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Pi and The Bible (The Feynman Point)
Transcendental Numbers A number is rational if it can be expressed as a fraction. When these rational numbers are expressed in decimal form, a pattern emerges. 1/2 is rational, in decimal form it becomes 0.5000… and the zeroes go on into infinity. Nothing random there. 2/7 is rational, in decimal form it becomes 0.285714285714… and the 285714's go on into infinity. Nice pattern, again nothing random. Sometimes the patterns are more complicated, but where there's a fraction, there's always a pattern. 296/913 appears random for it's first 82 decimal digits. But then, inevitably, a pattern emerges. 0.32420591456736035049288061336254107338444687842278203723986856516976998904709748083242059145673603504928806133625410733844468784227820372398685651697699890470974808… Pythagoreans loved these numbers, they believed patterns existed everywhere. They were appalled by the discovery of irrational numbers, which cannot be expressed as fractions, and are apparently random. As they go on into infinity, no pattern emerges. Some of these numbers can be used in algebraic functions. √2 is irrational, but can be substituted for x in the algebraic function x² - 2 = 0. But there are some irrational numbers that are also non algebraic. These are known as transcendental numbers. The first of these to be proven to be transcendental were e (in 1873) and pi (in 1882). These two remain as the most famous of all transcendental numbers. We now know over 13 trillion digits of pi. Still no pattern! Or is there? Gematria The Hindu-Arabic numeral system only became widely accepted in the mid 1600's. Prior to it's widespread implementation, other numbering systems were in use. Best known of these is the Latin Numbering System, whereby letters of the Latin alphabet were ascribed numerical values. So I =1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50, C = 100 and M = 1,000. The Bible's Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, and the New Testament in Greek. Both these ancient languages also used number systems based on their alphabets. But unlike Latin, every Hebrew and Greek letter had a numerical equivalent. So every word, and every verse had a numerical value. This is called gematria, and the gematria values of each letter of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets are as follows: (You can see that the methodology is the same for both languages.) Hebrew א Aleph 1 ב Bet 2 ג Gimel 3 ד Dalet 4 ה Heh 5 ו Vav 6 ז Zayin 7 ח Chet 8 ט Tet 9 י Yud 10 ך/כ Kaf 20 ל Lamed 30 ם/מ Mem 40 ן/נ Nun 50 ס Samech 60 ע Ayin 70 ף/פ Pey 80 ץ/צ Tzadi 90 ק Quf 100 ר Resh 200 ש Shin 300 ת Tav 400 Greek Α α Alpha 1 Β β Beta 2 Γ γ Gamma 3 Δ δ Delta 4 Ε ε Epsilon 5 Ζ ζ Zeta 6 Η η Eta 7 Θ θ Theta 8 Ι ι Iota 9 Κ κ Kappa 10 Λ λ Lambda 20 Μ μ Mu 30 Ν ν Nu 40 Ξ ξ Xi 50 Ο ο Omicron 60 Π π Pi 70 Ρ ρ Rho 80 Σ σ/ς Sigma 90 Τ τ Tau 100 Υ υ Upsilon 200 Φ φ Phi 300 Χ χ Chi 400 Ψ ψ Psi 500 Ω ω Omega 600 http://www.biblegematria.com
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► VISIT THE LINKS BELOW TO BOOK/CONTACT THE VIDEOGRAPHER https://www.koishikahmmad.com/booking https://www.instagram.com/KOISHIKAHMMAD ► VISIT THE CHAPTER'S INSTAGRAM Chapter's instagram: @alphaxideltaosu ► ABOUT THIS RECRUITMENT VIDEO The hashtag/theme for this year's recruitment video was #alphaxigaveme. We wanted to create a concept revolving around that hashtag. However, we also wanted to put a bit of a twist on things. Typically when we think about the Greek life community, we associate the big as the mentor and the little as the mentee. However, there's something about finding ourselves in the service of others. We decided to tell the story featuring a big/little; in the story, the big is the one that finds herself through AXiD and her service to her little. ► CAMERA EQUIPMENT USED TO CREATE THIS VIDEO Camera: Red Helium 8K Lens: Sigma 18-35 1.8 Stabilization: Movi m10 Editing: Adobe Premiere pro
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Alpha Phi Omega holds its annual 'Oblation Run'
At least 40 naked members of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity streaked around Palma Hall of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, on Friday during the annual “Oblation Run.” Video by Noy Morcoso lll/INQUIRER.net Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/656749/oblation-runners-call-for-rule-of-law-amid-corruption-scandal Visit us at http://www.inquirer.net Facebook: http://facebook.com/inquirerdotnet Twitter: http://twitter.com/inquirerdotnet
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What Is Love - AKPsi!
What is love? Mix and mingle with the brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi and find out! SPRING RUSH 2009! Join the elite and see how AKPsi can change your sense of professionalism. When and where should you meet us? Click the following link to see our Rush Week Schedule! http://lebowticker.com/category/orgs/akpsi
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Why Join ΑΚΛ?
Rush Temple ΑΚΛ Spring 2013! For rush-week schedule visit: www.AKLTemple.com
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Rutgers Alpha Kappa Psi Fall 2014
Rush Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest and largest Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity in the nation! Fall 2014 Rush Schedule: Monday | 9/8 | 9:45PM Livingston - Tillett 232 Information Session Tuesday | 9/9 | 9:45PM Livingston - LCB 102 Professional Night Wednesday | 9/10 | 9:45PM TBD - visit our FB page or email Social Night: BBQ Thursday | 9/11 | 9:45PM Livingston - LCB 110 Rush 'N Rush For more info: [email protected] facebook.com/ruakpsi ru-akpsi.org Song Used: I Can't Stop - Flux Pavilion
HSU Bid Day - 2016
New recruits run out to their sororities at the Henderson State Greek Life Bid Day.
Rutgers Alpha Kappa Psi Spring 2015 Rush Video
Rush Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest and largest Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity in the nation! Spring 2015 Rush Schedule: Monday | 1/26 | 9:45PM Livingston - Tillett 232 Information Session Tuesday | 1/27 | 9:45PM Livingston - Tillett 207 Professional Night Wednesday | 1/28 | 9:45PM Livingston - Tillett 207 Social Night Thursday | 1/29 | 9:45PM Livingston - Tillett 207 Rush 'N Rush For more info: [email protected] facebook.com/ruakpsi ru-akpsi.org Directed & Edited by Mia Jamilano Song Used: Get Away - Pal Hellum, Kara Dizon, Danielle Paredes https://soundcloud.com/hellum/hellum-pachi-kara-getaway
American University Alpha Kappa Psi - Rush 2015
Alpha Kappa Psi, Lambda Nu Chapter invites you to attend the Spring Rush week! AKPsi is American University's professional business fraternity. Alpha Kappa Psi is much more than just another organization or club—it is a unique, prestigious association of students, professors, graduates and professionals with common interests and goals. Join Alpha Kappa Psi to take advantage of valuable educational, friendship and networking opportunities. Rush week is designed to help you meet the Brothers and learn about the organization's goals and purpose. Please feel free to stop by whenever your schedule allows. Find below the outline of the week: Monday, January 19th: Meet and Greet 6-9:30 PM Kogod New Student Lounge Tuesday, January 20th: Game Night 7-9:30 PM Batelle Atrium Wednesday, January 21st: Carnival 7-9:30 PM Kogod New Student Lounge Thursday, January 22nd: Professional Rush 7-9:30 PM Kogod New Student Lounge (Professional Dress Required for Thursday) If you have any questions about access, the event, or need to request disability accommodations, please contact [email protected] For questions about the rush process, please contact [email protected] We are excited to start the new semester, and we hope to see you at Rush!
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Fall 2K11 Gamma Delta AKA
Alpha Kappa Alpha
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NYU AKPsi Fall 2012 Rush - AKPsi Brings Out The (Blank) In Me
AKPsi brought out something different in each of us. Find out what AKPsi brings out in you! For more information and for our Fall 2012 Rush schedule, visit http://nyuakpsi.org.
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WSU Lambda Phi Epsilon Distinct Deltas Fall '17 Unveiling
ΛΦΕ is the premiere Asian American interest fraternity at Washington State University. Distinct Delta Class: #21 Mr. Makani "Hawaiian J" Pau #22 Mr. Sheighden "Mo-chi" Rabago #23 Mr. Edelmiro "EsKobarO MC-ano" Flores #24 Mr. Blaine "Kanaka O Kila" Casil #25 Mr. Jared "CreaLITor" Garalde #26 Mr. Malvin "Royal Flush" Malai Harrison #27 Mr. Jhon "Heartthrob AF" Dimaculangan Unveiling Schedule: 0:21 | Entrance 0:45 | Roll Call (NPHC) 4:06 | Roll Call (UGA) 9:25 | Lambda Phi Epsilon 10:30 | Greek Alphabet 11:08 | National History 12:44 | Local History 14:00 | WSU Chapter 15:00 | Special Announcement from International Board 15:55 | Pledge Father Intro 19:14 | Unveiling 21:14 | Chapter Advisor Recognition 22:30 | Passing of Torch Ceremony 24:16 | Community Serenades 28:30 | Delta Class Ha'a [written & choreographed by Makani "Hawaiian J" Pau] 30:07 | Final Call
UCLA Delta Sigma Pi - Winter 2018 Recruitment Video
Join Delta Sigma Pi for our Winter 2018 Recruitment and see what it means to be a part of an organization that epitomizes brotherhood, scholarship and service. For over 100 years, Delta Sigma Pi has been the foremost co-ed business fraternity offering students the opportunity to develop through professional, social and community service events. Founded in 1999, the UCLA Xi Omicron chapter of Delta Sigma Pi shapes students into strong future business leaders. Brothers of our chapter have founded and served leadership roles in other prestigious organizations on campus including Bruin Consulting, Bruin Asset Management and the Undergraduate Business Society. With current brothers and alumni working at companies such as Goldman Sachs, Bain and Company, Tesla, Google, Morgan Stanley and many more, there are always valuable networking opportunities and connections at your fingertips. Visit us at our Winter 2018 Recruitment to see what Delta Sigma Pi can do for you. Rush Schedule: MEET THE CHAPTER Monday, January 15th | 7:00pm-8:30pm Sunset Rec - Buenos Aires | Casual Attire SOCIAL NIGHT Tuesday, January 16th | 7:00-9:30pm Meet at Bruin Bear | Casual Attire PROFESSIONAL NIGHT Wednesday, January 17th | 6:30pm-9:00pm Invite Only | Professional Attire AFTERMATH Thursday, January 18th | 7:00pm-9:00pm Invite Only | Casual Attire BID INTERVIEWS Friday, January 19th | All day Invite Only | Professional Attire Visit our website at http://www.xiodsp.com/join-us/ , like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ucladeltasigmapi, or follow us on Instagram @ucladsp for more information.
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Beta Xi, Phi Beta Sigma - Open House 2009
Dem Boyz perform at Open House, Saint Augustine's College
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RUSH Delta Sigma Iota Fall '14 Rap - Delta Chapter
The brothers of Rutgers University Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc. formally invite you to Fall '14 RUSH with this rap! Check out our schedule of rush events: https://www.facebook.com/events/1433384630280529/?ref_notif_type=plan_user_joined&source=1
Rush Pike St!
I strongly believe that the University of Washington is the best learning environment in all of America. Where else can you sit in the coffehouse, or internet cafe, all while at the Saturday football game! Here in Seattle we don't believe in greeks and geeds, because everyone is equal. We believe in diversity! GO DAWGS!!! Don't forget to turn out to Rush in these upcoming weeks! The UW IFC has officially announced that the first Rush event on this years calendar is a P2P world on WOW, or you can choose a more laid back chat room on chatzaroo (Might want to have a cam) Lets turn it up this year Dawgs!
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Pioneer Greatness with Alpha Kappa Psi - Nu Xi Chapter
Where's your destination? Find it at ALPHA KAPPA PSI'S SPRING RECRUITMENT. More info at: www.ucsdakpsi.com Email us: [email protected] SPRING RECRUITMENT SCHEDULE Thursday, April 4th PFC Info Night Come check out our booth that night, as well as meet all the other Professional Fraternities on campus! - Guest Speaker: Charles Taira, Intuit & Calvin Loa, P&G Location: Rimac Green Room Time: 7:00PM Monday, April 8th Info Night Learn more about Alpha Kappa Psi, and get a chance to mingle with our alumni. - Guest Speaker: JingJing Xia, Deloitte Consulting Location: SSC (Student Service Center) Multi-Purpose Room Time: 7:00 PM Tuesday, April 9th Social Night Get an opportunity to bond with our brothers by playing some fun and challenging games. Location: PC LEVEL 4 - The Forum Time: 7:00 PM Wednesday, April 10th Professional Night Attend our seminar with our alumni Nick Lin and Quynh Nhu-Mai about how to properly network and draft cover letters/resumes. - Guest Speakers: Nick Lin, Intuit & Quynh Nhu-Mai, Uber & LinkedIn Location: Center Spheres Time: 7:00 PM Thursday, April 11th Case Study* By Appointment Only *Business Attire Recommended Time: 7:00 PM Friday, April 12th Meet the Brothers End rush week with a night you will never forget. Lots of fun bonding with the brothers at the clubhouse. Location: Peterson Loop for rides - Regents Courthouse Time: 5:00 PM Saturday, April 13th Post-Rush Interviews* By Appointment Only *Business Attire Recommended Also sponsored by Economics Department, UCSD
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Rush Spring 17 Theta Class UTA Lambda Phi Epsilon
The brothers of UT Arlington Lambda Phi Epsilon would like to cordially invite you to our Spring 2017 Theta Class rush! **Who are we?** Lambda Phi Epsilon is the FIRST and ONLY internationally recognized Asian-Interest Fraternity with 60 chapters across the nation and Canada, and over 9,500 brothers strong. Since inception, Lambda Phi Epsilon has remained the largest Asian-Interest Fraternity in the United States. **What is Rush?** 'Rush week' is a period of time designed for potential new members to participate in events to learn more about our organization. Rush events are all free of charge and non-binding. During rush week, brothers will have the opportunity to get to know you better, which is why we encourage those interested to come out to as many events as possible. **Why Lambdas?** As Lambdas we strive to be leaders in our community and university. With lambdas you will be able to learn to be a leader among men and be the best person you can be. Also with being the largest and only internationally recoginzed Asian-Interest Fraternity you will be able to network and connect with brothers all over the country. ___________________________________________________ RUSH WEEK SCHEDULE: January 23rd (Monday): ***INFORMATIONAL @ UC San Saba, 12pm- 1pm Bowling @Forum Bowling 8pm-10pm January 24th (Tuesday): ***INFORMATIONAL @ UC San Saba, 12pm- 1pm Buffalo Wild Wings @Collins Location 8pm-10pm January 25th (Wednesday): Activity Fair @UC mall Dave & Busters Game Night @Highlands 8pm-12am January 26th (Thursday): Sports night @PE building 7:30pm-9pm January 27th (Friday): Bo Chien Bo w/ aKDPhi @5119 balmoral Ct. 7pm January 30th (Monday): ***MGC SHOWCASE @rosebud UC 7pm January 31st (Tuesday): ***MGC MEET AND GREET @Rosebud UC 7pm Febuary 2nd (Thursday): INTERVIEWS @TBA ALL DAY Febuary 3rd (Friday): INTERVIEWS @TBA ALL DAY *** Must attend atleast one interview to be considered for a bid. All Events are FREE and Transportation will be proivded if needed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Shoutouts to our Brothers in the Southwest**: University of Texas at Austin University of Houston Baylor University University of Oklahoma **Special Shoutouts to our beautiful sisters of Arlington aKDPhi!** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any questions, please contact: Nikko Godoy (469) 226-1332 or Ricky Danh (682) 472-0605
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AKPsi Rush Video Fall 2013
Alpha Kappa Psi OT Fall Rush Video 2013 Make sure to stop by our table at the Involvement Fair on Monday, September 2nd! Fall 2013 RUSH Schedule: INFORMATION SESSION: September 9 | 9:45pm | Tillett 264, Livingston PROFESSIONAL NIGHT: September 10 | 9:45pm | LCB 102, Livingston SOCIAL NIGHT - BBQ: September 11 | 9:45pm | 23 Hardenberg Street, College Ave RUSH 'N RUSH: September 12 | 9:45pm | LCB 102, Livingston The songs that were used: Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn, & John Juicy - Notorious B.I.G.
Rutgers Delta Upsilon Spring Rush 2013
The men of the Rutgers Chapter of Delta Upsilon International Fraternity welcome you to learn more about the non-secret, non-hazing, award-winning organization that has taken the Rutgers Campus by storm. Rush calendar: 1/24 - Informational Session: The DU Experience (Pizza/Drinks/Snacks) 1/28 - All You Can Eat Taco Bell 1/30 - Casino Night 1/31 - Hookah Night 2/01 - DU Day of Service (Location TBA) 2/04 - Rootbeer Olympics 2/05 - Invite Only Dinner All events will be held at 9 o'clock. Further questions can be relayed to: VP of Recruitment Kamran Khaliq. [email protected] 609-213-1619 Why DU? -Established in 1858, the Rutgers DU chapter thrived on campus for 133 years before closing in 1991. After a 20 year absence, the chapter was officially reestablished on May 1st, 2010. The chapter is currently 56 brothers strong, and located at 114 Hamilton Street. The brothers of Delta Upsilon are looking for motivated, intellectual, and outgoing young men who are looking to develop leadership skills, serve their community, make great friends, and enjoy the best social events Rutgers has to offer. -We are committed to service in New Brunswick as well as our philanthropy the Global Service Initiative (GSI) which helps people worldwide living in impoverished conditions. -The Rutgers DU Chapter has become one of the most accomplished fraternities on the New Brunswick Campus in just two short years. It is one of only four 4 Star Fraternities on campus and the Delta Upsilon Sweepstakes Winner in 2012. -Rutgers DU prides itself in having one of the top fraternity GPA's on campus. In Fall 2012, the Rutgers DU Chapter had the 2nd highest GPA out of all fraternities on campus. -DU offers opportunities for the growth of our men through our educational programs: the Regional Leadership Seminar, DUEL Program, Recruitment Symposium, Presidents' Academy, Advisors' Academy and our national Leadership Institute. -Our alumni are involved in politics and government, sports, education, entertainment, literature and publishing, business, science and technology and many other fields. A few of our very notable alum are: -Joyce Kilmer, Poet -James Garfield, 20th President of the US -Lou Holtz, Football Coach and Commentator -Dr. Robert Cade, Inventor of Gatorade -Michael D. Eisner, Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Co. -Gerald T. Aaron, President of Pizza Hut -Lawrence D. Downing, President of the Sierra Club -Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, and Nobel Peace Price Winner ...and so many more.
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Rush AKPsi at UConn Spring 2015
For the most updated details on our rush schedule join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/751076841655533/
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Cornell Lambda Phi Epsilon: Fall Rush 2014
https://www.facebook.com/events/624161871038126/?fref=ts *Rush Schedule* Tue 9.02 General Information Meeting + Dinner w/ KPL 5:30 PM | Willard Straight Hall Garden Room Find out what we’re all about Wed 9.03 Steak and Fondue w/ KPL 7:30 PM | Lambda Estate (108 Stewart) Fine food with the fine ladies of Kappa Phi Lambda Thu 9.04 Hangout With the Bros 7:30 PM | TBD Get to know the brothers on a more personal level Fri 9.05 Red Carpet Social w/ aKDPHI 10:00 PM | Lambda Estate (108 Stewart) Enjoy a night out Hollywood style Sat 9.06 Back to School Bash w/ KPL 10:30 PM | Lambda Estate (108 Stewart) Bow ties, cardigans, you name it.. Dress preppy Sun 9.07 BBQ w/ aKDPHI 5:00 PM | Lambda Estate (108 Stewart) Enjoy an outdoor barbecue with the sisters of aKDPHI Mon 9.08 Mandatory Info Session 7:30 PM | Location TBD Required in order to receive a bid Tue 9.09 Invite-Only Dinner 6:30 PM | Lambda Estate (108 Stewart) One final event to meet the brothers before interviews Wed 9.10 Interviews 5:00 PM | TBD Business attire Please take a look at our rush schedule and feel free to contact our Rush Chairs at any time if you have any questions. --------------------------------------------------------------- **Rush Chairs** Alex Zhou | (949) 500-6141 Bowen Zhang | (518) 669-7578 --------------------------------------------------------------- ΛΦΕ 58 Chapters, 3 Letters, 1 Brotherhood LAMBDA PHI EPSILON OFTEN IMITATED NEVER DUPLICATED UPHOLDING STRENGTH, HONOR AND BROTHERHOOD SINCE 1981. For more information visit http://www.culambdas.com/
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USF Housing LIVE! - 205
Watch this special episode focused on fraternity & sorority life at the University of South Florida. Meet representatives from all four councils and learn more!
Founders Day 2011 Kappa Alpha Psi
Brothers from various in New Jersey gather to celebrate and sing the hymn
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