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The Death of White Guilt | Stefan Molyneux in Perth, Australia
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AUSTRALIA's DEVIL'S TOWER.... Hanging Rock! Weird stuff! Giant statue/Tree Stump?
Is this a carving of the fallen Angel? Hanging rock, Victoria (Mount Diogenes) is truly Bizarre. It is a 'volcanic plug', or so they say! This makes it rather similar to the creepy Devil's Tower, and this place is also known for `abductions' albeit fictional ones! I believe that many of the vertical volcanic elements of this could encapsulate a fossilised forest of sorts. The place is just so strange and bizarre and different, I am really not quite sure to make of it all. On the one hand we have this statue of a fifty foot tall giant... or is he a fossilised tree or merely basalt left over from the volcano? To me, he seems to have been carved somewhat, but why who or what? We also have this crocodile-like formation which is also odd! My theory on all this is that a forest was buried, with trees far more ancient than are seen today, but not totally unlike the trees of today. Perhaps these were similar to large banksias, which are the previous type of Eucalyptus. Then, the trees were covered over and quickly buried. Then they were fossilised. What remains is a mixture of fossil trees and volcanic crystal basalt. At least in some respects some tree imprints and grains appear, strangely to be preserved! Then there is the curious story `Picnic at Hanging Rock', in which some schoolgirls on a daytrip go missing. Look, the whole story is completely fictional. Having said that there is indeed a force of sorts at work, possibly something geomagnetic, or such, which is causing a type of attachment to the landscape. a TRAILER to this vid is available on my Dr. Charles Kos facebook! Links and Music Attribution: New MAIN SITE: http://www.charleskos.com/ Old School Website http://charles.kos.id.au/ Facebook (NEW Video Trailers!) https://www.facebook.com/CharlesKosPhD/ Book https://www.amazon.com/Search-Origin-Pyramids-Lost-Gods/dp/0987420828/ Videos collected together http://www.whatisgiza.com/ My publishing website: http://plusultrabooks.com.au/ "Music by Garnett Leary https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BytIYWkI64ICSzVaVmhiVWxUVHM/view?usp=drive_web https://www.youtube.com/user/MrGarnett319" More music by: Ross Budgen Music, 'Olympus', https://youtu.be/BnmglWHoVrk "Ross Budgen Music: "Something Wicked", https://youtu.be/Zuw_O5MU5CE
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Brief History Of Australian Aboriginal Women - Top 4 Most Curious Facts
► Aboriginal Australian women are very extraordinary in their appearance and hardly can be called beautiful. The life of aboriginal women differs greatly from life of typical women in Australia and other high developed countries in the world. When looking at them one can realize that innovative technologies and benefits of civilized life steered clear of them. They are very traditional in their beliefs and attitudes to life. It is difficult to believe that in such a developed country like Australia there can be women who are completely deprived of feminine charms and are more masculine looking You are watching: Brief History Of Australian Aboriginal Women - Top 4 Most Curious Facts -------------------------- ► On this channel, I cover the histories of nations empires and people from all over the world, I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I have enjoyed making them -------------------------- ► Video used the document based on Fair Use Youtube, If you still find it in violation, please contact the channel administrator to resolve the issue via email: [email protected] #historyofaustralia #zailala
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Ancient giant wall in Australia
Video on mysterious formations ,petrified structures, titan mudfossils on Australia.what is this thing?a giants sword? earth scraper.? evidence of a past advanced civilization,with giant roads,high ways, mega city wall structure.
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Astounding archaeology discovery places inland human occupation of Australia at 49,000 years
Thanks for watching, please subscribe for more videos. PLZ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AMAZING VIDEOS Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Entertainment-150634485351538/?ref=settings Subscibe my channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwFdELrKtAXOk-sVcwcwVBg other videos of my channel: 1.https://youtu.be/daHCOyB1VHM 2.https://youtu.be/TrcOwHeVXNQ 3.https://youtu.be/uJDor_hw-9M Description: Archaeologists working with traditional Aboriginal owners in the northern Flinders Ranges have discovered astounding evidence of the earliest human habitation of inland, arid Australia. The find has pushed back the date of such occupation by 10,000 years to about 49,000 years ago. Warratyi cave's astounding archaeological evidence Archaeologists working with traditional Aboriginal owners have discovered astounding evidence of the earliest human habitation of inland Australia. One of the traditional owners of the area, Clifford Coulthard, who is a co-author of the study, said the findings weren't really a surprise to him. "Our old people know we've been here a long time," he said. Aerial view of the northern Flinders Ranges where the rock shelter was discovered. Aerial view of the northern Flinders Ranges where the rock shelter was discovered. Photo: Giles Hamm The site, the Warratyi rock shelter in the traditional lands of the Adnyamathanha people, also has evidence of extinct megafauna, including the diprotodon. The authors of the study, published on Thursday in Nature, said it finally settles the question of whether humans and megafauna overlapped chronologically. Advertisement "The idea there was no interaction between humans and megafauna has really been put to bed by the Warratyi evidence," said Lee Arnold from Adelaide University, one of the authors. Just one of these finds would be remarkable on its own. But there are more. Tags: Astounding archaeology discovery places inland human occupation of Australia at 49,Olmec Colossal Heads,Ħaġar Qim,Archaeological Discoveries,Archaeology (Interest),Terra Cotta warriors,Rosetta Stone,Tutankhamun's Tomb,Dead Sea Scrolls,discoveries,findings,evidence,discovery human history,hidden,years,intense archaeological discoveries,Elite,intense,amazing,mysterious,secret,civilization,ancient artifacts,incredible,incredible archaeological discoveries,ancient,artifacts Subscribe my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwFdELrKtAXOk-sVcwcwVBg
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Meteorite Island! The Sacred Aboriginal Site... to be Destroyed & Mined in Dumbleyung -  Disgraceful
ATTN SHIRE OF DUMBLEYUNG ... BEFORE YOU TRY AND GET ME CHARGED FOR TRESPASSING AGAIN ... PERMISSION FROM THE LAND OWNER (DREW B) WAS GRANTED TO ME TO GO TO THIS SANDPIT ... TO FILM THE FLORA AND FAUNA ETC... THANKS DREW! I RESPECT YOU ALL THE WAY MATE... YOU KNOW THAT! Trailer - My Plea to Dan, the Landowner of the Aboriginal Sacred Site Meteorite Island - Dumbleyung https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp2jfpdUs1Y If you are in Dumbleyung and if you know Dan, please forward this video message to him for me .... So this is only a trailer / preview, I am currently working on a video message to Dan, it will be at least one hour long, and it will be a beautiful video to Dan and his family own Meteorite Island and are currently seeking a Sand Mining permit to mine this Yellow sand to sell for the manufacture of houses, bricks, road resurfacing, house lawn and garden coverings and much more. When this happens all that exists on this untouched oasis this paradise will be basically Destroyed, Killed and ancient Aboriginal Relics, Stone tools, Grinding Stones, Flints, Chips, Flakes, possible aboriginal remains, Australites, Tektites, Flora and Fauna and are going to be destroyed, at risk flora and fauna killed and completely wiped out from this extremely environmentally sensitive area in Dumbleyung Western Australia... Meteorite Island is a true showcase of the beautiful environment and aboriginal history of Dumbleyung Western Australia. The tourism potential for Meteorite Island is worth many millions of dollars, not the million or two million dollars Dan might make from mining the sand... it could be a true showcase of our town like that of Wave Rock in Hyden and of course Lake Dumbleyung. The full video will explain to Dan exactly how he could use this Island as a tourism showcase for Dumbleyung and so much more. It could and would create many many new jobs for our struggling town, our farmers, Dan's family. It could also save our little Dumbleyung School from closing and will bring many new residents to our struggling country town. Such examples as follows on the possible uses for Meteorite Island and the surrounding salt plains and river system: * A Private Romantic Weekend Retreat for Couples * Star Gazing and Planet Watching Groups * Tektite and Australite Hunting on the Salt Plains * Landscape, Wildlife, Insect, Flora and Fauna Photography * Weddings and Weekend Honeymoon Getaways and Wedding Photography * A perfect spot for a Film Set and TV Mini Series Location (Complete Isolation & Outback Desert type scenery) * Camping Trips for Families and Organisations, including School Camps) * Scout and Girl Guide Camping and Education * 4x4, Dune Buggy & Motorbike trails on the Salt Plains (well away from the island) * Music and Opera events * BNS Balls (Bachelor & Spintster Balls) (Australian Tradition) * Camel, Horse and Donkey rides and expeditions on the salt plains * Varieties of different festivals * Bush Tucker Education * Aboriginal Traditional Education and History Courses, Bush Tucker, and tours * A beautiful place for people such as War Veterans, Women and Men who are victims of Domestic Violence, Struggling Children in need of love and care and life education * A beautiful getaway for people undergoing detox and drug and alcohol rehabilitation * Hot Air Balloon tours * Airplane and Glider tours * Maybe even Helicoptor tours. *Wildlife Conservation * Lost Flora and Fauna Species reintroduction i.e. (Kangaroo Mice etc) * Complete Flora and Fauna Surveys to be carried out * Salinity eradication * Native Tree and Native Plant Species planting * Private Chalets Like on the Nenkes farm in Kukerin * Private luxurious tents * A Beautiful Boardwalk surrounding the whole island where tourists can view the ancient aboriginal relics and stones tools as if they have been sitting thereuntouched for thousands of years. * Wildlife Rehab and Rescues etc etc etc Think about it mate! Many more ideas in the full video! And Dan ... I am willing to donate every single one of my 10,000 plus metal detecting finds, 3000 plus antique bottles, all of my old road signs, wagon wheels, iron relics, pioneer relics for people to search and metal detect for on the salt plains on big treasure hunting weekends. I will go out of my way to help you mate for free! And many others will do also! I respect you Dan, as I do all Dumbleyung farmers, please understand that, and I will spend my life documenting this beautiful paradise if it is destroyed. ... don't be afraid to come and see me mate! lets talk about it and the possibilities. Help me Save Meteorite Island - The Ancient Sacred Aboriginal Site Being Destroyed & Mined in the Shire of Dumbleyung - Western Australia - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyT97-KaZ_0hXKerqKmZ81xehfctblst
Australian Standing Stones - Glen Innes
Unexplained Australia visit the Australian Standing Stones in Glen Innes, NSW. People have reported Paranormal activity within the stone circle, others claim the stones are part of some Conspiratorial, Occult agenda.
In a remote part of the Australian bush is a 1000 ft high high (300 meters) pile of large black granite boulders with smooth edges, known as Black Mountain aka Mountain of Death. From a distance it appears to be a single solid mass but it isn't until you get up close that you can see, it is a pile of boulders, some of them being 20 feet long. And what is strange about them is, there is no soil between them. Just a pile of large black boulders that make a ringing sound when hit with a hammer. Some believe the boulders were placed there by ancient civilisations or even acient aliens, after conducting mining works nearby. Some believe the rocks were piled on top of something, such as an alien space ship, to keep it hidden. Some think there is an entrance to an underground world, and the rocks were placed to block the entrance, to stop us going in and to stop Them coming out! As if that wasn't odd enough, there are some very strange goings on in the area. And the local Aboriginal people have taboo places at the foot of the mountain where they will not dare venture. And their ancient stories tell of evil spirits and demons that inhabit the mountain. People and entire herds of cattle have gone missing at the mountain, without a trace. And those who went looking for them have also gone missing. Again, without a trace. Aboriginal tales tell of a bannished shape-shifting witch doctor who made the mountain his abode and who would drag unsuspecting people into the caverns and devour their flesh. And there have been sightings of a large cat like creature which is said to make the mountain its lair and which has been blamed for livestock mutilations in the area. They call it the Queensland Tiger, named after the state the mountain is in. The first modern mysterious disappearance was in 1877 when a fellow called Grayner went to the mountain to retrieve a calf which had wonder into the area. Not only was he nor the calf ever seen again, his horse was also never seen again. And after extensive searching not a single trace was found of them. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! Tip Jar http://streamlabs.com/misterclashvids1 Patreon http://patreon.com/misterclash Discord http://discord.gg/0z7k2IVdjeRvzBx2 Twitter http://twitter.com/michaelrosstv YouTube Gaming http://gaming.youtube.com/MisterClashVids/live Videos http://youtube.com/michaelrosstv/videos Subscribe http://youtube.com/michaelrosstv?sub_confirmation=1 感谢观看 ----------------------------------------­­----------------- DISCLAIMER All materials used, falls under fair use. For commentaries and criticisms only.
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The Creepiest Place in Australia, Aliens and Boulders.
The Outback is equal parts beautiful, weird and terrifying. @PaddyOutback: Instagram, Twitter. Music: Brakhage- "No Coincidence (Instrumental)"
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IHHP - Meekatharra - MK Nation
IHHP and Western Australia Country Health Service and the Meekatharra shire worked together to develop a sensitive topic music video clip, around STI's and their prevention and treatment. Also tackling the issues around drugs and alcohol when making choices about relationships. The participants, with the help of the community Adults and Youth Workers, acknowledge that the hardest part of this topic is encouraging youth to get treated. The young artist put this incredible song together, and displayed amazing maturity around this topic. Thanks to WACHS for inviting us out to Meekatharra, and also the community of Meekatharra for being so welcoming. We are really proud of the collective effort involved in making this music video clip. MEEKATHARRA – MK Nation Yea yea yea Turn it up turn it up Here’s the invitation to the MK nation Here we go here we go Yes yes yes One time, two times, one time one time VERSE 1 1. chillin with the fellas, playin footy 2. work on the mines to make the money 3. shes lookin real fine, hot like an oven 4. checkin out that girl, wanna give her some lovin 5. don’t wanna get the POX, don’t wanna get infection 6. so get tested, use protection 7. its not that hard, for prevention 8. be responsible, less stressin 9. drugs and alcohol make you ten feet tall 10. but your judgements only 2 foot 4 11. MKA we can make this right 12. if you act out you’ll be on the next flight 13. having no shame makes us proud 14. stand tall, be strong, say it loud 15. We love who we are, on this red ground 16. Meekatharra people, we love our crowd PRE CHORUS hanging with my crew next to me, next to me, oh yea infection free test to treat, test to treat, oh yea CHORUS Here’s an invitation to the MK nation This is our call out for MKA All the way, All the way Here’s an invitation to the MK nation This is our call out for MKA All the way, All the way VERSE 2 GIRLS 1. Respect, listen to Meeka medley 2. Respect, oh yea that’s what’s deadly 3. sunrises here that you gotta see 4. sunset at the lookout is the place to be 5. keep my head clear, its my choice 6. I can say no, its my voice 7. if its not on, its not on 8. take the time, it doesn’t take long 9. No shame in taking care of yourself 10. No shame in checking on your health 11. some of the signs, you cant see 12. better to check, be safe, healthy 13. go to the hospital nothing to fear 14. get the medicine so your’ in the clear 15. its not about you but the whole mob too 16. think before you act its what to do PRE CHORUS hanging with my crew next to me, next to me, oh yea infection free test to treat, test to treat, oh yea CHORUS Here’s the invitation to the MK nation This is our call out for MKA All the way, All the way Here’s an invitation to the MK nation This is our call out MKA All the way, All the way BREAKDOWN Yo people of Meeka listen up We need to stand tall be proud Come together no matter the colour Think about your health, and look after yourself CHORUS X2 Here’s the invitation to the MK nation This is our call out for MKA All the way, All the way Here’s an invitation to the MK nation This is our call out for MKA All the way, All the way Here’s the invitation to the MK nation Infection free Test to treat, test to treat, oh yea Here’s an invitation to the MK nation This is our call out for MKA All the way, All the way OUTRO We out We out Yea yea yea Peace out to all my peeps Peace out We outta here
Crafts,  Art, and Food At An Australian Market - COTTERS MARKET in Townsville
Crafts Art, and Food are all available at Cotters Market in Townsville Australia. MORE COTTERS MARKET VIDEOS: PINK Flashmob - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo9NI8bfexM A Rockin' Sunday - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnpaiwLpHsY Australian Aborigine Busker - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNRpUXXe7PE Cotters Market is Townsville’s premier market! Located in the centre of the Townsville CBD in the area which was once Flinders Street Mall, Cotters Market supplies Townsville residents and tourists with fresh local produce, live music and entertainment, ethnic food trucks, fashion and gifts. https://sundayonflinders.com.au/ The Woodturners website - http://www.facebook.com/delbasidtimbers The Opal miners contact - [email protected]
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Ben Halls cave near Glenfell done by DRONE nsw
Ben Hall, one of the most revered bushrangers in Australia’s history, also resided at Grenfell, near what is now the Weddin Mountains National Park. In 1862, eight bushrangers including Ben Hall and Frank Gardiner carried out what was then the greatest robbery in Australian history when they held up the gold coach outside Eugowra. They managed to escape with £3,700 in cash and 2,719 ounces of gold, the equivalent to over $1 million dollars. The proceeds were never recovered and local legend has it that the booty is still stowed somewhere in the Weddin Mountains. Weddin Mountains National Park - Grenfell NSW Ben Hall's Cave, reputed to be Ben’s hideout cave has been preserved by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Situated on the western side of the mountain the cave is a sprightly 30 minute walk with a great view of the surrounding farmland. The Weddin’s have three marked walking tracks. The walk up to Ben Hall’s Cave, the magnificent Eualdrie and Peregrine Lookouts and the Weddin Gap walking track. The Weddin mountains conserve a range of wildlife that were once much more widespread. Home to emu, grey kangaroo, red-necked wallaby, along with a number of rare species of peregrine falcons, turquoise and superb parrots and the regent honeyeater. The name Weddin is derived from the Wiradjuri word of Weedin, which means a place to sit, stay or remain, relating to the mountains status as a place where youths underwent a period of enforced ceremonial isolation during the course of their initiation. Weddin Mountains National Park is just 18km south-west of Grenfell. This pristine area is a great place for bushwalking, bird watching, camping or picnicking. Rising 400m above surrounding farmland, the name Weddin is derived from the Aboriginal word meaning "waiting place". Rare fauna such as the spectacular Peregrine Falcon and Turquoise Parrot along with the kangaroos, emus, and echidnas share this mountain range. The wildflowers bloom during spring and summer and you will quickly see why the original inhabitants, the Wiradjuri Aboriginal tribe had a strong ceremonial and spiritual association with the area. NSW National Parks and Wildlife ServiceTwo marked walking tracks provide access to the highlights of the park. The first which takes one and a half hours begins at the Holy Camp rest area and leads to the lookout below Euraldrie Trig Point. The other visits Ben Hall's Cave. The rest area and Ben Hall's Cave Campground are serviced with barbeques, parking and toilet facilities. You can see more about the Park at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service website.
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Smallpox: 1789 Biological warfare against First Nations
[Slide 1] As most of us will know, in April 1789, a catastophic epidemic of smallpox swept through local tribes near Port Jackson. This was a time when Aboriginal tribes were actively, and successfully, resisting settlers from the First Fleet. This outbreak was recorded by several First Fleeters, for example David Collins who wrote: [slide 2] Early in the month, and through its continuence, the people whose business called them down the harbour daily reported, that they found, either in excavations of the rock, or lying upon the beaches and points of different coves which they had been in, the bodies of many of the wretched natives of this country. Now I will just interrupt the flow here to give some info on smallpox itself. Note how Collins mentioned that they were finding bodies from early in the month. This suggests smallpox was released in late February. We can see this from the time it takes to contract and develop the disease: [slide 3] This shows the progression of the disease from first infection to when it manifests first as a dramatic temperature rise and formation of a rash and then to death or recovery. As bodies were being found in early April and were probably dead a few days, from the chart we can see that these cases must have contracted the disease over three weeks before. The green shading indicates the timing of deaths from smallpox. This suggests the middle of March. However if smallpox is first spread by blankets, the first cases are not usually fatal as infection is only through cuts and abrasions on the skin. It is when these first cases subsequently infect their colleagues who breathe in fresh virus into their lungs, that fatal smallpox emerges. So the first release was probably a fortnight or so earlier. This suggests late February or early March 1789. We will have a close look at this period later. The outbreak may have killed over 90 per cent of nearby native families and maybe three quarters or half of those between the Hawkesbury River and Port Hacking. It also killed an unknown number at Jervis Bay and west of the Blue Mountains. In the past some authors argued that the First Fleet had no involvement whatsoever in the outbreak, and there is a huge array of misconceptions by several academics who seek to deny British responsibility. I will deal with the three main arguments here: The first argument of denial argues that the bottles of smallpox carried by the First Fleet would have been sterilised by heat experienced by the Fleet as it crossed the Equator and during two hot summers in New South Wales. We know the First Fleet had bottles of smallpox. This was reported by a marines captain, Captain Watkin Tench. Two authors maintaining that this material was inactive due to heat are Judy Campbell and Alan Frost. However these two did not look at the temperatures recorded during the voyage or at Sydney Cove. Also they did not refer to any of the research on how smallpox virus in scabs lost activity over long periods in normal circumstances. When this is done it is clear that the First Fleet bottles of smallpox may have weakened somewhat, but clearly still retained plenty of virus if released in large amounts. The details were published in the journal “Aboriginal History” volume 31, in 2007, practically ten years ago. [slide 4] This shows that even if the virus weakened to around half-strength it could easily have caused the epidemic if spread amongst local tribes. We do not know how fresh the smallpox materials were as they are not listed in the official list of medicines supplied. Possibly they were obtained in Rio de Janerio, or even Capetown. Now the second main argument that the First Fleet was not responsible for spreading smallpox is the Macassan argument. This argument appears to have originated as a corruption of several reports to the Royal Society of South Australia in 1882. These reports suggested that Macassan visitors may have communicated smallpox in the 1860s with no relevance to 1789. Nonetheless several authors have tried to associate Macassan visitors with the 1789 outbreak claiming it was caused by smallpox from the Celebe islands, 3,000 miles away, which just happened to coincide with European settlement. ... Another difference is the nature of the pustules and, as the First Fleet surgeons examined cases closely, their opinions must be taken as accurate. It is not possible to confuse an epidemic of severe smallpox with any other disease including chickenpox. So we can safely conclude that the disease spreading in 1789 was smallpox. More info: sovereignunion.mobi
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Mining and the Social Sciences - Panel Discussion
The social sciences have an important role to play in understanding mining’s impact on people and place, and its effect on different types of social systems and processes. The panel will provide a range of perspectives about how social scientists can shine a light on the mining industry, and its activities and impacts. By developing a deeper understanding of the mining industry’s broad reach, and by engaging diverse stakeholder groups, new perspectives about mining’s role in society can emerge. This event is hosted by SMI's Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, the Centre's Director Professor Deanna Kemp will facilitate the discussion. PANEL Adjunct Professor Anthony (Tony) Hodge - Former President of the International Council on Mining and Metals, currently at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Engineering, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. Dr Sarah Holcombe - Senior Research Fellow at the CSRM. Sarah is a social anthropologist with 20 years’ experience working in Aboriginal Australia within NGOs, including the 2 major Northern Territory Land Councils. Anthony (Tony) Kelly - Tony was senior lecturer in Community Work at The University of Queensland for over 20 years and has worked as a consultant to government, corporations and NGO’s in ways of working with communities. Professor Anna Littleboy - Anna led the CSIRO Resources and Sustainability program and currently leads the Mine Lifecycles program at UQ. She specialises in sustainability through multidisciplinary integration in the minerals sector to deliver shared value to communities. | More info: https://smi.uq.edu.au/event/session/3993
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outreach in mt isa
hanging out with some aboriginal kids from water of life church in mt isa australia, part of our missionary work
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The Curse of the coltan mines in Congo
Coltan is a metallic ore from which the very similar elements niobium, also known as columbium, and tantalum are extracted. Coltan mining specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been associated with child labor & human rights violations. The coltan industry is worth billions of dollars a year. Prices for coltan ranged between $50 and $200 per pound in 2012[1]-and have spiked much higher in the past when supplies were scarce, when the Playstation 2 was first introduced. In 2006, Australia, Brazil, and Canada produced 80% of the world’s coltan,[2] but as of 2012, coltan’s main producers are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mozambique, and once again include the Democratic Republic of Congo (via smuggling into Rwanda).[3] Additional coltan reserves have been found on every continent except Antarctica. For a variety of reasons, though, the task of supplying world coltan needs has fallen on conflict regions and underdeveloped countries. Coltan products are sold in private, unregulated markets,[4] unlike commodity metals like gold, copper, zinc, and tin. No standards are set or enforced for mining operations and devising safety procedures is the responsibility of mine operators may not prioritize worker well-being. In this RT documentary evils of modern day mining to meet the needs of our most advanced tech is there for all to see. Here in Lionsville we question everything and we have no sacred cows! After-all its obvious that we have been lied to at every turn, by the very people we've chosen to trust. We will keep spreading the message about new frontiers of knowledge and the human emancipation, no matter what..Support us in anyway you can. No matter how big or small. Our paypal account: www.paypal.me/Lionsville. Please donate to keep us up & running. Follow us on twitter: [email protected] We need you to keep the fire of truth burning..."The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"- Edmund Burke
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Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning
Midnight Oil's official music video for 'Beds Are Burning'. Click to listen to Midnight Oil on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilSpotify... As featured on Diesel And Dust. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilDADiTun... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilGPlay?I... Stream more music from Midnight Oil here: http://smarturl.it/MidOilMulti?IQid=M... More from Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine: https://youtu.be/Ofrqm6-LCqs The Dead Heart: https://youtu.be/16bFBzx7I_0 Forgotten Years: https://youtu.be/X9eap_cKLP4 More great 80's videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate80?IQid=Mi... Follow Midnight Oil Website: http://www.midnightoil.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/midnightoilof... Subscribe to Midnight Oil on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilSubscri... --------- Lyrics: The time has come To say fair's fair To pay the rent To pay our share The time has come A fact's a fact It belongs to them Let's give it back How can we dance When our earth is turning How do we sleep While our beds are burning" #MidnightOil #BedsAreBurning #Vevo #ClassicRock #VevoOfficial
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Indigenous Stand Up Against Copper Mine
Indigenous people are fighting back against a disastrous copper mine. http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/v/indigenous-stand-up-against-copper-mine/
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Sacred Errand: The Return of a Sacred Object to Aboriginal Australia
John Harkey, author of “Sacred Errand in Aboriginal Australia,” recounts his journey undertaken to return a long-displaced tjurunga stone to its traditional Aboriginal owner. For more info: https://www.brown.edu/research/facilities/haffenreffer-museum/events/2017/11/john-harkey-sacred-errand-return-sacred-object-aboriginal-australia Thursday, November 16th 2017 Brown University
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TNA's ATF 2015: Richard Frankland, Keynote Address
At the 2015 Australian Theatre Forum in Sydney, singer/songwriter, author and film maker Richard Frankland shared his insights into the use of theatre for "collective healing" and the opportunities to address the burdon of "cultural load" that is experienced by Indigenous Australians. "The arts is a wonderful tool that, if enabled, if properly resourced, Aboriginal and Islander people can contribute to the cultural tapestry of this country in ways that are unimaginable." Richard J. Frankland is one of Australia’s most experienced Aboriginal singer/songwriters, authors, poets and filmmakers. He is regarded by the various industries he works in as a polymath. His theatre works include Conversations with the Dead and, most recently, Walking into the Bigness, which premiered at Malthouse Theatre in August 2014. Richard has worked on the frontline of Indigenous issues for the past 25 years and his projects encompass community capacity building, ranging from organisation establishment, community capacity building, preventative violence workshops, healing circle establishment and cultural immersion programs. Richard’s aim has been to facilitate the voice of Indigenous Australians and bridge the gap between black and white. Video clips referenced in this keynote courtesy of Koorreen Enterprises (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5esN-BYn4Q), Chamber Made Opera (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8pLrzlrTF4) and Malthouse Theatre (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKjnf7kQ7GM). SEE ALSO: http://www.richardfrankland.com.au/ http://www.australiantheatreforum.com.au/ http://australianplays.org/blakstage
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FINAL PROOF: 11,000-years-old 'Atlantis-Era' CIVILIZATION in Australia!?
From the time of Göbekli Tepe! And who were these mysterious people? This is something they just do not want to talk about. It would seem that 11,000 years ago, people fleeing rising sea levels, landed and set up stone circles. There was a CIVILIZATION here. They had agriculture, trade with axes and currency, everything! They all died out. Archaeology does not mention their amazing stone circles! Check out my self help course! https://www.patreon.com/charleskos GET THE 10 DOLLAR A MONTH PLAN AND YOU GET THE COURSE!!!!!!! Check out other stuff also! Support this channel! https://www.patreon.com/charleskos New MAIN SITE: http://www.charleskos.com/ Book https://www.amazon.com/Search-Origin-Pyramids-Lost-Gods/dp/0987420828/ NEW BOOK! https://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Gods-Nuclear-Anunnaki-Nephilim/dp/0987420836/ Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Gods-Nuclear-Anunnaki-Nephilim-ebook/dp/B07C1556FJ/
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TGDG Presents: Canada's Mineral Landscape: Aboriginal Rights and Issues: Panel Discussion (7 of 7)
A panel of experts discuss their experiences in operational perspectives, agreements and relationships related to Aboriginal rights and mining exploration in Canada. Discussion Panel Members: • Don Bubar (President and CEO, Avalon Rare Metals) • Glenn Nolan (VP Aboriginal Affairs, Noront Resources) • Steve Woolfenden (Mgr, Enviro Assessments & Approvals, IamGold Corp.) • Robin Webster (President, Goldeye Explorations Ltd.) This video is part 6 of 6 in a series of seminars on Aboriginal rights and Mining Exploration. It was recorded at the Toronto Geological Discussion Group (TGDG) as part of the Mini-Symposium on Canada's Mineral Landscape: Aboriginal Rights and Related Issues on Nov. 19, 2014.
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CANBERRA, Australia, February 7, 2013 (ENS) -- After 34 years of campaigning to keep uranium mining out of his ancestral land of Koongarra, Djok Senior Traditional Owner Jeffrey Lee sat in the House of Representatives Wednesday to watch this land be protected forever. Environment Minister Tony Burke introduced a bill to repeal the Koongarra Project Area Act -- a 1979 law excluding Koongarra from the original boundaries of Kakadu National Park because of its potential to be the site for a uranium mine. Koongarra in Australia's Northern Territory "In 2010, the Government promised Mr. Lee that we would incorporate Koongarra into Kakadu National Park, to ensure that the threat of mining was banished forever," Burke said. Koongarra is an area of native woodland of great environmental and cultural significance, now incorporated within the boundaries of Kakadu National Park. Kakadu is located within the Alligator Rivers Region of the Northern Territory of Australia, 171 kilometers southeast of the territorial capital, Darwin. The Koongarra uranium deposit is estimated at about 14,000 tonnes. Mining companies, most recently the French company AREVA, have been trying to mine the deposit for decades despite the opposition of traditional owners. Lee said, "This is a great day for me, my country and my culture. My mind is at peace now that I know that there will be no mining at Koongarra and that Djok lands will be protected forever in Kakadu National Park." "My mothers and grandmothers who taught me about the plants and animals, my uncles and aunties who shared their knowledge, to all the elders and my creation ancestors -- I give my humble respect for standing here today," he said. "I have said no to uranium mining at Koongarra because I believe that the land and my cultural beliefs are more important than mining and money. Money comes and goes, but the land is always here, it always stays if we look after it and it will look after us," he said. Environment News Service: http://ens-newswire.com/2013/02/07/australia-places-aboriginal-land-in-park-to-bar-uranium-mining/
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Surviving Alone in Alaska
Heimo Korth is the last man standing in 19 million acres of Alaskan wilderness. His neighbors are polar bears and caribous. Say good bye to civilization and see how they do it in the arctic circle on the last frontier in America. In 1980, Jimmy Carter established the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Alaskan Interior, cutting off 19 million acres of prime boreal wilderness from the mitts of fur trappers, oil tycoons, and would-be lodge owners alike. Only six families of white settlers were grandfathered in and allowed to keep cabins in the refuge—of them, only one still stays there year-round living off the land. His name is Heimo Korth, and he is basically the Omega Man of Americas Final Frontier. Hosted by John Martin & Thomas Morton | Originally released in 2009 at http://vice.com Part I: First Night (00:00) Part II: Learning to Survive (15:46) Part III: Life in a Cabin (19:20) Part IV: Man vs. Beast (33:36) Part V: Death of a Daughter (44:41) Part VI: Going Home (49:27) Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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"American Eyes on Aboriginal Art"
Join collector and donor Will Owen for a fascinating tour of the Crossing Cultures exhibition and learn about his own twenty-year journey into the art and culture of Indigenous Australia.
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Sydney's forgotten Gem: Cronulla Ferry - Royal National Park through Bundeena - Jibbon Head - Aboriginal Engraving - Wedding Cake Rock music: Aire Atlantica - Make You Mine (feat. Ameria) - https://soundcloud.com/lowlypalace/aire-atlantica-make-you-mine-feat-ameria The music and the background in the following video are not free to use, if you'd like to use the music in this video, please contact the artist. If you need a song removed from my channel, please e-mail me.
Share our story - The Northern Territory
Visit the Northern Territory, share our story, and create your own. One hundred years ago Northern Territory officially became a state of Australia. Fifty thousand years earlier, Aboriginal people began sharing Dreamtime stories through rock art, song and dance. Today, the Territory story unfolds through its destinations, from the tropics of Darwin and Kakadu National Park, Katherine's gorges, cattle country in Tennant Creek, to the red desert of Alice Springs and Uluru / Ayers Rock in Central Australia. Sit down with an Aboriginal artist, swim in a rock pool shaded by rainforest, walk in an Aboriginal rock art gallery, or have a yarn with one of the local quirky characters. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get more great holiday ideas Share this Video: http://youtu.be/pjKHuAQn7gM Ask us a Question [email protected] Checkout our website: http://www.holidayhunter.com.au/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolidayHunterAustralia Twitter: https://twitter.com/Holidayhunter Google+: https://plus.google.com/104779282544903595877 LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/holidayhunter -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Landers Falls Lookout - Kosciuszko National Park, NSW" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN7QWoNEdGY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Weirdo hanging around in the dark after 9pm Gangstalking Mandurah LANGUAGE WARNING
LANGUAGE WARNING. As I got home from getting a pizza, I saw this guy in front of the vacant block next to mine "checking his phone". Hoodie, no lights. I live in a loop that goes nowhere. There are no shops or anything in my immediate area. I called it "Weirdo Way, in Freaky Falcon" or side show alley. Sick of these weirdo hanging around my house. This time I managed to engage one on film... Sorry for the poor quality.
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History of Australia
Let's have a look at the History of Australia: It’s true that the ocean has given birth to many beguiling life forms, veiling it’s creations from being perceived by the world, one such creation is Australia. It all started with the prominent voyage of an Englishman William Dampier reaching the new land in 1688 which was yet to be discovered by the rest of the empire.
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Do It Ourselves Culture Trailer
In 1992, one balmy summer evening in South Newtown, Sydney, Australia a noise complaint from an irate neighbour against some loud techno music in a share house coined a phrase that inspired a generation. Doof was born. The politics of punk, the outspoken energy of hip hop, the emergence of rave coupled with the explosion of the Internet created a marvelous collision of conscious party culture. The underground swelled as electronic music joined forces with the protest culture of the time and people from all walks of live danced their revolution through the 90s. Some ventured into the vast Australian hinterland as we moved into a new millennium. Counter cultural radical spores of freedom mixed with ancient tribal wisdom. People from around the world, activists, DJs, performers and mobile Sound Systems activated in support of Aboriginal activists trying to save their land from uranium mining destruction. Meanwhile in the cities Reclaim The Streets created vibrant temporary autonomous zone block parties and took space away from car culture and gave it back to the people. The Rave-o-lutionary beat goes on to this day despite Sydney's zero tolerance and home unit development police nanny state, conscious non commercial street blocking or warehouse occupying free party fiestas regularly emerge put together by many hands. As corporate capitalism with its divide and rule war mongering and profit maximizing agenda starts to sway and falter a shared fusion of generosity, motivation and defence of our mother earth has gained momentum. Many people are using the Internet to build a planetary universal mind, Tuning technology to ecology and challenging vested interest broadcast media and resisting the malign forces that threaten our survival. The 1% days of controlling knowledge and wealth are numbered. Do it ourselves culture is a film three years in the making that looks into one strand of this cultural waveform that is offering us passage into a shared sustainable future for all. Stay tuned for screenings in 2016 Dendy Newtown Feb 17th 2016 more at www.facebook.com/doitourselvesculture
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Ed Talks: Creede Mining History
Ed Raines, Collections Manager at the CSM Geology Museum, presents an in-depth look at the most significant Mining Districts of Colorado with talks focusing on History & Geology. This Ed Talk focuses on the Creed Mining History
Negativity Fasting and Spirituality Hacking - Luke Storey #562
This episode of Bulletproof Radio is with a true kindred biohacker, Luke Storey, who is a lifestyle design expert who has spent the past 22 years developing and refining the ultimate lifestyle, based on the most powerful principles of health and spirituality, while at the same time embracing the technology and modern conveniences of urban living. Using himself as a human research lab, Luke has explored a broad and sometimes extreme variety of measures to obtain optimal health, performance, and well-being. He’s also a motivational speaker, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, and host of The Life Stylist Podcast. If you like this video, subscribe to Bulletproof on YouTube today, where you'll find full-length episodes of Bulletproof Radio to watch and listen to, interviews with thought leaders in mindfulness, health, nutrition, science, and biohacking. Also, one simple hack - Bulletproof Coffee - try making it at home - here's the recipe! https://blog.bulletproof.com/bulletproof-coffee-recipe/ Bulletproof Radio is one of the top ranked Podcasts on iTunes! You can subscribe by clicking here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/b... Connect with us on social media for quick updates and the newest biohacks: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bulletproof Twitter - @bpnutrition Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/bppins Instagram - www.instagram.com/bulletproof // instagram.com/dave.asprey #daveasprey #bulletproof #biohacking
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Health Workers - A Country Australia Lifestyle
A short clip promoting the liveability of the Wimmera and Southern Mallee, in Victoria, Australia and the four health services in this region
Episode 50 - Australia
Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-njv4f-a1fba9 This episode, we take a tour of the land that takes home the prizes for oldest geologic materials, most marsupials, and (arguably) biggest island! Our trip through the history of this island-continent starts nearly at the very origin of our planet, and follows a fascinating history of shifting super-continents and shuffling ecosystems. Join us on a journey Down Under, to Australia. In the news: Gray Site peccaries, a blubbery ichthyosaur, fossil fungus, and an Australian dinosaur. Check out our blog for bonus info and pictures: http://commondescentpodcast.wordpress.com/ Don't forget to submit your question for our End of the Year Q&A:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZjgAw5vghNPOYJ7e1rKJnqMA-QUn2WgYjM5F4Oj336O49gQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Follow and Support us on: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/commondescentpodcast Twitter: https://twitter.com/CommonDescentPC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/commondescentpodcast/ PodBean: https://commondescentpodcast.podbean.com/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-common-descent-podcast/id1207586509?mt=2 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePRXHEnZmTGum2r1l2mduw The Intro and Outro music is “On the Origin of Species” by Protodome. More music like this at http://ocremix.org. Muscial Interludes are "Professor Umlaut" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Indigenous Youth to the Government: Stop the Handouts!
Every year billions of Australian Taxpayer dollars pour into the coffers of the fossil fuel industry. In 2015 alone the exact amount was a staggering 7.7 billion dollars. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are experiencing the impacts of climate change right now. As young people we can't just stand by and watch this devastation happen to the country we love. We have a responsibility and a right to protect it. To Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal Government, we say enough is enough! Its time to stop the handouts to the fossil fuel industry and ‪#‎ProtectCountry‬ Stand with us and take action at www.protectcountry.org.au Video: Jeff Tan Photography
"All My Relations: Biennale of Sydney 2012"
The Dr. Allen Root Contemporary Art Distinguished Lecture with Gerald McMaster Ph.D., Fredrik S. Eaton Curator, Canadian Art, Art Galley of Ontario Dr. McMaster was recently selected as co-Artistic Director to the 2012 Biennale of Sydney. In his lecture, he will touch on the themes and issues that will shape this important international exhibition. Dr. McMaster, a curator and artist, was responsible for the installation of the permanent exhibitions at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, and more recently the reinstallation of the Canadian Wing at the Art Gallery of Ontario. His publications include New Tribe/New York (2005), Remix (2007), and the critically acclaimed Inuit Modern (2011). His awards and recognitions include the 2001 ICOM-Canada Prize, the 2005 National Aboriginal Achievement Award, and the Order of Canada (2007). Location: Arthur M. Loew Auditorium
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Run the Tarkine - ESSENTIAL Australian adventure!
Tasmania’s Tarkine Wilderness is one of Australia’s hidden gems – nearly 1 million acres of pristine rainforest, buttongrass plains and coastline home to 60 endangered species, including the iconic Tasmanian Devil. Pure water, pure air, pure forest and ocean, and some of Australia's most significant Aboriginal heritage. An absolute no-brainer for adventurers and tourists alike! In January 2014 we spent a week running 140km across it in full gear? Joined by legend Costa Georgiadis and model Laura Wells, what we found there blew us away! It's undiscovered Australia at its best, and it needs all of us to help protect it. Despite being the one of the world’s largest tracts of temperate rainforest with tremendous untapped eco-touristic potential, less than 5% of the Tarkine Wilderness is protected as National Parkland and is currently under threat from open-cut mining and logging proposals which would decimate the area. Get in on the action and get down to the Tarkine! To learn more about how you can help protect it, visit www.tarkine.org or responsiblerunners.org. Thanks to the amazing sponsors who helped make it a reality: Patagonia, BlackWolf, GoPro, Osprey, Salomon, Whitestar Travel, Tarkine Trails, Catfish Creative, Corinna Wilderness Lodge, 2XU, Pat Farmer, ERA, and above all Save the Tarkine for its ongoing efforts to protect this incomparable part of the world against short-sighted corporate interests that destroy it forever.
#47 Barrack Point South - Aboriginal Shell Midden & Stone tools
Aboriginal shell midden at the south side of Barrack Point, Australia. Not much of the midden at this site remains due to coastal erosion. However some stone tools can still be found along the point before the rock plateau. We will look at some of the stone tools that remain including a fire stone or small anvil, cobble choppers, mullers and more examples of stones broken down the middle for possible use in removing mollusc's. *Apologies for the bad audio I would like to acknowledge the traditional Dharawal owners of this area and pay my full respects to it's people. No disrespect was intended via the making of this video.
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IHHP - Mount Isa Dance Tour April 2015
IHHP and headspace Mount Isa joined forces over the April School Holidays to conduct dance workshops and youth leadership talks. Working mostly with the Yallambee Community, they taught a routine for a Deadly Styles on Friday night for the Mount Isa community. Also working at YPA and at hanging in the park with Mount Isa Police Liaison Officers. Big thank you to Medicare Local, Emily Brodie and the headspace team for bringing us back up to Mount Isa. Also big thanks the Brilla Brilla Community Centre for all their help and for providing the youth with a dance studio for the week. Thanks to the interviewees Rob Katter, Mayor Tom McGrady, Ronnie Mills, Barbara Sam, Stephanie King and Sargeant Catherine Purcell.
Blue Sky Mine - Midnight Oil - The Great Circle Tour @ Hanging Rock 2017
Midnight Oil - Live @ Hanging Rock 2017
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Midnight Oil - Truganini at First Ave, Minneapolis #MidnightOil
There's a road train going nowhere Roads are cut, lines are down We'll be staying at the Roma bar Till that monsoon passes on The backbone of this country's broken The land is cracked and the land is sore Farmers are hanging on by their fingertips We cursed and stumbled across that shore I hear much support for the monarchy I hear the Union Jack's to remain, I see Namatjira in custody I see Truganini's in chains And the world won't stand still Blue collar work it don't get you nowhere You just go round and round in debt Somebody's got you on that treadmill, mate And I hope you're not beaten yet I hear much support for the monarchy I see the Union Jack in flames, let it burn I see Namatjira with dignity I see Truganini's in chains And the world won't stand still Truganini (1812 – 8 May 1876) was an Aboriginal Tasmanian (Palawa). She was born about 1812 on Bruny Island, located south of the Tasmanian capital Hobart. She was a daughter of Mangana, Chief of the Bruny Island people. Her name was the word her tribe used to describe the grey saltbush Atriplex cinerea. In her youth she took part in her people's traditional culture, but Aboriginal life was disrupted by European invasion. When Lieutenant-Governor George Arthur arrived in Van Diemen's Land in 1824, he implemented two policies to deal with the growing conflict between settlers and the Aboriginals. First, bounties were awarded for the capture of Aboriginal adults and children, and secondly an effort was made to establish friendly relations with Aboriginals in order to lure them into camps. The campaign began on Bruny Island where there had been fewer hostilities than in other parts of Tasmania. When Truganini met George Augustus Robinson, the Protector of Aboriginals, in 1829, her mother had been killed by sailors, her uncle shot by a soldier, her sister abducted by sealers, and her fiancé brutally murdered by timber-cutters, who then repeatedly sexually abused her. In 1830, Robinson moved Truganini and her husband, Woorrady, to Flinders Island with the last surviving Tasmanian Aboriginals, numbering approximately 100. The stated aim of isolation was to save them, but many of the group died from influenza and other diseases. In 1838 Truganini also helped Robinson to establish a settlement for mainland Aboriginals at Port Phillip. After about two years of living in and around Melbourne, she joined Tunnerminnerwait and three other Tasmanian Aboriginals as outlaws, robbing and shooting at settlers around Dandenong, which triggered a long pursuit by the authorities. The outlaws moved on to Bass River and then Cape Paterson. There, members of the group murdered two whalers at Watsons hut. The group was captured and sent for trial for murder at Port Phillip, and a gunshot wound to Truganini's head was treated by Dr Hugh Anderson of Bass River. The two men of the group were found guilty and hanged on 20 January 1842. Truganini and most of the other Tasmanian Aboriginals were returned to Flinders Island several months later. In 1856, the few surviving Tasmanian Aboriginals on Flinders Island, including Truganini, were moved to a settlement at Oyster Cove, south of Hobart. According to The Times newspaper, quoting a report issued by the Colonial Office, by 1861 the number of survivors at Oyster Cove was only fourteen: "...14 persons, all adults, aboriginals of Tasmania, who are the sole surviving remnant of ten tribes. Nine of these persons are women and five are men. There are among them four married couples, and four of the men and five of the women are under 45 years of age, but no children have been born to them for years. It is considered difficult to account for this... Besides these 14 persons there is a native woman who is married to a white man, and who has a son, a fine healthy-looking child..." Prior to her death Truganini had pleaded to colonial authorities for a respectful burial, and requested that her ashes be scattered in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. She feared that her body would be dissected and analyzed for scientific purposes as Aboriginal Tasmanian Wiliam Lenne's body had been. Despite her wishes, within two years, her skeleton was exhumed by the Royal Society of Tasmania and later placed on display. Only in 1976, approaching the centenary of her death, were Truganini's remains finally cremated and scattered according to her wishes. Truganini is often considered to be the last full-blood speaker of a Tasmanian language. There were also Tasmanian Aboriginals living on Flinders and Lady Barron Islands. Fanny Cochrane Smith (1834–1905) outlived Truganini by 30 years. In 1997 the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, England, returned Truganini's necklace and bracelet to Tasmania. In 2002, some of her hair and skin were found in the collection of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and returned to Tasmania for burial.
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Aussie_Freedom_Ride_Breaks_Segregation_of_Gamilaraay_Families @ Moree_&_Everywhere
Freedom from what? Or Freedom from whom...? I guess. Ask old Lyall. Freedom to move. Freedom to live. Freedom to escape. Freedom from you? Freedom to marry. Freedom to love. Freedom to choose. Freedom to privacy from invasion. That's what he and they were fighting for. For your liberty and for mine. For us and them. ••• Thanx to NITV Gamilaraay outreach.Colour-graded, redacted in Moree, 2018. ••• VERY SHORT LIST OF MASS-MURDER EVENTS of BLACK AUSSIES by WHITE AUSSIES 1791 Governor Arthur Phillip ordered 50 killed - woods to be cleared so that the "natives could find no shelter". 1794 At Toongabbie an armed party of settlers pursued a group of Aboriginals who were taking corn from the settlers' farms. They killed four, bringing back the severed head of one as proof of their exploits. 1794 British settlers in the Hawkesbury River area killed seven Bediagal people in reprisal for the theft of clothing and provisions. Some of the surviving children of this raid were taken by the settlers and detained as farm labourers. One boy, who was considered a spy, was later dragged through a fire, thrown into the river and shot dead. 1795 Conflict in the Hawkesbury region continued and following the alleged killing of two settlers, Lieutenant Governor William Paterson orderd two officers and 66 soldiers to: to destroy as many as they could meet with..in the hope of striking terror, to erect gibbets in different places, whereon the bodies of all they might kill were to be hung ...At least 7 or 8 Bediagal people were killed. A crippled man, some children and five women (one being heavily pregnant) were taken to Sydney as prisoners. One of the women and her baby had serious gunshot wounds. The child died not long after as did the newborn baby of the pregnant woman. 1795 In the lower parts of the Hawkesbury, British settlers conducted an armed expedition against local Aboriginals killing five and taking a number prisoner, again including a badly wounded child. 1797 After Aboriginals killed two Brutish settlers, a large punitive expedition was organised which surprised and dispersed a native camp of about 100 people. The armed group then returned to Parramatta to rest. Pemulwuy, a noted Aboriginal resistance leader of the early frontier, followed them into the town demanding vengeance for the dispersal. A skirmish (known as the Battle of Parramatta) then occurred between Pemulwuy's group and a collection of British soldiers and settlers. One of the settlers was injured but at least five Aboriginals were shot dead with many more wounded, including Pemulwuy. An unknown number of Aboriginals were killed in the initial dispersal which led up to the battle. 1799 Henry Hacking was ordered by Governor John Hunter to investigate claims of British sailors being trapped by Aboriginals at the mouth of the Hunter River to the north of the colony. Hacking encountered a group of Awabakal people on the south side of the river who informed him that the sailors had left earlier on foot, endeavouring to walk back to Sydney. Hacking didn't believe them and became agitated, shooting dead four Awabakal men. The sailors later arrived in Sydney having walked the distance to return. 1816 Appin massacre. NSW Gov. Macquarie sent soldiers against the Gundungurra and Dharawal people on their lands along the Cataract River, a tributary of the Nepean River, in reprisal for violent conflicts with white settlers (in which several died) in the adjoining Nepean and Cowpastures districts. The punitive expedition split in two at Bent's Basin, one moving south-west against the Gundungurra, and the other moving south-east against the Dharawal. The SE group came upon Cataract Gorge, where the soldiers used their horses to force men, women and children to fall from the cliffs of the gorge, to their deaths below. On April 17, around 1 am soldiers arrived at a camp of Dharawal people at Appin. Captain Willis from the party of soldiers wrote: The fires were burning but deserted. A few of my men heard a child cry … The dogs gave the alarm and the natives fled over the cliffs. It was moonlight. I regret to say some (were) shot and others met their fate by rushing in despair over the precipice. Fourteen dead bodies were counted in different directions. 1824 Bathurst massacre. Following the killing of seven Europeans by Aboriginal people around Bathurst, NSW, and a battle between three stockmen and a warband over stolen cattle which left 16 Aborigines dead, Gov. Brisbane declared martial law to restore order and was able to report a cessation of hostilities in which 'not one outrage was committed under it, neither was a life sacrificed or even Blood spilt'. Part of the tribe trekked down to Parramatta to attend the Gov.'s annual Reconciliation Day. 1838 Massacre Period... / continues
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Australian official raises human rights issues in talks with authorities
SHOTLIST 1. Wide of Shen Guofang, China's Assistant Foreign Minister and Dr Geoff Raby, Deputy Secretary of Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2. Cutaway press 3. Interior of presser 4. SOUNDBITE (English) Dr Geoff Raby, Deputy Secretary of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: "We don't comment on individual cases in forums such as this. I can say we've raised the 36 cases which is 5 more than last year." 5. Cutaway camera 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Dr Geoff Raby, Deputy Secretary of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: "There are certain key points where both sides have different views. That's understood. but we're able to discuss the differences frankly in a non confrontational, constructive manner." 7. Press conference 8. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Shen Guofang, China's Assistant Foreign Minister: "Some elements overseas have explored the judicial processes of some foreign countries. They did this in a despicable manner. They tried to launch unwarranted lawsuits against Chinese leaders." 9. Various of press 10. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Shen Guofang, China's Assistant Foreign Minister: "So we hope that the Australian government could take up effective measures to ensure that the Chinese embassy and consulate entities of China in Australia can work in Australia in a normal manner." 11. Cutaway camera 12. Presser STORYLINE Australia raised 36 individual human rights cases on Monday during talks with the Chinese government as part of a series of annual dialogues on the issue, an Australian official said. The number of cases raised with the Chinese side was five more than last year, said Geoff Raby, Deputy Secretary of Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Raby would not give specifics about the cases but that differences had been discussed, "frankly in a non confrontational, constructive manner" during the six hour talks. Raby added that the increase in cases was the result of an "increase in information." Raby would not confirm whether he had raised the case of Zhao Yan, a Chinese researcher for The New York Times under investigation on suspicion of leaking state secrets. Zhao's lawyer, Mo Shaoping, has said that authorities have denied him access to his client. China's Assistant Foreign Minister Shen Guofang said the two sides talked about Falun Gong briefly during their one-day meeting but did not say whether they also discussed recent allegations of an extensive Chinese spy ring operating in Australia. The allegations were made last month by former middle-ranking diplomat Chen Yonglin, 37, who abandoned his post at China's consulate in Sydney and asked for asylum. He claimed he would be persecuted if he returned to China because of his sympathy for the Falun Gong spiritual movement, which Beijing brands a cult. China dismissed his espionage allegations as lies. An earlier press release from the Australian Embassy in China said the two sides would cover China's labour rights, women's rights, religious freedom, the treatment of political activists and Falun Gong. Before the meeting Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer was reported to have instructed Australian delegates not mention Chen's case. The talks are the ninth in a series of official dialogues on human rights between the two countries since 1997. The Australian delegation will also visit China's central Hunan province to see how officials there are handling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the embassy release said. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f6eb1c5975b34d355387ce313af72759 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Merle Haggard Greatest Hits - The Best Of Merle Haggard - Best Songs Ever HQ
Merle Ronald Haggard (April 6, 1937 – April 6, 2016) was an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, fiddler, and instrumentalist. Along with Buck Owens, Haggard and his band the Strangers helped create the Bakersfield sound, which is characterized by the twang of Fender Telecaster and the unique mix with the traditional country steel guitar sound, new vocal harmony styles in which the words are minimal, and a rough edge not heard on the more polished Nashville sound recordings of the same era. ------------------------- Merle Haggard Greatest Hits Playlist - The Best Of Merle Haggard Best Songs ✔ Subscribe for more: ✔ Country Greatest Hits Full Abum Playlist: ➤ If you listen by fone, please use your headphone! ------------------------ ♪ Track list : # 01. Pancho And Lefty # 02. Mama Tried # 03. Okie From Muskogee # 04. It’s All Going To Pot # 05. Today I Started Loving You Again # 06. I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink # 07. The Fightin' Side Of Me # 08. Workin' Man Blues # 09. That's The Way Love Goes # 10. The Bottle Let Me Down # 11. Are The Good Times Really Over # 12. Swinging Doors # 13. Ramblin' Fever # 14. California Blues # 15. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine # 16. My Favorite Memory # 17. A Place To Fall Apart # 18. Branded Man # 19. Holding Things Together # 20. Cocaine Blues # 21. Down On The Houseboat # 22. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am # 23. Jackson # 24. Laugh It Off # 25. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face # 26. Because You Can'T Be Mine # 27. In The Arms Of Love # 28. Love Keeps Hanging On # 29. Love Don't Hurt Every Time # 30. Sing Me Back Home # 31. Truck Driver's Blues # 32. Sometimes I Dream # 33. Too Much Boogie Woogie # 34. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer # 35. Under The Bridge # 36. Stealin' Corn # 37. Workin Man Blues # 38. Fool'S Castle # 39. I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
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Mt. Isa
Hey there! Derek took a pretty cool video while we were on our minor outreach in Mt. Isa with the Mission Adventures group. A couple of the mornings in Mt. Isa we went to this "community center" in an aboriginal community. It wasn't like a community center we have here though... it was small with more of a day care center look and feel to it. The aboriginals are Australia's equivalent to our Native Americans/Indians. Their culture is pretty much built around drinking and violence. Most of them don't have jobs, just sit around and drink/smoke all day. There's a lot of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse that goes on within as well as outside the families. We worked with about 45 different kids in a VBS that we led. This video though is from when we went to the community center (something unrelated to the VBS) one morning. A couple people from the Mt. Isa YWAM team help get the aboriginal kids from the community ready every morning for school. They dress them (sometimes bathe them), feed them breakfast, help them with any school work they need to get done... then they take them to school and pick them back up from school. We got to go to the community center and help feed them breakfast and stuff. They were actually off school for the week that we were there, so we got to bake cookies and color with them... play games, etc. It was so much fun! But anyway... here is a video of us hanging out with the kids. It's not that great, haha, but hope you enjoy it.
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Australian Country Music Original 2013 - Kaylea Boulter - Giddy for you
Australian Country Music Original 2013 - Kaylea Boulter - Giddy for you http://www.youtube.com/edit?ns=1&feature=vm&video_id=-e_jtQXCP14
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