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Sheffield & District Wireless Society, together with friends from the Worksop Amateur Radio Society, The Sheffield HF DX Group and the 93 Contest Group, make their second joint Dxpedition to the Isle of Arran in Scotland, EU123. Callsigns used were GM2AS outside contest hours and GM5TO during the contest.
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EJ0PL - RSGB IOTA Contest 2012
EU-103 Little Saltee Island
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9M2SE Perhentian Island IOTA AS-073 Activation
Malaysian Special Expedition Team activates Perhentian Besar Island IOTA AS-073 from 1st May to 3rd May 2013. Our operators are Piju 9M2PJU, Khairul 9M2KRZ, Rizal 9M2RDX, Azuddin 9M2CIO and Jack SP5APW who also operating as 9M2/SP5APW from 30rd April to 7th May 2013. 9M2SE IOTA AS-073 logs uploaded to clublog and hrdlog, 568 CW QSOs and 20++ SSB QSOs.
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N1MM contest logging program
Trying to set the program op
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RSGB Convention lecture 2017 - Latest developments in IOTA
The IOTA Management Team consisting of Roger, G3KMA and Cezar, VE3LYC describe a year of marked progress, made possible by the introduction of QSO-matching with logs on Club Log as a means of confirming IOTA contacts. They also make much of the launch of the new IOTA website, the accompanying software underpinning the programme, and the construction of a database of island operations to enrich the experience of island chasing.
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Join us for the Logs and Miles 4 Puttinu tomorrow.
N1MM Logging by Sale - 9A3XV
www.qrz.com.hr 16.05.2015.
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10m ARRL Contest & Missing Log
Goats and I decide to play in the 10m ARRL contest on top of Mt Herman. We put up a Buddipole 2-el 10m yagi and with 5-watts QRP we work the world. It was AWESOME! But can't prove it because my goat Rooster ate all the log sheets. ...Dang Goat!
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N1MM Contest Logger for the beginner
A quick demo on how to download and install N1MM for the first time. Aimed at my Wythall Radio Club colleagues.
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PI4AMF/P actief in RSGB IOTA contest vanaf EU-146
29 en 30 juli werd de Islands on the Air (IOTA) contest gehouden. Om de wereldwijde deelnemers aan deze radiowedstrijd van wat extra punten te voorzien, besloten Maarten (PA3EYC), Gerard (PD0PIW) en Gert (PA2LO) om de zondag van de contest naar Goeree-Overflakkee (EU-146) te rijden. Om 5.30 uur vertrokken de mannen uit Nijkerk richting Zeeland. Op een mooie locatie aan het water werden twee stations opgebouwd, één voor CW en een voor SSB. Om klokslag 8.00 waren de stations, die als PI4AMF/P actief waren, in de lucht. Aan het eind van de contest, om 14.00 uur, stonden bijna 450 QSO’s in het log.
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13PCF and 341DA/0
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spiderbeam HD
How to build a Spiderbeam ?
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IOTA expedition 7V2PI
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Beaumont Winsdsor RSGB IOTA CONVENTION 2014
Views: 749 F4FET Gil
Vidéo de l'expédition et du participation au concours IOTA 2011. Equipe: FG0NC FG1DD FG1JD SWL (FG-20ACRA, Jean, Gary, Liza)
Views: 134 FG5KC
G2F - RSGB IOTA Contest 2010 Part 2
video showing part of the operation of G2F by Wisbech Amateur Radio & Electronics Club for the RGSB IOTA Contest 2010.
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Description of the Pacific Northwest Superstation, W7DRA, starting the 2015 CQ WPX CW contest
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341DA/0 - East Timor
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Motorbike Logging Transport  on Most Extreme Roads
Motorbike Logging Transport on Most Extreme Roads
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341DA/0 Timor island, by 43DA234 and 43DA001.
Split 5 to 10 up. RSGB Iota ref: OC148 Timor island.
OZ/DL8KX Iota-Mon Island EU-029 2010-1.AVI
OZ/DL8KX EU029 IOTA 2010
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MORE INFOS http://www.sugar-delta.fr/viewpage.php?page_id=41 http://www.sugar-delta.org/viewpage.php?page_id=34 73s Carlos 14sd446
Mircules HAM QuickLog - 30 sec overview
Mircules HAM QuickLog is great new HAM radio logging software for the iPad, for quick and easy HAM Logging. Go to http://www.hamquicklog.com or http://www.mircules.com/ham-quicklog/ for more info This handy app helps you to quickly and easily log amateur radio contacts while on the air. Features: - Create as many new log files as you want. Supports create, modify and delete functionality. - Only fill in a few fields to log a contact; most fields are optional or have a default value already filled in. - Shows instantly all necessary info, after entering a call sign. Country, ITU zone, CQ Zone, DXCC nr, number of contacts etc… - Possibility to add extra notes (scratchpad) to every log file. - Supports the ADIF and CSV formats for import and export of contacts. - Importing is possible using iTunes or using a URL to a file on the internet. - View operator info in HAMQTH.COM and QRZ.COM. - View country info in Google Maps. - For SOTA and IOTA activations, the activation fields, IOTA, MY_IOTA, SOTA_REF and MY_SOTA_REF are available on screen and in the import / export of logfiles. - Supports a special Contest Mode with dupe checking and automatic update of TX EXCH, if so desired. - Import HAMQTH.COM operator info automatically into your log entry, if so desired. 73 de PA1CA http://www.pa1ca.nl
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7QNL (OP: PA3FYM) Malawi DXpedition May-June 2014
'Holiday style' DXpedition to Malawi in 2014. The special (but unusual) callsign 7QNL was issued to me. It was my plan to participate in the CQWPX CW 2014 contest. However, lots of stations were not able to log what they heard in the air (namely 7QNL) due to incompabilities with their logging software (?? !) This resulted in slowing down rates to such a pathetic extent that I went to bed after calling for almost two hours, having only 12 QSO's (!) in the log, while just before the start of the contest I had pile ups in 'DX mode' with SSB-rates of around 90/hr. To reduce frustration I begged for an additional licence the next day, and got 7Q0NL. 7Q0NL reached 3rd place in Africa (continent). This video also attempts to demonstrate that building vertical dipole arrays (VDA's) is very simple. But... also demonstrates VDA's are 'performant' anywhere and not 'only' above salt water, like people are indoctrinated to believe. Thanks to everybody who called 7QNL and 7Q0NL! QSL via PA1AW. Disclaimer: this was/is my first video edit project with Kdenlive.
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IOTA 2012 - Shack
My working conditions for the RSGB IOTA Contest 2012.
Views: 237 James Patterson
3W8DX Vietnam DX-Pedition
DX-Pedition to Hanoi Vietnam 1988 3W8DX - 3W8CW By HA5PP, HA5MY, HA5WA, HA5BBC We made more than 63000 contacts and took participate on CQ-WW DX SSB / CW and Japan DX contests
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CQ WW WPX Contest S50A Slovenia
CQ World Wide WPX SSB Contest march 29th and 30th 2014 10 meter band logs
TO5O Martinique K5PX KJ5Y CQ WW SSB Contest
CQ WorldWide SSB Contest Log October 25th - 26th 2014
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MX0SNB CQWW WPX SSB Ham Radio Contest 2016 during Storm Katie
Inside the MX0SNB portable field day shack for CQWW WPX SSB Ham Radio Contest, 26-27 March 2016. The storm eventually destroyed our 20 metre beam (which was on the ground) and we very nearly lost the caravan awning!
Views: 1603 George Smart
RSGB SSB FD September 2011
Alan GM4TOQ making contact with a station having difficulty hearing us in the pile-ups so common during busy contests! Craig MM6YUJ is logging with Charlie GM8XGI and Kenny MM0ZUN looking on. Shot by Campbell 2M0RRO
zawody cw w SP6ZDA 09.09.2016
SP6NIC i SP6DRT w trakcie zawodów cw. Nic ciekawego...:)
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TK0C Corsica Island. From dxnews.com
S53CC, S53XX, S57VW, S53ZO, S55OO, S50P, S57C will be active from Corsica Island (IOTA EU-014) in CQ WW DX CW Contest 28 - 29 November 2015 as TK0C. http://dxnews.com/tk0c/
Handing Out a QTC during WAE SSB 2018
Here is what it sounds like to hand out a QTC during WAE. I wish i was able to record the RX audio but I recorded it to see how I can improve sending QTCS. Already learned to stick with one set of phonetics. QTC Is repeating my log back to an operator. You start with a QTC number, Time, call and report.
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HB0/ON6NB DXpedition 17-23 september 2012
ON4CAU active on 17m in CW
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Arkansas Traveler, 90 beats per minute
Visit BluegrassDaddy.com for more videos at different speeds, practice MP3s, tablature, and a measure-by-measure lesson. The Arkansas-based version of the Traveler is said to have begun in 1840. Colonel Sanford Faulkner got lost in rural Arkansas and asked for directions at a humble log home. Faulkner, a natural performer, turned the experience into an entertaining presentation for friends and acquaintances in which the Traveler was greeted by the Squatter at the log cabin with humorously evasive responses to his questions. Finally, the Traveler offered to play the second half, or "turn," of the tune the Squatter was playing on his fiddle. The tune was the "Arkansas Traveler." In his happiness at hearing the turn of the tune, the Squatter mustered all of the hospitality of his household for the benefit of the Traveler. When the Traveler again asked directions, the Squatter offered them but suggested that the Traveler would be lucky to make it back to the cottage "whar you kin cum and play on thara'r tune as long as you please." At approximately the same time Faulkner began performing the "Traveler," a similar performance of the "Arkansas Traveler" tune and a related dialogue emerged outside the state. One cannot tell with certainty which version came first. According to Thomas Wilson, writing in Ohio History in 1900, customers were attracted to the Golden Fleece Tavern in Salem, Ohio, by performances of the "Traveller" before 1852. While the Arkansas-based version of the dialogue portrayed tensions based upon differences among people from Arkansas—such as urban versus rural or wealthy versus poor—most versions told the story from the Traveler-as-outsider perspective, taking an uncomplimentary view of the state. Mose Case, an albino African-American entertainer from Buffalo, New York, performed the Traveler and his version ended by declaring that the Traveler "has never had the courage to visit Arkansas since!" The Case version was published in 1863 and distributed widely. The Tune The sheet music to the tune was first published in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1847 as "The Arkansas Traveller and Rackinsac Waltz," arranged by William Cumming. No one was credited with the composition. If not from the folk tradition, the tune was most likely written by Jose Tosso, a classical violinist and composer who lived in Cincinnati and was locally famous for his version of the "Arkansaw Traveler." Several others, including Faulkner and Case, have also been credited with its composition. Over the years, the "Arkansas Traveler" has become one of the most recorded tunes in American history. Len Spencer (Feb 12, 1867 -- Dec 15, 1914) was an elocutionist and recording artist whose performed speeches, skits, and songs. His most successful recording was the Arkansas Traveler, the most popular recording in America in 1902. Charles D'Almaine played the fiddle on the recording.Dialogue of the Arkansas Traveler by Len Spencer, Edison Records [1902]. Traveler -- Why how do you do, boss? What might your name be? Squatter (playing the verse of the Arkansas Traveler throughout the performance) -- Hey, what made you think I was boss here? T -- Well, I just guessed it. S -- Well, guess what my name is. Haw, haw. T -- Well, how far is it to the next crossroads? S -- Well, you just follow your nose and you'll come to it. Haw, haw. T -- Where does this road go to? S -- Why it don't go anywhere. It says right where it is. Haw, haw. T -- Down the road I saw a horse with a broken leg. Now why don't you kill it. People generally kill a horse with a broken leg. S -- Round here we generally kill a horse with a shotgun. Haw, haw. T -- you're a pretty smart fellow, ain't ya? S -- I ain't half as smart as my brother Bill. T -- Who is your brother Bill? S -- Why my mother's son, of course. Haw, haw. T -- Say, I noticed a hole I the roof of your house. Why don't you get it fixed? S -- Because it's been raining lately. T -- Why don't you get it fixed when it's not raining? S -- When it don't rain, it don't leak. Haw, haw. T -- For pity's sake, play the rest of that tune, will you? S -- Now look here. I just reckon there's no man living smart enough to do that. T -- Yes there is. I think I can if you let me...Ah, thank you. (Plays the chorus of the Arkansas Traveler.) S -- Well, by chowder stranger, you're the smartest man alive, you be. Come right in. Come right in. You can have anything in my place. Come on in. Haw, haw.
E2X Thailand worked on 10 SSB in CQWW 2015
http://hamradioireland.blogspot.com E2X in Thailand worked on 10 metres SSB in CQWW using my Antron 99 vertical antenna.
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QSO-Party 2009
DL7AOS in der QSO-Party 2009: Nette Party mit vielen bekannten Calls im Log. Das 80m-Band war rappel-voll, 40m ging wegen des zu langen Skip nicht so gut innerhalb DL. Danke an Sylke, DO5SY, Kamerafrau und Küchenfee... :-)
Views: 1230 DL7AOS
UR5EQF configurar concurso CQ RJ WW RTTY
UR5EQF configuracion concurso CQ RJ WW RTTY
Views: 2608 Joaquin G. Garcia
CQ WPX SSB 2010 - PY5GA @ ZW5B
Contest : CQ World Wide WPX Contest Callsign : PY5GA Mode : PHONE Category : Multi Operator - Multi Transmitter (MM) Overlay : --- Band(s) : All bands (AB) Class : High Power (HP) Zone/State/... : Locator : GG54KL Operating time : 48h01 BAND QSO DUP PFX POINTS AVG ----------------------------------- 160 0 0 0 0 0.00 80 182 2 30 851 4.68 40 667 9 282 3650 5.47 20 1499 42 306 4385 2.93 15 2842 87 681 8344 2.94 10 1669 50 288 4781 2.86 ----------------------------------- TOTAL 6859 190 1587 22011 3.21 =================================== TOTAL SCORE : 34 931 457 Operators : PY5KD, PY2WC, PY2KC, PU2MZI, PY2KJ, PY2YU, PP5XX, PU5OGE, PU5RAS, PY2EL, PP5EG, PY5NW, PY5CA, PY3VK
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GP3ZME/P Amateur Radio Club Trip or Dxpedition to the Island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands
Amateur Radio Club Trip or Dxpedition to the Island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands Iota eu-114 in 2012 by members of the Telford and district Amateur radio society using Mircowave bands VHF and HF bands 10 ghz 5ghz 2.3 ghz 1.2 ghz 70 mhz 50 mhz 144 mhz HF bands.
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Newark Sigma Beta Club Pledge ~ JCW
Sigma Community Enrichment Initiative (SCEI) is a Non-Profit organization that underwrites the activities of Phi Beta Sigma - Chi Sigma Chapter Sigma Beta Club. For more information about SCEI please contact Jenabu C. Williams, Executive Director @ [email protected] @ Twitter: @Sigma_Mentor or log onto: SCEIFoundation.org
5P9Z DXpedition 2013
5P9Z DXpedition 2013 Bornholm Island - EU-030 / OZFF-030 / OZFF-038
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La seconda parte del contest CWOps OPEN COMPETITION del 31 Agosto 2013
Gig Log: Delta Sigma Theta (Scholarship Dance)
DJ MikeDub & DJ KD Like, Share, Comment https://youtu.be/GqrywRutb5c
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DXpedition Planning
What you as a DXpedition contributor, supporter, or sponsor need to know.
Views: 1302 Ralph Fedor
341DA/0 Booming today in Finland 4.4.2013
341DA/0 East Timor
Views: 40 56SD113
W9WNV in Helsinki   1 Legendary DX Peditioner of the 1960's
Don Miller and FW8ZZ The FW8ZZ DXpedition of 1966 included one of the greatest tragedies in modern DXpeditioning history. Two men were lost when mother-nature showed her mighty power. After leaving Wallis Island, Chuck Swain, K7LMU and, Ted Thorpe, ZL2AWJ were lost at sea, leaving no traces, while many DXers were asking whether logs were safe. It was another sad element added to this great loss. Don A. Miller, W9WNV was a trend-setter and a DX luminary of modern DXpeditioning. His operating skills were beyond anything previously seen. He directed the pileups day and night through many new and rare countries, and in doing so, left his marks in moving the traffic efficiently. Few DXers know that he invented “5NN” and set the scene for the skilled usage of the split window, which is still a mystery to many regular DXpeditioners. Don was – and still is – one of the Eternal Enigmas of DXing. He is one of the Mysteries of the Ages, who contributed to the meaning of the long-lived phrase “DX Is!” Don joined Martti’s birthday party in Finland at Christmas 2016. Together they pointed the World Atlas toward the distant horizon, and in the wee hours they jointly said: “Maybe once more to one more!” Don in his 80th year just did the Highland, California 10K run, while Martti at 70 is just preparing for a Canary Islands (EA8) 48-hour run! DXers are tough bunch!
Views: 3171 Juhani Lehtosaari

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