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Janet Mining GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DIAMOND The diamond mining industry is one of the mainstays of Sierra Leone’s economy. In 1968 diamonds accounted for 62% of the total value of exports. For 1969 the percentage will probably be higher, judging from the monthly purchases by the Government diamond Office which buys nearly all of the diamonds produced under the Alluvial diamond Mining Scheme. Because of the prominence of diamond mining in Sierra Leone, this Bulletin, which represents the outcome of seven years extensive fieldwork by the author, is of major importance. In it Mr. Hall gives a comprehensive review of the history of diamond mining in Sierra Leone and also of mining practice, in addition to a detail account of the geology and geomorphology of the diamond fields. It should be noted that the opinions expressed in this Bulletin are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Director of Geological Survey. http://tuckerjanetmining.com
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SL Mining simulations crafting
About how to get the resources to start Crafting your first stonepickaxe. SLMining simulations created by Access Toshi. Virtual world SecondLife
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Entropia Universe - Cloud macro auto hitting 3/4
Entropia Universe - Cloud macro auto hitting 3/4
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Entropia Universe - Cloud macro auto hitting 1/4
Entropia Universe - Cloud macro auto hitting 1/4
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CF Cazadores Furtivos y Leviathanes - Entropia Universe
http://cazadoresfurtivos.es.tl Caceria de leviathanes
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Cloud mob training 1
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Entropia Universe - Cloud macro auto hitting 2/4
Entropia Universe - Cloud macro auto hitting 2/4
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Cloud mob training 2
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Let's Play - Fallout: Tactics - Part 25
We welcome the Deathclaws to the Brotherhood
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When You Thought PvP was BAD 2
Part of the When You Thought PvP was BAD series. Thanks for the initiative Cloud it is important people know how bad pvp is :)
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Cloud hiding with his "Tiny" pet and flaming 3
Cloud hiding with his "Tiny" pet and flaming 3
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Alien Legacy
In 2043, an alien probe originating from Alpha Centauri is detected in our solar system. Attempts at a peaceful first contact fail and a missile barrage is launched at Earth. Earth's ABM systems successfully destroyed all but one missile, and its sheer power of destruction prompted the world governments to invest significant effort into combating this threat from the stars. Within several years, great technological leaps were made and space travel was significantly improved upon. Battlefleets were assembled and dispatched across the vast distances of space to combat the alien menace. In 2119, fearing extinction, Earth built gigantic seedships designed as "arks" to propel people and the sum of human knowledge across the stars. One of these seedships, the UNS Calypso, is sent to Beta Caeli star system which is the farthest colony attempted yet. In 2135, a second seedship, the UNS Tantalus, is dispatched to the same destination in order to better the chances of human survival. The Tantalus is equipped with a more advanced fusion engine and thus will reach Beta Caeli some 21 years ahead of the Calypso. You are the captain of the Calypso. You've just been awakened from stasis and your ship is orbiting the most habitable planet in the system. There is no sign of the Tantalus. All you have are some 5000 colonists, past radio transmissions and a few key advisers to help you colonize this new unfamiliar solar system. The gameplay includes building and maintaining bases on alien planets and space stations, managing resources, exploring the planet, and the research of new scientific discoveries. Your success in managing your colony and the progressive, branching storyline will ultimately determine whether mankind survives, or is lost to the ages. http://www.mobygames.com/game/alien-legacy
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Neverwinter HR goes swimming
what does the HR do if he can´t run away any more from those Mobs... :) he goes swimming xD....
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Card Hunter - Episode 2 - Cavern the Troglodyte
Its like the sierra mist of board games its kinda like 7-up (Dungeons and Dragons) but not really. Card Hunter is a Free to Play game on steam that combines table top strategy with Rpg Elements and vast adventure.
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