automatically tell you the max price you should pay for any item you plan on disenchanting based on its ilvl and a few other options like guild perks, etc. I didn't put that in the list because its usefulness pales in comparison to WoW-GPS.net. For real. Use the heck out of this site. #5: 6:56 Not gonna blab about JC shuffles because that's something that I'll just end up talking forever about. One thing I'll say. I only had one toon, Reckles, until I made a second toon specifically to make gold from the Cata shuffle I describe here. :) Oh! Also, remember that you can use alchemy to make shadowspirit diamonds out of 3 of each of the uncommon gems. A good rule of thumb is to transmute if the cut shadowspirit diamonds are selling for more than 60g. Otherwise you're better off disenchanting. Last thing, lol. Remember to check Elementium ore, Obsidium ore, and Pyrite ore, when you're searching the Auction House. Pyrite and Obsidium isn't used for much so there's usually a decent supply built up. Good luck! Add me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanaeckles G+: https://plus.google.com/+WtbgoldBlogspot My Blog: http://wtbgold.blogspot.com
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Stormwind Underground Secret
In this video, i'll show you how to get to the secret prison area in Stormwind in patch 3.3. I have no idea if this exploit has ever been done before or discovered. Ok the place in Stormwind is the Player Housing section which is either cancelled or not up yet. The strange area in dun morogh is called Newman's Landing. arthas illidan warcraft 3 frozen throne wrath of the lich king reign of chaos world of warcraft sex dranei night elf blood elf kael thas northrend eastern kingdoms wc3 mount hyjal battle of summit 25man raid archimonde human orc undead black temple zul jin za bear caverns of time private wow trance porn tyranda whisperwind dota song music dance interesting strange WoW world of warcraft PVP season game gold hack of video Free counter strike world of epic raid warcraft comedy macedonia makedonija wow funny powerleveling world warcraft gold guide vendors weath on wealth blizzard ban your account dontbuygold wealthonwarcraft.com wowgrrl making gold guide wow world warcraft gold hack cheat funny farming netherdrake mount veridian frost mage pvp battleground warsong gulch glitch secret patch cheat hack jump stormwind underground area zone trick wall jump 2.4.3 2.4.2 3.3 wsg arathi basin ab eye of the storm eots alterac valley av bg premade organized org karazhan metal gear solid 4 mgs4 snake eater naked solid big boss eva ocelot liquid guide horde alliance leveling cha ching bling rich hundreds world of warcraft WoW gold Hack exploit cheat blizzard money cash free coin copper silver arcane 3.02 wow AH Auction House priest horde gold howto how to how-to wow private server 2.4.2 world of warcraft gadget orlandosentinel worldofwarcraft technology how to make gold fast in world of warcraft wow mining 50 80 WoW world of warcraft dupe duplicate items hack free ebooks WoW world of warcraft gold money rich wow world warcraft gold hack cheat funny farming karazhan guide horde alliance leveling leeroy jenkins ding lvl 70 epic flying mount pvp pve rp rap for the horde World of warcraft - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia onyxia onyxias lair frost fire arcane mage point of view secret area dps wipe indian even groups to the left odd groups to the right world of warcraft - gold farming guide - zangarmarsh various herbs not much draenei to do here if you're really looking for money, 3.0 2.4 teleport blink portal wotlk wrath of the lich king burning crusade but it's a good low-level farming spot and it will. Making wow gold guide - world of warcraft some of the best secret gold farming areas/zones in world of warcraft again, this is how i made my money i've been playing this game since more dots the first week it came out and i've. World of warcraft - gold farming guide - rare monsters currency: language wow farming leveling us world of warcraft us gold world of warcraft eu gold lord of the. Wow gold, world of warcraft gold world of warcraft - gold farming guide - rare monsters what do you want to hunt normal rare monsters (solo) or elite rare monsters (group). tsw tsvv thestrongwar eu stormscale World of Warcraft wotlk Northrend death knight 80 pvp pve kill warlock mage priest paladin hunter warrior rogue shaman death knight druid
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Ironforge The High Seat
For The Horde Achievement Browncoats + others Sentinels 7/9/2009
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Sinshroud's Ironforge Limited Supply Route -- 3 Minutes 32 Seconds = 7g Cost, +-1,000g Profit
I recommend checking out the original post that can be found on The Consortium Forums (www.consortium.stormspire.net) because it contains a transcript of all the vendors that I buy from, their items and my recommended selling prices. A while ago I released my Outlands Limited Supply Guide and it was a huge success, and this kind of strategy can be applied all over the World of Warcraft. This is a quick video on how you can make a little bit of gold in just under5 minutes - great strategy for new players looking to make gold and a nice strategy for advanced players looking to make that gold income stream just a little bigger :) Somethings to keep in mind: - Not all the items listed below were available in the video due to them not spawning at that time. - My purchase prices might be a bit lower than yours if you are not Exalted with Ironforge. - Yes the profit IS server dependent, and they do sell differently on different servers. Generally if there aren't any up, you should just throw the item up for 80-150g because in reality 150g is next to nothing at level 85.
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Ironforge Repülőtér
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How to Obtain and Craft the Jeweled Panther Mounts
Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video showing how you can learn and create the Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Sunstone and Jade panther mounts from Mists of Pandaria. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zabian_ LIke my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zabian-WoW-456872867828547/ if you want my video's to be directly added to your content feed then click the subscribe button! Music obtained from - www.incompetech.com. Some cut images in this video may have been obtained from wowhead.com
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[Warlords] Profession Trainer Locations!
So trainer locations are a little awkward to explain. In Warlords we don't have any trainers, or at least we don't on the beta right now. To learn your next lot of crafting you'll need to find a scroll. Hit play above to see how it all pieces together. Horde Quests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJjLxAXpCmM ------------------- Interested in supporting the channel? Consider making a small contribution in the tip jar! ( http://bit.ly/KelaniTipJar ) You can follow my movements on facebook and twitter! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KelaniScar Twitter: https://twitter.com/kelaniscar ------------------- Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music & MachinimaSound.com Current outro: Rallying the Defense - MachinimaSound
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Poison Vendor, Dalaran.
Pretty dumb guide/tutorial but people keeps asking where it's located. http://www.mond-wow.com
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How to get your Peon's Mining pick, for Alliance.
Combine with Preserved Mining pick, that drop off Mining carts inside your garrison mine, for incredibly fast mining results.
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Patch 4.0.3a New Quartermasters (Alliance Only) + Tabards!
Me showing you guys the new Quartermasters of the Major Cities! Also a add flight-point change. Yes, indeed.
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blowing up ironforge
name speaks for itshelf
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Stream info twitch.tv/eclipsoo
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Where is Reagents Vendor in Thunder Bluff - Vanilla WoW  Elysium
She can be found walking around the pond in the lower rise
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Where to Reforge in Stormwind
Rate Comment and Subscribe :D
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WoW MoP 5.3 Guide: How to get Exalted with any faction that has a tabard!
Heres a tutorial on how to get LOADS of REP with any faction that has a TABARD you can buy! E.G. Stormwind, Ironforge, Gilneas ect. 1 run= 1.6k rep! 1 run= 5-6min! 1 hour= 12k+ rep! Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/apex9900
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WoW: Best Arcane Crystal Farming Spots - Farm/Gold Guide
In this video I show you the 3 best mining locations to obtain the Arcane Crystals that will go for quite some gold on the auction house. Please note that it also depends on your server's economy on how much this item will be worth. I sell them at around 250 gold each. You can get Arcane Crystals by mining the Thorium Ore. There are 3 spots where you can farm for those crystals. It's also recommended to have a mining skill that is at 200+ before you start doing that farm. The first spot is in Winterspring. What you wanna do is fly around clockwise and when you see a Thorium Ore, mine it to obtain the Arcane Crystals. The second spot is in Un'Goro Crater. The reason I like Un'Goro is because of the layout of zone. It's actually one big loop around the map which makes it very nice to farm there. But please note that you might face some competition. The third spot is in Silithus. Fly clockwise for one hour if you want a decent amount of Arcane Crystals. Once you have enough Arcane Crystals you can then sell them onto the auction house. World of Warcraft playlist ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRmK1G-6W3E&list=PLA7e_OH-r99ypW3na1IOpk1UrRS6p3c9a World of Warcraft Addons playlist ➜ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA7e_OH-r99wXUTYPkcP-FwCqXp5RCs0p ▼ Follow me! Facebook: https://facebook.com/xscarlifegaming Twitter: https://twitter.com/xScarlife Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/xScarlife Buy Games Cheap: https://www.g2a.com/r/xscarlife NoScope Gaming Glasses: https://www.noscopeglasses.com/gaming-glasses?tracking=xscarlife ►Subscribe for more videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/BelgiumGuides?sub_confirmation=1
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How to get Exalted With Darnassus Again..
No reason, Why not. New playlist The Prodigy - Breathe (Zeds Dead remix) Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead remix) Tchaikovsky - Overture 1812 (Finale) The Chain Gang of 1974 - Undercover
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WALKING From Silithus to Winterspring
Yeah... Well I figured you guys probably didn't wanna sit through the whole thing so only the last couple of minutes are 1x speed the rest is set to 32x speed with some loud ass music :) Song: Position Music - Shadow Dance (Jeff Broadbent)
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Seminko: Arathi Basin Portal 3.3.5
How to get behind the Arathi Basin portal in Arathi Highlands. Unfortunatelly further down the cave there is an unpenetrable invisible wall. I tried unstucking myself, blinking, fearing my buddy, even my pet cant get through the wall. If anyone finds out how to get behind the wall, please let me know.
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Where is Reagents in Orgrimar \ How to Get Reagents in Orgrimar
In this video you will learn how to find Reagents In Orgrimar Subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOwgMegmYXCoJkvIEzVGyeQ/feed
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How to Find Herbalism Trainer in Orgrimmar
finally found it after almost an hour looking and circling around orgrimmar. please don't ask me why i didn't google it in the first place. i didn't know either. xD
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This Food Sells for 50K GOLD!!! Fresh Talbuk Meat Patch 7.3
In this video we are farming for Fresh Talbuk Meat , a food needed by hunters to tame beasts on Argus. -For cheap games and wow-gametime visit: http://www.g2a.com/r/studen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/studenalbatroz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Twitter : twitter.com/studenalbatroz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/studenalbatroz/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Discord : https://discord.gg/DH5fD9U ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Studen-albatroz-wow-gold-guides/560023437471813 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Quick Guide | Silverleaf, Peacebloom, and Earthroot Farming
Today we're showing where to farm silverleaf, peacebloom, and earthroot in WoW. Farming these herbs is simple for the most part and they're available in all starting zones, but in this quick guide, we'll show you the best one and a recommended route for silverleaf farming. Recommended Videos: Deep Dive Silverleaf, Peacebloom, & Earthroot: https://youtu.be/Vl9Z7nUWh3I How Much Should I Farm? https://youtu.be/HvEcwzYZqLk Herbalism Playlist: http://bit.ly/2wkVB2Z Goldmaking 101 and TSM Setup: https://youtu.be/Uw59obZlxWA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanaeckles Support: https://www.patreon.com/WTBGold
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WoW Glitch - Old Kargath - Dubisttot
Hey there guys, Dubi here! I hope you enjoyed this video, I put a lot more time than I usually do into this video (I played around with a few things and testing something new at the end). It would mean a lot if you could give it a thumbs up and leave a comment letting me know what you think!
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Alliance bank glitch, done right.
A tutorial on how to use a glitch next to the auction house to get behind the alliance bank.
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World Orgrimmar Arena - 3.3.5
How to get to Orgrimmar Arena by Bosík. What you need: Levitate This way I find myself. And that I filmed with Fraps.
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Blackschmith questline [ THORIUM BROTHERHOOD] Vanilla-Stormrage
Farming Reputation + Recipies 120x Steel 230x Mithril 40x Iron 230x Throium 6x Cirtrine 5x Truesilver 24x Thickleather 20x Mageweave
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WoW BFA - Formula: Enchant Weapon - Masterful Navigation Rank 3 (Alliance)
World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth - From where to get Formula: Enchant Weapon - Masterful Navigation Rank 3 (Alliance)
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Where is Mining Trainer in Undercity \ How to Get Mining Trainer in Undercity
In this video you will learn how to find Mining Trainer in Undercity PLS Subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOwgMegmYXCoJkvIEzVGyeQ/feed
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Fishing in Ironforge
Just me messing around leveling my fishing Name: Archai Server: Silvermoon EU
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WoW Bengal Tiger Vendor Location [Old WoW]
There was never actually a vendor that spawned here selling a mount, though everyone thinks there was. There may have been in the alpha or beta, but upon release there was obviously never actually a vendor that randomly spawned lol.
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WoW GOLD EXPLOIT WotLK!! (yes this is a live server) [no password or account info required]
Blizzard made a mistake while updating everything to Wrath of the Lich King... They made an item you can buy at a vendor in Lion's Pride Inn (Goldshire) worth more than the vendor price (so you can sell it back for more than you bought it). skip to exploit: click the middle of the bar and it will be close to the exploit Youtube made me change my song so now its bodies by drowning pool
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How to get to the Booty Bay Flight Path
How to get to the Booty Bay Flight Path! Pause anytime so that you can follow the steps at your own time. one of the trickiest flight paths to find. :)
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Endless Companion Vs Orgrimmar
Jeremiahweed and the endless companion glich Vs orgrimmar. yea...
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I'm in ur town using ur anvil.(ELUNE)
Was a 10g bet that i couldnt get into ironforge and make something at the anvil.
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Diversions | World of Warcraft (Part 2) | 'A Trip to Ironforge'
Diversions is a little side-series of mine where I play whatever I feel like and upload it. On today's diversion, I continue my WoW experience, as Slimecrumb takes a trip to Ironforge to complete some duties. | Relevant Info | World of Warcraft: http://battle.net/wow | My Links | Twitter: https://twitter.com/SlimeTheKing Blog: http://slimetheking.co.uk/ Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/slimetheking One-time donation: http://pitchinbox.com/pages/6553594260
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How to: Get into the Ring of Valor
This guide shows me getting into and describes how to get into the Ring of Valor in Orgrimmar, normally blocked by the invisible walls around it.
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[HD] Wildhammer Wedding Cinematic (World of Warcraft)
The last quest in the chain to arrange and defend the wedding in northern Twilight Highlands.
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World of warcraft Winterspring cub companion guide
For this pet you need to go to Winterspring and to the town Everlook, walk inside the inn and buy the pet for 45 gold.
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Glitch under dalaran 6.0.3
small glitch under Dalaran where you can have a look mess about and see Dalaran from a different view you can also get to a little area only engineers can access using the wormhole generator First video if you enjoyed it please dont forget to subscribe and drop a like.
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Where is Xur'ios vendor WoW Dalaran
This video shows Xur'ios vendor WoW Dalaran Legion Location. Xur'ios located near the Dalaran Bank. Xur'ios is the vendor, that sells gear for Curious Coin World of Warcraft is a mmorpg virtual online game created by Blizzard. One of the most addicting games you can find.
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Small Egg Farming
This shows you the best spot to farm Small Eggs, its just outside Silvermoon City. Small Eggs are very valuable during certain holidays and even out of season can be a great source of income for something to farm at lvl 4.
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World Of Warcraft Stormwind Stockade Pull
I Pull The Stormwind Stockade And AOE Them Down And Sell The Goods To A Vendor
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Where is Herbalism Trainer in Darnassus \ How to Get Herbalism Trainer in Darnassus
In this video you will learn how to find Herbalism Trainer In Vanilla Darnassus Subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOwgMegmYXCoJkvIEzVGyeQ/feed
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World of Warcraft Goldmaking: Frozen Orb Flip
You can buy frozen orbs for fairly cheap and then trade them in for eternal fires for a profit. Even profit from vendors occasionally.
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How to: Pilgrim's Bounty - Thanksgiving Holiday Achievement Guide! Plus Cooking 1-430 Cheap!
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9990058D19D78D92 Mists of Pandaria & Blizzcon Playlist - Click to Watch ALL! Please click the subscribe button above as well as thumbs up, favorite, and comment (^_^)v FREE Gold & Leveling Guides: http://www.tarouwowguides.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/TarouWoWGuides Facebook: http://facebook.com/tarouwowguides How to: Pilgrim's Bounty - Thanksgiving Holiday Achievement Guide! Plus Cooking 1-430 Cheap! Hey everyone. I just want to quickly say thank you for all your support and helping me reach 200 videos on my YouTube channel. I do all of this for you guys and girls and hope to do another 200 successful videos and beyond. Mad hearts. This year's Pilgrim's Bounty began, November 20th and ends November 26th, early morning. This is a pretty easy Holiday Achievement and worth doing whether you're looking to finish your "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been" meta achievement, if you're wanting to snag a Plump Turkey, the Pilgrim title, or if you're just bored looking for something fun to do. To get started, look at which achievements you haven't done and try to focus on them first. I'll use a character that has zero achievements and guide you through the whole holiday quest line and achievements... How to do the Pilgrim's Bounty Achievements How to do the Pilgrim's Bounty Thanksgiving Holiday How to do the Pilgrim's Bounty Thanksgiving Quest How to level Cooking fast and easy How to play World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Special thanks to all my friends, subscribers, Adobe, Blizzard, Fraps, and anyone I left out (^_^)v. Intro/Outro & Transitions by http://www.youtube.com/taurimovies Guild: Tarou WoW Guides & Power Rangers Server: Sargeras - US AH Addons: Auctioneer, Auctionator, APM, Postal Addons: DBM, Recount, Omen Copyright 2011 © Tarou's WoW Guides World of Warcraft® and Blizzard Entertainment® The music in this video is provided royalty free. (Creative Commons License) Song: Misuse, Cognitive Dissonance Music by: http://incompetech.com/ © 2001-2008 Kevin MacLeod
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