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Travel with ol Snowbird
Day 2 of Travel With This ol Snowbird! This travel Vlog will show just a normal day in the life of MM! Day 2 is canine days. Black labs & old English bull dog cousins playing and getting to know each other. You tube Vlog.
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How to make Christmas Holiday dining room chair slip covers
How to make Christmas Holiday dining room slip covers that only cost about $1.50 & Only 3 items to make, will bring a fun conversation about your Christmas holiday decorating! Dollar tree chair cover: Black felt: Gold Glitter Glue:
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Traveling Vlog with this ol Snowbird
Traveling Vlog from Texas to Arizona to Alaska for the summer! Come enjoy my journey while learning about travel hacks,traveling with a 94lbs lab. Also manifestation,law of attraction,affirmations & attraction marketing tips.
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How to make a DIY Birchbark battery operated Wall Sconce
How to make a DIY Birchbark battery operated Wall Sconce//Watch and learn how to make Alaskan inspired Birchbark battery operated Wall Sconces. Easy steps to making these budget friendly home decor Sconces. Use them in your home to set a feel good ambience or give them as gifts. You could also make them for a DIY craft fair and sell them. I found my Birchbark battery operated candles and the rest of my items at Hobby Lobby. If you don’t have one in your area, you can order online from them to make the exact Birchbark battery operated Candle Sconces I just did. There might be other places to find them and order online as well. Enjoy my video on how to make these easy Wall Sconces! Don’t forget to like, subscribe & Click the little “Bell” to get notified when my next video comes out every Tuesday. Remember:Be Bold,Be Beautiful, Be Yourself! Catch ya next Tuesday!
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Mayonnaise vs Goo Gone
In today’s video I did a hack using mayonnaise vs goo gone to remove labels off jars. Watch to see the results!
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How to make a 5 min, $5 gift decor for Christmas
How to make a 5 min, $5 gift decor for Christmas I used a Decor Tube from the Dollar Tree and turned it into a 5 min/$5 Christmas decor/gift using: Decor Tube Decorative fake Christmas flowers Hot glue sticks(gorilla glue) Hot glue gun Florist foam Felt Ribbon I switched the lid from the top to the bottom of the tube and glued it in place. Then put florists foam inside the tube and put the fake Christmas flowers in the foam. Glued felt then ribbon around the band of the lid. That’s it. A 5min; $5.00 Decor or gift it for Christmas!
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Wine/Sparkling Cider Bottle Decor
What you need is 3 Wine/Sparkling Cider Bottles. Orange,Yellow & White spray paint. Burlap Mini Bag. Decorative leafs. Spray paint or use acrylic paint on the top of 2 bottles white. Once dry place in mini burlap bag add 1 lg decorative leaf around the top of the bottle. Using hot glue, wrap & glue ribbon around the middle of the bottles with the mini burlap bags. Spray paint 1 Bottle yellow,orange & white. Once dry glue ribbon around the middle of the bottle. Tie 1 lg decorative leaf around the top of the bottle. Give as a gift or use on a shelf with a candle or just by them self’s to make an adorable & affordable home decor
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February 2, 2017 at 4:54 PM
Made with Adobe Premiere Clip. Make your own at http://premiereclip.adobe.com
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How to fix your clasps on your purse.
How to fix your clasps on your purse using magnets. Use two small round magnets on each side hot glue them or use E6000.
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Upcycle Dollar Tree Plastic bunny
How to upcycle a one dollar only plastic bunny. I had the material on hand so the price point stayed the same. To purchase to have on hand. Wired ribbon burlap 2 1/2 x 15ft $3.47 Soft burlap ribbon 5.5in x 15ft $3.47 Faux fur ribbon $1.99 You will get many projects out of each product.
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7 ways to use a $1.00 investment!
Hi there, See how I used one Dollar Tree mason jar like candle holder with various accessories to enhance it. Cost: $3.00-$5.00 I ONLY did 7 ways, there many, many more ways to use this $1.00 investmen. If you'd like more ideas ask in the comment section or email me: [email protected] Be Bold,Beautiful & Believe in yourself 💖
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Cost effective,kid friendly Pumpkin Decor
Using canning rings, 1 canning lid, 1zip tie & a little spray paint you can make a cost Effective Kid Friendly pumpkin decor. For $2-$6 depending what you already have on hand.
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Welcome to Winter Wonder DIYLand
A short film to share with you all my creations for Christmas Season. Hope you enjoy & teach out to me if you have any questions!
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Something interesting in my city
SSS Veda day three Come learn what I show you is interesting in my city… Actually town. I live in a very small community in Alaska for the summer
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Your 2 min 2 get ready routine
For those of us who only have 2 minutes in our day to "put a face on" here's a quick tutorial you'll love!
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Narnia Christmas Street Lantern
3 dollar tree 🌲 items to make a spectacular Narnia Street Lantern Crystal Goblet Two glass candy dishes Black spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum Satin “Canyon Black”) Black ribbon Votive candle Hot glue
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How to make a farmhouse style 3 leaf clover.
In today’s video I show you how I repurposed a three leaf clover taking the outer material off the three leaf clover from the Dollar Tree & make it farmhouse style. Simply remove the garland or what ever material is on it. Use decorative rope from The Dollar Tree to recover it. Add a small pc of twine as a hanger.
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