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ANDROMEDA SKYLINE (2018) 1. INTO THE UNKNOWN: 00:00 2. PORTALS: 04:50 3. HELIOS: 13:25 4. NEBULA: 20:44 5. ANDROMEDA SKYLINE: 29:07 https://ison444.bandcamp.com/album/andromeda-skyline https://www.facebook.com/ison444/ ISON was formed in 2015 during a cold winter night in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. ISON is a result of the two music likeminded souls of Daniel Änghede ( Crippled Black Phoenix, Hearts of Black Science ) and Heike Langhans ( Draconian, LOR3L3I ) Inspired by Drone, Goth & Shoegaze, combined with a deep fascination for the astral planes and the universe their music is best known as Cosmic Drone. Combining punishing guitars and eerie vocals with lush, ambient soundscapes.
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EVERYTHINGARETWO Presenting: Total Atmospheric POST ROCK Set - 2:22:22h
everything are 2 ;) track list: thisquietarmy - melted lead on ashen fields collapse under the empire - the sirens sound seven mile journey - catharsis project the evpatoria report - dipole experiment daturah - hybrisma school emotional engineering - she dreams in car crashes RQTN - le point culminant, le reveil, les mains brumeuses motek - i am your son my beloved - backworld blues magyar posse - IV félperc - so you think you can fly ? blueneck - seven deadhorse - no particular night or morning accra minoa - broken tympanic bone a swarm of the sun - zenith crippled black phoenix - we forgotten who we are jacob - semaphore mogwai - you dont know jesus the evpatoria report - prognoz download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/448122418/atmospheric_post_rock_set.rar
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rise up for palestine
This state should exist with borders similar to those agreed upon in the 1967 armistice. - Non-violence is the best route toward lasting peace. We condemn violence regardless of who commits it. - This state should exist alongside the state of Israel - The Palestinians and their descendants who were forced from their homes should have the Right of Return - The final agreement should guarantee security for all people in and around Palestine, as well as human rights and a viable economy for all. -The State of Palestine, when it comes into being, should have sovereignty over borders and resources. -It is important to note that not all supporters of the Palestinian plight are Arabs and/or Muslims. There are in fact people of every background and all races around the globe. Not excluding Jews both religiously and racially defined, nor Palestinian and Arab Christians. This support extends beyond the obvious humanitarian nature of the struggle, but to the political support of the Palestinian cause and demand for self determination.
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