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Cat® Underground Hard Rock Mining Vehicles In Action
Get your heart pumping with this compilation of Cat® underground hard rock mining vehicles in action. Productivity, efficiency, safety, operator comfort, technology and unmatched dealer support? We're there!
Complete Cat® Longwall Systems
Caterpillar is one of the leading global suppliers for complete longwall mining systems. All over the world, Cat® equipment and systems are meeting the demands of underground mining under the most stringent conditions. Caterpillar delivers a customers’ system of choice, from low to high seam heights, for the longest longwalls and highest production demands. Adapted to the mining challenges faced by customers today, Cat systems for longwall mining include hydraulic roof supports, high-horsepower shearers, automated plow systems and face conveyors - controlled and supported by intelligent automation. This animation gives an overview of the key components of Cat longwall systems, the main features, and the state-of-the-art automation hardware and software which offers the needed functionality for enhanced control of the whole system. Learn More: http://www.cat.com/longwall
Built by Caterpillar: Rayong, Thailand
This is Caterpillar's newest and most modern manufacturing facility located in Rayong Thailand. It builds Cat underground mining trucks and loaders and is uniquely located to serve key markets for these products. As you will see in the video, this facility brings together the best team, the best technologies and a culture of safety to deliver world class underground hard rock vehicles. #BuiltByCaterpillar
Cat Underground Mining Equipment
As miners go deeper underground to provide the materials on which the world depends, they need safe, reliable equipment - and a partner with deep application expertise to mine more efficiently and profitably. At Caterpillar and in the Cat dealerships, dedicated underground mining teams are in place to ensure the on-going success of our customers. Caterpillar’s commitment to this underground mining segment is comprehensive and includes substantial investment in revolutionary new products, manufacturing excellence and cutting-edge technologies that will reduce risk to valued employees and allow our customers to mine more profitably. Our current products are better than ever before, work more efficiently than ever before, and provide value in their long term durability, technology capabilities and rebuild potential. Looking ahead, Caterpillar is planning and investing in a future of innovative, sustainable, and technology enabled mining products that have the potential to revolutionize underground mining. Investment, innovation, and leadership – it’s our commitment.
Working Together to Get the Right Equipment Underground
The U.S. Gypsum mine in Sperry, Iowa, is more than 620 feet underground and accessible only via shaft, which makes getting equipment in the mine a difficult challenge. When it was time for a new Cat® R1600H loader, U.S. Gypsum turned to local Cat dealer Altorfer, a long-time partner of its surface operation. Once the mine decided on the new loader, Altorfer went to work figuring out the right way to disassemble the machine on the surface, send the hundreds of individual pieces down the shaft, and then re-assemble it underground. It took a partnership to ensure a successful project, with Altorfer engineers, Caterpillar engineers and mine personnel working in close collaboration throughout the process. The mine has since purchased an additional R1600H and Altorfer has developed best practices that are being shared with other dealers around the world.
Cat® MD6640 Rotary Drill Testimonial
Cat® MD6640 Rotary Drill Testimonial, Tech Coal Ltd. See what drill operator Bruno Sokal has to say about his MD6640 Rotary Drill.
Webinar: Talking Cat® Underground Mining
Join four experts from Cat® Underground Mining as they talk new products, technology and the future developments in underground hard rock mining solutions. Wrenn Miles, Marketing Manager for Underground Mining, is joined by Steve Rich, Product Manager of Cat Hard Rock Vehicles, along with Randy Schoepke our resident expert on autonomy and technology, and finally, Jay Armburger, our Product Manager for Technology solutions for Underground Mining rounds out the panel. Please join us as we introduce new products and talk all things underground. https://www.cat.com/underground
Cat Command for Drilling
Building on the precision and productivity of Terrain for drilling, Cat Command for drilling can help your drills operate safely and productively — even when there's no operator on board.
World's Broadest Range of Underground Mining Equipment
As miners go deeper underground to provide the materials on which the world depends, they need safe, reliable equipment designed to handle demanding conditions. From the first cut to the last inch of the seam, we're committed to meeting the needs of customers in every underground application and environment. The broad Cat® product line includes drills, loaders and trucks for hard rock applications; customized systems for longwall mining; and precision-engineered products for room and pillar operations. It's your business. Caterpillar offers the solutions. For more information, visit https://mining.cat.com/products/underground-mining
Cat® Activated Undercutting Technology
http://www.cat.com/en_US/campaigns/awareness/rock-straight-system.html. The newly developed Cat Activated Undercutting Technology has further improved the cutting process by activation of the cutting tools. Rather than a constant contact with the rock face, the individual pick very quickly “hits” the ore, greatly reducing the amount of heat generated. This results in less pick wear, lower energy consumption, less reaction forces and lower stress, enabling the excavation of hard rock using a small and compact machine. Initial underground trials have proven that the technology is feasible.
Sandvik Underground Truck Ejector Box
Smart Sandvik ejector box design for smooth and effective unloading underground in low tunnel height applications. Clever structural design provides better durability and safer ejection on uneven ground. Ejector box is available as an option for a wide range of Sandvik underground dump truck models: TH663i, TH551i, TH540, TH430 and TH320.
Cat® Terrain: Precision Guidance and Material Tracking
Cat Terrain uses high-precision guidance technologies, material tracking and more to help your machines work according to plan — increasing efficiency, reducing variability and helping you get the most out of your mine site.
Atlas Copco Roc L8 Drilling
A brand new 2012 Atlas Copco ROC L8 surface crawler drill in operation on a high wall extension project of a surface mine. Note, new operator in training. Want to see more drilling and blasting? Join the PAmining Facebook today! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468
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Caterpillar MD5075C Track Drill
The new Cat MD5075C Track Drill replaces the MD5075 and is capable of drilling holes of 3 to 4.5 inches (76 to 114.3 mm) in diameter to a depth of 102.5 ft (31 m). Two different rock drill choices enable matching to the application to achieve the highest production rate.
Various Underground Mining Equipment
Slide Show... Various Underground Mining Equipment
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Pioneering Underground Mining
Joy Mining Machinery releases a new version of its most popular video "Pioneering Underground Mining". You can request a free copy of this video by contacting [email protected] and provide your name and mailing address and if you want the copy in DVD or Blu-ray format. It was first produced in 2001 to support a request by our US Midwest sales region to help a customer explain the difference between room and pillar and longwall mining to finance people. It quickly became the most widely distributed video in our library being used by universities, schools, shown to community groups, etc. The program was updated to show new products and includes all new HD video and animations.
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Cat® MD5125 Customer Testimonial by Warren Fair of Action Drill & Blast
Learn more: http://www.cat.com/en_US/products/new/equipment/drills.html. Built tough, these drills have reliable components, sturdy frames, robust booms and feeds that contribute to outstanding availability. The drills are designed to be easy to service with conveniences such as ground level access to all major service points and well-organized electrical and hydraulic arrangements. To help you achieve greater productivity, MD5125 track drills features the HPR5128 Rock Drill at 28 kW (37 hp) which is renowned for its field serviceability and drills hole sizes up to 152 mm (6 in) with depths to 30 m (98.5 ft.). Easy maintenance and a long life cycle is yours with high quality Cat Drills and reliable customer support. CONNECT WITH CAT PRODUCTS: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/catproducts Twitter - https://twitter.com/CaterpillarInc Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+CatProducts
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P&H Mining Equipment Drill: 320XPC
Extracting valuable minerals like copper, iron ore, coal, diamonds and gold from the Earth's crust in support of our global economy typically begins with the boring of a grid of "blast holes" in hard-rock formations. To produce those "soda straw"-shaped explosives containers, it takes the precise and powerful delivery of three forces - tons of downward force, thousands of foot-pounds or newtons of rotary force, and upwards of 3,800 cubic feet of jet-stream "bailing" air - to advance a tri-cone drill bit into hard rock. P&H drilling rigs are the rugged, smart platforms that get that done for high-throughput surface mining operations worldwide. These machines are anything but "boring."
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Cat® Global Mining Drills in Action - Wait for the blast.
This is an action packed thirty second video of mining-sized Cat® Drills in action and the resulting blasts.
Cat® Hard Rock Vehicles: First Look At A New Generation
As miners go deeper underground to provide the materials on which the world depends, they need safe, reliable equipment - and a partner with deep application expertise to mine more efficiently and profitably. At Caterpillar we are investing in the future of innovative, sustainable, and technology enabled mining products that have the potential to revolutionize underground mining. For more details about the full line of Cat mining products and services, visit Caterpillar in the Central Hall during MINExpo 2016, September 26-28, at the Las Vegas, Nevada, Convention Center.
XWD Yantai Xingye XYWJ-1G Underground Mining Machine Exterior and Interior
2018 XWD Yantai Xingye XYWJ-1G Underground Mining Machine for tunnel drilling seen from outside and inside. Diesel LHD. Engine is Deutz 58 kW. Total weight 6.7 t. Bucket 1 cubic meter. Dimensions: 6000x1300x2000 mm. Manufactured by Yantai Xingye Machinery Co., LTD
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Stawell Gold Mine - Articulated Underground Trucks - 60 metric tonne capacity - Australian Trucks
Stawell Gold Mine atlas copco Minetruck MT6020 has 60 metric tonne capacity, articulated underground truck. Australian Trucks Stawell Victoria Australia
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Cat® Highwall Miner - HW300 Safety Features
This video shares just some of the key safety features of the Cat® HW300 Highwall Miner, a highly productive and low risk mining method for underground coal seams.
Cat R1600G Underground Mining Loader
Cool machine to see http://www.heavytruckphotos.com/
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Mine Master manufacturer of underground drilling equipment
http://www.minemaster.eu/ - Mining machines, mining machinery - Mine Master Ltd. corporate movie. One of the biggest Mining Equipment Manufacturer - Machinery for tunneling, roof botling rigs, underground drill rigs.
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10 Extreme Dangerous Biggest Coal Mining Equipment World's Most Powerful Heavy Boring Machines Truck
10 Extreme Dangerous Biggest Terex, KOMATSU, HITACHI, CATERPILLAR, Haulage, BelAZ Equipment, World's Most Powerful Heavy Dump Truck, Coal Mining Boring Machines, Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer. MAXIMUM Oversize Truck Operator, Heavy Equipment Powerful Machines Monster, Off Road Truck 10 Extreme Dangerous Biggest Coal Mining Boring Machines Terex HITACHI Equipment World's Most Powerful Heavy Truck Excavator CAT COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to [email protected] 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! 10 экстремально опасных огромнейших промышленных машин от Терекс, Коматсу, Хитачи, Кателпиллар, Хауладж и БелАЗ. Самые мощные в мире тяжелые буровые машины, дрели и буры для добычи угля, карьерные самосвалы, экскаваторы, погрузчики, бульдозеры и многое другое.
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The Atlas Copco underground drilling rig training simulator
The Atlas Copco underground drilling rig training simulator has a complete Boomer cabin, with all functions fully integrated including RCS (Rig Constrol System). The training simulator is a part of the Atlas Copco Drill Master Program. For more information, see our website http://www.oryx.se/, or http://www.atlascopco.com/. For more information about the Atlas Copco Drill Master Program: http://www.atlascopco.com/drillmaster/. Also take a look at Atlas Copco youtube-channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AtlasCopc...
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Hole Deviation on the Cat® MD5150C Track Drill
See the bore tracking results reported by Austin Powder on the new Cat MD5150C Track Drill.
Source: Caterpillar Global Mining
Source: Caterpillar Global Mining
Drilling: How to Minimize Variability
Mining is made up of a number of processes, and one of the first is drilling. It’s important to consider the impact that optimal drilling and blasting has on downstream mining activities like loading, hauling, crushing and milling. Inconsistent drill patterns, hole depth and hole angle can have a significant effect on the rest of the mining cycle. In this video, we’ll discuss how miners are using technologies like Cat MineStar™ Terrain to improve the accuracy of these activities — increasing drill productivity, efficiency and safety. Terrain for drilling provides high-precision guidance, work progress feedback, detailed site information and safety functions for the entire drill fleet. It lets you know what your drills are doing, how many holes are drilled each shift, and when and why a drill is down — all the information you need to drive operational improvements.
Carter Machinery Underground Mining
For over 60 years, Carter Machinery has reliably served the surface mining industry of Virginia and West Virginia. Now, with Caterpillar’s acquisition of the Bucyrus product line, that same level of support is available underground - making Carter an unparalleled resource across the entire mining industry.
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Cat® Highwall Mining - HW300 Features and Benefits
When the conditions are just right - you're hard pressed to find a better coal mining machine than a highwall miner. This video shares the key features and benefits of the Cat® HW300 highwall miner, an amazing piece of machinery that produces a lot of coal while using very few resources in the process.
Underground Hard Rock Mining, Landcruisers & Parts Online Auction
For Sale Online Auction includes: Caterpillar AD45B x 2, AD55B x 2 trucks. Caterpillar R1300G x 2, R1700G SBR series x 2, R1700G 8XZ series loaders. Sandvik DD420 drill rig. Atlas Copco H104, H1257 and S7D drill rigs. $1M+ of new refurbished & 'as-is' spare parts to suit mining fleet. ~2 MVA ONAF 11/1 KV substation gas breaker as new condition. Remote operators stations on skid & in troop carrier. Starters & distribution boards 1000 volt x 45, 415 Volt x 35. 4 & 10 person refuge chambers x 7. Hand mining equipment including winches, hoes, hachines, air legs & more. Ventilation fans & UPVC duct sections x 40. Toyota Landcruiser HZJ79 V8 utilities running & wrecking options. Tyres & rims to suit mining equipment. Workshop tools & accessories, HDPE & steel pipe. Equipment located ex-Kambalda, Western Australia. For more information contact [email protected] or visit www.g-es.net
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Cat® Track Drills Customer Interview Drill & Blast Contractor, JEMCO, featuring Jim McKeever
Why JEMCO chooses Cat® Track Drills: Versatility in applications, highly productive, easy to service, the Cat Rock Drill advantage, and cost savings that keeps JEMCO competitive.
Caterpillar's Mining Automation Journey (Extended Edition)
Mining automation has long been a dream for those in the industry. Caterpillar is making it happen in a big way - and continuing it's journey to developing a fully autonomous mine site. Take a peek inside the people, technology and innovation that are making this dream a reality.
Fully Mechanized Longwall Coal Production
Fully mechanized Longwall Coal Production
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Elphinstone Unveils “The Next Generation”
http://bit.ly/1sC2jfl Elphinstone is re-launching their brand to reflect their reentry into the underground mining market with the next generation of underground support vehicles. This includes the WR820 Agitator Truck, a purpose built platform based on Cat® systems and components with support from Caterpillar OEM Solutions.
Know Your Options - Load Haul Dump (LHD) & Truck Operator Present System
Operator Present System: * The "Safety Guardian" for the forgetful operator. * Inbuilt safety system that prevents machine movement when operator input is not present. * Prevents both machine runaways and implement operation if the machine is not operated in the correct manner.
Built by Caterpillar: Lünen, Germany
The Caterpillar facility in Lünen Germany is home to the design and manufacture of underground longwall and hard rock cutting mining products. This engineering center of excellence is home to the design and software development of Cat longwall coal mining equipment and hard rock haulage and cutting products. Cat MineStar components, Detect and Command, that are used to automate production and help keep people safe at the mine face are also produced here. Lünen is also where we design and manufacture hard rock cutting products, and it's where the Cat Activated Undercutting Technology was invented. The Caterpillar facility in Lünen does business as Caterpillar Global Mining Europe GmbH. #BuiltByCaterpillar
Broadest Line of Mining Equipment in the Industry
No other manufacturer can offer what Caterpillar does: The broadest line of surface and underground mining equipment in the industry. Cat® products are on more mine sites than any other equipment line, delivering the reliability and durability you need to mine efficiently and productively. Watch this video and see for yourself. More information at: http://www.cat.com/en_US/products/new/by-industry/mining.html
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A History of P&H Mining Equipment
This video provides insight into how P&H Mining Equipment has evolved, endured and excelled over the past 125 years and continues to do so into the exciting future.
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Cat Mining Equipment Working in Hume Missouri
The Cat D11 is the largest of the dozers. This video was shot at a coal mine in Hume, MO. Five D11Rs are used to strip the overburden and three 385 excavators load the coal into trucks, one of which, a 777B 100 ton capacity dump, can be seen in the distance. Foley Equipment can help you with all your equipment needs...visit http://FoleyEQ.com for more information.
Cat® Roof Supports - Functioning of the Compensating Valve
To avoid extreme load when setting a roof support, a compensating valve (KN valve) is installed into the tilt cylinder. This animation describes the functioning of this special valve.
Immersive Technologies - UG360 Advanced Equipment Simulator for Underground Mining
Immersive Technologies’ Equipment Simulators are supported by the industry’s most comprehensive range of compatible tools, technologies and professional services. This ensures a solution to meet or exceed your needs can be defined, delivered, implemented and generating operational results quickly and with very low risk. www.ImmersiveTechnologies.com The UG360 has been specifically designed for underground mining. It delivers cutting edge technologies which dramatically increase realism to a level not previously seen by the mining industry. It ensures our customers have the world's best simulation solution to drive operator optimization and business improvements. The UG360 represents over three years of intense research and engineering. It incorporates the knowledge and experience we have gained from the largest installed base of mining simulators globally and our exclusive alliances with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). http://www.immersivetechnologies.com/products-services/ug360t.htm
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Alpha Coal & Caterpillar Team Up To Increase Cat® 7495 Rope Shovel Productivity
Alpha Coal has counted on Cat® equipment to get the job done for more than four decades. But recently, the company saw greater possibilities for their Cat equipment. The Alpha Coal team partnered with Caterpillar and their local dealer to come up with a solution that improved pass matching from 4 to 3 passes when loading a 400 ton truck.
Cat® MineStar™ System: GPS Truck Assignment Program
Cat® MineStar™ includes all the capabilities from a range of familiar Cat mining technologies, including MineStar FleetCommander, MineStar Health, CAES, AQUILA™ Drill and Dragline Systems, MINEGEM™ and Integrated Object Detection System™. It also encompasses a wide range of new capabilities, including autonomous, semi-autonomous and remote control equipment systems, proximity awareness and more. Learn more at: http://www.catminestarsystem.com/
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Distant Thunder | Ground Force Machines at Black Thunder Mine
http://bit.ly/1sC2jfl Black Thunder mine in Wyoming produces millions of tons of coal annually with a large fleet working around the clock. A dependable fleet of Ground Force fuel & lube and cable reel trucks, based on Cat® Off-Highway and Articulated Trucks, provides the support needed to keep this site running smoothly.

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