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Oh Magnify the Lord
We have moved to Charlotte N.C. about a year ago, and we are blessed to to have found a beautiful church family!!!!!!!
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gospel chops
These are some of the cabinets I've made, Been building all my life lol. Right now I'm in school for construction project manager. ( going for the big bucks) In the the mean-wile, building PA, speaker cabinets, and floor moniters for people.
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CBR 1000f before and after
I got tired of the classic look of cbr 1000f, therefore I wanted to make some changes.
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gospel music shed "Rain on us"
Decided to do a little shed with my son. In this video, we decided to pretty much stay in the pocket. In the meantime, we are still working on phatting up our progressions in this song.
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Speaker cabinets for sale.wmv
By being an musician, I didn't think to have all this stuff that I have, but to be honest I need the money and also to get rid of them.
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Two Chord Progression
It is amazing how you can just take two chords and make a great song out it. One thing about two chord progressions, (to a certain degree, it's important to stay in the pocket) expecially, when you are playing with a band. (you can phatten the chords up without being too busy with your playing)
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sons drawings
practicing to draw
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Urban Gospel chords.
I have taken little chords here and there from Jonathan Powell and JT, and played around with it a little.
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shedding at Guitar Center
Trying to play the piano at Guitar Center,,,LOL,, even though there was a lot of distrations,, I still fun anyway.
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gospel bass playing
Been playing the bass about 10 months.. thank GOD for youtube..... learning alot from you all.
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