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Small craft like thing carrying reptilians/Plasma Aliens
I was video taping towards my back yard the other night when I noticed what looked like a humanoid on keyboard just floating. Then I noticed in the back of the vehicle there were several other Plasma Aliens and maybe one reptilians. I took it for a few minutes then moved on to the front yard where it seems to appear again. What is strange is that near the end the video changed on it's own turning a bluish color of Jinn and gritty which means there are millions of Jinn around. It looked to be seeing my house in reverse way but that is impossible for I seen the video before and there was nothing of a sort. Then there seem to be a dark bird like thing whether it's a reptilian in disguise or Plasma Aliens. They are all over the skies, I can even see them with my naked eyes. They are of course everywhere in my home and some trying to get onto the bed. I make sure my incense are lid in my bedroom and spray with a lot of perfume. In the beginning they were zapping energy out of me and was often tired. They said if more people start seeing them it's time of the Armageddon. Hope that will not be the case. Jinns – plasma aliens from a parallel Earth by Jay Alfred http://aetherforce.com/jinns-plasma-aliens-from-a-parallel-earth-by-jay-alfred/ The Plasma Jinn Theory (Interesting about the lightning because that is how it started when I was photographing Orbs during severe lightning storm.) http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?54738-The-Plasma-Jinn-Theory FAQ on Jinn http://www.islamawareness.net/Jinn/faq.html Jinn in the Quran Harun Yahya http://www.islamawareness.net/Jinn/hyjinn.htm From the Desk of the Sultan http://www.islamicpostonline.com/topics/Paranormal Very interesting article and American public has to understand the Jinn are among us all. We may not realize it but many so called "magicians" been using Jinn for their purpose for centuries. "In this excerpt you are warned to stop and stay away from participating in seances, watching street magicians, and use of the Ouija board." The World of Jinn http://islamawareness.net/Jinn/world.html "In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate". https://wahiduddin.net/words/bismillah.htm How do I protect my house from jinns? A MUST READ TO ALL!! http://www.ruqyaqa.com/0018-how-do-i-protect-my-home-from-jinns.html The Jinn Concept The jinn concept offers a logical approach to looking at UFO's, cryptozoology, apparitions, sorcery, demons, and many other mysteries. http://www.thejinn.net/jinn_concept.htm Overall, read the whole website and don't let the cartoon characters fool you because Jinn also uses cartoon type characters to cover the black sky at night. This site has so much great information such as sleep paralysis and Jinn, the danger of Chi, Faeries and Jinn, Aliens and Jinn and much more. Fairies and UFOs? http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/UFOs/ufofairies.htm I will be doing topic on my experience with the Jinn so others can learn that the Orbs you are taking photos of be that of Jinn, the cute faerie you captured could be of Jinn, jinn is practically all that is in the Paranormal world. Even Aliens and when I came upon this article http://aetherforce.com/jinns-plasma-aliens-from-a-parallel-earth-by-jay-alfred/I was not surprised. When the Jinn was around I have many UFO videos and even "Aliens" inside the craft. Who are the Jinn? http://free-minds.org/who-are-jinn "he final significant clue we are given about the Jinn is that, due to their composition, they have the ability to be seen or unseen by the naked human eye." Jinn according to Quran and Sunnah http://www.islamawareness.net/Jinn/jinn.html ASCENDING DRAGON STYLE TAI CHI - DANGER OF TAI CHI AND OTHER MARTIAL ARTS. https://adstc.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/the-yin-world/
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