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Stress analysis with Inventor
A quick intro into using the stress analysis feature of Autodesk Inventor
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Laser cutter files with Onshape
A simple way of creating DXF files with Onshape to download to a laser cutter
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Video 4. Creating holes with Onshape
Looking at we create, shape, size and place holes in Onshape
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Exporting files
How to export various file types in Onshape
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Video 2a. 2d Drawing in Onshape
This video looks at the 2d drawing functions in Onshape using the point, line and circle commands and snap and constraint functions.
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Video 6. Creating Engineering Drawings
This video looks at how to quickly and simply create an Engineering Drawing from a part model.
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Laser cutting spanner
Laser cutting a plastic version of the spanner that was drawn in Onshape during an earlier video
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Fusion 360 Intro
A first (and rather rambling look - sorry) at how we export files from Onshape to Fusion 360 and use the CAM option to create toolpaths for CNC machining. I will break the process down and show it more clearly.
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Video 3 Creating a personalised key ring in Onshape
Tutorial number 3 where we create a designed part, in this a case a personalised key ring that we can 3d print.
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Wishbone mount simulation
Simulating the machining path of a wishbone mount in Fusion 360
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Video 1. Onshape account intro
Creating your Onshape account
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3d print film
A guide to making parts in a 3d CAD system and exporting as a STL file to be 3d printed
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Inventor intro
A quick and dirty introduction to part modelling in Autodesk Inventor
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Autodesk Inventor tutorial - Revolve tool
An introduction to the Revolve tool in Autodesk Inventor 3d CAD software
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Inventor introduction
An initial video to get you started with Autodesk Inventor
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Video 2.  The 3d world & Sketch vs 3D modelling
Exploring the 3d working environment and the two main modes of working - the sketch mode and the 3d modelling mode - and how and when we go from one to the other.
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Video 5. Oil filter spanner video
This video shows how to draw a part with complex geometry from a drawing
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Autodesk Inventor tutorial - Extrusions
An initial tutorial looking at the Extrusion tool in Autodesk Inventor CAD software
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