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Metro: Last light, how to kill Big Momma with few bullets, ranger mode
Here some gameplay, that can help you defeat big "boss" (Big Momma/The Rhino/whatever) mutant in undercity (if you have problem with that) without wasting that much ammo (ranger mode) Если вы застряли в катакомбах пытаясь убить Big Momma это видео поможет вам.
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Battlefield 3 Saiga 12K Slowmotion Montage
This is my very first montage, so don't sue strong, please )
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Metro: Last Light ПНВ Night Vision Goggles chapter "Contagion"
Found another one night vision goggles in chapter "Contagion" (first goggles you can find in chapter "Sundown") Нашел еще один ПНВ в главе "Заражение" (Первый ПНВ можно найти в главе "Закат")
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Sniper Elite v2 1 shot 5 kills
one shot five kills without "focus time" 5 убийств одним выстрелом без "сжатого времени"
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Battlefield 3 Team DM Noshahr Canals PP-2000 + .44 MAGNUM
Good results (for player like me :) )
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QuakeCon Cheering for murder
Todd Howard explains anti-griefing systems in Fallout 76. Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdn0ZQ51nGI
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Battlefield 3 Conquest Grand Bazaar AN-94
Battlefield 3 online gameplay with high settings
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Battlefield 4 cheater, what kind of cheat is this?
Watch 1:10 4:18 4:58 5:53 At first i thought that this is just a glitch. But other players were complaining on him too. Report this cunt please.
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