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Yamaha Sniper 135LC Crypton X with Speed and RPM every gear
This video shows the maximum rpm and speed every gear of a Yamaha sniper 135 with vixion valvesprings and kawahara camshaft. using sprocket 15/40 first gear = 60kph 2nd gear = 100kph 3rd gear=130kph 4th gear=135kph
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Yamaha Sniper MX 150 / Nob1 Titan muffler sound test
Yamaha Sniper MX 150 / Nob1 Titan muffler sound test with and w/o silencer. for top 5 mufflers please click the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUCdfHuRwDk
Views: 1058852 RhEy Cruz
Yamaha LC 135 Jupiter MX Sniper Spark Crypton X Big Valves @12.000 rpm
Top End : 182 cc x1r 63 mm bore kit Modified and ported stock head with 22/19 valves (Suzuki satria/ raider stock valves) Vixion / R 15 valve spring Faito Turbo Camshaft Keihin PE 28 (super fake product. only around $20) BRT Dualband T/R Bottom End : all stock crankshaft & gear ratios. CLD clutch spring. Vibration at 12000 rpm is caused by the rear wheel touching the ground , which makes center stand not supporting the bike perfectly. i'm using yss suspension, which is taller than stock . Crankshaft is perfectly fine.
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300cc Extreme Yamaha Sniper Jupiter MX LC135 Exciter King Marvz !
Extreme Bike of marvin mamaw :-)
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Nob1 titan for yamaha t135
Soundcheck of nob1 titan for my yamaha mx 135
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Yamaha crypton X exhaust GL racing
yamaha cryton x KYTHIRA .....se auto to video apla den akougete tipota i e3atmisi exei kai gamo tous ixous kai giauto sidoma 8a mpei kai allo videaki me polla gkazia gia na akousete kai monoi sas
Views: 121013 Panagiotis Protopsaltis
Unboxing Leovince GP Corsa Carbon Fiber 135LC Jupiter MX Sniper Exciter Spark Crypton X Exhaust
Detailed check of Leovince Corsa Carbon Fiber Exhaust for Yamaha T135 Exciter Sniper Jupiter MX. VERY RAW BACKGROUND SOUND :D
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TOPSPEED TEST: Yamaha Sniper Exciter MX Spark King 150 and Yamaha R25 YZF
Topspeed Test and Dyno Test of Yamaha Sniper King 150, Exciter King, MX King 150, Y15ZR, LC150, Spark King 150 and Yamaha YZF R25 video courtesy of APITECH Thailand
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[ yamahat135.com ] - Soundtest #2 nob1 racing triovale series exhaust muffler
soundtest number 2 of nob1 triovale series exhaust mufflers. both nob1 ss and nob1 al test made by http://www.yamahat135.com
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AHM  Full Titanium Pipe for Yamaha Sniper 150
Views: 29083 prince georich cumayas
Leo Vince Cobra Exhaust for Yamaha Sniper T135 Sound Test
Leo Vince Cobra Exhaust for Yamaha Sniper T135 Sound Test + dB Level for Android Phone
Views: 157213 stereoxide20
sniper mx135 pro arm
smx135 with vfr800 tire
Views: 13976 Abba Llaguno
LeoVince GP Corsa Full System for Yamaha LC 135 4-speed '11/'12 (Not Available for European Market)
LeoVince GP Corsa Full System for Yamaha LC 135 4-speed 2011/2012 in Carbon Fiber Version Available at LeoVince Sales department (ref. 3453): http://www.leovince.asia/_/catalog-yamaha/impianto_completo_gp_corsa_racing_passaggio_standard_lc_135_4_speed_2011_2012/15485
Views: 62279 LeoVinceItalia
LeoVince GP Corsa for Honda Wave Dash 110 2011/2012 (Not Available for European Market)
LeoVince GP Corsa Racing Full System for Honda Wave Dash 110 2011/2012 in Carbon Fiber Version Available at LeoVince Sales department (ref. 3218): http://www.leovince.asia/_/catalog-honda/impianto_completo_gp_corsa_racing_passaggio_standard_wave_dash_110_2011_2012/15638
Views: 133634 LeoVinceItalia
Yamaha Crypton X Drifting
Μαμα το Crypton
Views: 5358 Jimmy JDM
Proliner Exhaust Yamaha Crytpon X 135
Εξατμιση Pro Liner πάνω σε 54mm
Views: 11053 Sali Salioglou
YamahaT135.COM - Nobiracing nob1 triovale sound test
http://www.yamahat135.com soundtest of nob1 nobiracing exhaust muffler for Yamaha T135 Liquid cooled
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Faito crypton x lc135  first start
crypton X 172cc
Views: 1454 Stavros busa
Yamaha T135  Engine Closeup Part 2
Heres the engine of Yamaha T135 or Spark135 Sniper JupiterMX Exciter Crypton X 135 motorcycle. This is a 135cc diasil engine Its hitech engine for moped type motorcycles.
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Nob1 titan R15 vva v3
Nob1 titan r15 vva v3 suara bas adem
Views: 143 ZAMEN Shadow
Fotis peristeri crypton x 135i white angel eyes
Engel eyes fotis peristeri white crypton x 135i .Racing parts accessories crypton r 115i crypton x135i wave 110i pcx 125 vision 110i honda yamaha suziki kawsaki parts moto tsitinis import export cbf 125i parts innova 125i accessories yamaha
Views: 84770 mitsos4481
Exhaust Sniper 135LC Jupiter MX Exciter 135 135LC x1r Crypton x sniper mx Cobra Leovince ahm
the newest ahm racing exhaust muffler for t135 Yamaha Sniper 135lc jupiter mx exciter 135. it has removable dbkiller. this newest ahm is made of all stainless steel with very good craftmanship.
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Sniper Rextor CDI T135 vs Raider Stock CDI open muffler
Heres a drag race gauge we had last night together with my friends my yamaha sniper 135 has the ff specs: -REXTOR ADJUSTABLE CDI -K&N Air filter -Open Exhaust Pipe -stock tires -stock sprocket gearings VERSUS Suzuki raider 150 -stock cdi -open exhaust pipe -stock tires -stock gearing sprocket The Result EQUALLY MATCH! who ever starts first will win. they are both EQUALLY MATCH! if sniper starts first, raider cannot catch up. If raider starts first, sniper cannot catch up. more details at http://YamahaT135.COM
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Sound test NOB1 Titan Series
Sound checking NOB1 Titan Series on a Raider 150 new breed motorcycle 2013 model
Views: 6419 Cool Buster
First speech of ate V Jupiter MX Sniper Exciter Spark 135 135LC CryptonX
http://www.yamahat135.com first startup of ate V after complete chassis and engine rebuild/cleanup/upgrade. The bike is Jupiter MX Sniper Exciter Spark 135 135LC Crypton X X1r
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YAMAHA SPARK135 Acceleration 0-100km/h  スパーク135 加速 (T135,Exciter,Sniper,JupiterMX,CryptonX,135LC)
the acceleration of ThaiYAMAHA SPARK135 (a.k.a.T135 , RX135i) 0-100km/h(shot in Japan) タイヤマハSPARK135の最大加速時のスピードメーターを撮影しました http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ymh3xw1991/56159079.html
Hottest Complication [ Yamaha 135lc] MX Jupiter,Sniper,Crypton
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Follow us on blog (http://new135lc.blogspot.com/) Like us on facebook (www.facebook.com/NewYamaha135LC)
Views: 15036 Lord Kiwi
YAMAHA LC 135 MODIFIKASI, (New Jupiter MX.Sniper. Exciter. Spark. Crypton X. 2011) Payakumbuh
New Jupiter MX.Sniper. Exciter. Spark. Crypton X. 2011
Views: 192706 Ahmad Irwan
[YamahaT135.COM] 4N PIPE big bullet diamond sound test
Heres the sound test of 4N muffler exhaust pipe from Philippines. this model is big bullet diamond.
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Yamaha 135LC with Leo Vince GP Corsa Exhaust System (no DB Killer)
My Yamaha 135LC was equipped with Leo Vince GP Corsa Exhaust System which made in Italy.. for your information, my LC is 100% non-modified (engine) and I just Plug & Play this exhaust system without any setting changed on my bike. I have upload a video about this exhaust on Dec 6, 2012 & still use this exhaust until today without any problems on my engine..
Views: 66080 wan fire
with DBKILLER.wmv
Views: 5463 reCOrn DeArt
[YamahaT135.COM] side stand reminder
When i ride my bike, I usually forgot my side stand is still down, it is very dangerous. Heres my new addon modification to my bike Yamaha T135. I added a sidestand reminder. what it does is it will warn you if your side stand is still in "down" position when you are riding. side stand reminder will only be activated when you are on first gear. :)
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[YamahaT135.COM]  How to install electric seat opener/solenoid for motorcycle
heres my conversion of seat from key to an electric (push button). this conversion is used for fenderless mopeds. the motorcycle used is Yamaha T135. for more details on this modification, visit the forum at http://YamahaT135.COM
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Top Speed New Jupiter MX 135, New LC135, Sniper MX, New Spark, New Exciter Stock CC
Top Speed Stock 135CC 127 km/h Corrections : - Port polished, valve std 19 17 - Ignition Coil Voltage is 35KV
Views: 2139 Richard Yusan
Sniper MX AHM Pro Racing Exhaust (Tri-oval)
Sniper MX AHM Pro Racing Exhaust (Tri-oval)
Views: 127073 ML Is Life
Best Customazation For Yamaha 135lc | Editor Picks
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Views: 10914 Lord Kiwi
Yamaha Vixion Craziest
Craziest Laugh Harry and Vredy.. both of madness....
Views: 11451 vredyone
Yamaha Sniper MX (black)
This is For REAL MEN! Toys For The Big Boys. All stock boss ^_^ just A muffler in ^_^
Views: 2525 Nestie June Abella
Drive Test CDI Dual Band BRT for New Jupiter MX 135LC
Drive Test CDI Dual Band (Racing-Competition) BRT for New Jupiter MX 135LC
Views: 48145 fahmieits
ape mcm.ok x?
Views: 300 kunjimamek
[YamahaT135.COM] DBkiller AHM M1 All Stainless Racing Exhaust for Yamaha Sniper Soundtest
soundtest of ahm all stainless for 135lc jupiter mx exciter 135 with dbkiller and without dbkiller
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