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Beyond the Spin 2: Stephen Long (ABC), Peter Martin (The Age), Bob Gregory and Steve Dowrick
ABC Economics Correspondent Stephen Long is the moderator in the second of the ANU / 666 ABC Canberra Beyond the Spin 2010 Election series. He is joined by panellists Peter Martin of The Age, Professor Bob Gregory and Professor Steve Dowrick. This video was recorded at The Australian National University on Monday 2 August 2010.
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Using a Nipple Shield - Breastfeeding Tips - Breast Shield / Nipple Shells
Let Babies 411 give you some tips and show you how to use a nipple shield for during breastfeeding. Nipple Shield: A thin and flexible artificial nipple which is placed over the nipple-areola complex to help an infant to latch and/or protect sore nipples. The nipple shield will help to stimulate the baby's palate and initiate the sucking reflex to draw the nipple out. Some mothers find that they are be able to start the feeding with the nipple shield and remove the shield once the nipple becomes erect. Others, however, may need to use the nipple shield for a few days or weeks until the nipple as become pliable and easily erects without the use of the shield. Since nipple shields can interfere with the amount of milk your baby gets, it is important to monitor your baby for signs of adequate milk intake. After each feeding, clean your nipple shield with warm, soapy water and allow to air dry. Nipple shields can also be sanitized daily by boiling. Visit the links below for more information on nipple shields and other breastfeeding tips, Happy Parenting! Common Breast Issues: http://babies411.com/information-station/breastfeeding/common-breast-issues-flat-andor-inverted-nipples-new.html Breastfeeding Tips: http://babies411.com/babies411/baby-tips/breastfeeding-tips-new.html Using a Nipple Shield: http://babies411.com/baby-and-parenting-videos/breast-feeding-videos/using-a-nipple-shield-for-breastfeeding-tips.html
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Printemps Jazz 2018 (version courte)
Voici un retour en images du printemps du Jazz 2018 ! Si vous souhaitez voir la version longue, voici le lien : https://youtu.be/81R5tmfiyTo