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World's First Closed Terrarium in an Aquarium
Yo dawg I herd you like terrariums so we put a terrarium in yo aquarium so you can terrarium while you aquarium. Thanks for introduction Xzibit, now let's make the world's first closed terrarium in an aquarium! Many of you have requested this build and here it finally is. I really hope you enjoy it because I think it's some of my best work yet. For additional content like this, projects sneak peeks and more, follow me on Instagram @SerpaDesign. - Information on Sealing the Jar - In this demonstration, I used a jar that already comes with a gasket and it worked great. However, what if you can't get a hold of this jar or want to use something else? Well if your using a container that is sealed with a cork, you can simply use a “Rubber Stopper.” If you already have container with a lid and it's not leak proof, then you can use the DIY rubber gasket, shown in the video. If none of those options interest you, then you could also make a DIY Oogoo cap. If done properly, I have no doubt that it would work. More information on each item in the links below. Jar Used in the Video https://www.amzn.com/B075JR6H11 Example of Rubber Stoppers https://www.amzn.com/B00ES3UE9C Rubber for DIY Gasket https://www.lowes.com/pd/Plumb-Pak-6-in-Rubber-Washer/1082955 Learn How to Make an Oogoo Lid https://youtu.be/8IdOaN8GD14 I also recommend that you only use a glass jar. Silicone doesn't readily adhere to plastic, but it sure does work for glass! On that, any sort of 100% silicone (I usually use GE Silicone I) will work fine for this application. Also, you'll do best to stick with a plastic lid, if you're using something ready-made. Metal lids or anything that will contaminate the water column are not advised. -Plants- Below is a complete list of the plants used in this video. I know that many of you will ask where I get my plants. Most of the plants used in the terrarium were sourced locally. The aquarium plants on the other hand were purchased at a few local fish stores and given to yours truly by Justin at H2O Plants. I met up with Justin a few months back to build a terrarium. In return he gave me some of the awesome plants in this video, such as the Hygrophila polysperma 'Sunset' (which you most likely won't be able to obtain in the US, given the nature of this plant). Anyways check out the link below to see what plants he has (this isn't a sponsored video and he didn't ask me to plug this). https://www.h2oplants.com/ Anubias barteri 'Short & Sharp' Anubias nana 'Petite' Baby Tears Badge Moss Bolbitis heteroclita 'Difformis' Bucephalandra 'Arrogate Blue' Bucephalandra 'Wavy Green' Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Red' Dwarf Aquarium Lily Ficus pumila 'Quercifolia' Guppy Grass Hygrophila difformis Hygrophila polysperma 'Sunset' Hypnum Moss Java Fern Java Moss Marimo Moss Ball Pellia Sphagnum Moss Star Moss Thread Moss - What Happened to my Fish? - So I'll keep this brief, but basically here's what happened with my fish. A few months back when it started getting warmer I had to go on a business trip. Before doing so, I did the usual maintenance on all of my aquariums, but something was off with the ones that require warm water. That said, I also have two cold water setups, which weren't affected by this issue. Anyways, I noticed that water was coming out of tap with a lot of white particles in it or that's what it looked like at least. Unfortunately I couldn't find my test kit and I didn't have time to get one because I was leaving the day after. I was concerned for my fish, but I let the aquariums alone and hoped that the water just needed to clear up. The next day, which was the day I left, the aquariums looked perfectly clear. So I left for my trip, with some peace of mind. However, upon my return I was greeted by a betta and knife fish that had passed. Those were really the only two sensitive fish that I had and unfortunately they are now lost. It's sad, but it's a reality that comes with these hobbies. When I returned, I did maintenance again and nothing was wrong with the water this time. So once I got a chance to finally test it, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and I haven't had issues since. I trust my brother did take of the animals well, so I strongly believe that this was due to the water. I don't know if the township did something different with the water because of the weather change or if there was something up with my water heater, etc. If you've had this issue before, leave a comment about it below. I've never seen something like it before in the 11 years I've kept fish and they were seemingly healthy the days before my departure.
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Juwel Rio 300 planted tank
Plants: Java fern, Microsorum pteropus Anubias barteri Amazon Sword, Echinodorus amazonicus Glossostigma elatinoides Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balanse Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica' Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green’ Cryptocoryne axelrodi (part of the wendtii group) Alternanthera reineckii ‘Mini’ Alternanthera reineckii ‘Red Ruby’ Pogostemon erectus ‘Tropica’ Staurogyne sp. ‘Porto Velho’ Nymphaea lotus 'Red' water lotus Ludwigia repens ‘Rubin’ Ammannia praetermissa Fish: 6 Siamese algae-eater, Crossocheilus siamensis 5 Otocinclus affinis 3 Red Lizard Whiptail Catfish, Rineloricaria sp. 6 Panda Cory, Corydoras panda 2 Apistogramma macmasteri var. ‘viejita’ 7 Chocolate Gourami, Sphaerichthys osphromenoides 8 West African Lyretail Killifish, Fundulopanchax gardneri 5 ‘Wild’ Guppy, Poecilia reticulata 2 Black Molly, Poecilia latipinna Non-fish: 11 Amano shrimp, Caridina multidentata 6 Assasin snail, Clea helena
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Paludarium Biotop 150*60*60 Update 7
Kleines Update aus meinem Paludarium. Der Übergang von Wasser zu Land wurde noch einwenig natürlicher gestaltet und es sind ein paar Pflanzen dazugekommen. Pflanzen im Paludarium Unter Wasser: Microsorium pteropus Echinodorus Rubin Hygrophila salicifolia Vallisneria gagantea Lysimachia nummularia Echinodorus amazunicus Nymphea maculata Crypto wentii Brown Anubias nana Petite An Land: Selaginella wildeno. Cordyline terminels hemigraphis colorata chamaedorea elegans Scindapsus aureus Cyperus zumala Callisia repens http://www.all4aqua.de/ Brauner wasserkelch Crytocornye wentii Brown  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Topfpflanzen/Cryptocoryne-Wendtii-Brown-Brauner-Wasserkelch.html Grüner wendtscher wasserkelch Crytocornye wentii Green  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Topfpflanzen/Cryptocoryne-Wendtii-Green-Gruener-Wendtscher-Wasserkelch.html Schwarzwurzelfarn Microsorum pteropus  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Topfpflanzen/Microsorum-pteropus-Schwarzwurzelfarn-Javafarn.html Regenschirmsimse Eleocharis vivipara  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Bundpflanzen/Eleocharis-vivipara----Regenschirmsimse------Eigenschaften--Herkunft---Nordamerika--Wuchshoehe---25---50-cm--pH---Wert----4---7--Temperatur---5---29--C--Wasserhaerte---weich---hart----Lieferung---Im-Bund--mit-Bleiring.html Amazonas schwertpflanze Echinodorus amazonicus  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Topfpflanzen/Echinodorus-Amazonicus---Amazonas-Schwertpflanze---84.html  Japanisches Fadenkraut   Blyxa Japonica  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Bundpflanzen/Blyxa-japonica----Japanisches-Fadenkraut------Eigenschaften--Herkunft---Asien--Wuchshoehe---10---15-cm--pH---Wert----6---7-5--Temperatur---15---28--C--Wasserhaerte---weich---mittel----Lieferung---Im-Bund--mit-Bleiring.html Kardinals Lobelie Lobelia cardinals  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Topfpflanzen/Lobelia-cardinalis---Kardinals-Lobelie--.html   Riesenvallisnerie Vallisneria gigantea  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Bundpflanzen/Vallisneria-gigantea---Riesenvallisnerie--.html Zierliches perlkraut Hemianthus micranthemoides  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Bundpflanzen/Hemianthus-micranthemoides----Zierliches-Perlenkraut------Eigenschaften--Herkunft---Florida--Wuchshoehe---5---20-cm--Breite---10---25-cm--pH---Wert----6-2---7-8--Temperatur---18---26--C--Wasserhaerte---weich---mittel----Lieferung---Im-Bund--mit-Bleiring.html Perlenkraut Micranthemum umbrosum  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Bundpflanzen/Micranthemum-umbrosum----Perlenkraut-----Eigenschaften--Herkunft---Nord---Mittelamerika--Wuchshoehe---10---25-cm--Breite---1---15-cm--pH---Wert---5-5---8--Temperatur---15---26--C--Wasserhaerte---weich---hart----Lieferung---Im-Bund--mit-Bleiring.html Indische Rotala  Rotala indica  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Bundpflanzen/Rotala-indica----Indische-Rotala------Eigenschaften--Herkunft---Asien--Wuchshoehe---40---60-cm--Breite---10---25-cm--pH---Wert---5---8--Temperatur---15---28--C--Wasserhaerte---sehr-weich---hart----Lieferung---Im-Bund--mit-Bleiring.html Brasilianischer Wassernabel Hydrocotyle Leucocephala  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Topfpflanzen/Hydrocotyle-Leucocephala---Brasilianischer-Wassernabel--.html Roter / Grüner Tigerlotus Nymphaea Lotus  http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Knollen/Nymphaea-lotus-rubra-knolle---Roter-Tigerlotus--.html Kleine cognag pflanze Ammania Senegalensis http://www.all4aqua.de/Aquariumpflanzen/Bundpflanzen/Ammania-Senegalensis--Kleine-Cognac-Pfanze--.html
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Green Gecko on a Palm Tree
Green Hawaiian Gecko
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most of the fish (75 Gallon)
75Gallon Freshwater Aquarium; FISH; (38+) AFRICAN CICHLIDS: (18) BOTTOM FEEDERS: (15+) OTHER FISH: (5+) PLANTS, LOGS & ROCKS: (17 varieties) AFRICAN CICHLIDS: 2x Labidochromis caeruleus "Electric Yellow" (Male) 2x Sciaenochromis fryeri (Chizumulu Is.) "Electric Blue" 1x Pseudotropheus Acei 1x Pseudotropheus Acei Hybrid (Zebra cross) 1x Protomelas Taeniolatus "Red Empress" 1x Red Peacock 1x Aulonocara (Rubescens) Peacock 1x Aulonocara baenschi "Benga Peacock" 1x Labidochromis sp. Hongi 1x Metriaclima lombardoi 1x Pseudotropheus sp. Elongatus Chewere 1x Nimbochromis venustus 1x Hemichromis bimaculatus "Red Jewel" 1x Archocentrus nigrofasciatus "Convict" "zebra cichlid" 1x Cynotilapia Afra Cobue 1x Iodotropheus sprengerae "Rusty Cichlid" 1x Metriaclima sp. "elongatus mpanga" BOTTOM FEEDERS: 3x Pomacea Bridgessii "Brig" 6x Chromobotia/Botia macracanthus "Clown Loach" 1x Gyrinocheilos aymonieri "CAE" 4x Ancistrus temminckii, Ancistrus sp. "Bristlenose Pleco" (2x Adult male & 2x Adult female. (Breeding in the tank also, though survival rate of fry is minimal)) 1x Mastacemelus Armatus "Spiny Eel, Tyre Track Eel" Several Ghost Shrimp OTHER FISH: 2x Crossocheilus siamensis "SAE" 3x Better splendens (all male, 2 in long better seperator, 1 swimming free) Hypseleotris galii "Firetail Gudgeon" Blackworms live and breed throughout substrate. PLANTS, LOGS & ROCKS: 7x large, medium & small pieces of Lava rock. Several small and medium flat/round smooth river rocks. 6x Logs covered in Anubias, Java Moss and Java Fern. (2x large, 3x medium, 1x small, (1x small arch with full growth over top)) Anubias (Nana & Isabelle) Hygrophila (Red & Green) Ludwigia Spathiphyllum Amazon Sword Elodea Lizard Tail Microsorium pteropus (Java Fern) Java Moss Vallisneria (thin) Blue Stricta Cryptocoryne wendtii Borneo Sword
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Green Gecko Mix
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Delivery from aquatic jungles
I took advantage of Dustin's cyber Monday sale and got the delivery today. PLEASE COMMENT, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE. THANK YOU
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Voedertijd vissen Corydoras en Ancistrus
Voerdertijd vissen Corydoras en Ancistrus
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