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demo of Crypton stain proof fabric for upholtery
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Crypton: The Liquid Repellant Fabric for Stain-Free Furniture
Forget everything you know about cleaning fabric stains – at least when it comes to your furniture! Crypton fabric offers everything you could ever dream of in a fabric. Not only does it come in a wide selection of textures, rich colors, and stylish prints, it is scientifically engineered to repel liquids!  As you can see in the video, liquids completely roll right off the surface of Crypton fabric. It has an impenetrable moisture barrier that keeps messes on the surface so your furniture stays clean on the inside and out!
How to Clean Crypton Fabrics
Spray. Brush. Blot. Rinse. Wipe. Works like magic! For detailed instructions, visit http://www.crypton.com/cleaning.
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Fabric Protection Test, Does it Work? and is it worth it? Find out.
Paul is going to test to see if it is worth protecting your furniture with fabric protection. He spills red wine on a cushion - one side is treated the other is not. See the difference and know what to do. Thanks for reading. Our Website: http://urbancastlesolutions.com/ Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/UCSolutions
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Avoid Furniture Stains with Crypton: The Liquid Repellent Fabric
As you can see in the video, liquids completely roll right off the surface of Crypton fabric! It has an impenetrable moisture barrier that keeps messes on the surface so your furniture stays clean on the inside and out!
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How to make Melamine matte & glossy polish in dining chair & table
ABKN FURNITEC ARIHANT MATTRESS ABKN FURNITEC Making all kinds of furniture & mattress Contact us: Web: www.abknfurnitec.com Gmail: [email protected] Add: Krishna cotton press compound,zakari bunder road,near krypton tower sewri mumbai 400015# create by: Zafar Khan & Arif Ansari
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How to Spot Clean Crypton Contract Fabrics
How to Clean Crypton Fabric.
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Woodard Crypton Fabric Cushion Patio Furniture
http://www.patioliving.com/woodard-patio-furniture/ Engineered to be super clean, super green - Crypton super fabrics! Perhaps there is no tougher application for crypton super fabrics then outdoor furniture. It's one thing to stand up to stains liquids and pets, but standing up to mother nature, that's a challenge for only the most advanced technologies. No ifs, ands or what buts. And crypton super fabric delivers with outdoor pads and cushions specifically designed to withstand all moisture sun and temperature abuse, no matter what the season. The secret is in Cryptons patented environmentally friendly chemistry and manufacturing process. The result is integrated moisture barrier that simply cannot be penetrated by the elements. This is not a sprayed on patterned that can wash off or break down. Crypton outdoor fabrics are literally submerged in protection formulas there by permanently encapsulating every fiber. The result is unparallel water, stain and ultraviolet light protection you won't find in any other product or brand. Moisture simply can't soak through so mold and mildew simply don't have a chance. And that means of outdoor comfort of beauty. So check out the made in USA Crypton Super Fabrics outdoor collection. More great additions to your mass free, stress free lifestyles. Live Clean!
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Applying 303 Stain Guard to Upholstered Furniture
303 Stain Guard for Indoor Fabrics is an easy-to-use protective spray for your upholstery and other interior fabrics. Similar to 303 Fabric Guard for marine and patio fabrics, but this product is specifically designed for use inside the home. 303 Stain Guard helps to repel liquids and prevent stains from food, wine, soda, juice, kids, pets and everyday dirt and mud. Rated for interior use, 303 Stain Guard is non-flammable and has no harmful fumes. It is even recommended by the makers of Sunbrella, for use to restore lost stain resistance on their fabrics. To use, spray the stain guard onto clean, dry fabrics until evenly damp without over saturating. Overlap sprayed areas in a crisscross pattern to ensure the whole area has been treated. Let the treated fabric dry completely for 12-24 hours before using. For best results, re-treat every 30-45 days or as needed. To determine if its time to retreat, pour water onto the fabric and if it soaks in, it’s time to retreat. Do not use on vinyl, plastics, rubber, fiberglass or finished leather. Protect these and other surfaces from overspray while using and wipe up any overspray immediately. Note: This product is not a water-proofing product, its is a stain preventer. For best results, spills should be blotted up as quickly as possible. For more information on the 303 stain guard click here: https://www.sailrite.com/303-Stain-Guard-for-Indoor-Fabric-16oz
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Leather Furniture Care Demonstrations, Part 1
Learn about different types of leather upholstery and which products to use for cleaning and maintenance and keep your leather furniture looking beautiful.
Valentine's Day has gone to the dogs. Check out Crypton's Molly B.
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Cleaning Furniture And Applying Ultra Protector
Cleaning Furniture And Applying Ultra Protector This video shows how to clean furniture upholstery using Ultra Clean and how to apply Ultra Protector, to protect fabric from absorbing liquid spills. As you know Ultra Clean is our one in all carpet cleaning product. Ultra Clean can be use to clean carpets and fabrics using your existing equipment and your favor cleaning method. For more information visit: www.ultrachemlabs.com
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Nano4-Furniture: Water repellent & stain resistant
Nano4-Furniture: Protect the sofa you care about! Can be applied on: • Carpets & rugs • Canvas sails and sailing • Car seats • Child seats • Covers for boats and swimming pools • Sofas • Bags • Yacht tents • Umbrellas • Leather (without chemicals) For more info click: http://nano4life.com.au/collections/home-building
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Stressless Fabric Care Kit
Instruction on how to clean your Stressless fabric furniture.
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How To Apply CouchGuard Fabric Protection
This video will show you how to apply our Fabric Protection supplied in the 1.5lt MEGA kit. CouchGuard® Fabric Protection can also be used in car interiors and on carpets. The same process applies and never over wet during the application. Available from our online store www.couchguard.com.au
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See It To Believe : Crypton Stain Removers
http://www.cryptoncare.com/upholstery-cleaner-shop.aspx?ID=14&pg=s Get every sort of stain removed easily like Red Wine Stain, Mustard Stain, Coffee Stain, Chocolate Stain Removal, Pet Stain Removal, Grease Stain Remover, Cloth Stain Removal, remove Lipstick Stain with crypton cleaning products. Shop online for Crypton's vast range of leather upholstery, vinyl upholstery, fabric cleaner & furniture cleaner products. It offers an extraction cleaner and a powerful extractor machine to help you tackle some of the most difficult cleaning tasks with ease.Crypton Care is a leading provider of upholstery cleaners and cleaning equipment.
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C&B Crypton fabric protection being applied
Custom Parker chairs being treated with the new Crypton fabric protection.
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Answered: What Upholstery Should I Choose for my Furniture?
When choosing a durable fabric for your Amish furniture upholstery the first two things you should consider are how often will the furniture be used and who will be using it. Asking these two questions will help you determine how durable the fabric you choose should be. Learn more in this upholstery buying guide. The durability of upholstery fabric is determined by its double rub count. Fabric with at least a 9,000 doublerub count is suitable for furniture that is not used often. A rub count of at least 15,000 is sufficient for heavy residential use. Less durable fabrics are OK for furniture in low traffic areas. For furniture in high traffic areas like the living room furniture upholstery, kitchen furniture fabric, dining room furniture upholstery, and spaces where the kids love to play and pets like to roam, choose a more durable fabric. At DutchCrafters you will find a variety of both natural and synthetic fabrics including Revolution Performance Fabric, Crypton fabric, Genuine leather upholstery and Ultra-leather, and Sunbrella fabrics for outdoor furniture. For more information about upholstery fabrics, check out our “Upholstery Buying Guide”: https://www.dutchcrafters.com/blog/upholstery-buying-guide/ Having a hard time deciding between leather, ultra-leather, and fabric upholstery options? Read “The Great Leather Debate” on our Timber to Table Blog: https://www.dutchcrafters.com/blog/leather-and-other-upholstery-options/ #AmishFurniture #UpholsteredFurniture #FabricUpholstery *************** Subscribe to the DutchCrafters Channel HERE: https://www.youtube.com/dutchcrafters/ For more videos from DutchCrafters, click HERE: https://www.dutchcrafters.com/video Read the DutchCrafters blog, Timber to Table, HERE: https://www.dutchcrafters.com/blog Follow DutchCrafters on Pinterest HERE: https://www.pinterest.com/dutchcrafters Shop the largest online collection of Amish Furniture HERE: https://www.dutchcrafters.com/ Since 2003, DutchCrafters has been a pioneer in bringing Amish furniture to homes and businesses across America through web-based sales. We pride ourselves on both the superior quality of our Amish furniture and our superior customization process and customer service, which is why we're continuously ranked A+ by the BBB. Give us a call at 866-272-6773 to speak with a friendly furniture specialist. We'll be happy to send you stain samples and assist you with questions. You can order today with just 30% down. The DutchCrafters store in Sarasota, Fla. showcases popular Amish furniture and provides the opportunity to speak in person with a furniture specialist and compare wood finish and fabric samples. *************** Partial Transcript: The first things to consider when choosing your upholstery are: What is your furniture going to be used for and who will be using it? If your furniture is only going to get occasional use, you can consider less durable fabrics. If the furniture is going in the living room or at the kitchen bar with steady use by kids, visitors and pets then more durable fabrics are a better choice. We offer both natural and synthetic fabrics for most products. Synthetic fabrics are manufactured to be lightweight, won’t wrinkle easily, often resist stain and wear, and are fairly easy to clean. Revolution Performance Fabric is an eco friendly synthetic fabric, made with fibers upcycled from a by-product of the petroleum industry. Revolution fabrics are eco friendly, stain resistant, American made and clean easily. They offer good protection for your upholstered furniture and cost less than Crypton fabrics. Crypton fabrics use a chemical treatment built into the fabric to create advanced resistance to stains, moisture, mildew and odors. The barrier created by Crypton means that liquid spills bead up and do not absorb into the fabric. They are easy to clean with most liquid spills blotting off the surface, and Crypton fabrics are Green Guard Certified. And if you love the leather look? Genuine leather offers a classy appearance that's very durable and easy to clean. Leather ages well and maintains its shape, developing more character and softness over time. However, you don’t want to position furniture with leather upholstery in direct sunlight due to the possibility of the light and heat causing the leather to dry and crack. Ultra-leather, by contrast, is not genuine leather, but a high end faux leather that’s highly durable and offers a genuine leather look and feel. It’s eco-friendly with Green Guard Certification and does little if any chemical off-gassing. Performance grade faux leather is made for a consistent, attractive appearance and resistance to wear at a more affordable price. Outdoor Sunbrella fabrics are fade and water resistant and easy to maintain. They come in many colors and patterns and can be used on indoor furniture as well!
Applying 303 Fabric Guard to Upholstery & Carpet
303® Fabric Guard keeps fabrics fresh, soft, colorful and breathable…all while adding a powerful coating to repel water and prevent the most serious of stains. Use it to keep rugs, carpets & upholstery clean, leather interiors fresh and covers blemish-free. You can even spray it on your convertible top’s seams to prevent wicking. When applied to clean and dry fabrics, 303® Fabric Guard restores lost water and stain repellency to straight-from-the-factory levels. Keep all your favorite fabrics crisp and clean for years to come. Purchase 303 Fabric Guard at: http://www.sailrite.com/303-Fabric-Guard-16oz
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Fabric Protection Application
Protect your investment with FrontRoom Fabric Protection. At the customer's request (additional cost) we can add FrontRoom Fabric Protection to your new sofa, loveseat, chair or other upholstered furniture. FrontRoom Fabric Protection can protect the sofa upholstery from stains from spills. This video demonstrates how one of our team members applies the FrontRoom Fabric Protector prior to delivery to the customer.
Crypton Home Fabric
Introducing Crypton Home, now providing superior stain protection for the fabric in your home. Luxurious, easy to maintain and clean so you can enjoy your space. Stress less, play more!
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Crypton Fabric Demonstration
Check out the amazing power of Crypton Fabric. Video taken at the Thibaut Showroom in High Point, NC
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MASTERGUARD - Protect your Sofa NOW !
We supply a full range of products to protect, keep and safeguard furniture, leather and wooden furniture against a full variety of stains and UV sun rays. MASTERGUARD protection is applied using hand trigger pumps. https://www.tfp.mu/Accessories/care_kit
Furniture Protection Plan- How good is yours?
Child viral video Child color on furniture Child color furniture Daddy babysitting Furniture protection plan and is it worth the money daddy babysitting Home dad Messy child Funny child
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Fabric Protection
Is fabric protection worth buying? If it's a water-based product they are applying, then I say "yes" http://www.kitchentablesandmore.com
waterproof sofa fabric
waterproof sofa fabric
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Revolution Performance Fabrics vs the GDS 4th grade
The Gaston Day School 4th grade recently toured our North Carolina factory because they were learning about textiles in school. For fun , we challenged them to draw all over a Revolution Plus slipcover. See who won the competition... GDS or Revolution. Watch the video and visit revolutionfabrics.com for more information.
Best Home Furnishings Performance Fabrics
Best Home Furnishings offers the largest selection and diversity of performance/cleanable fabrics in the industry. Two types: Opti Clean which repels stains, and Revolution by STI which is practically stain proof! All fabrics offer a soft touch and feel where you won't even realize it is a performance fabric until a spill or accident happens!
Best way to clean microfiber couch
Products used: Professionals Choice Fabric Cleaner (or any fabric cleaner) Denatured Alcohol Spray bottles microfiber clothes Credit Card plastic bristle scrub brush Elbow grease Instructions: I forgot to mention this in the video but the first thing I recommend is cleaning marker and crayon off first by just spraying them with the alcohol and scrubbing with brush and cloth. 1. Spray couch over the enter surface you wish to clean, let soak for a few seconds or so, too long and it soaks down into the cushion, you don't want that. 2. Scrap across surface with credit card at a 45 degree angle and slightly cupped. Do this over and over until you no longer remove the grime 3. Scrub the newly cleaned area with clean microfiber cloth to remove excess fluid and grime 4. Dry with ceiling fan or whatever you own 5. Scrub entire couch lightly with clean/dry brush to aggitate the fabric and soften it 6. If stains persist, repeat.
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KUKA® Stain-Resistant & Waterproof Fabric
KUKA®'s new and improved fabrics are now stain-resistant and water-proof. Buy a KUKA® fabric sofa today with this new amazing fabric @ City Square Mall Level 3.
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Fabric sofa cleaning
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Fabric Protection Procedure
Factory trained MagiSeal technician applying fabric protecion to a piece of furniture. http://inhomeservice.ca/Fabric_p.aspx
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Upholstery Stains
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protectME Textiles - Fabric Protection You Can Apply Yourself on Furniture, Upholstery & Clothing!
NOW AVAILABLE IN USA AT AMAZON.COM. Copy link into browser to find out more: https://amzn.to/2Jpyp6y http://www.protectmeproducts.com.au protectME Textiles offers the future in high-tech liquid and stain proofing and protection for fabric, upholstery and clothing. Using the latest nanotechnology, protectME Textiles is an invisible and breathable protective coating that repels and protects from liquids, dirt and stains whilst still allowing items to look, feel and smell natural. protectME Textiles is resistant to abrasion, machine washable (up to 30 washes), environmentally friendly, water-based and odourless. protectME Textiles can be used on cotton, suede, leather, synthetics, wool and silk. protectME Textiles is suitable for a range of surfaces inside and outside the home and commercially. For more information visit us at: http://www.protectmeproducts.com.au or Email: [email protected]
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Guardsman Fabric Protector
Shields fabric and upholstery against many damaging soils, spills and stains.Use it on upholstery, microfiber, rugs, carpeting, drapery, table linens, auto fabric interiors, fabric apparel, nubuck, aniline, and suede leathers. Not for use on finished leather or vinyl.
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"Crypton at Home Coupon Codes"
Check out Crypton at Home Coupon Codes here: http://oddcoupons.com/crypton-at-home... and let us know if they work. If not, submit your own discount promo codes. An American success story that's bigger than life. A fabric that works as tirelessly as the people behind it. Crypton doesn't sleep so that you can. No dog, kid, spouse or guest can take us down. Crypton makes being tough look so good. See what Crypton is all about today!fabric, unique fabric, water proofing What is crypton? Crypton is a super fabric that helps you rest at night knowing that wind, sun, rain, and sleet stand no chance to damage your furniture or valuables. THeir motto is stress less, clean les, live more. And that's the truth. Cover your fabrics with crypton's super fabric, or cryptonhome fabrics. What is Crypton Super Fabric Crypton super fabric is the only fabric deemed a non-pourous surface and can be disinfected easily. It features an engineered fabric system, stain resistant properties, GREENguard certification, an integrated impenetrable moisture barrier, odor blocking power, disinfectable capabilities, and microbial resistance. All this means you can clean in confidence. Try the Crypton coupon codes to see if you can save on your Crypton Super Fabric purchase. What is CryptonHome Fabric? CryptonHome Fabric is engineered material that is incredibly easy to clean, but fights off stains, smudges,smears, and any other thing everyday life throws your way. IT is stain resistant, moisture resistant, and odor resistant. Check out the crypton's video to get a good example of how it works even when kids draw on it with crayons! To save money on your purchase, try our crypton at home promo codes and let us know if they work. You can buy crypton materials online at their online store. Get fabrics for outdoors, pet use, furniture coverings and upholstery, cleaning and care, kids items, personal accessory fabrics, home accessories and much more. It's incredible how effective this product is, and you'll want to save even more by trying our crypton coupon codes today. Let us know if they work at the online store for crypton products.
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Amazing stain resistant fabric from Crypton
This fabric simply rocks. Watch wine bead right up and come off leaving no stain. We watched this demo in the Thibaut showroom at High Point Market and were all amazed. Watch video #2 showing a highlighter- do you think it will stain? next.
How to Use Crackle Paint to Make Large Cracks
My favorite tips for the Crackle Paint technique. Folk Art Crackle Medium - http://amzn.to/2oZCUvr Ceramcoat black paint - http://amzn.to/2ocr5F8 Americana buttermilk paint - http://amzn.to/2pmiXSP Thank you so much for stopping by to watch. I share crafty ideas with a bit of country charm. Share Ideas ~ Share Tips ~ Be Inspired xoxo, Tracy ::Social Media Connections:: MY BLOG http://www.countrycharmbytracy.com FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/countrycharmbytracy/ INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/countrycharmtracy TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/tracywellmann ::Health & Wellness that is working for me! :: More energy and vitamins all day long. Thrive by Le-Vel http://www.thrivewithtracy.com
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Scotchgard Fabrics: Protecting Your Fine Furniture
781-995-0683 [email protected] Applying fabric protection using only the best products applied by trained technicians will help your upholstered furniture stay beautiful for years. Fabric protectors, like Scotchgard help keep liquids spills from penetrating into the dye sites of cotton and other natural fabrics. As the video demonstrates, most liquids will simply roll off and follow with a gentle blotting-Results: Clean! Reapplication of protectors following professional cleanings is recommended. If you have questions or need samples treated please feel free to contact us or comment below. Thank You for watching!
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HD fabric protector
Outdoor furniture.
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i-clean™ Stain Resistant Leather Fabric
i-clean™ is a high performance fabric specifically engineered for comfort and durability. Nanotechnology, utilizing a barrier finish, provides quick and easy cleaning. Buy it here - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAIN-PROOF-PROTECTOR-INK-REPELLANT-FAUX-LEATHER-WIPE-CLEAN-UPHOLSTERY-FABRIC-/330913436310 This stain resistant fabric is easily cleaned with water and mild soap. From common household spills to ink, i-clean™ utilizes technology that keeps furniture fresh and clean. i-clean™ is made with environmentally friendly, water-based and low VOC chemicals. It stays cleaner for longer and reduces the environmental impact caused by cleaning with harsh chemicals. http://www.iwantfabric.com
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Nano4-Furniture (Sofa, Water)
Use Nano4-Furniture to help protect your furniture or various fabrics from unnecessary spills and to avoid the hassle of cleaning up messy stains. For more information please visit www.nanolife.com.au
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Vectra Fabric Protector
Vectra is the world's best fabric protector. There is no other product on the market that can compare to it. In additional, Vectra is environmentally safe. It contains no fluor-carbons. Check us out at http://www.vectraspray.com
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easy clean how to remove stains from an efficiency® upholstery fabric 640x360
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Video of Sunbrella Solana Strand Upholstery Fabric #32007-0000
Order Sunbrella Solana Strand Upholstery Fabric #32007-0000 at: http://www.sailrite.com/Sunbrella-32007-0000-Solana-Strand-54-Upholstery-Fabric Sunbrella 32007-0000 Solana Strand is a solution dyed acrylic furniture fabric from Glen Raven's Sunbrella Stripes collection. This comfortable, beautiful striped upholstery fabric makes the dining or living room a worry-free space for families and pets. It's amazingly easy to maintain, and most spills can be cleaned with mild soap and water. With this kind of durability, a great warranty, and a wide variety of styles, what's not to love? Sunbrella fabric's popularity stems from its fantastic color options, high resistance to fading, and long life span. Sunbrella is a soft, breathable, solution-dyed acrylic that is UV, water, and mildew resistant and does not noticeably shrink or stretch. Both sides of this upholstery fabric are the same, meaning that either side can be exposed to the outside. Sunbrella acrylic fabric is also easy to sew! Sunbrella Stripes fabric collection features a soft hand and a wide variety of fantastic striped patterns. Sunbrella Upholstery Fabric is intended for indoor use because of its softness but is also suitable for outdoor applications. Sunbrella Solana Strand is perfect for cushions, pillows, upholstery projects, patio furniture, patio umbrellas, boat interiors, porches, and gazebos. Width: 54″ wide Weight: 8 ounces per square yard Selvage Edge: Right and left edges of photo (stripes run the length of the fabric) Repeat: Every 7.65″ across the roll Sold per linear yard. Sunbrella 32007-0000 Solana Strand 54″ Upholstery Fabric Features: 100% solution dyed acrylic UV resistant High water resistance Mildew resistant Breathable to prevent condensation Minimal shrinking or stretching Fade resistant Stain resistant Easy to sew (use V-69 thread with a #16 needle) Order Sunbrella Solana Strand Upholstery Fabric #32007-0000 at: http://www.sailrite.com/Sunbrella-32007-0000-Solana-Strand-54-Upholstery-Fabric
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How to get rid of smells in fabric
In this video I test what household products work best to get the smells, in this case urine, out of a couch. Here is some rubbing alcohol: http://amzn.to/2xfuzq6 Some baking soda: http://amzn.to/2yHpRm2 Fantastic cheap shampooer: http://amzn.to/2ynnXuC Check out every product that I review or I recommend in my videos here on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/jrobling Keywords how to get rid of smells in a couch fabric stink cushions pee urine dog cat use alcohol powder baking soda deodorize odor cheap best fastest drying time free detailed step by step simple #howto #cleaning #smells
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Microseal Fabric Protection Demo
MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection, recognized worldwide as the best. www.microsealinternational.com
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Jackass' Bam Margera, posted an open invited on his Instagram a day or two before the actual event. All who attended this event payed 40 dollars at the gate. A little over a thousand fans were there including guests like his Uncle Phil, his mother April, Andy Roy, Zach Holmes, Chad Tepper, and Brandon Schmidt. Fans enjoyed their time skating and spray painting his skate ramps, doing stunts on his driveway and inside his pole barn. His appearance was very brief at Castle Bam, but his entrance was legendary. The cast from 'Too Stupid to Die" smashed fluorescent bulbs on each other before he came outside to his backyard only to be swarmed by all of his fans. State Police and military helicopters such as blackhawks were circling the event for part of the day. By night the band CKY, headlined the show in Bam's pole barn. Due to technical difficulties the band didn't play until an hour after the show was supposed to start. Fan's kept themselves busy in the mean time though moshing to songs by Jason Derulo and XXXtentacion. Some were seen scaling the rafters of his twenty foot pole barn and jumping into the crowds. At the end of the night, a bon fire began with the 'lighting" of a humongous Christmas tree setting it a blaze. Some were throwing in items into the fire such as skateboards, wooden chairs and other personal items they had. Follow IG: @arizzofilms
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