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Reaction between zinc penny and sodium bisulfite
I put a 2017 penny with the back sanded down into a solution of sodium bisulfite pool ph reducer and water. My phone hates recording in artificial lighting so the white balance is out if whack.
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Wake me up Doodlebob: Earrape edition
Boredom. It makes things happen.
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Boiling Acid
The sequel nobody on the planet wanted or needed
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Eat your vegetables
A clip of Anthony Vegano unleashing a vegan roar of hatred towards those who dislike vegetables and greens.
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A song I made using LMMS. I don't know if I'll ever extend it but I just felt I needed to put it somewhere.
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One of the brighter ones I've seen. I kept getting flashblinded from it. Cool thunder too.
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Claptrap glitch - Borderlands
I sprinted way ahead of him at the part with the ramp so I could get up there before he made it fall down. It seems it messed something up. It only fixed itself after I went to another map.
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