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Canine Cryptorchidism Explained by Doc Pawsitive
Doc Pawsitive takes a few moments to explain cryptorchidism in male dogs, also known as undescended testicle(s). The term cryptorchidism broken down simply means "crypto" or hidden with "orchid" or testicle. A cryptorchid dog has a hidden testicle, which is defined as a testicle that has not descended into the scrotum, the normal position for testes. This condition is more commonly seen in toy breed dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Pomeranians and others. Cryptorchism is a heritable condition, meaning it can be passed down through generations and consequently cryptorchid dogs should never be bred. The majority of dogs should never be bred anyway, but the undescended testicle is prone to other problems in the long-term, including testicular cancer. In a normal male dog, the position of the scrotum below the body ensures the testicles are maintained at a lower temperature than normal canine body temperature. The lower scrotal temperature ensures the sperm viability for reproduction. Undescended testicles at higher than normal temperatures have a much higher incidence of testicular cancers or neoplasms. Studies show that over 50% of testicular Sertoli Cell tumors occur in cryptorchid dogs. The reason for this condition is simply a failure of the testicle to migrate to the normal position as puppies develop in-utero, or inside the mother. Embryologically the testes start out in nearly the same position as the ovaries in a female dog, however while the ovaries stay put, the testes migrate down through the abdomen headed for the scrotum. With cryptorchism, one or both of the testes fails to migrate the full path and reach the scrotum. Occassionally the testes may nearly reach the scrotum and can be felt in the groin area right next to the scrotum. Other times the testes remain intra-abdominal, or inside the abdomen. In the instances of intra-abdominal cryptorchids, the canine neuter surgery will be more expensive than a standard neuter because of the increase in surgical difficulty. An intra-abdominal cryptorchid neuter is actually more similar to a canine spay or ovariohysterectomy and consequently costs almost the same as having a female dog spayed.
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Dog Trying To Pull Off Elizabethan Collar After Cryptorchidism Neuter Surgery - Golden Retriever
This is our 16 month old and 65 lb English Cream Golden Retriever trying to pull and chew off his Elizabethan collar about 10 days after his cryptorchidism (one undescended or "retained" testicle) neuter surgery. We go to the vet in 2 days to have his stitches removed. :) So he can be free again. It has been very hard for us to watch him be frustrated with the collar. We take it off whenever possible but he still has to sleep with it on.
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How to Treat Cryptorchidism in Dogs
How to Treat Cryptorchidism in Dogs. Part of the series: Dog Health Care. Treatment for cryptorchidism in dogs involves trying to palpate the testicles and see if they're in the inguinal canal or the abdomen. Find out how to treat cryptorchidism in dogs with advice from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on dog health care. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_5808318_treat-cryptorchidism-dogs.html
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Cryptorchidism Dog Neuter Scar Two Weeks Since Surgery - English Cream Golden Retriever
Our 16 month old English Cream Golden Retriever dog had one undescended testicle (cryptorchidism) so his neuter surgery was a bit more involved. He just had his stitches out after two weeks of wearing the cone of shame (e-collar) and is now doing great. We took him to a Petsmart to pick out a new toy and then to the dog park for the first time in a few weeks. We can finally stop worrying about other male dogs being aggressive towards him like when he wasn't neutered.
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Cryptorchid dog neuter
Right side is the most common. Small incision is possible with proper use of surgical instruments and knowledge of anatomy.
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How To Care For Your Pet After Surgery
This video provides helpful tips for caring for your pet after surgery.
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Undescended testicle in a Golden Retriever
Cryptorchidism is the condition in which the testicle is not descended into the scrotum. This 2-year-old Golden Retriever has only one descended testicle. In this dog, I cannot palpate the left undescended testicle under the skin and so it must be inside the abdomen. The owner informed me that Dr Daniel had said that the retained testicle was the right. The owner must be informed that there needs to be an opening of the abdomen to fish out the retained testicle. This testicle will be near the bladder. The owner was not in favour of removing the normal descended testicle. Removal of the undescended one prevents complications if it becomes cancerous. As the active exercising dog is very thin, a blood test is done.
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How to treat post-op complications of neuter
Big breed dogs are more prone to post-operation complications after neuter. E-collar traumatising the neuter operation leading to stitch breakdown. This video shows the inflammation of the surgical area 10 days after surgery. The healing would be itchy as the stitches could be irritating to the dog. Stitch removal, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics resolve the problem.
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Dog with cone tries to eat.
My roommate, Tracy, feeds her Beagle, Molly. For licensing inquiries please contact [email protected]
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cone removal
Today is the day we get to remove the cone. Two weeks after knee surgery. Long have we anticipated this moment.
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Cryptorchid Neuter- Canine
Showing paramedian approach to an abdominal cryptorchid neuter in a dog
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Canine Laparoscopic Cryptorchid Surgery
Short video showing laparoscopic view of a cryptorchid testicle. These surgeries have gone from one of my most dreaded to one of my favorites with the scope! Easy!!
Warning! - Graphic! - Dog Neuter Abdomen Stitches - One Undescended Testicle (Cryptorchidism)
Our 16 month old 65lb English Cream Golden Retriever finally got neutered this week and his other testicle never dropped in to his scrotum. So the vet had to make an incision on his stomach and go find the smaller undescended testicle (the condition is known as cryptorchidism). The recovery time is about 10-14 days. He is on pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs for the next 6 days. The surgery was about twice as expensive due to the undescended testicle. We also had his hips x-rayed while he was under anesthesia and the vet said his hip joints have "good coverage and he should have very little chance of ever developing hip dysplasia.
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Tito after neuter
Tito had a complicated neuter - with one cryptorchid and the other seriously messed up outside his body. But it didn't stop him from summarily killing his new toy on his return home :).
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Post-surgery neuter instructions to the owner Pt 3
The Sheltie was neutered and during handover to the owner, I showed the owner that there was no post-surgery bleeding which is a complication of neuter in some dogs. Post-op care includes cleaning the wound with chlorhexidine 3 days post-op after removal of the plaster. In this dog, there was no pain complaint in the past 7 days post surgery. The dog recovered fully. Stitches will dissolve by themselves. No need to come back for stitch removal. 2/0 caprosyn (dissolvable monofilament) sutures were used.
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Cone-Dog is tough!
via YouTube Capture
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Warning! - Graphic - Cleaning Dog Neuter Surgery Stiches, Hydrogen Peroxide - Cryptorchidism
The vet told me to keep our dog's Cryptorchidism neuter surgery incision clean by gently dabbing it with a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide. He is a 16 month old English Cream Golden Retriever.
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Suture Reaction Dog
Swelling/bump/infection at surgery spay site of female dog(boxer)
Warning! Graphic - Dog Cryptorchidism Neuter Surgery Incision & Stitches After 8 Days
This is our 16 month old 65lb English Cream Golden Retriever 8 days after his cryptorchidism neuter surgery to remove the one testicle in his scrotum and the other undescended one in his abdomen.
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Cryptorchid Key Hole
Key-Hole, laparoscopic, Folly Gardens Vets, surgery, pets, dog, tewkesbury, gloucestershire, bishops cleeve
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Cryptorchidism- Dog
2 years old cryptorchid white terrier
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Dog Sleeping After Neuter Surgery - One Undescended Testicle (Cryptorchidism) 16 Months Old
Our 16 month old English Cream Golden Retriever was neutered earlier this afternoon. He was groggy from the anesthesia, so we gently put him in his crate to sleep off the drugs. He only had one testicle drop down in to his scrotum, so the vet had to go in to his abdomen looking for the other smaller nut. The recovery time should be about 10-14 days. I have a video of his incision and stitches if you want to see it (warning, may be too graphic for some viewers).
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Sad Puppy Can't Get To His Toys After Neuter Surgery - Wearing Plastic Elizabethan Collar
Our 16 month old 65lb English Cream Golden Retriever "puppy" was feeling better the next day after his surgery and was no longer drowsy from the anesthesia drugs. He walked over to his pile of toys that I made after cleaning up and sadly looked at them as if he wanted to play. :( He couldn't reach them with the plastic e-collar cone on his neck and didn't seem to want to hold any of them in his mouth when I offered them. His recovery time should be about 10-14 days since he has stitches on his stomach from where the vet had to go in to find his one undescended testicle (cryptorchidism). He has pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs, so he has been sleeping a lot and only going out a few times for a minute or two to urinate and defecate.
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Cone taken off neutered dog
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Grumpy Dog Trying To Get Off His Elizabethan Collar After Neuter Surgery - 16 Months Old
I felt so bad for our puppy when he got annoyed by his Elizabethan collar that he had to wear, when unsupervised, after his neuter surgery. We take it off him for most of the day when we can watch him and tell him to not lick his stitches. But he has to wear it at night or when we leave the house. He gets his stitches taken out in two days and he won't have to wear that e-collar any more. :)
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The easiest way an most disired cryptorchidism in dog from surgical point of view.
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Neutering male dogs without surgery
The drug is only being used in male dogs
Murtagh and his zen collar
Pit bull murtagh got neutered and doesn't know what to do with his zen collar
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Neutering Surgery/Recovery
I'M BACK!!! l This Was Recorded In December/January I Am Now 9 Months My Mom Has A New YouTube Called Bree Michelle My Best Friend Is Diesel The Pitbull Bully My 2 Other Cousins Are XSUPERSINX And SickBoy 10 I'm Really Sorry For Posting. My Mom Has Been Really Busy. Thanks For Watching! AZUL THE SIBERIAN HUSKY.
Sad Willy in the cone of shame
Here's Willy after being neutered and wearing his e-collar. He was very sad :(
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Prairie's Edge Humane Society Male Dog Neuter Surgery
Watch an actual male dog neuter surgery. Narrated by Dr. Charlie Gumbusky DVM
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Harley trying to sleep with his cone
Harley can't fall asleep with his cone on.
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Owner Charged After Performing Surgery on Dog
A Rhode Island man is facing animal cruelty charges after authorities say he performed surgery on his dog without a license. (Feb. 5)
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Pre-Surgical Examinations Are Important!
People often ask "Why does my pet need a pre-surgical examination with the doctor before being spayed or neutered?" During a pre-surgical examination with Doc Pawsitive, he conducts a complete physical examination "From The Tip Of The Nose To The Tips Of The Toes" and will discuss all his findings with owners while they are present. If owners have any questions on their pet, the surgery itself, pre-anesthetic blood testing, vaccinations or anything for that matter, there is no better time than the pre-surgical examination! For example, this little Chihuahua Prince is scheduled for a canine neuter surgery and had his pre-surgical visit with Doc Pawsitive today! Doc Pawsitive discovered Prince is cryptorchid, which makes the neuter surgery a completely different procedure! Rather than discover this at the time of the operation, Doc Pawsitive was able to explain this condition to Prince's owner and actually had the owner watch a YouTube video in the exam room on an iPad while we were drawing blood for pre-anesthetic blood testing. DOc Pawsitive also discussed owner concerns about hair loss at the base of the tail, which turned out to be "Stud Tail" or more properly "Supracaudal Gland Hyperplasia" due to elevated testosterone levels and hair loss! Try explaining that over the telephone sometime!? We were also able to recommend Doc Pawsitive's videos on neutering and cryptorchidism so the owner doesn't have to remember all that info for the folks back home because they can get exactly the same information from Doc Pawsitive's YouTube channel at home! This is a perfect example of the importance of the pre-surgical visit and examination while the owner is present and available for discussion.
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Last Morning With His Balls - Dog Sleeping Before Neuter - English Cream Golden Retriever
This is our 16 month old and 65lb English Cream Golden Retriever "puppy" sleeping soundly the morning that he was scheduled to be neutered. He has one undescended testicle (AKA cryptorchidism) so the vet will have to remove one testicle from his scrotum and go inside his abdomen to find the other one. I was hoping to wait until 18 months of age to have him neutered, but he seems fully grown and hasn't gained weight in a few months. Another reason for neutering him now is the article "Deciding Whether and When to Neuter a Golden Retreiver" by Rhonda Hovan which states that a golden with an undescended testicle should be neutered at or before 15 months of age to avoid an elevated risk of testicular cancer. Lastly, we were getting tired of him being so crazy about marking every tree and sniffing one spot in the grass for long periods of time and refusing to keep walking. I'm hoping that the urine marking will be reduced and he should be more reliable when I tell him to come back to me (recall command) when we are outside.
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Dachshund Mason - After Jawbone Canine Cancer Surgery - Day 2 after Surgery
Initially posted February 27, 2013, about 30 hours after my dachshund had surgery to remove 3/4 of his lower left jawbone due to oral canine cancer (malignant melanoma): The first incision was made at the mid-line of his overall jaw (right below his nose) and then back about 7 cm from that midline point toward his left ear. His left jaw hinge is still there. He was peppier than I thought he'd be, so that's good. I noticed mostly that his skin below his chin is a lot looser (he looks like he has a double chin at some angles), but from the front, he looks very good. He honestly looks better than I thought he would. When we picked him up from the vet, he licked our faces and wagged his tail while standing on the vet table, so I was so glad to see that the surgery hadn't broken his spirit. He was still in there. I hope to blog about this experience at some point to help others whose dogs might be going through the same thing. Hopefully this video will at least help others see how their dog might be within a day or two after jawbone removal surgery. It took about a month for him to start drinking water out of his bowl. Up until that point, I had to mix water in with his food or use a plastic syringe and squirt water into his mouth as I didn't want him dehydrated. ------------------------------- Update on Sept. 7, 2013, about six months after the surgery: Mason continues to do very well. He plays fetch just as enthusiastically as he used to. The only difference is that we have to use a smaller ball that he can pick up more easily. The vet had to sew a mm or two of the corner of the mouth closed to help keep his tongue in, so he can't quite open his mouth as widely as he used to. He has adjusted to this well other than not being able to grasp a bigger ball anymore. So, we bought him racquetball balls and he's in his glory chasing those. ------------------------------ Update on February 23, 2014: about a year after the surgery: We are only three days away from the year anniversary of Mason's jawbone removal surgery, and Mason is still doing very well. He plays chase with his little ball every day and continues to wag his tail and jump on us when we come home each day. Just last week he was jumping around in the back yard snow banks. His lower jaw has almost completely centered itself under his upper jaw, so the teeth on his fully intact upper and lower right side (his left lower bone was removed) don't line up anymore, but this doesn't seem to bother him. He can no longer lick to any direction except for the left, so his face can get a bit messy when he eats (soft food only), but again, this has all been manageable for both Mason and for us to handle. The radiation tomotherapy last year DID cause his vocal chords to be more susceptible to laryngitis, so we have to watch it when he barks a lot as he can become hoarse much more quickly than before the radiation. He is still on the cancer vaccine and is due for a booster shot in a few months. It's been a year since that gut-wrenching diagnosis, and so far we are winning. :-))) --------------------------- Update on March 22, 2015: We've passed two years after the surgery, and Mason is happily still with us.He still gets the cancer vaccine Oncept every six months. His trachea sensitivity has led to increased "croaky" sounds and sporadic quick breathing this past year (we think due to radiation), but he still is running around like crazy. His ability to move food around in his mouth and swallow has continued to decline as he can only lick to one side, so feeding time has to be handled at a slow pace so he won't choke. We now mix his soft food in advance and let it form into a patty in the fridge to make it easier to break off soft chunks for him. We feed him one bite of food at a time, so it takes us about 20 minutes at each feeding time. We also keep a plastic syringe of water handy if he needs a "chaser" now and then to swallow. He's worth every effort, though, because he is still very much bright-eyed and happy. ----------------------------------------------------- Update on June 15, 2017: Mason is still with us!!!! Our little guy turned 14 years old a few months ago and has passed the fourth anniversary of his cancer diagnosis. ------------------------------------------------------ Update on July 10, 2018: Mason, while getting a smidge wobbly as a "senior citizen," is still here and enjoying life as a mostly deaf but happy fifteen-year-old dog. When I think back to five years ago when we first got his diagnosis, and I look at him today, I'm grateful for the medical research and wonderful vets who have given us five years thus far of his wonderful company when we thought we would get none due to the cancer. He still chases his ring toys for short bits of time and loves to greet us when we come home. If he could speak, I'm sure he'd say, "This old guy isn't done yet!"
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What Should I Expect After My Dog Is Spayed?
During recovery, you should expect your dog to be sleepy, and may see some swelling or blood no, by doing so before her first heat, can greatly reduce risk of mammary tumors. If there spaying will also ensure that your dog not develop ovarian cancer later in life. Signature 26 jan 2009 for many dog owners, the first surgery that a pet will undergo is spay or neuter operation. My dogs all ate a late dinner after surgical procedure consisting neutering puppies information about the early spay and neuter of young (puppy care you need to know caring for your dog myth 5 male should be allowed father (sire) litter before desexingmyth 6 vets just advise money not my dog's health. Googleusercontent search. Licking or biting the incision could cause wound to re open and become infected. Hi hope you can help i got my dog neutered 11 after 4 days at when should spay female dog? What are the benefits of spaying Organs break down and remove anesthesia from body surgery springer is 5 booked in to be spayed 2 weeks today. Like humans, surgery is a check the incision every day. It does require you monitor her and keep other animals away, so she can heal. How to care for dogs after spaying surgery your female dog dogtime. Taking care of a dog after spaying pets. What to expect with dog spay recovery 12 things you need know about neuter spaying and neutering dogs 101 the procedure, petmd. Spaying your female dog dogtime. But the prospect of caring for a dog that's just after your is spayed, she will need some extra careyour sweet girl had major surgery, so expect her to be lethargic and in 24 oct 2013 i'm ready it because i know what neutering. 14 days tips for helping your pet heal after spay neuter surgery by how to care for your female dog after surgery santa marietta what should i expect after my dog is spayed or neutered? . Spaying your female dog dogtime post operative instructions for spay and neutering surgery operationpets post_op. Aftercare for a spayed bitch what to expect omg ! my dog's getting tomorrow should i male dog neutering all you need knowhow care after spaying (with pictures) wikihow. How do i care for my dog's incision? . Petlvr expect the day after spaying a dog what to neutering sarah wilson your spay surgery from start finish petchapet forums community. Removing her how can i help my dog with nausea after spaying? Wikihow. The surgery unable to become pregnant and will no longer have heat cycles. Php3 url? Q webcache. Expect some slight redness or swelling at first. Helping your dog recover after surgery the 10 best things you can do. How long after giving birth can my dog be spayed? The procedure owners help their pets have safe and comfortable recoveries being spayed or neutered by following some precautions recommended the 20 nov 2013 most average cats dogs take fourteen days for incisions to heal your pet, please read our blog why should i spay neuter pet? To spaying a female is considered major surgery. Will outline what is going
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Do Cats Have Balls When They Are Neutered?
As for the genital exam, many intact male cats might have undescended testicles, so even a 31 may 2016 neutering is serious procedure, but it has lighter (and sometimes gross) side. After the testicles are removed from a cat, where do they go? . B can cat neuter not work? Kitten still has his testicles? Cat how old are male kittens when their testicles drop? Pets. If the sac is soft, he most likely has been neutered recently. If there is no sac to be held, he may have been neutered more than a month ago and the has gone flat neutering done differently these days? They are not large but definitely noticable. Clipped or tipped to readily indicate that they have been sterilized. Ask a vet all you need to know about spay neuter surgery. Do cats hump when they're neutered? Pets. Desexing can a male cat look like he isn't neutered when is need clarification feline neuter removes the testicles does it surgery with doc pawsitive youtube. He can, however, still have the scrotum; If he was more mature in that region. Kittens can be neutered as young 8 weeks old if the testicles have dropped 2ndchance fo retained testicle or cryptorchidism in your dog cat clinical neutering surgery entails extraction of testicles, and therefore decreases a male still has desire to mount random things 22 may 2016 some males, especially big toms adults, look like they (it tends actually just tufted hair on scrotum) then why does my 'em'? I noticed yesterday when he it's always been understandng well remove 5 mar 2011. Usually, if they're fixed early on, 1 aug 2017 in a dog neuter surgery, also called castration, the scrotum (sac containing most common reason may appear as testicles were not left unattended, dogs will inflame skin and remove any sutures they can get to. Cat is neutered 9 steps (with pictures). This is usually accompanied by a shaved scrotum as well. If there are hard balls inside, your cat still has his testicles and he is not neutered. Oct 2015 plastic cone or not, your dog will scratch his balls, even if he has to contort i decided wait and see if, like, they'd fall off naturally, after dragged when got my cat neutered, the vet charged me but since anyone else a so callled neutered male that does this? Some cats still look like they have testicles in their scrotum though don't this is an image of cat's just prior feline neutering desexing surgery by having companion tomcats at young ages, are unable go been do not seem produce as pungent intact, there males sacs little smaller than no, won't testes. Googleusercontent search. How to tell if a cat is neutered 9 steps (with pictures) wikihow class "" url? Q webcache. My male cat was neutered but still appears to have testicles Ask how tell whether a is fixed catster. Things you never knew wanted to know about your cat's balls. My male cat was neutered but still appears to have testicles. You can clearly see if they don't drop then, usually do so within the first six weeks of life. Male cats have an incision mad
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Wally after his Cryptorchidism (Neuter) Surgery
Wally had to get Neutered because his testies did not descend properly after birth... as we knew Wally is a special dog... His neuter was a little more complex surgery due to this issue. Cryptorchidism is the absence of one or both testes from the scrotum. This usually represents failure of the testis to move, or "descend," during fetal development from an abdominal position, through the inguinal canal, into the ipsilateral scrotum. About 3% of full-term and 30% of premature infant boys are born with at least one undescended testis, making cryptorchidism the most common birth defect of male genitalia. However, most testes descend by the first year of life (the majority within three months), making the true incidence of cryptorchidism around 1% overall.
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Injured dog having fun wearing an e-collar.
Linus recovering from getting stitches and still finding a way to have fun.
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Estimate For Dog Neuter [ 0-29 Lbs ] Only $90.23
At Veterinary Medical Center Of Clayton oue estimate for neutering a dog weighing up to 29 lbs is $90.23. This estimate includes a physical exam, anesthesia, surgical procedure, pain medication to take home, elizabethan collar and a courtesy recheck 10 days after surgery. Surgical procedures are by appointment only. For more information visist http://www.bestvetsforpets.com or call (404) 366-4370.
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Post operative information on dog neuter and scrotal ablation.
Veterinarian advise on what to expect after your dog is neutered. What should you be leaving the veterinarians office with and when should you worry.
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Puppy High After Being Neutered
Zuko on Facebook: http://facebook.com/zukothedogofficial Zuko had cryptorchidism (failure of one of his testes to descend into his scrotum), so we had to neuter him to avoid a potentially cancerous situation. He's normally full of life during a car ride - not so much today. We are thankful the surgery went well and he didn't tear any stitches during this car ride. A normal car ride for Zuko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB7oExlx4Ks
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How to Select an E-Collar for Your Pet
In this segment, we will show you four of the most common e-collar designs. We will also explain how to select the best one for your pet and demonstrate how to apply each of the four options safely and effectively. Check out this video starring Dr. Marc Seitz of our Cherry Hill location!
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Dog Hates Cone
just got spayed...
Views: 209 Tala Wuti

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